Dark-*Clears throat* Guess who's Back!

Diana- Finally, how could you introduce me and just leave the story hanging like that?

Dark- Diana, hush.

Diana- What did you say? Do you know who i am?

Dark- *coughs* character in a story

Diana- Are you really pulling that card with me? Dreamcaster, Nightmare?

Dark- Enjoy the Chapter, gotta go. *runs off*

So if you want to know why I'm here I guess I have to tell you my story first, so here's the short version. There was a point in time where God decided to give man the things they always dreamed of, this was around medieval times when knights and wizards began popping up left and right. But ultimately the idea caused the dark ages, when God decided to close himself off to man when they began focusing on the dreams he'd made real for them and stopped focusing on thanking him for those dreams becoming reality. Dreams ranging from slaying mythical beasts to gain fame to a simple hook up with the man or woman they always hoped for. At the time I was an angel and I was fascinated by what the humans were doing and begged God to give man another chance. About a century later I was granted full reign over the dreams of men and women and could mold any empty place into whatever a person dreamed.

As my first act I took a man's dream of what hell was like and a young girl's dream of what heaven was like, and imprinted the dream on purgatory, thus creating what you know as the netherworld. Of course there was no real division at first here between the sin and salva sectors, when I first took up command of this world there was no need for it. It was only after I took the dreams of so many others and made them real that the need for separation became apparent. I soon realized that anyone or anything connected to a dream I had brought into reality was killed they came here, for a while things were still going fine. Then there came more malevolent and murderous creatures that wreaked havoc throughout salva sector so I banished them to sin sector and put up the barrier between the two sides.

But sadly after becoming immersed in the many minds of humans to discover their dreams I began to take on some of their less desirable traits. A side affect I was unaware of until I found myself thinking that finding all these dreams and deeming them worthy of being reality was too much work for just one person. Then I found you, you dreamt up Dreamcaster and Nightmare and I realized right then and there I had my chance to lighten my load. So I quite literally took your idea into myself and sometime later my sons were born. But what I hadn't realized was by using your dream I'd be not only be giving away most of my power, but I'd create a great deal of problems for everyone.

Still I enjoyed the pleasure of being a mother; although my kids grew quickly I still had time to gain their respect as their mother. Dreamcaster was always happy always ready to find the good in others, while Nightmare was always angry and frightened. I really felt sorry that he had to endure the nightmares and fears of thousands, but I couldn't do anything about it myself. But the real problems started when my sins finally got into doing my job along with me, Dreamcaster took up most of the work determining what dreams he'd make real, while nightmare was more of a cleaner. The children I had grown to know as being my own were slowly changing; Dreamcaster's happiness and friendly nature slowly became strict judgment and no faith, while Nightmare lost his fears and became full of hate. Soon they stopped taking my advice and whenever someone's dream seemed to be spiraling out of control either Dreamcaster would undo his work or Nightmare would make the dream a living nightmare.

Now as for how I ended up in this prison, in my weakened state after Dreamcaster and Nightmare began doing things their own way I decided that I'd need to appoint someone to govern over the two halves of the netherworld. The only two to step up were a dragoness from Natura and a demon from another world created by a dream. However when I went along with the demon, who you now know is Regulus he revealed that he already had friends on this side and he captured me. I was never a fighter, so in my weakened state all I could do was seal myself within my barrier and sleep. And when I slept I dreamt of you, and all the things you'd go through to ensure your dream survived against my sons, every possible thing that could happen based on your choices. You kept me entertained and hopeful for all this time even before you knew any of this could even happen. And I noticed that the more I saw you do the more of my old strength I seemed to get back, it's nothing compared to how I was before, but its better. And for that I thank you.

"So the netherworld isn't mine and neither are you but we're connected though your kids, my creations, and somehow you've been dreaming of me and regaining your strength by doing so?" I asked as I took all the information in.

"I know it sounds weird but it's all true, you make quite the action hero." Diana shrugged.

