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This is set after PRINCE CHARMED.

Dead Promises

Summary: Chris had known many things in his life; pain being one of the most common ones. Despite all of that, he was willing to endure emotional hell to save his brother. Since the death of his mother, he had been forced to live in a world of pain but he would risk it all to save him - even if it meant lying to the ones he loves. Leo and the sisters, however, are fed up with future consequences and they team up with the Elders to learn the truth and force Chris to relive things he would like to forget.

Chapter One : Trust Is A Precious Commodity

Paige rolled her eyes as Phoebe, once again, tried to get through to Leo and Piper who were set in their ways. Apparently, nothing could be said to make them trust Chris. Not that the youngest Charmed One was surprised; it wasn't as if Chris had given the two parents many reasons to trust him. But Phoebe was just as stubborn as both Leo and Piper; meaning she wasn't giving up any time either.

"Would you two just listen to me?" Phoebe yelled at her sister and her brother-in-law, no her ex-brother-in, no her - whatever the hell he was. "Chris in the past, here to save your son, the least we can do is hear him out and get to the bottom of things. He has never done anything to harm Wyatt or this family!"

"He tried to have us bind Wyatt's powers, Phoebe!" Piper wailed.

"He sent me to Valhalla!" Leo shouted at the same time.

Something that caused Phoebe to bite back a groan of frustration as it threatened to spill over. There was only so much she could take of this. Chris was here to help them. He was here to make sure they 'got it right this time,' that had been how he had put it. Whatever his reason, he was here to save Wyatt; to most parents that would be plenty. Apparently not to these two, not Piper and Leo. Stubborn people.

Phoebe looked pointedly at Leo, "I just think it would be best that we know the truth," she said as calmly as she could manage but her patience was running thin. "Before we throw accusations. Evidence then actions! You do not condemn a man, who could be innocent, to death without proof, Leo! Do you have any proof that it was Chris that sent you there?"

"I can't believe you're defending Chris over me!" Leo shouted back in return, shaking his head at the woman he considered to be his family. "Have I ever steered you wrong?" He asked, seeing Phoebe didn't have an answer, he continued. "Have I? I don't trust Chris," he declared for what felt like the umpteenth time as he looked over to Wyatt would was securely being held on Piper's hip. "Especially not where Wyatt is concerned."

Phoebe rolled her eyes and looked at the current eldest Charmed One, "Piper-" she began, her mouth falling open when Piper shook her head to cut her off. "Piper," she repeated a little more firmly, "why is it that you're so determined to prove that Chris is evil?" She questioned, "He saved Wyatt from The Order!"

"After he tried to have us bind his powers, Phoebe!" Piper pointed out as she held Wyatt in her arms and smiled at the little boy in her arms. "Which was before he had the nerve to say that Wyatt, Phoebe, Wyatt of all people grows up to be the future of all evil!"

That was the real reason Piper couldn't believe Chris. She couldn't believe that her baby turned out evil. There was no way that her little boy grew up to terrorize the world with his powers. There was no way her baby boy would grow up to kill; anything other than demons that is. Chris was lying. He had to be. As long as she was still breathing, she would never allow anything to happen to Wyatt; he would remain good.

Little did she know that she would stay true to her promise. Wyatt wouldn't turn evil, not until she died anyway. Before then the seed of corruption had been there. It hadn't come out until Wyatt was sixteen though on the anniversary of his mother's death. Piper had been the stressor.

"And yet he came back to save him," Paige piped up from where she was sitting at the kitchen table while the others were debating over what to do with Chris. Seeing the hate-filled, withering glares that Leo and Piper sent her way, Paige didn't even notice the look of thanks Phoebe was sending her. "Just saying!" She defended, "Chris didn't do anything to harm, Wyatt! Sure, he almost made us bind his powers, but that wouldn't have harmed, Wyatt! It would have been reversible!"

"Meaning he's not good! There is no way anyone on the side of good would want Wyatt's powers to be bound!" Piper pointed out as she began pacing back and forth with Wyatt securely in her arms. "Wyatt is from two sources of pure good," Piper pointed out, as she looked at Leo whose face was only described by grim. Before Chris had come along Leo had been a much happier man, Chris just seemed to make Leo forget that. Hell, before Chris came along they were a family! He was the one that took Leo from their family, from her and Wyatt. "I'm with Leo," she said after a few minutes of tension. "I don't trust him either."

