Chapter 28: Birth Of A Legend

Tomo dangled several feet above the ground, the strong hand of the Tyrant clenching her troath. Through her squinted eyes, she saw the rest of her friends, struggling to pick themselves up from the floor. Osaka was trying to pull herself together with the wounded Sakaki trying to help her, Kagura was still unconscious, and Chiyo was too terrified to move. The giant's claw hovered around threateningly, shimmering in the bright sunlight. Drool dripped from the savage monster's mouth, and Tomo saw her reflection in its white dead eyes. Slowly, she was raised higher into the air and the claws drew back steadily. In just a few moments, she would meet the same fate as her friend. With her weapon out of reach and nothing else to back her up, it started to seem that way indeed. With the last of her might, gasping for air and kicking her legs, she used her hands to try and pry the Tyrant's grip loose. But it was no use; it was just too strong. Tomo closed her eyes and braced herself.

I guess this is it... We just weren't supposed to make it out. Damn it! I'm sorry, guys...

Her thoughts were interrupted by the Tyrant's roar, signalling that her time of execution had arrived. Tomo clenched her jaws as its body shook, and awaited the assassin's dagger to tear through her her.

Seconds seemed like hours, but she didn't feel anything. It was like she was in another world, completely delirious by the fear of death staring her in the eyes, knowing there was nothing she could do about it. She had no idea what dying felt like, so she could expect anything. Asphyxiation had made her body numb, and she was in a state of semi-consciousness; deaf, dumb and blind to her surroundings. She was nearly certain she had already died. She was sure that the claws had already impaled her, and that she had already left the void of the living. Then why could she still feel the sensation of breathing? Why could she still sense the rythmic shocks of heartbeats, and why could she still hear the droning of the self destruction alarm? Was she already dead, or still slowly dying? There was no pain, only doubt. She then discovered that she could still open her eyes. The light of the sun, blinding her, and the smell of fresh air entering her nose. She slowly looked down and saw no traces of the claw ever entering her body, and the Tyrant still in the same position as before, only its head turned slightly to the left. She was still alive, but why? Dazed, confused and with eyes only half open, she noticed something gripping the claws. It was a hand; no, two hands! Just a little further, arms, a human body, a face, and strange, angry eyes. Beautiful golden eyes, with a red, glowing border, and small, slit pupils. Tomo's eyes went as big as they could when she realised whose face that was. And when she did, she quickly convinced herself that she was dreaming. It couldn't be her, impossible. Those were not the eyes she knew so well. Besides, how could she hold back such a powerful creature with her bare hands? And on top of that..., she saw her...die!

"Let go of her, you son of a bitch!"

That roaring voice ringed in her ears, waking up all her senses, and, although she still had problems believing it, convinced her that everything she was seeing was reality. An immediate reaction triggered in her brain, causing her to yell as loud as she possibly could, partially in amazement, partially in relief.


With steady hands, Yomi held back the Tyrant's clawed arm, with no signs of struggle whatsoever. In her eyes, looking straight back at her, Tomo could tell she was confused herself, but gave her a smile, and said in her oh so familiar voice she was sure she would never have heard again;

"Nobody is going to die here. We're all leaving this place together."

With that, the Tyrant growled and diverted all its attention to Yomi. It tossed Tomo away, clenched its fist and lunged out at her. But Tomo was thrown towards the edge of the helipad, heading for a fatal plunge down to the ground. She yelped as she swirled through the air, but she was caught well before she reached the edge. With a slight shock, she came back down to the ground.

The Tyrant pounded its fist forward but hit nothing but air. Its target was gone in the blink of an eye. It recollected itself and looked around, until it found its target again, ten meters away from it. There she sat, crouched down, with Tomo in her arms. No idea what just happened, Tomo looked into Yomi's eyes. She didn't dream anything after all. Her eyes really were different; golden surrounded with red, and cat like slits as pupils. They were gorgeous, but unnerving at the same time.

"Y...Yomi... I'm not dreaming, am I?"

"No...," she replied softly, "You're not..."

"But...I thought you were..."

"I was... I'm sure I was..."

