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Chapter 1 : Safe Travel

"The airplane to Raccoon City USA will be departing in 1 hour, repeat, the flight for Raccoon City USA departs in one hour"

Hearing this announcement, a certain raven haired girl began tapping her foot nervously.

"Damn, where are they? They'd better not be late!" she thought to herself. After all, they still had to check in, recieve the tickets they reserved, go through the security boot and make it to their plane in time. To make matters worse, the Tokyo airport hall was flooded with people, even this early in the morning.

The girl sat down on the bench. Since looking for them was not the best thing to do because they made a deal to meet eachother here, she could only wait for them, hoping they'd show up anytime soon. After waiting and slightly panicking for a minute or 5, she finally heard a familiar voice calling out for her.

"Hey, Tomo! Over here!". Tomo shot up and looked through the dense crowd of travellers. After scanning the sea of people, she spotted two girls, one with brown long hair and glasses, and a tall one with black hair.

"Ah, Yomi! Sakaki-san! Where were you guys?! And where are the others?"

Yomi sighed and explained "Well, to answer your first question, sorry, but we kinda got stuck in traffic and it was tough getting through this crowd, and secondly, the others are waiting at the reception, because we would just lose eachother anyway."

"Well then what are we waiting for! Let's go! Our plane leaves in less than an hour!" Tomo snapped.

So the trio managed to squeeze their way through the crowd and met up with the rest of the group.

"Ah, Tomo, you made it!" a girl with brown short hair and a slight tan said to her.

To what Tomo responded somewhat irritated "Kagura, what are you talking about ? I was here way earlier than you guys!"

"No way, that's unlike you, to be so early" Kagura said grinning teasingly.

"Haha, yeah, I was so excited I got here early. I didn't even sleep much last night."

"Oh" Tomo changed the subject, "Chiyo-chan, did you bring the camera?".

A small girl with orange/brown hair in pigtails replied happily "Yes, it's all charged so it should last for at least 24 hours!".

"Yes! Alright!" Tomo chanted, "can I keep hold of it?".

To this request Chiyo frowned, because leaving it in Tomo's hands would surely leave the camera in shambles. "Well,…okay, but promise not to break it!"

"Haha, don't worry don't worry" Tomo exclaimed while snatching the handheld camera out of the little girl's hand. "I'm gonna shoot an awesome documentary with this".

"Hey, while you guys were goofing off, me and Sakaki-san already got the tickets. So let's get going!" Yomi said while waving the airplane tickets in the air.

"Alright, let's go!!! Come on Kagura, I'll race you!" Tomo yelled in her usual fashion.

Kagura, who never turns down a challenge, accepted. "Okay, you're on!"

And with that, both Tomo and Kagura raced off.

The rest of the group followed calmly, with Yomi clearly being irritated with the dynamic duo. Untill she turned her head and noticed something…


After that awkward event, the six-headed group made their way to the security boot. While their luggage was being checked, the dull-witted, straight-brown haired girl Ayumu, nicknamed Osaka, decided to open her mouth.

"This is the first time I'm going to America"

"Yeah, same here" Kagura responded excited.

"Did you know that in America the steering wheel of a car is on the left side?" Osaka noted.

"Oh? I didn't know that" Kagura reacted surprised.

"Yes, it's true, and they also drive on the right side of the road instead of the left side".

"Really… so?" Kagura responded.

"So if someone from Japan went there and drove a car, he would just crash into every other car, also, if Yukari-sensei went there, many people would die, wouldn't they?"

Kagura remained silent.

"So" Osaka continued, "isn't it a good thing Yukari-sensei didn't come with us?"

Kagura sweatdropped and said "that's just mean".

Osaka didn't say anything, but just gave her a confused look.

The crew passed through the security boot without any trouble, except for Tomo, who had to split way with her pocket knife and got a warning from security.

So now they only had to board the plane and they were all set. Before they headed up the stairs into the airplane, they took one more look at their home country, because they weren't going to see it again for 2 weeks.

Trying to act like she was in a movie, Tomo shouted at the top of her lungs "AMERICA HERE WE COOOOOME!", closely followed by a whack to her head by Yomi.

'Will you please behave!?' she snapped at her.

About 15 minutes later, the plane finally took off. And the group of girls were on their way to the midwestern town in America, Raccoon City.

The six young girls were seated somewhere in the middle of the plane, the three knuckleheads Tomo, Kagura and Osaka on the left-hand side, and Yomi, Chiyo and Sakaki on the opposite side. Without further ado, Tomo fired up her camera, well, Chiyo's camera.

"Alllriiiiight our adventure is about to begin!" she cried out.

"It's not an adventure, it's a vacation, and we're just going to relax okay? So don't do any stupid things." Yomi's voice sounded from the other side.

"Yeah yeah, whatever" Tomo pouted. "Oh I know, character introduction!"


Tomo pointed the camera to herself. "Introducing the star of this show, me! Tomo Takino" she said in an overly pridefull manner.

"Here's Kagura". Tomo pointed the camera at Kagura who was sitting by the window. She grinned and gave a peace sign.

"Next we have Osaka, say something to the camera Osaka!"

Osaka smiled sheepishly like she always does, and responded with "hi".

"Is that all? Oh well. Over there we have Chiyo-chan. Isn't she cute? She's most likely going to be the first victim" Tomo laughed in a mean way.

"V...victim?" Chiyo weeped in a small voice.

"Ignore her Chiyosuke" Yomi said in an annoyed tone.

"There we have Sakaki, wave to the camera!"

Sakaki gave a little wave, until continueing to look outside the airplane window.

"Ah, you're no fun" Tomo sighed. "And of course we have Yomi over there!"

Tomo gave her a long and intruding camera stare.



"What!?" Yomi finally snapped at her.

"Nothing, I just have to zoom the camera out. I'm having a hard time fitting you on the screen."

"SHUT THE HELL UP IDIOT!!!" Yomi barked, not without grabbing attention from the rest of the passengers of course.

The rest of the long flight was quite peaceful. Of course there was the occasional Tomo and Kagura messing around, and Yomi trying not to make a scene. Osaka kept herself busy with the many gadgets on the seats, Chiyo read a book and Sakaki silently enjoyed the scenery from almost 40.000 feet above the earth.

The flight seemed to take forever though, untill the stewardess announced that their destination was closing in and that the plane would slowly start descending.


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