Dean let out a slow breath, carefully uncurling his slick fingers from around Sam's dick. He pulled his hand back and licked at his come-sticky fingers when Sam looked back at him, smiling when Sam keened.

"Dean," breathed Sam, shifting so he could catch his big brother's mouth, slicking his tongue between Dean's lips so he could catch his taste. He moaned when he caught some of his jizz, swallowing it down before kissing Dean again.

When Dean pulled away he slumped against Sam's back, sweaty and slick from their sexing. He kissed at Sam's nape as he pulled out, cock half-hard and come-slick.

"God," groaned Sam, body feeling empty after the stretch of Dean's cock inside. He relaxed back against his brother, heart beat slow and lethargic, mirroring his careful movements as he turned around in the bracket of Dean's arms before slumping against the wall.

Dean smiled and helped Sam back into his pants, dragging Sammy to the floor and pulling Sam to his chest when they sat. He kissed Sam's temple and stroked over Sam's chest, sex flush receding to reveal golden tanned flesh. "Okay?" he asked quietly, thumb rubbing over Sam's flat nipple, smiling when it hardened again beneath his touch.

"Yeah," answered Sam, voice rough from all the noises he had made.

Dean chuckled when Sam's eyes dipped closed, Sam's chest rising and falling in a slow, steady rhythm. "Hey, gotta get back on the case in a little bit, baby boy."

"Know. Just, relax with me for a lil' while, 'kay?"

He could feel how limp his muscles were, how relaxed his entire body was and he agreed. He turned Sam's face toward his own and kissed Sam before he said, "Alright," and he pulled Sam a little closer and snuggled against Sammy's back, grinning when Sam's hand settled over his own.