"How did you do that?"

"I don't know," she said. "I don't understand what happened. I just woke up like I was just sleeping, but I felt...different..."

Tomo didn't know what to say next. So many questions popped up, that they would need a lifetime to be answered. She was so confused, but happy at the same time. She swiftly threw her arms around her friend and hugged her tightly, with tears of happiness bursting out of her eyes. Suddenly, she felt like gravity had failed on her. Before she knew, she was up in the air, and down below, the Tyrant's claws grazed the concrete and ripped some chunks off it. It wasn't until Yomi was in the midst of the jump that she realised what she had just accomplished. They came back to solid floor way on the other side of the helipad, where the rest of the group had gathered. Osaka had somewhat come back to her positives, and partially saw what happened. Everyone was just speechless and too afraid to say anything. Yomi put Tomo back to her feet and looked at the others.

"What happened to you?" she asked when she saw their wounds.

"Th...that's what I'd like to know!" Sakaki exclaimed. "How did you..."

"I'll explain later. You just take care of yourselves, and don't worry about anything else," she said in a serious tone. She looked back over her shoulder. The Tyrant was furious now! It threw its head back and howled to the skies like a crazed wolf. Yomi turned around and started walking.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Tomo called.

"I'm going to finish this, once and for all," she snarled.

"Are you insane? Aren't you at least going to take a weapon?" Tomo exclaimed.

"Normally, I would have agreed with you, Tomo. I don't know why, but...something tells me I can take care of this myself," she said in a doubtful tone. "I don't need a weapon."

Tomo, Chiyo, Osaka, Kagura and Sakaki watched in awe as Yomi calmly marched up to the the towering monster, more than half as tall as her, with empty hands.

"Yomi-san," Chiyo mumbled.

"O-oi! Are you sure this is okay?" Kagura asked.

But Tomo didn't say anything. She could only believe in her, and the strange powers she mysteriously attained. Part of her thought she was absolutely crazy, while another side believed that she just might be able to do it. With bated breath, she watched as the Tyrant now stormed up to Yomi, its claws ready to strike.

"Yomi, look out" Sakaki yelled.

Yomi stood still and stayed completely calm. She clenched her fists and, for some reason, awaited the blow she was about to receive. She didn't even know why she did this herself; a strange feeling told her to. With some more heavy steps, the Tyrant was right in front of her, and swung its arm with bonecrunching force.


With a shaking thud, its clawed hand came in contact with her. Tomo gasped and closed her eyes, too afraid to look what happened. Everything was silent for several seconds, so she carefully opened her eyes again.

"Wh-what? How did that..."

"Oh, good Lord," Kagura said dumbstruck.

Yomi was still standing, but so was the Tyrant. Yomi had her lower right arm raised at the height of her head, and the Tyrant's arm was pressing against it. The Tyrant pushed, and pushed, but couldn't get Yomi to budge. It was like trying to push an armed concrete wall.

"Amazin'!" Osaka cried out.

Yomi blocked the devastating attack with nothing but her arm, without even breaking a sweat or breaking a bone. Her arm didn't even hurt, even when the Tyrant's impressive muscles tried break her defense with force.

Yomi started to understand a little. The move she just made was not like her. Her natural reflex would have been to try to dodge that attack, but instead, she blocked it. So, it wasn't out of her own free will. It was just like when she managed to catch Tomo, or when she made that enormous jump. It was an impulse, a strangely different reflex; her body knew exactly what to do, and what she was now capable of. She acted on a pure, sharp, animalistic instinct. On top of that, an overwhelming, supernatural power coursed through her veins. Her muscles felt like they were made of steel, her bones felt unbreakable, and the adrenaline pumping through her bloodvessels lifted her into higher spirits; a feeling of being absolutely unstoppable. She felt so weird, like she was reborn into a greater, more powerful being. She couldn't comprehend why or how, but fighting was in her blood, and right now, it dominated all her senses. After some more useless struggles, the Tyrant pulled back. Yomi withdrew her arm and looked it straight in the eyes. Something started boiling up. Her eyes started to glow red like lava lamps, her pupils contracted, and her muscles flexed. Again, based purely on instinct, she unleashed a counter attack. She dashed forward faster than the eye could see, spun on her heel half a circle, clenched her fist tightly, and like a hammer of the Gods, slammed into the Tyrant's stomach.

