This idea came a bit randomly. My first Harry Potter fic, will not always be canon.

Formerly Hated

Chapter one:

Harry Potter lay in his bed at Four, Privet Drive, being miserable. So far, this summer had been uneventful; if you considered being beat up by your cousin, not eating much, and your uncle giving you millions of chores uneventful, that is. But for Harry, it was the way things had always been. The only difference now was that he had his godfather and that hopefully within a few days Dumbledore would send someone to pick him up for some Order…..

Groaning, Harry dragged himself off the bed after glancing at the clock, good, the Dursley's should be asleep. He carefully picked up some loose floor boards and pulled out his books for his summer homework.

Harry was a wizard, but his aunt, uncle, and cousin were as Muggle as possible, and hated magic. Uncle Vernon had locked away his school truck not five minutes after Harry had arrived back from King's Cross. Luckily, Harry had gotten the books he needed out of the truck while still on the Hogwarts Express. Now, he had to do his summer homework, in the middle of the night. Grabbing a flashlight, Harry started working on one if his least favorite assignments: Divination.

Around two am, the Divination essay was 97% percent complete. Harry sleepily rubbed his eyes. Putting the book, parchment, and quill back under the floor boards, Harry got back in bed and fell asleep immediately.

Harry awoke to someone loudly calling, "BOY! GET DOWN HERE!" then, a much higher pitched cry of "SNAKE!"

Harry jumped out of bed, pulling on close in record time and ran down stairs, to see his uncle and cousin sitting on the couch, and Aunt Petunia on the coffee table, staring at a small green garden snake.

Harry sighed, only these people could get so scared over a little snake. Turning to the snake Harry asked.

"What are you doing here?"

The snake looked at him in surprise, "You speak it?"

"Yes. Now, what are you doing here?" He asked.

"It is raining outside, my burrow was destroyed. I remembered that the humans come in here for shelter, and the entrance was unblocked." The snake admitted.

"Oh, okay. Well, you scared my aunt, uncle, and cousin, which I'm glad, unless I get in trouble." Harry answered.

Uncle Vernon's face went red, was his nephew talking to that snake?" "Boy! What are you doing?"

Harry glanced at his uncle, the replied innocently, "What? Oh, taking to the snake. Do you have a name? And what gender are you"

"Yes, but I have forgotten it. Will you please give me a name? I am male."

"Good, humm, how do you like Orrin?"

"Perfect. Thank you." Orrin hissed.

Uncle Vernon snapped, "How are you talking to that snake?"

"Simple, I'm a parseltongue, which means I can talk to and understand snakes. Orrin here, his burrow was destroyed by the rain, so he came in here." Harry explained.

Aunt Petunia beat Vernon to speaking, "Get that snake out of here! Right this instant! Well, what are you waiting for?" She screeched.

Harry sighed, and motioned for Orrin to get on his arm. At the door, he hissed. "I won't leave without you, don't worry. Crawl up the drainage pipe to the window that has an owl near it. She is named Hedwig. That's my room." Orrin slithered off Harry's arm and onto the damp ground, and nodded.

Harry walked back inside and started going upstairs.

"Where are you going, boy?" Uncle Vernon demanded.

Harry replied over his shoulder, "Up stairs, I've been meaning to write to my godfather." That stilled everyone else in the room. The fact that Harry had a wizard for a godfather, who was an escaped criminal—Harry hadn't told them Sirius was innocent—scared the Dursleys. They let him go without a word.

Harry smirked in his room; he still found it funny the reaction his relatives had to his godfather. He saw Orrin at his window. Swiftly unlatching it, he allowed the snake in. Harry then took out a piece of paper and a pen.

Dear Padfoot,

Not much has happened recently. Uncle Vernon seems scared I'll tell you something bad, and then you'll kill them. Sometimes, I wish you could, but you are already on the run. Do you know why Ron and Hermione haven't been telling me anything important?

I found a snake today, he had come inside because the rain had destroyed his home. It was pretty funny, Uncle Vernon and Dudley were frozen on the couch, and Aunt Petunia on the coffee table. When I came down, I asked the snake what it was doing, of course. Uncle Vernon was red and wanted to know if I was talking to it, of course, I said I was and that I was a parseltongue. Orrin, the snake, is currently in my room with me, although they don't know that.

I still dream about the third task.


Harry rolled the paper up and signaled for Hedwig. He tired the message to her leg with the instruction to find Padfoot. He sighed, and went down stairs to do some weeding.

A/N: Yes, this chapter is a bit slow, sorry. It gets more intresting next chapter Just a warning, I am a bad speller, not the best user of puncation and grammer.

Next up: A mysterious letter and a vist to Grimmauld Place.