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This is set a week after the last chapter.

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Dr Matthews

Everything was fine until he came along. I'd like to think that I was probably the most handsome Doctor in the hospital, maybe second but ever since stupid old Cullen has come to the hospital, barely any of the nurses look at me!

It's not fair! What have I ever done wrong?

I think I've always been good-looking, it's probably what made me the quarterback considering that I wasn't very good usually. My boyish charm and looks made girls head over heels about me.

Now, they'll barely even glance at me.

His freakishly pale and looks too perfect. I bet he has had plastic surgery.

I sighed, I finished my shift and was about to go home when suddenly I saw a gorgeous, pale, caramel-hair-coloured woman talking to one of the nurses at the nurses station. I didn't know what the nurses name was, nurses were insignificant compared to me. I actually did something that helped people, all I knew is that she had red hair.

"Hello…" I put on a seductive, husky voice as I approached the young woman.

She smiled at briefly and turned back to the nurse. Well, I wasn't having that since their conversation wasn't even important. "… And then Shaun ran off with her sister!" The nurse gushed.

The woman looked shocked. "But I thought she was marrying Andrew?"

"Pardon me, madam." I interrupted.

The woman turned to me. "Yes?" She smiled.

"My name is Doctor Mark Matthews." I emphasized on the word Doctor. That was sure to impress her.

"Esme." She smiled politely, I stuck out my hand to shake.

As she put hers, I grabbed it and kissed her hand. "Enchanté."


As I strolled down the corridor from my office to meet Esme to meet for 'lunch', I noticed that she was not alone, she was with Doctor Matthews whom I was a bit suspicious of. I hesitated and then decide to eavesdrop. Shame on me, I know.

"So, do you come here often?" He asked Esme in a husky voice.

I'm sorry, I know that was my wife he was talking to but that was such a ridiculous thing to say in a hospital, it made me chuckle ever so quietly.

"Every Wednesday." That was true, we always met for 'lunch', every Wednesday.

"Well, then perhaps we will see more of each other."

I stifled a laugh as I watched the discomfort on Esme's face. "Perhaps."

I noticed the nurse, Ashley – who Esme had become friends with – eying Dr Matthews with a disgusted look.

"So… what do you like to do in your spare time."

I could practically read Esme's mind. Be with her family. "I like to read, sew and be with my-"

"Did you know that I am a Doctor."

Ashley rolled her eyes.

Esme smiled politely, bless her, I really should interrupt and stop her going through this but it was rather amusing. It's not often I got to have fun at the hospital. "I kind of figured that out." Esme pointed out.

"Successful, rich. Do you like rich men?"

"Money isn't important to me."

"Really? Well, I am very wealthy. Even if I don't drive a Mercedes and live in a mansion like Cullen."

I was being introduced into the conversation! "Carlisle Cullen?" Esme questioned with wide, innocent eyes.

Matthews bobbed his head. "He is gay though."

I had to clamp my mouth shut to stop myself laughing. Esme sniggered. "Oh, I see."

Then he ruined my little bit of fun. He gently leant over to Esme and stroked a strand of her gorgeous hair behind her ears. An emotion bubbled through me. Jealously. He was touching her. He was touching MY Esme – not that I think she BELONGS to me but she was my soul mate and he was touching her!

I had to stop a snarl from escaping from my lips. "So, would you like to go out sometime." He whispered seductively.

I decided to make my entrance. I turned the corner and before Esme could stop squirming, her eyes fell on mine and she grinned. I was too annoyed to smile back. Remember that you love your family. I reminded myself. Don't kill him. Don't kill him. Don't kill him.

"Doctor Cullen." Matthews smiled curtly, looking rather smug.

"Doctor Matthews." I nodded politely.

"Hi Carlisle." Esme stood up, looking at me curiously, she had noticed the darkness in my eyes.

"Y-you do know each other then?"

That made me chuckle even though it wasn't very humorous. "You could say that." I slipped my hand into hers. "Esme's my wife."

His jaw dropped open, an expression that I had seen last week with one of the other nurses, Candice. "You are married to him?"

Esme nodded and then smiled up at me, she gently stretched up and kissed me on the cheek. "Ready?"

"Quite definitely." I nodded. "See you later, Doctor Matthews, Ashley." I nodded to Ashley who smiled in acknowledgment, amusement in her eyes.

As we reached my car, I swung her round to face me and kissed her more passionately, cupping her face in my hands and then gently released her, she grinned up at me. "Guilty conscience?"

I grinned. "You knew I was there?"

She nodded and then hit me playfully. "You just left me there! You could have come in to rescue me!"

I just laughed and kissed her once again. Removing any negative emotion. "I love you." I whispered in her ear.

"Love you too." She murmured back, resting her forehead against mine.

"You know, the kids are at school and it'd only take five minutes to get back home with no traffic…"

No further encouragement was needed.

Dr Matthews

I can't believe it! He gets every single woman in the hospital and then he is married to the one girl that I flirt with! Where is the justice in the world? Where?

He came back after his lunch-break, a slightly smug smile on his face as he worked. Not a 'Haha, she's mine' smirk but a satisfied smirk. I didn't even want to think about it.

The next thing I'll find out is that he's going to look like that for the rest of his life.

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