The Tyrant underwent a sensation that could best be described as 'being hit by a freight train'. As Yomi's iron like fist plowed through the stomach muscles, a powerful shockwave raced across and through its body. Literally every fiber in its body rumbled, like a bomb just went off in its stomach. Air swiflty shifted past its whole body; a gust of wind accompanying the catastrophic blow. The Tyrant let out a painful yelp, blood splurted out of its mouth, and its over 400 pound body was slinged backwards several feet. It rolled over the floor a few times and came to a standstill, its massive body twitching and convulsing. Yomi retracted her fist and took a normal pose again. She was surprised. She didn't expect something like this to happen.

But more surprised were the others standing by the sidelines. They had to pick up their jaws from the floor and rub their eyes.

"Somebody pinch me," said Osaka. "Is that really Yomi over there?"

"What a punch... even I could feel that blow," said Kagura.

"I-I don't understand...," Chiyo stammered. "For a moment there, she moved faster than I could see. It was like a flash, like she instantly transported, and then to punch like that. This isn't natural. No human can move this fast or be this strong."

Tomo looked at Chiyo over her shoulder and gently nodded. "Yeah... Something must have happened after she died. Some kind of virus...?"

"Most likely," Sakaki agreed. "It probably has something to do with Wesker kidnapping her."

"Hey, watch out! It's standing up again!" Kagura exclaimed.

The Tyrant got back up to its feet, seemingly already recovered from that last punch. It roared, going into an enraged state, and ran up to Yomi again. Yomi stood still, somewhere near the center of the helipad, and waited as it got closer. She was planning to put her abilities to the test, so she waited for the strike. The Tyrant lunged out at her with its sharp protrusions, and Yomi quickly dodged by leaning her upper body to the side. Then came another swing, overhead this time. Yomi easily rolled out of the way. The following barrage of swipes and slashes were gracefully evaded by Yomi, each and every one of them, with elegant precision.

As her body swayed back and forth, left and right continuously, and her feet performing a complicated dance, she realised some other things. Her perspective and vision had changed drastically. Not only could she see perfectly without the glasses she usually had to wear, but her eyesight had become a lot sharper and more defined than that of any human being. Her eyes and brains picked up more frames per second, allowing her to clearly see and anticipate every single move her adversary made. To her, everything felt like it was going in slow motion. The Tyrant's claws zoomed by her ears, and every single sound, even the faintest crack of a muscle, she was able to pick it up. She attained eyes equal to those of an eagle, and hearing resembling that of a cat. Combining those with her perfected reflexes, incredible speed bursts, through the roof agility, bulldozer like force and impossibly high stamina, the Tyrant couldn't lay a finger on her. Yomi decided to put an end to this charade, jumped over its arm and kicked it in the chest. The Tyrant sputtered a little and slided backwards. Taken aback, it stumbled around, clearly running out of steam. The so called Ultimate Biological Weapon was being bested by a girl that didn't compare in size and mass. While the Tyrant was losing its energy, Yomi barely broke a sweat. Normally, after all of that, she would have been exhausted, but now she wasn't even panting. But there was only one thing she wanted to know, but she had to wait for the right opportunity again. As the Tyrant ran up to her one more time, she watched its movements closely. When she saw that the time was right, she held perfectly still and didn't move a muscle. When it was close enough, she shut down all reactions.

The other girls gasped and yelped in fear as the Tyrant's fist collided with Yomi's face with a blow of epic proportions. Her body was catapulted backwards and slided over the ground with great velocity, rolled over and stopped face down. Everyone was sure; Yomi's face was definitely broken now. In panic, Tomo ran up to her.

"Yomi! Are you okay?"

But she was once again dumbstruck when Yomi pulled herself up from the floor like nothing ever happened. Her lower lip was bleeding slightly, but that incredible punch, that could have killed any regular human being, didn't even hurt her.