Paige rolled her eyes at the only oldest sister she had even had; Prue had died before she had ever met her. "Okay, you don't trust Chris and Leo doesn't trust Chris," she said as she clasped her hands in front of her. "Nice to know where you two stand," she said as she looked at Wyatt. "Wyatt, however, does trust Chris."

"Because Chris is a lying, manipulative, bitchy white lighter," Piper stopped herself to correct her words. "Half white lighter," she corrected. "Let's not forget that detail! He is a half white lighter who weaseled himself into our lives, manipulating and deceiving at us at every turn, and Wyatt isn't even a year old yet!" She defended. "Of course he trusts Chris!" She yelled, causing Wyatt to whimper slightly from where he was in his mother's arms. "Chris has been around for a while; Wyatt is just used to him! Plus he saved Wyatt; Wyatt just probably feels he can trust him!"

"Exactly!" Phoebe said simply, "Wyatt trusts him and Chris saved Wyatt!" She pointed out as she looked at her sister with a victorious look on her face. "Meaning that Chris isn't at all evil, maybe he has a few alterative motives, but he isn't evil! So sue me, but I happen to think he deserves to be treated better than a common criminal."

Leo crossed his arms, "since you brought it up, why don't we talk about alterative motives. How do you know that he isn't manipulating everything to better his future, Phoebe?" He demanded, "How can you have so much faith in him? You have no reason to trust him, you've said so yourself, you can't get a reading off of him!"

"That does not mean he is evil!"

"Do you trust him?" Leo shot back. "I mean honestly trust him? We have no way of knowing what Chris' true intentions are! For all we know he just might want Wyatt out of his way, and yes Chris said Wyatt turns evil, but it wouldn't be the first time he lied, Phoebe!"

"So?" Phoebe retorted, now receiving looks of disbelief from everyone in the room; including Wyatt who seemed to be starring intently at his yelling aunt. "May I remind you Leo of a certain once white lighter who lied to his charges for weeks pretending to a handy man to earn their trust?"

"That was different Phoebe! I was a white lighter; it is protocol for a white lighter to have a cover story in order to get close to their charges!" Leo defended, his face flushing red as he starred at Phoebe in scepticism, unable to believe she was trying to turn this around on him.

"And Chris is from the future!" Phoebe defended as she looked to Piper. "We have traveled to the future and the past; you know we're not supposed to give up to many details unless we want to mess up the whole damn timeline!"

"Chris' reason for being here is to change the damn future!" Piper snapped as she whirled around to glare at her younger sister. "He's supposed to give us details so we can change the future," she said sarcastically as she formed quotation marks with her fingers as she quoted the annoying future boy. "But oh no, he can't because there are too many future consequences." She snarled.

"It was supposed to be a surgical strike!"

"Now you sound like him!" Piper spat, not even bothering to keep the anger of disgust out of her voice as she thought of Chris. He had orbed in from the future, turned her life upside down and ruined it. He was the reason everything was so messed up! "He's lucky I don't blow his ass to the future!"

Phoebe's eyes went wide as she heard the serious tone in Piper's voice. "Piper," she said slowly as she watched her sister. "He's only part white lighter, that means that blowing him up may hurt him!"

Piper narrowed her eyes and steeled her gaze. "So?"


Piper rolled her eyes and began bouncing a fussing Wyatt on her hip as she rolled her eyes at her sister. "Fine," she hissed as she smiled tightly at Phoebe. "I'll concentrate on his white lighter side so it doesn't hurt him," she promised. "Much."

Paige rubbed her temples as she sat at the table, never in her life had she imagined that Chris would cause this much of an uproar in her family home. She was unaware though of the fact the ninety percent of the future arguments that would take place in this house would be between Piper and Leo, all centering on Chris.

"I think Chris has done a lot of good since he's been here," Paige pointed out warily. "He saved my life after all!" She said as she thought about when Chris had first appeared in their lives; saving her from death. Sure she had been imprisoned as a stony prison as a statue but they had found a way to get her out of that.

