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Chapter Seven:

Tobias wasn't stupid. He couldn't have had his position in the Royal Navy for years and be unobservant. No, he knew something was wrong, horribly wrong, with his youngest son. This train of thought was reinforced when he saw his second youngest and youngest girl stalk upstairs, intent for a talk with the eldest of the Snape brood. A few minutes later, he observed the three Snapes come back down, heading for the door and outside, where he knew the youngest raven-haired Snape was.

No, Tobias wasn't stupid. But he wasn't a genius either. In his line of work, maybe he was a bit of an expert, a genius, no one held the position for as long as him. But genius, in every sense of the word?

No way.

Tobias wasn't stupid. He wasn't a genius.

But he knew his kids.

And right now, he knew something was very very wrong.

All of the Snapes were observant, able to notice little things, pick up details, draw the lines between the dots. Some of it was natural, Sev, for example, Derec. They were naturals. But not all of it. He had personally trained all five of his oldest, and planned to do the same with Harry. Sev had been the first to learn, it made sense, he was four years older than Tobias' next child, the twins, but it hadn't been intentional. No, Severus, at age six, had simply been able to remember everything and everyone in a room, the little, insignificant details, that could mean life or death. Severus' skills had been further honed by Tobias, and then later, Criminologist classes, University class, during and after Hogwarts. If he hadn't become a teacher, he would have been a cop, maybe a fed. Alongside the Criminologist degree, had had gotten Psychology. The others…Nicolai and Jenna had learned quickly, being competent by age of eleven, same with Alex, and that was high praise for one of Tobias' standing, in his position. Derec, had been different. He was better at connecting the dots than his eldest brother, and he too was currently working toward a Criminologist degree, and though Police Academy, in the States, though. The blond Snape was definitely going into law enforcement.

Derec knew how to talk to people who were in bad situations, whether depressed, suicidal, grieving, or vengeful. Alex was compassionate, and instinctively knew how to talk. For them to tag team Sev into going with them to find Harry, and he didn't believe for a minute that they actually needed him the find the younger boy, then something was seriously wrong.

But he didn't know exactly what. What he did know was that Harry didn't trust him enough to spill his problems because he was told to.

No, Tobias wasn't stupid.

No, Tobias wasn't a genius.

But yes, Tobias knew when to stand back and watch, when to take the front row seat, and when to force an issue.

Yes. Tobias knew his kids.

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