"Y-Yomi...!" Tomo shouted.

She was certain now. She purposely avoided the claws and awaited an attack by fist, because a creature of such strength could do some serious damage even with just its knuckles. But as powerful as that strike was, it had no effect on her. She knew enough now; she was unstoppable, and perfect in every way, but that aggravated her.

" could this be...," she grunted.

She then dashed up to the Tyrant and punched it in the stomach again. The effect was very similar to last time, but the monster managed to stay on its feet this time.

"I don't believe this... That bastard..."

Severely pissed off, the Tyrant thrusted its claws forward, but Yomi caught it with her hands, resulting in a power struggle she seemed to be winning. Her eyes glowed ferociously.

"How could you do this to me?" she screamed.

Yomi tore and yanked at the claw clenched tightly in her hand when she heard a strange noise quite far behind her. It sounded like chalk ticking on a chalkboard, accompanied by a long, whispering hiss. By her enhanced hearing, she could even pinpoint where the sound was coming from, and by what she figured out, it meant trouble. She had to act fast. She roared, and forcefully tore off the claw she was holding with a loud and disgusting snap. The Tyrant howled in pain as blood squirted out of the wound that was once its finger, and quickly pulled back its arm in shock. Yomi held the claw firmly in her hand, turned around and threw it.

Tomo didn't know what was happening when she suddenly saw a sharp spear zooming towards her with terrifying velocity. It came so fast she couldn't react until it passed by right over her head. She cringed, pulled her head in and nearly fell to the ground. What she heard behind her was a splat and a screech.

"Whoa, what the...!"

Behind her, she saw a strange human sized creature, skewered by the claw, nailed to the wall. It was still moving, but dying. It had no skin, but its body consisted of large, naked muscles and small bits of exoskeleton covering its back, and bony protrusions on its elbows. Big and sharp claws on its hands, and smaller ones on its feet. Its head had no face, no nose and no eyes, but a big mouth with sharp teeth and a very long, pointy tongue was hanging from it. The strangest part was that its brains were completely exposed. The blood seeped down the wall as the strange new monster gave its last breath. It probably jumped down from the roof and was about to land onto Tomo, but was intercepted just in time. Another close call.

"What is that thing?" Kagura said, still startled.

"Hey, that's that thing that used ta be that Crimson Head, r'member? The thing with the long tongue!" Osaka noted.

"Oh yeah, now that you mention it," Tomo puffed.

"It looks different, though," said Sakaki.

"It probably mutated into a further form," said Chiyo. "Hard to believe that thing used to be a person. did Yomi know it was sneaking up on us?"

"That was a close one," Yomi sighed.

Every move the Tyrant could make now was useless, as Yomi always seemed to be on guard, even when her back was turned. But that didn't stop it from trying. While her attention was with her friends, it once again thrusted forward. But Yomi jumped up, briefly landed on its shoulder, hopped up again, and slammed down on its head with her elbow. Stunned by this painful blow, it fell face down, but before it could hit the ground, Yomi grabbed its clawed arm with both hands. She stomped her foot on its back and twisted, contorted and bended the arm in unnatural ways. The tension in its bones rised to the breaking point, and with one more powerful push, its humerus splintered with a sickening crunch. The Tyrant let out an agonising and eardeafening howl that could be heard miles away.

"Ouch, that sounded painful!" Tomo commented.

"Pitiful," Yomi said between her teeth, "how you're lying here now. I'm going to break you."

Slowly, and in a wobbling fashion, the Tyrant stood up, its left arm hanging limp by its side like a partially snapped off branch. It emitted some grunts, and brought its hand to Yomi's throat.

"You took my life away, and as if it wasn't bad enough, you took my humanity as well."

The Tyrant engulfed Yomi's neck with its big hand and lifted her up, attempting to squeeze the life out of her. But even while being strangled, Yomi could still talk.

"I finally understand now..."


