This first chapter is mainly an intro and crash course in my vampire universe, so don't give up on it until you've at least read chapter 2.

This is going to be a fan fiction about vampires, no particular series just vampires in general. This idea popped into my head when I was reading another vampire series where fledglings or vampire children were punished extremely harshly like whipped/flogged beaten type thing. I suppose vampires can handle more pain than humans but they are also stronger and can dish out more pain as well, this coupled with the fact that the sire/fledgling relationship is pretty much the equivalent of the parent/child relationship in humans led me to think of this.

For character info, Kieran's a rather rebellious little street girl. She challenges all authority, is easy to anger, and bends the rules to her liking. After going on her own whim for so long, living under the thumb of a vampire infinitely more powerful is certainly going to be difficult and probably...painful. Braeden is fairly young for a vampire (only a couple hundred years) and looks to be in his late thirties. He's rather strict and isn't going to take any grief from this new youngling in his house.

I hope you enjoy it but before you start reading I just want us to be clear on a few things. First the adult vampire that is going to be dealing out spanking is not I repeat NOT going to be a pedophile, so any of you with any kinky vamp sex spanking crap can leave…..No, I mean it. I will have no tolerance of anyone flaming me or asking me when they're going to hook up because of the misconception. They won't, I promise you, it's strictly father/daughter type stuff.

Second don't hold your breath for any clear ending or for Kieran to get old or anything. In all likelihood I'll probably keep writing about her and Braeden the way they are, it takes decades for a vampire to show any age difference anyway. It's just a collection of scenes from a mental movie that I have about these two characters. I thought of a good pair and I just keep thinking of funny and serious situations to put them in. All the ways Kieran can manage to get in trouble with her master and the cute moments too. There's no clear plot definition so there probably won't be an absolute end. It's a bit like Sherlock Holmes, always a new case.

And third I am very well aware that everyone has different ideas about vampire civilization, culture, powers, weaknesses etc. Ok, ahem, In this story….

In order to be turned into a vampire you not only have to be fed from by a vampire but then you have to also ingest some of their blood as well. If you only got bitten and they didn't suck you dry (in which case you'd be dead) you'll wake up the next day lightheaded and nauseous but still 100% human.

Fledglings pretty much exclusively feed off their masters until they graduate/become adult vampires etc. This sort of ties into the swapping blood at the turning. I figure fledglings have to slowly change into adults/full vamps and that blood helps along the process. The adult vamps DNA having turned them in the first place, it makes since that their blood would have to continue the change while the fledglings body slowly becomes accustom to the vampire DNA.

After the initial blood transfer the vampire and their fledgling/childe are blood related, due to the vampire DNA dominating the human, which is what causes the change.

Fledglings can drink blood other than their master's but it won't be nearly as effective or filling, and if withheld from their sire's blood for too long the fledgling will die.

Vampire fledglings don't normally drink directly from their sire's body. Instead, before meal times blood is draw before being poured into a glass.

Most vampires prefer to drink Bloodwine which is a mixture of differing types of wine and blood (whatever mixture they like). This is a good way to keep the blood fresh for long periods of time. However, some vampires will only drink straight from humans. It's all preference.

Vampire can, do and must eat actual food besides blood to nourish themselves, blood just happens to be the most important but it is in no way the end all be all of the food pyramid for vampires.

Most vampires live in hidden or remote lairs, Cities that have large vampire populations are generally turned into Council headquarters for that region. Also, in large, vampire populated areas, most vampires don't feel the need to hide and can live in normal, admittedly extravagant houses.

Vampires are generally very proper and old fashioned because nearly all of them are at least over 100 years old.

Vampires can live for as long as no one kills them, there are almost no diseases that affect them and they won't die of old age

Garlic doesn't hurt them, silver burns, spraying them with holy water does nothing.

Also they are very fast healers, although any damage done with a silver weapon will take much longer to heal.

UV rays burn their skin on contact, they won't disintegrate immediately but it will slowly roast them alive, and after a few minutes they'll be a pile of ash.

A way to kill them without direct UV light is to cut out their heart with a silver weapon of some kind. But you must destroy either the heart or the body, if both remain whole and they are ever reunited the vampire will come back.

Extremely powerful vampires can go into a self sustaining coma, (which can last several decades) when they have been deprived of blood for too long and will revert back to their normal state once they sense blood, but they will be in a feeding frenzy until they have fed.

Vampires can use magic although it takes decades of practice and discipline to learn more than the basic skills.

They can shapeshift but this is very advanced and not widely known magic. Also doing magic before you are ready can result in horrible outcomes based on how badly you botch the spell. Screwing up when doing magic is very easy because all the spells are in the 'ancient language'.

Also Vampires are much stronger, faster, and have more acute senses than humans.

Ok now that that stuff is out of the way we can actually get into character details and the story the story.

Kieran is a homeless girl, picking pockets for a living. She was pretty good at it and one night she spotted a wealthy looking man wandering alone down an alley. Unable to pass up the opportunity she tried to pick his pocket, her hand slipping flawlessly into his professionally tailored coat.

To her surprise, he noticed, spinning around at an almost impossible speed to confront the thief.

The well dressed stranger grabbed her by the throat with his left hand, slamming her against the wall. Her feet dangled a good twelve inches above the rubbish covered ground. She tried desperately to get free, scratching at his hands with wild abandon as a trapped animal might. His canines seemed to lengthen as he scowled, not happy to be disturbed this early in the evening.

Without a second thought he pinned her obstructing left hand to the wall, clearing his path as he clamped down on the vagabond's throat. She screamed, struggling even harder, her neck on fire. The vampire began sucking out her lifes-blood, her resistance decreasing as the vitality slipped from her body; her skin beginning to pale from lack of blood.

He dropped her once he was finished and looked down in surprise on her crumpled form, noticing that she was still conscious and glaring at him as best she could manage. For a moment she thought she saw a look of recognition in his gaze but she chalked it up to delirium, her vision beginning to go black around the edges. The mysterious vampire kneeled, pulling out a knife, and for a moment Kieran thought he was going to finish her off but then suddenly it came away from her, towards the man's own neck where he used it to knick his jugular vein.

As the blood began to flow freely, he put the weapon away and picked up the 11 year old as one would a toddler, her head lolling on his shoulder, directly adjacent to the gushing wound. The poor girl weekly tried to pull away from the blood flow but a strong hand held her head there. "Shhhhhh." The sound was sinister but somehow also soothing, her eyes fought hard to stay open.

Blood was gushing from the self inflicted wound and she couldn't breathe without inhaling it. The orphan began taking in big gulps in an attempt to get some air, the entire time taking in his blood as well. The vampire patted her on the back, trying to keep her from choking.

He carried her in this way back to his estate, an old manor-size house that looked like it belonged in 19th century Transylvania. Kieran had passed out long before they arrived, looking for all the world like a child sleeping on her father's shoulder after an exhausting day of play.

Once they got inside he took her up to one of the spare bedrooms and paused briefly to remove her shoes and the knives she'd been carrying before placing her gently on the bed. The man watched her sleep for a moment, noticing how innocent she looked despite the blood caked around her mouth.

He waved his hand casually and the blood covering himself and the girl mystically disappeared. And with that he walked out, going to prepare the house for her early arrival. He did so hate doing things unplanned, but it was his own fault he supposed, not looking before he bit. Well this wasn't exactly how he'd wanted it, but he'd have to deal with it, she was already here and turned now. The vampire sighed, he just hoped children weren't quite as annoying as he remembered them being.