Yeah, so...I've been cheating on Bleeding Love. Sorry.

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This is probably a recod-long post for me but it kinda needed to be to set everything up. You'll probably notice a huge change in writing style (and I'm loving it, by the way) and a gratuitous use of bad, bad language and future, if that's not exactly your thing then, I guess you know what you should probably do.

But, I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it. Enjoy.


Chapter One


I wouldn't consider myself high maintenance or difficult to please but come the fuck on…this place was boring as hell. It didn't help that I hadn't seen the sun since I left Phoenix. God, I missed that. I guess that saying about taking things for granted was way too true…now I was stuck in this gloomy, rainy piece of shit town. I missed the heat and the warmth, the green…everything was gross and brown here…and my friends who were probably having a great fucking time right now and I missed my mom…

Charlie was nice enough but I barely knew the guy. I don't think a more awkward exchange has ever occurred between a father and daughter than when he picked me up from the airport. The way he held his arms stiffly at his sides, keeping as much distance from me as possible, he looked about as uncomfortable as I felt. The car ride home, in his police cruiser, was filled with nothing about awkward silences and forced small talk. So when he pulled up in front of my 'new' house, both of us let out a simultaneous sigh of relief. For the next few hours, I just holed myself up in my room, unpacking and repeating my calming mantra over and over: This was your decision, nobody forced you to come here, this was your decision…

I knew I needed to get my shit together because if I didn't, the next few months were really going to suck. Even though I already hated it here, and I'd only actually been here for a total of three hours, I resigned myself to just being unhappy instead of plain old miserable. So imagine my surprise when that tiny, spiky-haired energizer bunny poked her head in my door.

"Hi! Charlie let me in…I'm Alice Brandon, I live next door…it's so great to finally meet you!"

She bounded over to me like a puppy and threw her arms around me like we were long lost friends or something.


I must have blinked a few times in shock because her eyes widened. Every person needs at least three feet of personal space and that crazy mini-me had just invaded mine.

"Sorry," she grinned sheepishly. "I didn't mean to just barge in here...I'm just so excited that you're finally here!"

What the hell?

"Uh…what are you talking about?"

"Oh, Charlie's been talking about you for weeks! I can't even tell you how boring it is in this neighborhood…nobody my age around, that's for sure so I bet you can guess how I excited I was when I found out you were moving here! So how do you like it so far? I know Forks doesn't seem like anything special, but as long as you can find some people to have fun with you'll be fine…"

Alice winked at me before stepping back to survey my room. Well, now this was embarrassing…boxes and clothes thrown everywhere but you could at least see the carpet if you looked hard enough…needless to say, I was definitely not expecting any visitors, or more accurately, intruders.

"Wow, this place looks like a disaster area." Alice mumbled under her breath.

"Yeah, you're telling me. I just got here a couple of hours ago so I haven't had much time to…"

Alice just waved that off and pushed up her sleeves. "Don't worry about it…where do you want me to start?"

"You don't have to do that. I'm sure you have a million better things to do than help me unpack."

The little pixie just waved that off again and shrugged. "I don't have anything else to do…besides, if we'll be late for the party tonight if I don't help you."

Party? Things were starting to look up for Forks.

I cocked an eyebrow and smirked. "A party, huh? What makes you think the Police Chief's daughter would be interested in a party?"

She perched her hands on her tiny hips and pouted a little. "I don't know what you're talking about Bella, everyone likes a good party and my cousin's are the best. Well, the best you'll find around here anyway."

I just laughed and pointed to the box closest to her feet. "You can start with that one. It's just clothes and there's a bunch of hangers in the closet."

We got to work and I was really enjoying the first few moments of silence since I'd been in Alice's company when I heard a high-pitched squeal coming from her side of my bedroom.

"Oh my God, Bella! You have to wear this tonight!" She held up a shimmery, practically transparent black tube top and swung it around her finger.

"Ughh…yeah, it's been a while since I wore that." I grimaced at the memory of the last time I had been wearing that particular top. Not my finest moment.

"Well, you're gonna wear it tonight…geez, Bella, if I didn't know any better, judging by some of your, uh, clothes, I'd say you were a party girl back in Phoenix. So…am I right or am I right?" She said with a sly smile that made me a little nervous.

"Well…I guess you could say that."

Her face fell a little and she actually looked disappointed. "But you're not anymore though?"

I shrugged and went back to unpacking as I spoke. "Since I'm in a new town and you know, the whole getting a fresh start thing…I don't know, I guess I just don't want to be known as 'that' girl. You know?"

Her brow furrowed and she tilted her head to the side a little. I could practically see the wheels turning in her head as she tried to process this new information about me.

I don't know what possessed me to keep talking but there was just something about my tiny new neighbor that made me feel comfortable for the first time since I'd arrived in Forks.

"It's not like I was a slut or anything back home, well…at least I don't think I was," Alice snickered a little but I just flung a shoe at her. "Shut up…anyways…I still know how to have a good time, alright? And I'm not planning on changing that…just the way I have fun, so to speak."

Alice looked up from the box she had her head buried in with a confused look on her face. "What do you mean?"

I fidgeted a little, feeling kind of strange telling her this since I hadn't actually told anyone this before.

"Let's just say, I don't want to just show up here and be the new girl that everyone thinks they can fuck. Besides, I've seen the way the guys in Phoenix panted after any new girls at school. It was like a fucking competition between them all or something to see who would get to her first and that's not going to be me. I think part of it is that I'm just sick of those assholes in general. You know, the ones who think they're God's gift to women and that every single girl wants to suck their dick…I'm so done with those guys. I want a goddamn relationship, you know what I mean? I think I deserve that shit. And I'm through with stupid, drunk hookups with guys who you think will call you but when they do call you, it's only for another hookup but never anything else."