"That doesn't matter, Paige," Leo stated simply. Seeing the look on her face, he shook his head, "that's not what I meant!" He defended when he saw Paige and Phoebe giving him a dirty look. "But all the good he's done could be a part of his plan; to better his future. He's lied to us before to weasel his way in; this wouldn't be the first time."

"Or he could just be following the rules of time travel," Paige pointed out.

"Or he could be lying!" Leo said angrily. Why was it only Piper listening to him? All he wanted was the best for Wyatt and something told him that Chris' actions and motives were not what was best for his son. He may be an Elder now, but that did not change the fact that he was a father. His child came first. He was a father first, Elder second.

Chris, however, would probably argue against that point.

"Look, I know that Chris hasn't been the most forthcoming with information," Phoebe said. "And I don't trust him entirely, but would you look at it from his perspective for a moment, please?" She begged as she threw her hands around in frustration. "He's in the past, in a time where he knows absolutely no one minus the five year old version of Bianca, so I very much doubt that he would go hang out with her. He's back here all alone to save my nephew, my family." Seeing that Piper and Leo were about to go off again, Phoebe held her hand up to stop him. "Now, I don't want to believe that Wyatt grows up to be the future of all evil anymore than you do," she said simply as she smiled at her nephew. "But at the moment, we're all Chris has."

Piper let out an angry huff, "that's depressing."

Phoebe nodded, "and Chris' intentions could be good."

Leo shook his head. "I can't believe that," he said simply as he grimaced at the very thought of Chris being - he paused - good. "He's done too much for me to turn the blind eye again. I already told him that trust is a precious commodity, once it's hard, it's hard to get back."

But for the record, I trust you.

Leo shook the words away that he had said to the lost half white lighter. Sure, he had said that, but as he said; trust was hard to get back. If Chris could lie, so could he. Little did he know that it had been he that had taught Chris how to lie in the first place. With every lie, every broken promise, that had slowly helped shape Chris into the withdrawn person he was.

Paige sighed as she rested her head on the table. "Well then," she said slowly. "It seems to me as though the only way for this to get sorted out is for us to find out what Chris is really here to do."

Piper snorted, "I'm open to suggestions."

Everyone was quiet; no one knew what to do about Chris Perry. Any spell he would surely find a way to weasel his way out of somehow. He would find a loophole that was just who he was.

He must have been one hell of a teenager.

Phoebe rolled her eyes, "well I'm going to find Chris," she said. Seeing that everyone else was going to object, she shook her head. "I'm not going to forgive him, but I am the only one here that can look at this objectively. And if Chris is right and that sweet little boy turns evil," she said as she smiled at Wyatt. "Then I am not going to push away our best chance away. Even if it is Chris," she said as she walked out of the kitchen and bounded up the stairs, her baby sister on her heels.

Piper shook her head. "I cannot believe them!" She said as she handed Wyatt to his father and began pacing once again. "I mean, this is Chris!" She ranted, "He is nothing more than a lying, manipulative …"

Chris rolled his eyes as he flipped through the Book of Shadows in the attic, he knew he should take a break, but he did not have time for that. He was finally on a good patch -okay scratch that; he was on anything but a good patch with the sisters now. Letting out a huff Chris moved away from the book and rubbed his eyes, he knew it was stupid - letting it slip that Wyatt was the future force of all-evil. Of all the stupid things he had done!

That was almost as bad as splitting his parents up!

He was running out of time, he knew it - hell, with how jumpy he had been lately, the way he had been hunting demons he was surprised the sisters hadn't caught on, but then again, they weren't really the ones doing the vanquishing anymore. Since things had gotten worst, he hadn't sent them on as many non-stop vanquishes, which he figured was for the best. Besides, they knew he was part witch, so he could openly use his powers now. They had found out that guarded secret when Bianca had come back to bring him back to the future.

Bianca. Chris swallowed and took a deep breath at the thought of his dead fiancée, in all honesty, he trying not to think about it. He missed her, well he had missed her before she had come back, but at least then, he had known she was alive. Now though, the only thing that Chris had to hold onto was the belief that his brother, Wyatt, could be saved. It was not only Wyatt that Chris was worried about saving; it was his brother and the rest of the family. He could not dwell on the loss of Bianca she wouldn't want him to. He still had a mission to complete, and he could not let any issues he had get in the way of that. No matter how much it was draining him to keep his façade up, especially around his family.