After being surrounded by a veil of darkness, Yomi's consciousness slowly drifted back to her. Like she just woke up from a deep sleep, she slowly opened her eyes. As the fuzziness of her vision and her mind cleared up, she noticed that she was lying in something wet. When she sat up straight, she noticed it was blood. Her hands, her arms, her chest, her entire body was covered with it. Dazed and confused, she looked around. She was in the laboratory, and she was all alone. She saw the shattered capsule against the wall, and she began to remember again. She remembered the excruciating pain as she stared that monster straight in the eyes. Her consciousness drifting away as those terrible claws sunk deeper into her body. But the very last thing she recalled, was the cry of her friend.


The blood that she was in was her own, but when she looked at her torso, there was nothing. Her clothes had holes in it, but no wounds, not even a scar. Even more confused now, she stood up. She felt odd; not only was there no physical trace of her fatal wound, but there was this strange sensation in her body. It felt unreal, out of this world. Absent mindedly, she picked up her glasses. They were cracked, but they would have to do. But when she put them on, her vision became blurry, and it went back to normal went the took them off. She then realised that she could see perfectly without her glasses. Impossible; she needed glasses ever since she went to preschool because of her bad eyesight, how could it suddenly get better? And she couldn't just see well, she saw better than ever before, even with her spectacles. She noticed details in the room that would never have occured to her otherwise, like it was just in her nature. Even more puzzled now, she left her glasses behind and headed further down into the lab. There was a sink and a mirror there, so she decided to freshen herself up a bit. She opened the tap and wondered what the hell was going on, when she saw herself in the mirror, and froze. She spooked herself, not because of how messed up she looked, but because of her eyes.

Her eyes had changed colour and structure. Instead of her regular brown eyes, they were now golden, with a slight red border, and the pupils had turned into slits, much like those of the Hunters. It was like she was turning into a lizard or something. After looking at her own eyes carefully, she noticed that the red border was actually slightly glowing.

" this...?"

Yomi started panicking. In a frenzy, she stumbled backwards and hit one of the tubes behind her.

"Wh...what's happening to me?" she cried frantically. "What the HELL IS GOING ON?"

Enraged, she pounded the empty tube behind her, and to her shock, her hand went right through the thick glass. Phazed, she retracted and registered what just happened. Did she just do that? Curiously, she tried again, but with a kick this time. Like a knife cutting through butter, the capsule shattered with one good swipe of her foot. And this was no ordinary glass; it was reinforced, several inches thick.

"H-how did I just..."

Then it hit her. So far, the fact that she was knocked out and taken away didn't make any sense to her, but now it did. She ran back to the mirror and scanned her neck for eventual traces. And yes, there it was, hidden behind her hair at the side of her neck; a small red dot, that looked like she was injected with something there. That was the crampy feeling she felt in her neck after she woke up in the underground, and it explained the strange substance Doctor Miyamoto found in her blood. The perpetrator couldn't have been anyone else but Wesker.

Yomi did die, but she was ressurrected again by that mysterious compound that was shot in her artery. And now, she possessed super powers. That's all she understood so far. But there was no time to waste anymore. She had to find the others. She just hoped they hadn't left yet. When she was on her way out, an alarm went off.

"Yes, I understand now," Yomi said as the Tyrant tried to squeeze her throat shut. "Everything he said about the Tyrant being the Ultimate Bio Weapon, and him not needing any of us anymore was a lie. The only one of us that wasn't expendable, was me..."

Yomi slowly brought her hands to the Tyrant's grip.

"The Tyrant isn't the Ultimate Bio Weapon. I am..."

With a strong grip, she grabbed hold of its thumb with one hand, and the rest of the fingers with the other.

"Even when he granted us the final explanation, he deceived us. Deceived me. And for his disgusting ambitions, I had to die...and, come back to life as a killing machine."

Yomi exercised force on the Tyrant's hand by pulling its thumb and fingers to opposite sides.

"Do you know...HOW THAT MAKES ME FEEL?" she roared viciously, and with a powerful pull, the Tyrant's thumb popped out of place and sinew came loose. Yomi plumped down on the floor in a crouched position. She looked up at the giant shaking its broken hand in pain.