Alice's mouth opened slightly at my rant. It took her a moment to finally respond, but when she did, her voice was soft and quiet. "I know exactly what you mean, Bella."

I nodded and kept going. "Why is it too much to ask to want more than just something physical from a guy? Why can't they just all be mind-readers or something and know exactly what we're thinking and exactly what we want and just fucking do it already! That's all I want. Why is that so fucking hard though? I'm serious; the next guy I sleep with is going to be my goddamn boyfriend."

Alice chuckled and shook her head. "Well, all I can say is you're going to have a hard time pulling that off here, especially since our school is infested with assholes."

I groaned and rubbed my hand over my eyes. "Great. There's got be one though, right?"

She just laughed. "If there is, I haven't met him yet, Bella."

I could feel my face fall in disappointment, not for myself so much but for Alice. "You mean you don't have any prospects in that arena at all?"

"Not one that would give me the time of day…oh…that reminds me. There're probably a few guys I should warn you about then…I'll point them out to you at the party tonight. Let's see…which douchebag should I start with?"

"How about the one you were just talking about?" I asked curiously.

She quickly shook her head. "He's not worth it…the only reason he evens knows I'm alive is because he's my cousin's best friend. Speaking of which, I suppose we'll just start with douchebag number one…and probably the one you need to watch out for the most…my cousin, Edward Cullen. He is, without a doubt, everything you just described to a damn 't'. I have a feeling, too, that you are exactly the kind of girl he tends to take a liking to…that stupid motherchucker needs to be taken down a peg anyway. My Uncle Carlisle and Aunt Elizabeth are filthy fuckin' rich and that kid gets whatever and whoever he wants."

"Sounds about right."

Mental note: Stay the fuck away from Edward Cullen.

"Anyways," Alice chirped on but the edge in her voice became more prominent at the mention of her aunt and uncle. "That idiot likes to say the only reason I'm allowed in his parties is because we're related but…sometimes I wish we weren't. Scratch that, it's actually a rare occasion I'm glad we're related. Little does he know the only reason I attend his parties is because there's nothing else to do around this shit town and I get free booze out of it. Uncle Carlisle is quite the collector of assorted wine and spirits…just so you know…"

She winked and I had to smile at what she was hinting at. Maybe she was right…all you had to do was know the right people around here and this town wouldn't be so bad after all.

"Alright. Who else?"

She twisted her mouth in thought. "Well, there's Mike Newton…he's an asshat. Then there's Tyler Crowley…also an asshat. Like I said, I'll point them out to you later…oh, and bitchfaces number one and two: Lauren Mallory and Jessica Stanley. They're always all over my cousin's junk…it's so sick…they claim to be best friends but they're always trying to one-up each other when it comes to him, shit, they basically share him…it's gross. Anyways, I hope they'll be enough to keep him away from you tonight."

"Well, at least that takes care of that. And maybe if I'm not distracted by stupid boys, I might actually have a really good time tonight. Screw 'em."

She clapped her thighs like I had just made revealed a huge discovery. "There you go. Thinking big…I like it. This whole philosophy you have…not letting guys fuck with you and all that…I think I'm going to have to take notes. You know Bella, I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship."

I laughed heartily, the first real laugh I'd experienced since coming here. "You know what? I think so too, Alice."

Before I knew it, my self-induced seclusion in my room turned into an all-out girls' night. We even got my iPod going, blasting out that awesome new Kelly Clarkson song, "I Do Not Hook Up"; so fucking fitting. My new lease on life, or at least when it came to guys, was already sitting pretty well with me. Over the next hour or so, I learned that Alice's mother, Esme, was an English teacher at Forks High and they had lived next to Charlie since she was five, when her dad (and Carlisle's brother) walked out on them. She seemed a little more restless than usual when talking about her parents. It was an obvious sore spot with her and one that I definitely knew a thing or two about. I, in turn with all this sharing shit, divulged that I hadn't seen Charlie in almost six years and had barely remembered what his house even looked like, let alone what he was like. As it turned out, we had more in common than we realized.

We shared a mutual love for Heath Ledger and a mutual hatred for those gay Jonas Brothers (why do they wear such tight pants??)…we also shared the same taste in clothes too, which was a surprise to both of us. I tried getting some more information about Alice's mystery man but she clammed up when he came up in passing so I figured it was best to just let it go for now…there was definitely something going on there and I was a little surprised that she didn't want to share that with me, since I had practically bared my soul to her when it came to guys. Still, I made another mental note to myself for the party: figure out who the hell this guy was and what the hell he did to Alice.

It was crazy; I'd barely known the girl for two hours and I was already feeling protective of her like we were besties. This was definitely going to be an adjustment for me…sure, I had friends in Phoenix, but compared to Alice, they seemed more like acquaintances than the kind of friend you could pour your heart out to.

She chattered on about some of the things going on at school and I shuddered at her mention of prom. Thankfully, that one went unnoticed. Prom was the root of all evil but, judging by how excited Alice seemed about it, I didn't have the heart to tell her that. Alice kept going, pausing every once in a while to comment on a picture or some perfume of mine, and I learned she only had one, 'real and true' friend at Forks, besides me now of course, and that was Rosalie Hale. Apparently, she was giving us a ride to the party so I had that to look forward to.

