Musical-Based (well... that's why it's in the Musical category...) My first musical based LM fanfic! Hope you like! In case any of you have read "Cosette's Nerves," this is also about the night before her wedding, but there is NO CONNECTION. 'Kay. That's it. I own nothing. Thanks for reading... hope you enjoy!!! Please review!

Cosette heard the door shut and emerged from her bedroom. It was seven o'clock at night, and she would be married the next day. It sounded like Marius had just left to go back to his house. After the barricades, once he had finally recovered, Marius found himself another home in place of the apartment he had shared with Courfeyrac. He visited every day and often ate dinner with Cosette and her father, and tonight was no exception. She had already changed into her nightgown, and was tying the sash of her dressing gown as she walked out of her bedroom. She knew her papa would be sitting in his favorite chair by the fireplace. She started talking as soon as she was out of her room, walking towards the living room.

"Papa- I was just thinking. We've never had any blue flowers in the garden. Why don't you-" she stopped then in surprise, seeing that it was not, in fact, her papa in the chair by the fireplace, but Marius. She blushed in embarassment, concious of the six inches of bare, white skin from her legs down to the floor not hidden by her short nightdress, and the thin fabric that was translucent in certain lights. She went about like this when she and her papa were staying in for the night, and was not prepared for Marius to see her. But Marius was looking down at his hands. "Oh- I thought I heard you leave," she said softly.

He looked up and she saw a pained look in his eyes. "Cosette..." He looked like he was choking on his words, and couldn't find what to say. "Your father left."

She wrinkled her brow in confusion. "Oh. Where did he go? Funny to leave now," she thought aloud. Looking about the room, she saw nothing unusual, except that her father's traveling coat was not hanging on the rack beside the door. "Why did he take that coat? He couldn't have been planning to be gone long." She looked back and Marius, and saw he had taken his face in his hands. She remembered hearing the door close, and knowing now that it was her father leaving made it sound wrong somehow. He had never left without saying goodbye, even if he was headed to the post office. "Marius, what happened?" she added seriously. Something was wrong, and she could feel it in the pit of her stomach.

"He's not coming back," Marius said gravely, still not looking at her. When he did, his eyes were sad. "Sit down, Cosette."

She took a seat in the chair facing opposite, moving mechanically. Slowly Marius told her that her father had gone away on a journey without saying where he was going. He would not be back soon. The words seemed to not process correctly in Cosette's mind.

"No," she said automatically, shaking her head patiently. "You must have heard wrong. He would never leave without saying goodbye."

Marius looked at her again, and it seemed to pain him to finish. "He said that it would be too sad to say goodbye. That he loved you too much." Marius' voice broke. "I'm... so sorry, Cosette."

She shook her head again, but even as she did, she knew that what Marius said was true. Though she always loved her father's eccentricities, she had noticed them, of course. Without many other children to compare herself with, she thought that most fathers must do the same strange things that her father had. But she had still noticed certain things that she knew most father's wouldn't do- move so frequently, for instance. And sometimes they would be out enjoying the evening, until all the sudden they had to go home, and she never got an explanation. She could only remember that each time this happened, someone seemed to recognize them from somewhere.

Her father was odd. She had accepted it. In fact, she loved it. But, odd as she knew he was, she never expected him to do this. Leaving her on the eve of her wedding without saying goodbye was (as much as she hated to admit it) cruel. She would only forgive him if he came to see her. Despite herself, she let a sob break through her silence, and many tears started to pour from her eyes.

Marius got up and kneeled next to her, putting a hand on her back as she cried.

"Why wouldn't he stay and see us married? Or at least say goodbye?" She wiped her tears, but that was useless as more just fell afterwards.

"I don't know," he whispered and rubbed his hand in circles soothingly, not knowing what else to do.

All at once, Cosette was hit with an overwhelming sense of loneliness. It threw her, and at first she did not know what to make of it. But little by little it made more sense to her: how many times had she been left in her life? She wasn't sure, but it was too many. And now her father had left her, and for years he had been everything to her. Her only companion, the first person to truly love her (though she supposed her mother must have, too. Or at least that's what her father told her). He was the person who taught her to read, planted flowers with her, let her buy the dresses she liked, and took her for long walks outside.

Had he not cared enough to say goodbye? Or was it really what Marius had said, and that he loved her too much? Cosette couldn't say for sure, but she knew one thing: she loved her father and she loved Marius. And if she had to leave, she would say goodbye. Even if it was painful for her, that's what she knew she owed them. Her father owed her a goodbye, at least.

She could not bear to be left again. Not without breaking.