She then jumped up in the air and landed a devastating kick on the monster's jaw. After its left arm and its thumb, she now felt the lower jaw snap against her foot, and the once mighty Tyrant was sent flying through the air. After that, Yomi went completely berserk. She turned to one of the cameras suspended by the wall.

"Isn't that right, WESKER? This is what you wanted, right? Was I a good guinea pig to you, huh?" she screamed. "Are you watching me, as I pummel that filthy cannon fodder to death? You better be, because you took my humanity away from me for this! That's right, I'm no longer human thanks to you, you dirty piece of SHIT! Now watch me! I'm going to end this the only way it could satisfy you!"

Yomi stomped up to the downed Tyrant, clawed her hand and impaled its heart with her fingers. She forcefully drove her hand deeper and deeper into the ventrilical chamber, while the Tyrant violently trashed about and screeched in pure agony. She used her other hand to grab hold of the throbbing aorta, and then mercilessly and brutally tore out its entire heart. Blood was ejected all over the place, rapidly collecting on the concrete as deep puddles. The whole helipad was being painted red, and the Tyrant screamed. It was a gigantic bloodbath, making the rest of the party turn white and cringe.

Yomi held the still beating heart in her hand and turned to the camera. She raised it over her head.

"How's this? Are you satisfied now?"

Yomi threw the heart down on the ground, where it continued to bleed dry, when a voice sounded through the speakers.

Five minutes until detonation

"What? Just five minutes?" Kagura exclaimed.

"Oh no, we have to hurry! Kagura, fire a flare!" Chiyo said.


Kagura placed the big box in front of her and opened it. There were three flares left, and they could be fired electronically. She pushed a few buttons and launched the first flare into the air.

"I hope somebody sees this..."

Meanwhile, Yomi was looking at the Tyrant in its sorry state. But even without a heart, it continued to fight to stand up.

"You just refuse to die, don't you, asshole."

With its jaw hanging loose, its arm pulverized, its hand deformed and a huge, gaping hole in its chest, the bloodsoaked Bio Weapon still managed to stand up, even though it was in no state to attack anymore.

"I almost feel sorry for you," she said to it. "I will send you back to Hell!"

On the other side of the helipad again, Tomo was watching Yomi closely. Everything she said, and the way she acted, it hurted her. She bit her lower lip, turned around, and started pulling the claw impaling the dead monster.

"Tomo? What are ya doin'?" Osaka questioned.

But Tomo didn't answer. When the claw came loose and the monster tumbled to the ground, she took it into both hands, and started running.

"Tomo?" Sakaki called out.

"What's gotten into her?" Kagura wondered.

Yomi heard the footsteps quickly coming towards her from behind, and they surprised her. She saw Tomo running, the claw pointed forwards like a spear. She shot by her, and jammed the severed claw into the Tyrant's belly. It flinched, and let out a moan, as more blood escaped the wound.

"You're wrong, Yomi!" she yelled.


"How can you say're no longer human," she panted. "It doesn't matter if you have supernatural powers, you're still you!"

"I'm...still me?" she repeated softly.

"As your best friend, I can't allow you to say such stupid things. As long as you don't change on the inside, you are still the same person you always were. Super powers or not, I don't care! As long as you stay the way you were, you're still the old Yomi to me. But, when you start acting like you just did...I don't know you anymore," she sobbed.

"Tomo-chan..." Yomi blinked a few times and sadly looked at the ground. "B...but, I don't feel like a human anymore..."

"Yes, you do! Just look inside yourself. When you rescued me when I was about to die, and when you caught me from falling, and...when you rescued us from that strange monster. That was the old you, Yomi. The same Yomi that made the vow to us when we first got here, that we'd escape all together."

Tomo let go of the claw lodged in the mutant's stomach and turned around, revealing tears rolling down her cheeks, yet a smile on her face.

"This might sound cheesy, but what makes you human is what's inside your heart."

Yomi remained silent and turned to the Tyrant's heart laying on the floor, which had ceased to beat by now. "As long as my heart doesn't change, I'm still human..."

"That's right," Tomo smiled.