Before either of us knew it, my room was actually starting to look like someone lived there and not like a tornado flew through it. Alice was flitting around my room like the energizer bunny she was, bouncing from one spot to another to fix and situate my things in 'the proper set-up', or so she said. Next was hair and makeup—she had to make a quick dash over to her house to grab her clothes and makeup bag—and even though I was perfectly capable of doing it myself, I let her go a little nuts with the curling iron and eyeliner. Of all the things I'd learned about Alice that day, I'd learned that she was first and foremost a caretaker, so I let her do it.

And damn did she ever. I barely recognized myself. My eyes were smoky, my hair unusually shiny and pretty with big, bouncy curls. She had even gotten me to squeeze into that little jean skirt I hadn't worn since New Year's, and of course, the little black tube top.

"You look hot. I mean seriously, Bella, h-o-t. You wanna know what the best part about it is?" She didn't wait for me to answer. "All those idiots at the party are going to be following you around like the dogs they are but you're not going to give a shit about any of them. I love it!"

I tugged on the hem of my skirt, willing it to hang a little lower, at least until I was out of Charlie's line of sight. "Well, let's hope they're all not following me around…wouldn't want to have pull out my pepper spray my first night here."

Alice chuckled and scurried off to answer her phone. I heard her talking excitedly across the room while I tried to figure out a way to make my skirt magically grow longer. She snapped it shut with a little too much enthusiasm. "Rosalie's on our street! She'll be here in, like, a minute…let's go!"

She let out a tiny squeal of excitement and grabbed my hand to lead me out the door. I somehow managed to snatch my purse as I followed out the door and down the stairs, only to run smack into Alice, who had skidded to a stop. Charlie, naturally, was leaning lazily against the wall directly across from us, his arms crossed over his chest. I could tell he was doing his best impression of 'the stern father look' but it wasn't really working.

"So…you ladies are going somewhere tonight, right?" He asked with a small gulp.

Thank God for Alice. She stepped right in and saved me from the inevitable awkward exchange. "We're just going to a little get-together tonight, Chief Swan. Nothing too crazy, I promise."

"Uh huh, and where exactly is this get-together taking place, Alice?" Again with the stern look. He wasn't fooling either of us.

I wasn't surprised at all when Alice put on her best "I'm-innocent-I-swear" face and smiled kindly up at my almost-won-over father. Another thing I'd learned about Alice that day: it was difficult as hell to say no to her.

"At my cousin's. You know, he has those little get-togethers after all his baseball games."

That one didn't sit as well with Charlie. His eyes narrowed, shifting suspiciously from Alice to me. Apparently, he had heard of Edward Cullen's 'little get-togethers'. He'd probably even busted a few of them.

"When you say 'cousin', I assume you're referring to Edward Cullen?" He bit out. Now I was starting to buy the whole stern father act.

Alice blanched for a moment and quickly plotted her next move. She recovered almost immediately and the sweet, sugary smile reappeared.

"Well, yeah," she laughed. "How many other cousins do I have? Anyways, Chief Swan, there's only going to be about ten or twelve people there, real small, we'll probably just watch movies and play foosball or something like that. Besides, don't you think this is a great opportunity for Bella to meet some people before she starts school on Monday?"

How could Charlie argue with that? I sure as hell couldn't. Go Alice.

Charlie blinked in surprise and I could tell that he hadn't really been expecting Alice to play the new girl in town card. He probably should've known better.

"Well, I don't see why you girls need to be dressed like that for just a little 'get-together'." He stressed. He was definitely grasping at straws now.

Alice looked down at her outfit, then over at me, then back at Charlie like what he had said was the most offensive thing she'd ever heard.

"Well, this is how girls dress, Chief Swan." She said slowly, as if she was talking to a two year old.

He rubbed the back of his neck with a pained expression on his face and I knew Alice had triumphed. "Alright girls…but I'd like you home by 1, Bella…and be safe…please."

Alice nodded profusely while I just stared dumbly back at him in disbelief that she had gotten him to give in that easily.

"Don't worry, Chief Swan, I'll take good care of her!" Alice called out as she pulled me out the door and over to the car parked in my driveway.

As the door shut behind us, I heard Charlie yelling: "Bring your pepper spray!"

I slid into the electric blue Mustang and came face to face with a fucking supermodel. The blonde bombshell stared at me for a moment with a pair of icy blue eyes that I was sure made every pair of testicles in Forks shrivel up and I fought the urge to shiver. She extended a perfectly manicured hand out to me and I gingerly took it. Godammit. This girl made me feel like a fucking troll.

"Hey Bella, I'm Rosalie…Alice has told me all about you. It's good to finally meet you." She said in a kind, almost warm voice. Okay, so maybe she wasn't such an ice queen after all.

"'s nice to meet you too." I offered, feeling a little shy all of a sudden.

"Are you ready to get your drink on?" Rosalie asked with a sly smile as she pulled onto the street.

"Ready as I'll ever be..."

"Oh! Rosalie I have to tell you…" Alice was practically bouncing in her seat she was so excited.

"What, my little bundle of energy?" Rosalie asked, winking at me in the rearview mirror.

"Bella has this awesome philosophy about men...she's decided that she doesn't want anything to do with all the tools that live in this stupid town and the next guy she sleeps with has to be her boyfriend. Isn't that absolutely fantastic?" She squealed.

Rosalie rolled her eyes at Alice. "God, you sound like Eric. And yes, Bella, I think that's pretty awesome. What brought this on?"

"Just sick of the same old assholes I guess." I called from the backseat.

Rosalie sighed as she tapped her fingers on the steering wheel. "I wish I had your self-control."

"What do you mean?"