At the same time, however, they were not his family, not yet anyway - assuming that someday they would be. He didn't know how he had messed up so bad, sure in the future he and the rest of the Resistance - his family - had decided that the best way for him to get in was to make place for himself as his aunts and mother's white lighter, but somehow he had messed up. He hadn't thought that Leo being an Elder would have made him leave his family, Chris' face turned into a scowl, but he should have. That was exactly what had happened in his time. It appeared as though Leo wouldn't change, and surprisingly Chris didn't care. Not anymore. He had given up the delusion that Leo would change a long time ago.

His estranged father, it turned out, was as much of a bastard in this time as in his own and now Chris was at risk. For whatever the reason, his parents' marriage hadn't survived this ordeal like they had others - and because of that Chris was at a risk of not being born, and possibly along with him, there was the risk that his baby sister, Melinda Halliwell wouldn't be born. Chris sighed, after all these years one would think that he would understand that being a Halliwell wasn't easy, but for some reason that just wouldn't stick in his mind. He had expected this to be an easy mission: orb in, find the demon, vanquish him, and go home.

Chris ran his fingers through his hair, but if the demon, whatever, or whoever it was, had been smart enough to outsmart the Charmed Ones and his father - who had surprisingly been around then - the first time, what had led Chris to believe this would be easy? Somehow, the first time around someone had gotten Wyatt and managed to corrupt him, and because of that, the older version of Wyatt was tyrant terrorizing the world.

That information still hadn't seemed to push his family into action.

Chris rolled his eyes, but he had never expected his mother and aunts to be so resistant to helping him. After all, it was Wyatt at risk, not just the world, but also their family. Normally that would have been enough to have them spring into action, but on this topic for some reason they seemed reluctant to help him.

What happened to his mother's saying family was everything?

He had been desperate, frustrated and downright exhausted and he had let one of his biggest secrets out. Chris had told them what he had really came back to stop, Wyatt. They were never meant to know, he didn't want them to know. No matter what had happened to him, Chris didn't believe that they deserved the pain that came with knowing what happened to Wyatt what he became. Not even Leo deserved that in his opinion and that was saying a lot.

He hated Leo.

Yet he couldn't bring himself to cause his father pain.

Maybe he didn't hate his father as much as he left himself to believe.

Stop it, Chris mentally hissed. Of course, he hated Leo there was no other choice. Leo had hurt him to much in his past for him to let it go. Telling them the truth, however, only seemed to push them away from him more; distrust him more. If that was possible.

They were to busy trying to prove he was a threat to them and Wyatt, not to mention they were too obsessed with their personal lives and having a life outside of magic. In his opinion it was about time they got over it and accepted this as their destiny.

Bianca had been smart when she had chosen the ambition spell when she had come back to retrieve him. What she had done was ingenious, this was before his aunts and mother had accepted this as their fate - their destiny - and because of that lowering their ambitions was the right thing to do.

They knew nothing of the world. He knew it was petty, but he couldn't but to get frustrated with his family - with them - so much. They thought a date gone badly or missing a deadline was the worst thing that could happen, but they were wrong. They knew nothing of pain, and they knew even less of sacrifice.

Sure, they had lost a sister. Chris knew how painful that was, he had lost his sister Melinda a few years ago to a dark lighter, but you didn't see him rolling over and giving up. His mother had lost Leo, but he had lost Bianca too, and he was still fighting. There was no excuse they could give him; he had lost just as much as they had - if not more. All he had left was his remaining family, and then there were the other members of the Resistance. Not all of them he was close with, but there was a few.

Taking a deep breath, Chris shook his head, backed away from the book, and walked over to the old couch that had belonged to his great, great something or another Aunt Pearl. Waving his hand lazily he shut the door with his telekinesis. All he wanted was one moment of peace, but hearing the shouting voices downstairs something told him that nothing was going to change.

Hearing the shouting though, Chris had to admit he felt more at home than he had since his mother had died.

How sad was that?

He shook his head, as long as his Mom didn't - no! As long as Piper didn't see him, he was fine. She had said that she didn't want to see him, and that was fine with him, at least that was what he had led himself to believe.