A small smile formed on Yomi's face, which grew bigger and bigger. It was a warm smile, a smile of hope and happiness. "Thank you...Tomo... You were right all along. I'm sorry, I guess I just lost myself..."

"It's okay, as long as you realise," she nodded.

A sound interrupted them, coming from the far distance, which came closer and closer. It was the sound of a throdding helicopter. They must have seen the flare Kagura fired, and they were now hurrying towards the mansion.

"Yes, alright! We're finally out of here!" Kagura cheered happily.

Cheerfully, Osaka and Chiyo embraced eachother. "We did it! We made it!" they chanted.

Sakaki breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, looking at the chopper, their ticket out of this nightmare, appearing at the horizon.

Yomi and Tomo were looking up to the skies, content that all ended well. "Looks like we've managed to keep that vow one way or another," Tomo laughed.

Yomi nodded. "We finally have a good reason to be happy. We finally did it."

"But I have to say," she said, marching to the back of the immobile Tyrant, "I like the point you tried to make here. I bet this guy doesn't like the feeling of being impaled by its own claws. That'll show him."

"Yeah. Just finish the job, but do it in style," Tomo chuckled.

Yomi grabbed the other side of the claw protruding out of the back and pulled it out, causing the Tyrant to flinch again. "That won't be a problem. You ready?"

Tomo backed up a few steps and gave a thumbs up.

"Okay, here we go!"

With that, Yomi delivered the final blow, by jumping up into the air and driving the claw through the Tyrant's head. But she wasn't done yet. As the Tyrant fell to its knees, she grabbed the pointed side again and pulled it out with incredible force. The Tyrant's head bursted into many, sloppy pieces, and it fell down, bleeding what little blood was left in its body. The Tyrant was dead, and for good this time.

"Think I overdid it?" Yomi asked casually.

"Well, you made quite a mess, but it was stylish. I liked it. I'd give it an 8 out of 10."

Both Tomo and Yomi started laughing out loud, but Yomi soon noticed that Tomo had two small tears in the corners of her eyes.

"H-hey, Tomo-chan, are you crying?" she asked a little uncomfortably.

Tomo brought her arm to her face and attempted to wipe the tears away, but they wouldn't stop coming. "H-huh? Wh-what are you saying?" she hiccuped, "these are tears of joy!"

"Ah...I see..."

"S...stupid Yomi...!"

"What?" she said astounded.

Tomo suddenly leapt up to her and threw her arms around her neck, locking Yomi in a tight hug as she let the tears flow in her chest.

"Stupid Yomi! Don't you ever die on me again, you hear!"

Yomi did not see this coming, so she was a bit dumbstruck. A smile appeared on her face and she gently returned the hug, placing her hand on the back of Tomo's head.

"I won't. I promise. Sorry for making you worry so much..."

"It's okay. Everything is just fine now," Tomo said as she snuggled as closely as she could.

Meanwhile, the police helicopter settled down in the middle of the helipad. The pilot and police officer inside were welcomed by the others. Of course the policeman started asking some questions, especially after seeing that bloody mess closeby.

"Who are you people? What happened here?" he inquired.

"We'll explain later," Chiyo said. "But we have to leave now! This building is going to explode in..."

Two minutes until detonation.

" two minutes."


"Don't mind that, we should get outta here before we're blown sky high," Kagura noted.

"Yeah, an' we can watch the fireworks from a distance," Osaka said as she wormed her way into the chopper.

"Hey, come on, guys! There's still room for two!" Kagura shouted to Yomi and Tomo.

As they both approached the chopper, Yomi threw her arm around her shorter friend and pulled her in.

"You know, you've really changed," she said.

"Yeah, I know. You've already said that. But remember, you couldn't have done it without me."

"Haha, yeah, it's true."

When everyone boarded the helicopter, they were finally ready to leave. The heli lifted up from the platform and quickly flew away from the estate about to burst. They still had about one minute left, so they could easily make it to safe distance.

"This is officer Hudson, circling the Arklay Mountains in search of the missing Mark Fendell. We have found six young girls in a lone mansion to the northwest of the forest. They are injured. Please prepare ambulances for our arrival. I repeat, six young girls, injured. Please contact the hospital to pick them up when we arrive," the policeman said in his radio.