"Rosalie is currently in the midst of an on-again booty call," Alice pounced. "Her and Emmett always end up going back to each other…"

"Shut the fuck up, Alice. Just because you can't get Jasper Whitlock to have a full-length conversation with you doesn't mean you have to refer to what Emmett and I have as a booty-call. That's pretty fucking cold."

"Why?" Alice asked, cocking her head playfully to the side. I just watched, mesmerized by their banter.

"Booty-call implies that we're nothing to each other but sex. Emmett and I, my dear Alice, are fuck buddies. There's a difference."

"Pssht…whatever you say, ho."

"Fuck you. Emmett's dumb as a box of rocks but he definitely knows what he's doing in other areas…one in particular…so don't take your sexual frustrations out on me, bitch." Rosalie said with a smile. Apparently, this was normal for them. I could get used to this pretty quickly.

"So Bella," Rosalie turned her attention back to me. "I'm sure Alice gave you the rundown on which retards to avoid like the plague."

I nodded immediately and flipped through my mental notes. "Edward Cullen, check. Mike Newton, check. Tyler Crowley, check."

Rosalie grinned back at me through the rearview mirror. "Thata girl. Don't worry. I won't let those maternal rejects anywhere near you tonight."

I frowned a little in confusion. "I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about, Rosalie, but I'm starting to really like you."

Rosalie chuckled at that as Alice answered for her.

"Rosalie thinks any guy that's a 'panty-chaser', as she puts it, has mommy issues. You know, mommy didn't love them enough or some other idiotic sob story like that so they have to make up for it by being a raging, hormonal panty-chaser to get some kind of female approval."

"Or to get back at their mothers." Rosalie added.

"You know," Alice said thoughtfully. "In Dickward's case, that's probably true."

That was impressive.

"Wow, maybe I'll have to start calling Rosalie Dr. Hale."

The girls laughed as Rosalie pulled up in front of a vomit-inducingly enormous mansion. So apparently, Alice hadn't been exaggerating when she said her aunt and uncle were filthy rich. Filthy was right. No wonder Alice seemed more than a little bitter whenever she talked about them. Compared to this fucking mansion in front of me, Alice and her mom practically lived in poverty.

We scampered up the pathway to the front door and I winced a little at the ear-shattering noise coming from inside. The party was obviously already up and swinging and was that…Kings of Leon blasting in the background? Whoever chose that had pretty fucking good taste in music. As we pushed and shoved our way through the entrance, I was a little disappointed that I couldn't really get a good look at the inside of this freaking mansion. The place was wall to wall with typical high schoolers, amidst a cloud of smoke and an orgy of underage drinking. The smoke bothered the shit out of me but I was definitely liking what I was seeing. Maybe Forks wasn't so bad after all, not if it housed parties like this on a regular basis.

"Uh oh…douchebag alert…danger, danger…" Alice whispered into my ear.

My head snapped up in the direction she was pointing and zeroed in on a lanky, slightly awkward-looking blonde guy heading straight for me. Fuck. We'd barely been here thirty seconds and we were already facing the d-bag parade. Great.

Oh well. This bitch was about to be owned.

Douchebag number two attempted a cool swagger up to me, failing miserably, and managed to slosh some of his beer on my tube top. This asshole didn't know what he was fucking with.

"Hey…" he slurred. "You must be the new girl…my name's Mike."

He held out his free hand to me only to be met with a blank stare. His mouth turned up into a sloppy smirk and I threw up a little in my mouth.

"You know," that asstard continued, tipping his beer towards me. "That shirt is very becoming on you…if I were that shirt, I'd be coming on you too."

What. The. Fuck.

I heard Alice gasp and Rosalie let out an angry huff behind me. Don't worry, ladies. Watch the master go to work.

I slowly took the beer from him, seriously contemplating bashing him over the head with it, but…nah…didn't need to get arrested by Charlie tonight.

Instead, I tipped the bottle and poured the rest of his beer directly on the front of his pants.

"Whoops, looks like you already came…in your pants. Nice meeting you, though."

A fit of giggles erupted behind me as I gingerly handed the empty bottle back to the slack-jawed dickhead.

"That was fucking ah-ma-zing!" Rosalie cheered as she steered us away from d-bag number two.

"Seriously, I've never seen Mike get shut down like that…in less than ten seconds. Fucking brilliant!" Alice raved, pumping her fist in victory.

I just waved them off.

"I've never liked guys named Mike anyway." I told them dismissively.

We finally made it to the bar, yes, this place had a fucking bar right in the middle of it, and I had never been that much in need of a drink than right then. If I wasn't completely committed to the whole no assholes philosophy, I fucking was now after that little debacle.

Alice stepped behind the marble-topped bar like a pro and went to work mixing us some drinks. Rosalie hopped up on a free stool and motioned for me to move closer.

She pointed at a huge, burly behemoth of a linebacker and whispered to me: "That's Emmett."

At that second, he turned and scanned through the crowd, not-so-subtly looking for a certain blonde bombshell. He must've found her because he rose an eyebrow and winked in our direction.

"Uh…I'll be back in about twenty minutes…give or take…" She muttered, grabbing her fresh drink from the counter and swung off the stool, heading straight for the muscle man. Okay, so I knew what they were going to be doing for the next twenty or so minutes.

Alice set my drink on the counter and frowned when she noticed I was alone. "Where'd Rose go?"

"She ran off with the roid-head." I informed her good-naturedly.

She just shrugged, obviously used to that and nudged the drink closer to me.

"Start drinking, Bella. You'll have more fun that way. I don't want your first night here to royally suck."