That was why he was in the attic now, Piper wasn't supposed to be home one. She was supposed to be out on some date with Greg the fireman. Just thinking about him Chris felt his face contort into a scowl. He had nothing against the man, not really. He knew Greg in the future, he was a half-decent guy - he was more the type of guy Piper deserved in his opinion. His mother deserved a hell of a lot better than Leo, but he couldn't tell her that. That would only cause his mother to get angry with him - again - and he really didn't want to be blown up.

Besides Chris still needed Leo. He hadn't been conceived and neither had his sister Melinda but her conception was over four years down the road.

Assuming Piper wanted any more children; especially if she found out, he was her son. That she had to get pregnant with him. Oh yeah, she wouldn't take the very well. She would probably deny it and be disgusted with him.

It was funny to him, growing up it had been his mother that had moulded him into the person he was, and now in this time she couldn't stand him. He knew that it was pretty bad; he had been in the past for months, and the only thing he had to show for it was his family hating him, but there was one reason behind that. He had let it slip that their precious Wyatt grew up to be the future of all evil.

Well sorry for telling the truth, like they had asked, for once!

No wonder he often lied.

"I didn't think you would help me if you knew the truth," He had said softly as his aunts, mother and father had cornered him after his aunts had summoned his mother's Perfect man. "I knew you wouldn't," he said as he looked at them, pleading with them, begging them to believe him. "The evil I came back from the future to stop isn't a demon." He said forcefully, "it's Wyatt."

Chris had regretted those words the moment they had spilled from his lips, he really had. He should have known they never would have believed him, but in that moment, he couldn't help but to beg with them to see his side. Any hope he had had of them ever trusting him, ever believing him had died when his mother had spoke to him.

"You're lying," had been what his mother had shot back at him, in a tone that he recognized as the one she had used with Leo in his time. It was cold and harsh, conveying every inch of her detestation as she denied the possibility of her son being evil. Yet she was so willing to believe that Chris - her other son - was.

Talk about double standards.

"No, I'm not!" He had defended himself. "He'll grow up to take over with his powers, kill even…" he hadn't known what to end at that. What could he have said? Well he could say plenty. Wyatt had brought back the trials when he exposed magic, he had been the reason the remainder of their family was separated, he had been the one that had caused the only woman Chris had ever loved to betray him and then Wyatt killed her when she tried to stop Wyatt from killing his baby brother. There was plenty to say, but when he met his mother's eyes, he stopped; he wasn't sure what he should say.

Despite the fact they had hurt him, he never wanted to hurt them.

"Why should we believe you after all the lies?" Leo demanded, and if Chris had been at his right mind, he would have yelled at his father. If he hadn't been guarding what he was saying he would have exposed his identity right there, telling his father he was one to talk. All Leo had ever told him had been lies.

'I'll be there next year'

'I'll make it up to you.'

'Chris I love you.'

'Chris stop lying, there is nothing the matter with your brother! He's only grieving.'

He had kept his secret to himself, and instead allowed the pain be pushed to the back of his mind as he looked at his father. "Because you have too!" If they didn't believe him, there was too much that could go wrong. The world would go to hell all over again, and he wasn't sure he could watch that hell over again. Wyatt had to be saved at any cost. Chris was willing to save him at any cost, even his own existence. Whether his family knew it or not, he was family, Wyatt was his brother - and Chris would die for him.

"No, Chris, we don't actually," Piper had snapped.

Chris turned Piper, his mantra playing in his head. Piper not mom. She's not mom, not yet. She's Piper, she isn't your mother. She doesn't love you, she isn't supposed to. You're a stranger to her. Opening his mouth Chris was about to begin arguing with his mother as he had done so many times in the past, but like always, Wyatt took priority. "Fine, then don't," he snapped. "We need to save Wyatt now, and I am the one who knows how."

"Oh really? How?" Phoebe asked her tone filled with disbelief causing Chris to inwardly cringe. There had been a time he had been able to count on his Aunt Phoebe for everything she was the easygoing aunt. She was the one that he had always gone to for advice.

Now, he was a stranger in his own home.

"The Order." Chris said simply as he looked at all of them. "They reversed his sense of morality. See, he thinks evil is good and good is evil."

This was ironic because his Wyatt didn't believe that it existed. Apparently, it was all about power. Whomever had the most power won, meaning that Wyatt was on the winning side. Despite the fact that Chris' powers weren't ineffective they didn't come close to matching Wyatt's. He was the only being with the power to rival power, but Wyatt was up higher on the Magical food chain.