"And you said defending my dreams against your sons…does that mean I end up fighting Dreamcaster too?"

"Sooner than you might think, but yes you will fight him. Actually it seems that some of nightmare's fog is still clouding your memory let me help you with that." Diana nodded putting her hand over my face.

"What are…you talking about?" I said slowly, black smoke stream from my mouth into Diana's hand as I spoke. "What the…damn I left Mira behind when I fought nightmare."

"See, much better."

"Yeah I guess, but I pretty much remembered most of what I needed to know to survive from all these bumps on the head I got. But now I think I can take better advantage of this whole arena situation." I muttered as I cycled through my memories as best I could.

"I was hoping you'd say that. I have a few other things to help you out but for right now you only get one." Diana explained as she reached behind her and pulled out a small crystal that seemed to radiate energy. "There was one dream I made real that really required no work, a pocket dimension that creates a limitless supply of volatile energy. Whoever holds this crystal has full access and control of it, and it was originally intended to be used as a mode of execution. But I'm sure you can put it to better use."

She handed me the crystal and I looked it over, it seemed to have red and pink energy circulated inside it, but as I held it the pink slowly faded to black. A small smirk appeared on my face as I absorbed the crystal, instantly feeling a rush of energy.

"This isn't what I need to defeat your sons is it?" I chuckled as I looked at her.

"With the memory returns the attitude and the intelligence." Diana giggled with a nod.

"Dante, that dragon. He's the current ruler of Sin Sector in the future right?"

"He better be after all this, it's your job to make that happen. Oh and about Nina, if you keep your promise and kill Regulus you'll definitely see her again. Now go to sleep you'll want to be ready for your fights tomorrow." Diana laughed a bit.

"Wait, what about Nina?" I ask quickly, Diana's face suddenly becoming more serious.

"I said sleep." She ordered as she poked me in the forehead, and the next thing I knew I was out could.

I woke up in a daze in my usual spot in the cell, Diana in her corner, her barrier up once more. I immediately found myself wondering if the conversation the night before had actually taken place, or if it had been a dream.

"Either way I still have to fight today…" I concluded to myself.

I waited silently against the wall, cycling through my memories to see what I had ended up recalling and what I hadn't remembered until Diana helped me. I reflected on the fact that I'd definitely hit a different level of rage after the incident with Nina and I could feel that part of me held fast to that rage, like it was necessary to keep it there. But I brushed the feeling aside, rage was useful, because I knew I wasn't a hero. I was if not in fact and only in my mind a kid who wanted to do things his way, with the power to make sure he could. I just happened to be a good kid, an anti-hero, helping people when I could and doing whatever I want whenever I wasn't.

I was bought out of my thoughts when I felt someone walking down the hall, four feet and heavy. It was Dante; I was sure of it so I stood up and waited at the bars of the cell. Sure enough after a few moments Dante stepped up in front of the cell and let me out.

"He's plotting to kill you." Dante said without turning to me.

"Wouldn't you after I said I'd do the same." I asked with a smile.

"I would have come down and killed you in the spot."Dante shot back, chuckling.

"You mean you would have tried." I retorted, raising an eyebrow. "I guess you can't tell me who, or what I'm fighting today?"

"I'd rather you face your challenges blindly, it'll show how much of a fighter you are." Dante replied flatly.

I shrugged at his logic but didn't push the subject further, luckily I didn't have long to wait today once he left me to wait in the arena cells. Almost ten minutes after I entered the entrance in the arena opened, releasing me before the crowd. They all cheered but I just looked at the like they were idiots, I knew that come day 6 I'd have so much fun tearing the place apart. While I waited for my opponent to appear I made myself a replica of Mira, I kind of missed her now that I remembered her. In fact the silence in my mind bothered me; in the back of my mind I was hoping that the blade in my hand would start talking to me, but I knew it wouldn't happen.