Her concern was actually a little touching.

I waved it off. "Don't worry about me…and I'm having a great time. Just think, if you hadn't shown up, I'd probably still be hiding from Charlie."

Alice nodded in understanding and opened her mouth to speak but she froze, flinging her hands to the edge of the counter.

"Wha—" I started to turn to see what was going on but Alice cut me off.

"No, no…don't turn around…" She whispered frantically.


"It's him…he's right behind you and…ohmygod, he's talking to fucking Tanya again. I fucking hate Tanya. I hope she doesn't shove her tongue down his throat right in front of me again…"

I cocked an eyebrow at her. It was time to see this mystery man in the flesh.

"Can I turn around now, please?"

She just nodded helplessly. I turned and nodded immediately with approval. Tall and built…nice. Messy blonde hair…nice. And did I detect a slight Southern accent? Very nice.

"Well, you could certainly do worse. He's pretty hot, actually." I offered.

Alice was nervously wringing a bar towel in her hands and I could see her eyes glaze over with an interesting mixture of fear and lust.

"Why don't you go talk to him?"

Alice blinked at me like I just sprouted a second head.

"Are you for real?"

"For reals, Alice. Get over there and make small talk or something. You said he barely even knows you're alive, right?"

She nodded slowly.

"Well, now's your chance to try to break the ice a little. He's your cousin's best friend so he's at least obligated to speak with you at his party."

"Thanks for that boost of confidence, Bella. I really appreciate it." She rolled her eyes with a tiny huff.

"You know what I mean. Take the opportunity and run with it. You know, carpe diem and all that shit. Just go…I'm going to be really pissed at you if you don't."

She bit her lip nervously and cast a stealthy glance back at him before looking back at me.

"I don't want to leave you here all by yourself."

I rolled my eyes. "I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Go. Now."

She threw the towel down with some newfound determination and I watched proudly as she pushed her way over to Jasper. His eyes widened a little when he saw her and immediately bent down to hear whatever she was saying to him. Hmmm…maybe he wasn't as ignorant as she thought he was.

I was just starting to really enjoy my drink when an arm slid around my shoulders. I looked up, only to meet the glassy eyes of an extremely drunk retard. I immediately recoiled in fucking disgust.

"Why hello there," the butthole surfer slurred in my ear. "I'm Tyler and who are you?"

Ah. Douchebag number three. And here I thought he'd never show up.

"I'm not interested."

He threw his head back and laughed. Not attractive. He gestured down to my legs with one finger, the other ones wrapped around a half empty bottle of beer.

"If your left leg was Thanksgiving and your right was Christmas, can I visit you between the holidays?"

Before I even had a chance to think about popping that smirk off his face, I heard a high-pitched voice behind me.

"Oh no you didn't, Tyler Crowley. Get your rough little paws off of her too. I think I saw a hot little tranny over there you might be interested in though…"

My savior motioned for Tyler to cease and desist and to get the fuck away from me and wonders upon wonders, the fucktard actually listened. As soon as Tyler got up, muttered something about 'fucking homos', my shaggy-haired, girl-pants-wearing, rescuer stuck his hand out for me to shake.

"Hi babe, I'm Eric. And don't worry…I won't try anything funny with ya. I'm gayer than the locker room at the Ice Capades." He said with a wink.

I took his hand and laughed. "I'm Bella. And thanks for that back there. I have no idea what is going on tonight…it must be use-your-worst-pickup-line night, though."

Eric nodded knowingly before taking a sip of my drink. "Ooo…this is tasty, I love when Alice mixes. Well, anyways, you're seein' all these abominations tonight cuz you're fresh meat, hun."

I groaned and he just laughed again. "That's what I was afraid of."

He shrugged and took another sip. "Could be worse. At least you can find a guy within a thirty mile radius that's interested."

I smirked at his openness, immediately liking him. "Wait…how did you know…"

Eric rolled his eyes and jerked his head in the evil pixie's direction. "Alice. Besides, word's been going around town anyways that Chief Swan's daughter was moving here. I've always loved a man in uniform…anyways, the whole school's been buzzing about you. Just so you know."

I grimaced at that and set to wallowing my troubles in alcohol. "Great. Just what I need."

"Where'd Rosie run off to…or wait, never mind, I'm sure she's locked in one of the twenty bedrooms in this place with that deliciously muscley boy of hers. Seriously, those two need to figure their crap out because I am getting sick of all this 'we're-not-dating-we're-just-fuck-buddies' shit."

"That's exactly what she said." I laughed.

Eric rolled his eyes again and shook his head.

"Girl will never learn." He muttered under his breath.

I was about to respond but was rendered completely stupefied by the sex god that just walked in the room. Words cannot even describe his fucking hotness…rumbled bronze sex hair…God, he was even wearing fucking Aviators inside...he was easily the most gorgeous guy I had ever laid eyes on. I was practically salivating on sight.

"What?" Eric asked, his eyes moving to what had caught my attention.

"Oh…" he chuckled. "I see you've found Edward."

Aw fuck. Well, there goes that. I guess nice guys just weren't meant to be that goddamn beautiful. Fuck my life.

"Uh, yeah…Alice warned me about him earlier today. But I've already decided to keep my distance from the 'panty-chaser', as Rosalie put it."

Eric nodded in approval. "Good. Because you're going to that as soon as he spots you. Prepare to have your willpower officially tested."

Fine. Just rub it in. Just fucking dig the knife a little bit deeper.


Why I even bothered with the question was beyond me.

