The Equivalent of…

Warning: boy/boy Yaoi so if ya don't like go play in traffic.

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Pairing: harry/snape

Summary: Harry has to do an extra credit project to please his professor.

Lecture- I don't feel like commenting but, I really would like more fanfics centered around his time in the classroom instead of him being married against his will, and then grows to like it. there are to many that are to similar. Lets get going.

It's not rape just surprise sex!-I have no clue who said this.

Harry was leaning against Snape's desk. It was a long desk with nothing but a neat stack of papers and a cylinder full of ink blot pens, and feather quills. The desk was a deep glossy black, and had a finish of green. That was of course slytherin orientated. There were so many drawers, to many to count *probably a charm*. It was after class and Harry was in professor Snape's private office, alone, awaiting judgment on an extra credit potion, assigned to him a week ago. It was a healthy stimulant mixture. Snape had the bottle in his thin hands, the bottle seemed like it had thick glass and was filled with deep dark blue liquid, and affixed to the top was a slanted glass cork. Harry shook slightly, truthfully he was more than a bit paranoid about being alone with the potions masters.

"Calm yourself. I can feel your nerves from here Potter!" saying the last bit with some form of annoyance and disdain.

He pulled the cork from the bottle, his right hand moving in a twisting motion. Apparently the best way to evaluate this type of potion was to taste it. Which is what he proceeded to do.

Snape was, for some reason, across the room. He was facing away from Harry, by his extensive collection of books. Snape leaned his head back, held the bottle to his lips and tipped it up, draining it. His arm fell limp only a moment after ingesting the liquid, and the bottle dropped from his hand. Unable to keep a firm grip on the object.

Harry watched all of this with a type of concern and caution toward the man. He expected the bottle to shatter when it hit the ground and braced himself for the crash sound, but it just dropped with a soft thump.

He redirected his gaze to the man in front of him. His body shook violently for a brief moment, then turned to face Harry. "It seems you have failed, Potter." When he said the name it was without the usual disdain or hatred that usually accompanied it when leaving the snakes mouth.

Snape moved towards Harry, eyes clouded in, what Harry guessed was anger. Harry scooted back on the desk a bit, in a pitiful attempt to escape. Closing his eyes and tensing his body at the approaching danger. He felt a hand push his chest, which surprised him seeing as Snape was the only other person in the room and did everything in his power to avoid touching the little quidditch seeker. Losing his balance, he fell backwards onto the desk. His head connected with the polished wood so hard, his glasses were flung off. Snape had fit himself between his legs, Harry felt something against his inner thigh, he prayed it was his wand.

'Some serious stimulant-'his thinking process was cut off as Snape decided to kiss him. Harry didn't kiss back, but didn't try to stop him either. Snape loved that he wasn't resisting the lip lock. They broke apart *why you ask, to breath of course ^-^* Harry stared up at him, speechless. Which of course amused Snape.

"I believe you've made a radical form of love potion Harry." mouthed the word love, then he realized that Snape had just used his first name, he felt his cheeks burn with a blush.

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