After a few minutes of waiting a section of the arena's wall opened up, a bit bigger than the sections I had seen in the past days fights. "What the hell?" I muttered as a mass of blue-green ooze slowly forced its way through the opening. As the mass worked its way into the arena a large dark blue sphere swam into its center, leading the rest of the mass is it moved slightly towards me.

"Wait…a slime? Or would this be considered a gel? Either way how am I supposed to fight it?" I asked myself as I watched the slime for any sudden movements. I already knew that anything physical would most likely backfire on me if I tried it, and if it didn't backfires it would still have no effect on my opponent anyway. "I guess this'll come down to how smart this thing is."

There was a little over about thirty yards between the slime and me, so I decide that it was as good a time as any to test out a plan of attack. I readied a beach ball sized orb of dark energy in my hand, guessing that would be enough to slow down a slime I figured to be big enough to fill the average kitchen. I launch energy orb at the slime and it took the hit head on, the resulting explosion scattering hunks of slime in all directions. The earned boos from the crowd I was continuing to forget was even around, I guess quick battles weren't all to entertaining for them. But the boos suddenly turned to dull cheers as a length of slime shoot toward me out of the dust from the aftermath of my attack. I dodged the hit with a simple sidestep, but the rest of the slime's body went along with the shot, the blue sphere still within the main mass.

"Ok, it's more resilient than I thought but I think I have a target now. But how do I get through all of that body to get to the sphere…" I thought to myself as I put distance between my opponent and myself.

The slime came toward me again this time shooting out several strings of slimes toward me in an attempt to draw me in. I noticed that as it went its body picked up some of the bones that littered the arena and I could obviously see that the bones were slowly but surely dissolving. Knowing that I didn't want to experience being digested unless absolutely necessary I dodged every attempt the slime made to catch me. That was the fact until I stepped into a blob of its body that was thrown off by my first attack. The blob of slime held fast to my foot as I stepped in it, stretching as I tried to pull my foot free and pulling it back to the ground like a rubber band. Trapped I fired a beam of dark energy at the main mass of slime, aiming for the sphere, but the slime merely slowed and opened a hole in itself for the beam to pass through.

Cursing silently to myself I tried flying out of the slimes grasp, but the little glob of slime had seemingly gotten bigger while my attention was turned to the main body. It was then I noticed small globs of slime from around the arena were converging on me.

"Shit." I said to myself as I glanced down at the rope of slime tethering me to the ground as it continued to grow thicker and pulled me further down to earth. Then without warning a giant ball of knocked me out of the air and held me to the ground as the slime's main body enveloped me. Inevitably I found myself drowning inside the slime, my skin burning as the creature tried to digest me. Instead of wasting energy by trying to struggle, I tried to keep still while I thought of the best way to get out of the slimes body. Then a thought hit me, my plan was to fight in the arena for six days in an attempt to gain strength and kill Regulus anyway, why not absorb the damn thing.

"Better than drowning in slime I guess." I concluded with a nod as I began to absorb the slime, body and all.

I felt the slime quiver suddenly as a few minutes into the process of absorbing it and was spat out without warning into the arena. I coughed hard after taking a breath of the putrid air that hung within the arena; I had to admit that this slime was definitely smart and resilient for being able to spew me out of itself before I could finish the job of absorbing it. Again the crowd was booing, but I didn't care. I took a look at the slime satisfied that it was about half its original size, but annoyed that it had managed to keep my sword trapped within it. Though the slime's size had changed I noticed that the sphere inside it hadn't changed in size at all.

"Well, it's going to try and digest me either way." I thought as I charged toward the slime, creating a metal spike around my forearm.

The slime came at me as well the blue sphere hanging toward the back of its body, but one way or another I knew that wouldn't help it. I jumped toward the slime and stabbed the spike into its body, of course not even getting close to piercing the sphere. The slime started to pull me in as I adjusted the spikes positioning as best I could, lining its point up with the center of the sphere.

"Perfect." I said to myself as fired a thin beam of energy from the tip of the spike, piercing the slime's sphere and quickly expanded it until the entire sphere was enveloped by the attack.