"That's why his shield repelled you." Chris continued as he nodded at Leo.

"So?" her voice still laced with distrust.

"So Wyatt raises his shield around me. He thinks I'm a threat."

"Yeah, well, so do I," Piper replied.

Not mom. She's not mom. My mother died a long time ago. Piper isn't mom. She's not mom, she's still Piper. Taking a deep breath Chris inwardly kept singing his mantra as he looked to his mother. "Listen to me," he pleaded once again. "They reversed his sense of morality. That means the shield will protect him from you, but not from me. I'm the only one who can save him! Please, let me help!"

There was a long silence as Piper walked towards her unknown son and frowned at him, her eyes shooting silent daggers at him as she stepped up to him. "We don't need your help, Chris." She had said coldly, her voice hitting close to a sneer. "Not anymore. I will get my son back myself, and when I do, I never want to see you again. Understand?"

Didn't they understand? He did not want Wyatt to be evil; hell, if Wyatt were not evil everything would be sunshine and roses in his life. Sure, there were other things that he wished he could change, but his focus was on Wyatt. If he managed to save Wyatt then his sister would still be alive, and he would have his big brother back.

Great, Chris thought bitterly as he walked through the attic. He had managed to bring up the thought of the family he had lost, a place where his mind didn't travel very often. It hurt too much to think about the ones he had lost. He had promised his Aunts that he would take care of their children; yet he had managed to screw that up royally, just as he had defied his mother's dying wish. He had promised Piper that he would take care of Melinda and Wyatt. He had failed.

It was true, the fact that the future was so messed up was due to the fact that he had failed. It was his responsibility to keep Wyatt in control, because God knows Leo was to busy, and Grandpa...

Chris felt the tears sting his eyes at the very thought of his grandfather, Victor Bennett. Sure, the old man had died of a normal disease, but even when Piper had died, Victor had been in no condition to take in his grandchildren. He did, however, take them all in. When they had nowhere else to go Victor looked after them all, heck, he even took in Paige's children, even though they weren't technically his grandchildren. He had loved them just the same regardless of the fact. He had watched them grow; he had been there just as much as Sam had; besides it wasn't as if Henry had had any parents. He had spent his time moving from foster home to foster home, and in Victor's eyes, there was no harm in Paige's children having two grandpas.

What his Grandpa had told him was true - family didn't end with blood.

However, no matter how good of a grandfather he was, he couldn't control Wyatt. He didn't understand magic, and by the time Leo actually came down it was too late. Wyatt had already started his nightly trips to the Underworld to 'vanquish demons.'

Chris snorted, more like gain power and collect his followers.

For once, he was allowing himself to think back on all the events since his mother's death. Overall, things hadn't gotten bad until Wyatt went bonkers and was crowned the new ruler of everything. Sure, his mother and Aunts had been killed, but he and his family got through that.

He smiled, and Aunt Paige. She never really went away, only a few months after her death she came back as a full white lighter and went back to teaching at magic school, until later when she joined the Resistance. Nevertheless, it wasn't the same; she had still died and had to deal with the loss of her sisters, only to lose one of her children later; to evil.

Oriana Matthews, or Ana, his Aunt Paige's eldest daughter had turned her back on her family, well the majority of her family and joined Wyatt. She had done the unthinkable; she had left them for Wyatt.

That had torn them apart, especially her twin sister Callie and her older brother Henry Jr.

"Hey," a voice called from the doorway. Chris looked up and seen his Aunt Phoebe, standing there in the doorway with Paige in tow; both looking at him in concern causing Chris to push away the thoughts of his family and plaster a fake smile on his face.

"Hey," he replied quietly, "Is there something I can help you with?"

The last he had heard his aunts had been involved in the argument downstairs.

"No, "Paige said as she walked over to the neurotic bugger she was used to seeing. "We thought we heard someone, so how are you?" She asked, "We haven't seen you around much." She commented as she tilted her head to the side.

"That would because Piper told me she never wanted to see me again." Chris said simply with a shrug of the shoulders. He was trying to convey the thought that it didn't matter to him, that the thought of his mother kicking him out of the house didn't rip into his chest and threaten to tear him apart. With every knew accusation and threat; it was the equivalent of a dagger being pierced through his heart - repeatedly.

