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Upon the arrival of lunch, Massie stormed into the cafeteria straight after the bell, unlike her usual 'fashionably late' entrance. She practically ran to Layne, but looked stupid all the same, due to every time she took a step, one heel of her flats would pop out. But Massie didn't care for the first time in her life. She just wanted the problem to stop.

"So Layne, how's it going'?" Massie responded in a sweet tone, unlike her angry appearance seconds ago.

"Mind if I talk to you?"

"Sure whatever," Layne replied blandly as she took off the top of her oatmeal thermos.

"Well then." Massie's voice turned cold. "I think that you are the dumbest girl in the whole universe for thinking that you could fool me."

"What the heck are you talking about?" Layne's voice was shaking.

"Oh stop using that crap. Faking it won't make me believe you. What you did was really low, even for you." Layne was practically sobbing now. "I'm- serious- I have no clue!!!" Layne said between sobs.

"Okay. Stop playing dumb. You've been texting me and the Pretty Committee all day and it's driving me insane, like you. I know it's only one day, but I want it to stop. Immediately."

"B-but I lost my phone!!!!!!!!" Layne had her hands over her face, shaking with tears.

"Yeah, that's right. It's great that you admit- wait what?" Massie forgot about her anger for a second.

"One day when I was walking home from school some briarwood boys like Eli took my bag and went through it. They laughed at my pads but took my phone, dropping my backpack and running away. I figured one of them would give it back, like they were just playing a joke on me, but It's been a couple days and no result." Layne peeked her eyes out of her hands.

"But still, how'd you get my phone number in the first place?" Massie was not angry but confused.

"Claire's phone," Layne admitted.

"Ah, that explains most of this problem." Massie rolled her eyes, thinking, Poor Claire. She's so lost in her own world. Massie then looked around, and saw the whole cafeteria looking at her. "Um, you know, there's something called MINDING YOUR OWN BUISNESS! The whole cafeteria went back to its usual chatting in an instant. There, Massie thought. That's better. She walked to table sixteen, a smirk covering her face, hiding her confusion. At that same moment, the rest of the PC rushed in, their faces red and their hair looking like it was blown by the wind. They saw Massie, and quickly hovered over.

"So, how'd it go?" Claire said between breaths.

"Well, it's not Layne. I just confronted her and she was sobbing her LBR face off. So let's just forget about it, 'Kay?" Massie sounded like fake enthusiasm.

There was a small round of 'kays.

After Science, her last period, Massie's phone vibrated. It read:

Well, u really thought it was Layne, didn't you? Well, u were wrong. So it'd b best if u gave up now k? –J

"Eh ma Gawd," Kristen said breathlessly. "EEEEEEK! Where the heck did you come from?" Massie shrieked. "I was behind you the whole time. I figured you would know." Kristen said with a shrug. Massie sighed and was about to return back to her phone when she heard Claire say "O-K. That was awkward," behind her. "EHMAGAWD! IS THE WHOLE WORLD BEHIND ME?!?!?!" Massie shouted when she saw the whole PC and even a couple people she didn't know behind her. She heard people mumble 'sorry' as they walked away and then returned to her phone.

"Who the heck do we know that would do this?" Massie said as she snapped her phone shut.