The beam of energy ripped through the slime and hit the back wall of the arena, its body simply oozing tower the ground as the brain holding it together was destroyed. Pulling my sword free of the slime glanced up toward Regulus, simply glancing from him to the slime. Regulus raised a hand and another portion of the wall opened up and for a moment nothing happened, then pointed to the center of the arena and a large boulder of a diamond with a red core appeared. From the opening in the wall several more diamonds varying size rolled out and joined the large one in the center of the arena. The boulders then began fusing together and changing shape, forming a giant boy that slowly stood up as the head formed.

"A diamond golem, huh. All right, this should be a fun one." I said looking up at the beast.

"Finally together again, where's the ant I get to crush today." The golem bellowed as it looked down at me. "Hmm… this shouldn't take long."

Raising its foot the golem tried stomping on me, but I rolled out of the way. I dropped my sword, knowing that it'd be useless against something made of diamonds, and shot into the air, stopping when I was eye level with the golem.

"You'll have to be faster than that big guy, and trust me I can hit hard enough to break you." I pointed out, folding my arms as I looked into the golem's eyes, which were nearly indistinguishable from the rest of its body.

"I was in pieces a moment ago and now I'm in one piece, breaking through my body won't win this fight." The golem chuckled as he grabbed me. "And I'm not as slow as you may think."

"Good, I didn't want this to be too easy…" I grunted as a forced myself free of the golem's grip.

I dodged the golem's attempts to grab me again, charging dark energy to my fist as I searched the golem's body for the red core I had seen in the large diamond before. I for a moment I lost focus as the golem threw a punch at me, noticing at the last moment I punched the golem's fist before it connected. The golem bellowed in pain and took a step back, my punch severely cracking his hand. As he stared at me I noticed the red core appear in his hand as the cracks disappeared.

"Hmm, that didn't take long…going to have to be quick about this." I thought dodging a swipe of the golem's arm. "Alright, let's get this done."

Charging my fists with energy again I warped behind the golem and delivered a dark impact to his back, warping again to do the same his right leg and left arm. The golem bellowed in pain again, swing his arms wildly as I warped around and dealt blows the fractured his body. Smiling I warped to the ground and grabbed my sword, warping again top the top of the golem's head, dealing yet another dark impact to the golem's body. As the cracks spread through the golem's head he stumbled and slumped against the barrier that divided the arena from the crowd, with strangely didn't harm him at all. Taking my chance I drove my sword into the cracks on the golem's head, channeling energy through the sword into the cracks. The golem's crystal body seemed to drink in the energy I poured into it, so I gladly poured in as much as possible in hope of ensuring my plan would work.

"Dark burst!" I shouted as the energy exploded, ripping the golem's body apart and sending shards of diamond flying all over the arena.

The crowd roared as I slowly lowered myself to the ground, examining the remains of the golem. Though it irritated me to provide a show for these bastards I had to fight and gain whatever strength I could if I wanted to defeat Regulus. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted it as it rose up out of the diamond rubble. The Golems red core began to glow the diamond shards around the arena beginning to tremble. Warping to it I grabbed the core and absorbed it, assuming I'd find a use for it later.

I turned and looked up at Regulus, glaring at him with a defiant smirk on my face. The demon rose from his throne and stepped forward, waving a hand toward the arena. A sudden chill ran down my spine as tendrils of magical energy encircled me then faded from sight.

"Let's see how confident you are now…" Regulus called to me, the crowd ceasing their cheers, "Send in the next opponent!"

Regulus returned to his throne as the walls opened, a muscular white figure with bright red eyes stepping out into the arena. Apparently a male the creature had a smooth face, it's only defining feature being two slits where its nose should be. Spikes protruded from its elbows and knees while the small spikes on each of its feet made up for its lack of toes.

"You like something out of a show I used to watch." I chuckled clenching my fists.