"Excuse me, mister Hudson," Yomi said to him. "You are from the Raccoon City Police Department, right?"


"I have to talk to your chief. We found the missing person in the forest. He was killed. Something terrible happened in that mansion and the forest surrounding it."

"You found him? Where?"

"Near a pathway, not too far from here. But it's too dangerous to go there now. There are dangerous creatures down there!"

"What do you mean, miss? What happened?" he asked on.

"It's complicated... That's why I need to talk to the police chief as soon as possible. I'm okay. I don't need to go to the hospital now."

"...very well. We'll take you to chief Irons when we get back."

"Thank you."

"Hey, guys!" Osaka said. "I think the mansion's about ta blow up!"

Everyone looked outside of the window at the mansion in the distance. A few seconds afterwards, they saw it transform into a giant fireball. It was silent when they saw it happen, but the loud bang reached them a few moments later. A powerful shockwave rumbled the helicopter and made the trees in the vicinity sway. Smouldering pieces of rubble rained down, as big black plumes of smoke billowed up. The tragic Spencer mansion was completely wiped off the map; now nothing more but a big, burning heap.

"Oh man..." officer Hudson mumbled, and quickly grabbed the radio again. "Hudson here. The large mansion has just exploded!"

"Good thing we managed to get away in time," Chiyo said in amazement. "That must have been a powerful bomb!"

"And with that, all traces of what happened there are wiped away," Sakaki continued. "No wonder they installed a self destruct system in such a place."

"All we have now is the evidence that we recovered. I just hope it will be enough," Yomi sighed, sinking down into her seat. "Doctor Miyamoto didn't make it, did he?"

"No," Kagura said, shaking her head gently. "I found him dead in his hideout. I...found this..."

Kagura gave Yomi the folder filled with letters that she managed to hang on to. "You take it. You can show it to the police chief."

"Oh, I have some things too!" Tomo spoke up

She reached into her pocket and took out the family photos.

"These are..."

"Yeah, Lisa and Jessica's notes. I held onto them. I figured this was the last thing I could do to help her," Tomo smiled with a hint of melancholy.

"Thanks," Yomi smiled back. "With this, it should be taken care of in no time."

"Oh, that reminds me, I've got some more things here," Kagura finally said. She gave her the B.O.W list and the other family photo she still had in her possession. "This should help too, right?"

"Yeah, thanks. And once this is all settled, we'll enjoy the rest of our vacation, alright?"

"Can we go to the Zoo?" Osaka asked excited.

"You bet we can!" Tomo cheered. "We deserved it!"

"Alright! I wanna see some normal animals for a change, ya know?"

"I hear you," said Chiyo. "But first, I'm going to sleep, long!"

"And I'm taking a nice hot shower!" Kagura responded

"And a good meal," Sakaki added.

"Oh yeah! Definitely! I could eat a horse!" Tomo agreed.

But Yomi didn't participate in the conversations anymore. She was looking outside, over the forest. She saw her own eyes in the reflection of the window. Even after Tomo's motivational speech, she had her doubts if she could still live a normal life the way she was now. Also, she was suspicious. Some things still didn't make much sense to her. His true intentions; the reason why he turned her into this. She was angry, and confused. Even though she didn't want it to be this way, something told her that this wasn't the end. Not of the whole incident, and not of his disturbing schemes. The only thing she could do now was do her best, and watch her back.

Wesker...what are you planning?

As the helicopter flew towards the city, there was some activity down in the woods. A quadrupedal animal slowly walked over a dirtroad between the trees, sniffing around, having discovered a trace of some sort. It came to a stop on a small hill, looking at the horizon. Behind it, three more of the undead monsters showed up, growling and drooling aggressively, barking at one another. They were standing at the edge of the forest, looking over a large, open space. The leader of the pack of hounds sniffed the ground, and turned its gaze towards what was in the distance. It howled at the sky like a wolf. A few miles ahead was Raccoon City.

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