"Because you and your little bad self are going to drive Assward crazy. And that boy knows how to get what he wants…trust me. I've seen it many, many, many times."

"So I've been told." I grumbled into my drink.

"You know, it's awfully refreshing to see a girl not throwing their panties in his face for once."

"Yeah, I don't ever plan on doing it."

I was even more pissed off at myself now. Why oh why did I ever think it was a good idea to give up on assholes? I loved assholes back in Phoenix and they loved me. But now, because of some stupid new philosophy I was hell bent on upholding, I was going to deny myself the pleasures of Edward Cullen. Oh well. I was sure I'd survive somehow. Besides, this guy was the epitome of everything I was trying to keep away from and I knew, without a doubt, that if I let him get under my skin, I was only going to end up in the exact same place I was in Phoenix: dissatisfied and slightly heartbroken.

Still, that didn't mean I couldn't enjoy the eye-candy from a distance. Eric and I both watched on, both of us drooling a little, as douchebag number one quickly became the center of attention in the room. Everyone seemed to gravitate around him and it wasn't hard to see why. That gorgeous lop-sided grin made my thighs quiver and he threw his head back, laughing at whatever that Alice's man, Jasper, was saying to him…but barely paying any notice to the skanky blonde tugging on his shirt sleeve. He put a cigarette to his lips and took a gratuitous pull from it, flicking it into the ash tray the blonde slut was holding up for him.

Now, I normally don't find smokers attractive. Quite frankly, it's usually one of the most unattractive things to me…but when Edward did it, there was just something about the way he held it to his lips…it was almost sensual, no, it was sensual and one of the fucking hottest things I've ever witnessed. He reminded me of James Dean…rebel without a cause or something like that…I just wanted on.

No, no, no. Fuck. You don't want to do this, I told myself, this is going to end very badly if you do.

And then, the heavens parted and Edward slid his hand down to the blonde ho-bag's ass and gave it a little squeeze. She squealed and wrapped her arms around his neck, proceeding to suck on his ear while his other hand grazed her boob. Bingo, you asshole. That was all I needed to see to convince myself that Edward Cullen wasn't worth it.

I heard Eric sigh behind me and I tilted my head back to him, smiling stupidly because I was finally starting to feel the alcohol.


"It's not fair," he sighed again. "We can look but not touch. Just a damn shame too."

"Well, it's a good thing I currently have a no assholes policy because if I didn't, you'd have to put a fucking muzzle on me or something to keep me from going over there and pouncing on him."

Eric giggled, smacking his thigh to keep his balance. "I like you, girl. I like you a lot."

I smiled, wrinkling my nose up as I laughed. "I like you too, Eric. So let me guess…that blonde bitch he's feeling up over there is either Lauren Mallory or Jessica Stanley, right?"

He nodded, grinning back at me. "Right you are, my hot little detective. That one's Lauren the Skank…Jess the Slut is around here somewhere…oh, there she is!"

He pointed towards another bimbo walking towards the crowd around Doucheward and I rolled my eyes. The fact she was wearing a skirt that practically showed off her whoohah and a non-existent tank top to go along with her bleached hair didn't surprise me.

"He would go for girls like that." I muttered under my breath.

Eric's shoulders started shaking with laughter and I had to smack him to get him to calm down.

"What the hell?"

He rubbed a tear out of his eye and shook his head at me. "Hun, compared to those two skanks, you are the crème-de-la-crème, you get what I'm sayin'? Those two bitches don't hold a candle to you…so like I said, prepare to have your willpower tested as soon as that hot piece of meat sniffs you out."

I let out a little huff and frowned back at him. "Why do you think I'm even interested in that scumbag anyway?"

Eric looked at me like I was retarded. "Because, honey, everyone's interested in him. Everyone."

"Well," I rose my chin up in defense as I spoke. "I'm not going to be his next fucking victim. He's not the type of guy I'm looking for anyways."

Eric's eyebrows shot up, his face stricken with shock. "Not the type of guy—"

"I'm not looking for just a fuck anymore, Eric…if I'm going to sleep with a guy, I want it mean something for once. I want the relationship…you know, the butterflies, the flowers, the hand holding, all that shit. Would messing around with Edward Cullen be fun? Of course it fucking would. But is it a good idea? Absolutely fucking not."

Eric smirked and tapped his drink to mine. "Cheers to that. Amen, girl."

He promptly set his drink down on the counter and hopped around a little. "Ah…you gonna alright here by yourself for a sec? I gotta pee like a mother!"

I just laughed as he sprinted off to the end of the mile-long line for the bathroom and then darted around the line, bounding up the stairs like the mo on a mission he was. A quick glance around the room told me that Alice and Jasper were still chatting up nicely and still no sign of Rosalie and the roid-head. I winked at Alice from across the room, tipping my drink towards her in a silent cheers and signaled with my head that I was going to get up and explore. After getting her nod of approval, I sprung up with drink in hand and pushed and shoved my way out the massive living room and made a beeline for the laptop and very expensive looking stereo perched on top of a tall table nearby. Nice.

I could play DJ until Alice, Rosalie, and Eric were done being little pills. I could do that all fucking night if I had to. Music had quickly become my lifeline in defense of everything that had suddenly gone awry in my life and I had no problem just sitting here for the rest of the night with this laptop and this music.

Scrolling through the iTunes library in the laptop was more than fun. Whoever owned this thing had some fucking great taste in music. Bob Dylan, tons of Kings of Leon, Radiohead, a little Chris Brown here and there for some good times, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, Muse, the list went on and on…and was that? Yes…there definitely an amazing assortment of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Amazing. It was pretty hard to decide which one to go with, but seeing that this was a party and all, "Rollercoaster of Love" was the winner.

