What the hell was she thinking? I told her to wait for me to go cliff diving. Thank god that I was close enough. I heard her scream; I made my thoughts stop as I looked down at Bella in my arms.

She was grey and so weak. She had her eyes closed since I was running. She didn't like to see the trees moving so fast around her. I was telling her about Harry when she opened her eyes to look at me for a moment but then closed them back tightly. I started to slow down when she opened them back up again and looked right into mine. I saw the tears starting to form on those gorgeous chocolate eyes. I could see she was worried and I saw the guilt on her face.

"What can I do?" I heard her whisper with a crack and worn out voice. I looked at her puzzled, what can she do? What the hell is she talking about? What can she do? She just fell into the ice cold water and she wanted to know what to do. She was worrying about Harry and us? I shock my head and laid her down on the couch.

"You can stay right here." I started to turn away when I saw her start to move, I snapped my head back to look at her and glared. "I mean it-right there. I'll get you some dry clothes." She stuck out her lip, before I turned around. It made me smile and wonder if she knew she did that. Was it an automatic response when she was told to do something that she didn't want too?

As I walked down the hall way to my room I started to think about why she was in such a need to put herself in danger. The motorcycles, the cliff diving, why is she doing all this? Was it because of that filthy bloodsucker? I reached my room and started to dig though my dresser. My mind was still going a mile a minute trying to put two and two together. Was she trying to kill herself? She couldn't, I needed her. I loved her and I stopped my search. I looked up at the mirror that was above my dresser.

I started to think to myself again. I love Bella Swan, have for a long time. I need to tell her, I need her to know and maybe this will stop. The bloodsucker was gone maybe she could love me instead of him. She should! He left her in the damn cold, alone! I tightened my jaw and looked back down at the clothes that I had in my hand. I saw a pair of old cut off sweatpants and a tee-shirt that I use to wear to bed. Since my change I typically don't wear clothes to bed anymore, I get to hot.

I closed my dresser drawers and turned around to look at my room. My mind started up again as I looked at my bed. I could bring Bella into my bedroom; it would be more comfortable for her. She could sleep here and I could snuggle up to her to keep her warm. I could hold her and kiss her with all the love in my heart. I could trail kisses down her body but I stopped and shock my head, started for the living room. She doesn't feel the same way about me.

As I stalked out of my room, I started to remember the night when she went missing. Charlie called here and asked my father to call Sam to help look for her. Sam came back my house to let pack know what happened. He showed us what he saw when he came across Bella. A low growl came from my chest. The thought of it all over again made my legs weak and I wanted to kill that damn vampire. How could he just leave her in the woods like that, all alone and scared?

Every time that Sam sees Bella those memories come back to him. It haunts the pack on a daily basis. Since there is a vampire running around trying to kill Bella, we have been running around her home. While there Sam always flashes back to that night. He recalls her lying on the ground in a fetal position and crying. She was grey, cold, and all alone. How could he do this to her, Sam always wondered.

I reached the living and I could smell my Bella. The room smelled of lavender, freesia and sea water. I smiled a little and felt some joy at the thought that I get to smell that all night. That smell made me relax and forget about those horrible memories. It was just her and I in the house. Her and I, I love the sound of that.

When I got to the couch where she was I threw the clothes on her lap. "These will be huge on you, but it's the best I've got," I whispered to her. I stopped right there and looked her up and down. I was thinking of her stripping down to nothing. I could place my hands all over her, warming up every piece of skin that I could touch. I looked back at her lips and could see me leaning into them and feeling how soft they were. I would kiss her until we both were sharing each others breaths. I would lean over and take her breast into my mouth. I shock my head again and shifted a little. I need to stop thinking this way I was getting so hard it was starting to be uncomfortable. I stuttered in a little whisper, "I'll...err...step outside so you can change."

As I turned Bella cooed, "Don't go anywhere. I'm too tired to move yet. Just stay with me." My heart jumped and started to race. She didn't want me to leave her. I sat down on the floor right in front of her on the couch. I let my head drop back to lie on the couch cushion. I relaxed my body hoping for her touch. I closed my eyes and said, "Guess I could rest for a minute."

As my body started to relax more and more, I heard Bella let out a sigh and felt her shift on the couch relaxing too. I started to drift into the black hole of sleep when I saw Bella smiling at me.