"And yet, here you are." Paige said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes, something that would have brought a smile to his face if he hadn't been guarding himself. That was good old Aunt Paige; she would never change. Actually, she was the easiest one for him to be around while in the past - she was still there in the future. Not completely alive, but not gone. She was a full white lighter, meaning she was dead, but she hadn't left them. Not like the others.

The others were harder because they were nothing more than ghosts; except Leo, in this time he was around to much for Chris' liking.

Chris shrugged, "But Piper isn't, meaning she doesn't have to see me," he pointed out simply he had found a loophole in his mothers words. She had said she never wanted to see him again, meaning that he was fine as long as he didn't see her. Sure the thought of his mother hating him still hurt, but when wasn't a Halliwell's life filled with pain? Flipping through the book only reminded Chris about how his family's life had been filled with nothing but pain and heartache over the decades, if not centuries. "I was just getting ready to leave anyway," he said as he avoided their eyes. "I just had to check something out in the book."

Phoebe studied Chris carefully, "Chris," she began. She didn't know how to start this. What was she suppose to say? 'Chris you don't have your emotional blocks up and I know how you're feeling, want to talk about it?' She sighed, he just seemed more closed off the usual and that worried her. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," as fine as I can be considering my mother never wants to see me again. "I'm fine." Looking at his Aunt Phoebe though, Chris resisted the urge to roll his eyes. She didn't believe him. Typical. Nevertheless, it was more than that, even if he had taken the empathy-blocking potion, it did not not change the fact that his Aunt Phoebe was intuitive. "So, why are you guys here?"

"We used to live here," Paige supplied.

Chris rolled his eyes, "I mean, shouldn't you be at work?"

Phoebe shook her head, "Took the day off," she said simply as she glared at nothing. "Elise," she sighed. She loved the woman, she really did, but she was way to nosey for her own good. "Has been bugging me, again," she groaned. "To take some time off."

Chris nodded and smiled slightly, this wasn't much different from when he was growing up. His aunt Phoebe had published a book and kept her column at the Bay Mirror, while his Aunt Paige had went on to teach at Magic School and be the unofficial white lighter to the family when she learned to heal. Piper - his mother - had kept the club she owned, while his Aunt Phoebe's husband, his uncle Coop, had helped people find love. His uncle Henry also helped people; he had helped his parolees - even when they did not want his help, and Leo. Chris felt his eyes narrow; his good old dad had spent all his time Up There, which was of course when he wasn't busy with Wyatt.

Then a thought hit the younger Halliwell brother as he frowned at his aunt who was still unaware of his connection to her. "Wait," he said slowly. "If you're not living in the manor, you're still living in Hong Kong," he pointed out and Phoebe nodded. "So why aren't you in Hong Kong? And how can you be taking a break from work if you're already in Hong Kong"

Paige smirked, "Someone has issues with conflict," she stage whispered to Chris, who frowned in response since he had no idea what his aunt was talking about.

"I do not have issues with conflict," Phoebe denied as she turned around to look at her baby sister. "I'll have you know I am all over this issue, to the point there is no issue!" She said slowly. "And I'll have you know, it is very hard opening up to someone and telling them you're a witch when they don't know magic exists! Not all of us can date witches!"

Chris nodded and avoided looking in Phoebe's direction when she rambled on. He knew what she was referring too she was talking about Jason. Apparently, they were at the stage in their relationship where Phoebe felt the need to stop lying to Jason and tell him the truth that she was a witch. She was wasting her time though; Chris could very well tell her right away that whatever was going on with Jason wasn't going to work out. Sure, he didn't know the specifics, but he knew the Phoebe ended up with Coop and had three children with him. A part of him wanted to tell her too, but he couldn't. This was something his aunt needed to do herself; besides telling her could change the timeline too much.

Thank God for future consequences!

"And answering your question," Phoebe continued as she turned to Chris, "I told Jason I wanted to come back and spend time with my family," she said simply. "And now I'm here," seeing Paige roll her eyes and mutter something about conflict issues again, she rolled her eyes. "There are no issues!" She exclaimed, "Besides," Phoebe continued, "even if I wasn't back here - for a while," she added when she saw Paige's face. "You would have had to come get me anyway; we had to have the family meeting downstairs."