I jammed out to that one by myself, raising my red Solo cup in the air as I bopped my head back and forth to the beat, not feeling self-conscious at all. It was a fucking fantastic feeling.

Just as I was contemplating which Chili Pepper song to hit next, my eyes shot up when I heard a husky voice behind me.

"RHCP, huh? Nice choice."

I spun around to face the one person I'd been dreading/secretly hoping to meet. Edward Cullen stood in front of me and arrogantly slid his Aviators down his perfect nose, revealing two piercingly intense green eyes. Shit, I hadn't thought he could get any hotter but apparently, I was wrong. His eyebrows rose at my gaping silence and he chuckled, moving closer to the table, and me, until his elbows were propped up on it. His elbows, and his entire body for that matter, were only an inch away from mine. I couldn't breathe…I couldn't breathe…fuck, fuck, you don't like him, you don't like him….

"So what's next on the playlist? Maybe a little "Give it Away Now"? Or how 'bout "Scar Tissue"? I know it's kinda slow but it's one of my favorites and it's my party so everyone else can just fuck off."

I openly gaped at him. Was he talking to me? Or himself? I don't know…this was strange. Either way, I was frozen in place. Be cool, Bella, be confident…he needs to know he doesn't have a shot in hell.

"Well, I'm assuming this is your laptop, right?" I spat out, trying to sound annoyed.

He smirked and nodding, lowering his head more probably so he could get a better look at me above his Aviators.

"You're assumption is correct. I'm Edward Cullen, by the way."

He shifted his arm until his hand was outstretched towards me. I knew what he was trying to do and I wasn't going to play this game with him.

"Yeah, I know."

His mouth twisted into that sexy lop-sided grin I'd been staring at all night and I felt my knees shake a little.

"And you are?" He prompted, still smiling, still with his hand outstretched to me.

And against my better judgment, I took it. "Bella Swan."

His eyebrows rose suggestively but before he had a chance to respond, his eyes widened at something behind me.

"What the fuck happened, Newton? Did you fucking piss yourself?" Edward laughed.

I bit my lip as I turned only to come fact to face with Mike Newton. Looking extremely pissed. With his pants still soaked. Right in his naughty place. Har har.

Mike poked a finger at me and sneered.

"So you can talk to fucking Cullen but not me? What the fuck?"

Edward howled with laughter behind me and I just shook my head at Mike. I didn't want to dignify that with a response so Edward did it for me.

"Seriously, Newton. What happened to your pants?"

"Ask her." He replied, red in the face before stalking off.

Edward just laughed again as he watched Mike walk away before cocking a questioning eyebrow at me.

I just shrugged. "Let's just say, he made a derogatory remark about cumming on my shirt, so I dumped the rest of his beer on him."

Edward's eyebrows shot up and he covered his mouth to hide his laughter.

"And now it looks like he…" he managed to get out. "Oh, that's the funniest thing I've seen all day. Fucking priceless."

"Yeah well, the dickhead had it coming." I huffed. I was quickly realizing that I was fighting a losing battle with myself. Maybe Edward wasn't as bad as everyone said he was…

"You're absolutely right. What you should have done was karate chop him in the balls so I'd say he got off easy." Edward nodded.

I was falling into the sandpit. Sinking lower and lower into his glorious eyes and lop-sided grin…my eyes travelled down and around the rest of his face and my stomach tightened. I wanted to lick his jaw…I wanted to tangle my fingers in that amazing bronze sex hair…I wanted to rip those Aviators off and shove my tongue into his mouth…or maybe he could leave them on…

"So…" he continued. "I saw you at the bar with my cousin. How do you know her?"

"Oh, she's my neighbor…"

He smirked and dipped his head a little lower, looking at me above his Aviators. I swooned.

"So you're the new girl Alice has been telling everyone about, right?"

I gritted my teeth at the mention of Alice and her mouth. "Yeah."

"From Phoenix, right?"

I nodded, doing my best to convince both him and myself that I wasn't as interested in this conversation as I actually was…well, not the conversation so much but who I was having it with.

"So…" he pressed. "Why the big move?"

"Uh…it's sorta complicated…"

He sent me that stupid lop-sided grin and I felt my knees buckle. The way he was looking at me was very, very bad.

"I think I can keep up." He tilted his head towards me, giving me his full attention. Shit.

"Well…my mom got remarried a couple of months ago and he's minor league player so he travels around a lot…"

"Wait, what?" He interrupted. "He plays for the minors? What's his name? What position does he play?"

I had to laugh at his sudden enthusiasm, remembering Alice had said he played baseball for Forks. Well, I supposed he would flip over that…even though I didn't see what was so great about it, considering it was inadvertently the catalyst for my unfortunate move. Anyways, I was grateful for the change of subject.

"His name's Phil O'Connor and he plays shortstop…I think…"

Edward's beautiful green eyes lit up and he smack the table in excitement. "Really? I play shortstop…this is fucking epic…which team does he play for?"

I bit back a smile at this side of Edward. "Right now he plays in Jacksonville, I can't remember the name of the team though…I guess I wasn't really paying that close of attention to that…"

His eyes narrowed in mock-sarcasm and he chuckled, moving a little bit closer to me in the process. "Ah…not a baseball fan, huh?"

"It's boring." So there, Edward Cullen.

I had meant it as a below the belt blow but he didn't seem to see it that way. Shit again.

"Yeah…I guess it's more fun to actually play it than watch it. But that doesn't mean you can't practice school spirit and cheer us on." He winked.

