How it Began

Sometimes the smallest things do the most damage. Since everything happened I've abandoned my original name, it was too common as it is. Now I go by the name Dark Oblivion, but just call me Dark. I used to be a normal guy who loved to write stories, and excluding the normal part I still am. In my stories I created a character, Shadow Knights, a man with tragic beginning who got the chance to create his dream world and he did.

The stories continued on and shadow became a figure shrouded by love, hate and confusion, he could do anything he wanted and most of the time he did. The entity that allowed him to make his dream real and achieve this power didn't like it. He was called the Dreamcaster, he came to Shadow's planet and attempted to destroy it and Shadow himself for fear of his dream spiraling out of control. Shadow fought and defeated Dreamcaster, who made Shadow swear to defend his dream as long as he could. After that Shadows life went a bit easier, a war broke out on the planet but after a long struggle toward a somewhat peaceful end an unknown woman took out the head of the aggressive power. Shadow took a liking to her.

I continued to write throwing, as many weird things as I could come up with into Shadows life. A failed cloning attempt that resulted in a girl he takes in as his daughter, orphan, a manic alter ego, his easily pissed off girlfriend. Then I made the first mistake. I created a new threat. Dreamcaster's brother, Nightmare, a being who could turn anything his brother made and destroy it from the inside out. I didn't like where things were going and I stopped writing. The biggest mistake of any I ever made connected to all this…But I'm ruining the story, you want to find out what happened keep reading.