I charged at the creature, it charging toward me in return. We collided in the middle of the ring, fists in each other's hands. Smiling I shifted my body, pulling the creature off its feet and throwing him across the arena. Twisting its body in the air the creature landed on all fours, pushing itself up to a standing position. Narrowing its eyes the creature ran toward me again, throwing a punch as a rolled out of its path. Spinning to face me the creature threw kick to my shoulder before I could react, sending me rolling across the arena floor. I quickly rolled into a kneeling position and glanced around the creature nowhere in sight; instinctively I rolled back as a heavy punch connected with the ground where I had been.

"Damn it… this thing's not half bad. I guess I'll have to be a little more serious." I thought as stood.

Cocking my fist back I tried channeling energy to my fist, but when I did a powerful shock ripped through my body. Dazed as the shock subsided I was wide open when the creature connected with a punch to my face, sending my flying into a pile of shards of the golem's body. I cried out in pain as several of the jagged shards impaled me as I crashed through the pile, hitting the wall, which only served to push the shards deeper. The crowd roared as I slowly pushed myself to my feet, the creature making its way toward me. Gritting my teeth I pulled the shards out of my sides and back as best I could. Thinking I could even the score I tried to launch a crisis flash, collecting the dark energy in my palm only for tendril of magic to attack my hand, causing the energy to violently explode.

The creature took that as his cue to strike, dashing toward me fast than it had moved before and riddling my body with punches, lifting my feet from the ground and finishing with a kick that sent me flying across the arena once more. I got back up, if only because that was all I could think to do while I figured out how to attack. I was bleeding heavily, and couldn't feel my right hand thanks to the explosion and it felt like my endurance was severely shaken. An idea came to mind and I immediately decided to test it, trying to extend a blade from my arm. I could only stifle a scream as metal spike erupted from my bones.

"I see what he did, anything he's seen me do won't work. Fuck, I didn't think he could screw with my powers…" I thought as I winced in pain, the creature coming for me again. "Damn it I can't really dodge like this…and warping may kill me…I need a way out!"

As I braced for the creatures strike I suddenly felt the ground give way beneath me and fell into a dark space. I glanced around as the space came alive around me , everything was red and seeming to have blotches of black appear and disappear at random. Every now and again an arc of red electricity would shoot through the air, mostly between the metal fragments that littered the space.

"What the hell?" I said aloud as I looked beneath my feet, a subtly shifting platform of energy beneath my feet.

"You that contains the essence of the key…" A voice said as the ghost of an old man faded into view, "The power of this place known as the nexus to our people was used to punish the enemies of our kingdom until our demise. Now that you are the key that controls this place accept its blessing of power to aid in your future battles…"

"I intend to." I said with a pained smirk as the ghost vanished, "Dark's nexus…I like it. But I wonder…"

Taking a chance I retracted the spikes in my arm with no ill effect. Confident, I channeled dark energy to my hand and fired it into the nexus. Smiling I focused on my healing ability, closing my wounds to stop the bleeding. My condition having improved I took a deep breath.

"This place is supposed to contain a limitless supply of volatile energy right?" I thought outstretching my arms, ready to absorb what I could, "Give me your worst."

At the thought I was immediately bombarded by massive amount of energy in the form of electricity. I took in as much as I could before dropping to my knees, the torrent of energy instantly stopping. Shaking my head as I stood once more I knew I had to get back to the arena to kick some ass. Feeling a slight tingle in my fingers I lifted my hand, as I did my finger seemed to cut open tearing in space. Raising an eyebrow I placed my hands on either side of the tear and pulled it open until I saw the arena, the boo's of the crowd filling the air.

"Ha… round two." I chuckled as I made sure the hole was big enough to get through.

Zero- Did That fool really just run away?

Tidus- They are some of his strongest...

Zero- Any creature with confidence in his strength fights all opponents.

Spectre- You're just mad that you haven't been spotlighted yet.

Sabre- This isn't the time for an argument. The chapter is over, people have things to do.