Whoa…was he actually implying that he wanted me to go to his baseball games? Did he just wink at me? Yes and yes…oh no. I was quickly falling down that black hole I had been so hell-bent on avoiding…but he just seemed so normal and so genuine and so attentive…fuck, fuck, fuck.

"Oh hey…I'm sorry," he unknowingly interrupted my current train of thought. "I completely cut you off before. You were saying something about Phil having to move around and…?"

I sighed and took a second to stir my drink around with my straw, silently cursing myself for even starting to tell the story. I, in theory, had had zero intention of ever really telling anyone here in Forks, save for Charlie, the whole story but in less than five minutes in his presences, Edward fucking Cullen had managed to get it out of me. I didn't want to think about what he could potentially get me to do if he had another five minutes.

He seemed to sense my sudden distress and his brow creased in response. "You don't have to tell me if you don't feel comfortable…it's not a big deal…"

"You're right," I cut in. "It's not that big a deal but anyways, my mom was staying home with me while Phil traveled with the team but I could tell it was hard for her to be away from him like that…so I decided it was time to give Forks and Charlie a try for awhile."

Why the fuck did I just tell him that? I hadn't even told Alice that…what was I doing?

He was nodding in understanding when I looked back at him and he was watching me with…compassion? Empathy? I didn't know…but I wasn't sure how I felt about it.

"So that brings us back to you being my cousin's new neighbor." He offered; he seemed to, once again, sense my discomfort and kindly changed the subject.

"Next door neighbor actually…I came here with her and Rosalie Hale but I haven't seen either of them in a little while."

Edward smirked and took a gulp of his drink. "Well, Rosalie's locked in a room somewhere with McCarty, that's what usually happens anyways and Alice has been playing hard to get with my friend, Jasper, for most of the night."

"What do you mean playing hard to get?" I demanded in defense of Alice.

"Oh come on…she's been stringing him along for almost a year now…I'm really getting sick of that shit. She's fucking hot and cold with him and he doesn't have a fucking clue."

"I don't think Alice does either then."

He frowned. "What the hell are you talking about?"


"Uh…just forget I said anything." I stammered, mentally kicking myself for revealing too much to the enemy. It was just so easy with him, so natural, like we had known each other for years. This was bad, very, very, bad.

He chuckled and shook his head, sending me another lop-sided sex grin. "Sure thing, Bella."

Damn, I liked the way he said my name too much. I was in trouble here. For all the horrible things I knew about him, he was pretty close to charming the fucking skirt off of me. Figuratively speaking, of course. Or maybe not.

"So are you having a good time?" He asked. He even seemed sincere. Shit.

I just nodded, quickly becoming helpless. "Yeah. You have a pretty awesome house."

He smirked, yet again, and slid his Aviators down a little further. "Thanks. The 'rents are usually out of town every weekend for something or other so this place is party central during that time."

"It's kind of turning into a shit show."

He laughed and inched a little closer to me. I instinctively took a tiny step in the opposite direction. He was starting to make me nervous but in the good way.

"Yeah, that's usually how it ends up but that means everyone's enjoying themselves then, right?"

I smiled in spite of my current predicament. I gulped and gestured to his laptop to distract both him and myself. "You know, you have a pretty stellar taste in music."

"I know, right?" He laughed.

"I actually have a lot of the same stuff on my iPod." Why was I telling him this?

"Really?" He cocked his head to one side. "That's cool. What are you listening to right now?"

"Um…my top two right now are probably Kings of Leon and Radiohead, even though I just discovered Spoon and they're pretty rockin' too."

He smiled and leaned around me to scroll down to something on in his iTunes library and I felt myself smile right back at him when I realized what he was doing. About a second later, "You Got Ur Cherry Bomb" by Spoon was blasting through the speakers.

"Great song." I offered, bopping a little to the beat.

He leaned forward until I could feel his breath right on my ear. "Don't tell anyone I said this…because Jasper and Emmett with probably castrate me if they find out, but I like Kings of Leon and Radiohead better than RHCP."

I shivered and looked up. Our lips were mere centimeters apart and it would be that fucking easy to just close the distance and…

"You know," he whispered huskily into my ear. "There are probably still a few empty bedrooms open somewhere in this place. Wanna see if we can find one?"

And…there it was. Right.

I recoiled immediately, the disdain I'd previously felt for Mike and Tyler now spilling over onto him. Just like all the fucking others. And, he almost had me fooled. Almost.

"Sorry," I replied icily. "I have a strict zero tolerance for assholes policy. But I'm sure either of those two hookers I saw you with earlier would be more than happy to."

His mouth fell open and he immediately straightened himself out, shoving the Aviators back up his nose. That's right, you prick. Consider yourself officially owned.

I didn't even wait for his smart-ass reply. Instead, I turned on my heel and marched off triumphantly, leaving Edward Cullen in the dust. I didn't have to turn around to know he was staring, speechless, and probably pissed as shit. He deserved it. At least now, more than ever, I realized that guys like Edward Cullen were exactly the kind I had fallen for over and over again in Phoenix. But I didn't live in Phoenix anymore. And I had no plans to ever fall into that trap again because it just wasn't worth my time.

Now I could enjoy this party.

I give you...Aviatorward...hehe.

Hope I didn't offend anyone by making Eric gay...he just kinda comes off that way in the movie, you know?

And don't worry, this isn't going to be as cliche as it might seem (well, I hope it doesn't seem cliche). By the way, the title and central plot twist will be explained in the next chapter. Wait til you hear Edward's side of things...haha...

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