Chris nodded, "so I heard."

Phoebe cringed, Chris had heard them talking about him. He had heard all those unnecessary things Piper said about him. No one deserved that. Not even a lying, manipulating young man from the future. Still, they had raised some good points. "You know," she said slowly as she looked at Chris, "If you gave us more information maybe we would be able to trust you."

"Chris?" Paige asked, once she noticed that the half-white lighter was starring off into space, a thoughtful expression on his face. She groaned, startling the young white lighter out of his thoughts. "What goes through your head in the run of the day?" She asked, something, which caused Chris to arch an eyebrow. "Come on, give us something."

Phoebe frowned as she studied Chris, there was something troubling the younger witch, but they didn't know what. Whatever it was though, it was getting worst as each day went by, and that troubled her. It was as if Chris had a deadline, one they didn't know about. That wasn't comforting. "Are you okay, Chris? Honestly, because you've been zoning out a lot lately."

How would you know that if I'm never around anymore? Chris thought bitterly as he locked eyes with her, "yeah Au- Phoebe," he corrected, cursing himself for almost letting the words slip out of his mouth. He had to get out of here, they were acting like his family, causing his mental lines to blur; and that was dangerous. "I'm fine," he looked at Paige, "and I can't tell you anymore than I already have."

"But you haven't told us anything," Paige pointed out, her voice hitting close to a whine.

"I let it slip about Wyatt," Chris said simply as he looked down. "I wasn't supposed to do that, there are some things you can't know." My identity is one of them. "There are too many future consequences to think about."

"Future consequences my ass," Paige snorted. "You just like keeping people at arms length."

Chris smiled slightly; Bianca had often said the same thing to him in the future. Realising where his mind was going, Chris shook the thoughts of his family from his mind. He would never have that again, not unless he saved Wyatt. Wyatt was the key; whatever happened to Wyatt caused a domino effect that came into play a little over fourteen years later.

"Chris are you in there?" Paige asked, she didn't know what was causing the younger half-witch to zone out, but then she realised he had been doing that a lot lately. Something told her that there was something on his mind and he probably needed to talk about it, but that was Phoebe's area of expertise. Besides, it wasn't as Chris would talk to her, or anyone else, if they asked him if anything was wrong. He would just shrug it off. It appeared as though she was the only one that knew that.

Chris blinked at her and stared at her blankly, causing Phoebe to smile slightly. "What were you thinking about?"

"Just my family," was Chris' simple reply, no need in lying to them about that. He had told them enough lies, and he had decided that he would trying telling most of the truth from now on, just no on things he couldn't tell them. "I was just," he sighed, "it's just … hard being away from them and not knowing what they're doing or if they're okay."

"You guys are close," Phoebe smiled, it wasn't a question, she could tell from the look on his face that he loved his family; much like Piper and Leo did theirs. It appeared that the three weren't as different as Piper wanted to believe; convincing her sister of that would be the difficult part though. Still, Phoebe couldn't help but feel as though she had made a breakthrough. That was the first time Chris had ever admitted to thinking about his family. Sure, he had left comments here and there, but they were a seldom few. "What are they like?" She asked wanting to know what kind of family, the younger witch had.

Chris looked away, "Were," Chris stated. His family didn't exist anymore, that had been destroyed when his mother and aunts had went and got themselves killed along with his uncles. Then he lost his cousin Ana and his brother to evil, and his baby sister a few years later to death, as well as another cousin, which was then followed by Bianca. He had no family. "I wasn't kidding when I said I barely got to know mine," he said referring to one of the first things he said in the past.

'Families barely exist in my time; I never got the chance to know mine.'

Phoebe frowned, "I'm sorry."

"Don't sweat it," Chris replied. Moreover, before they could say anything else, he orbed out. He didn't have time to get close to the family he had here; people who were no more than ghosts in his time. He had to save Wyatt, saving Wyatt saved them all, and that was all that mattered. He couldn't be attached to them. They weren't there in the future; there was no point in getting close to them now.

It would only leave room for more hurt when he went home.

If he made it home.

Though if he was being honest, the need to be close to them was there, buried, but it was existent. Just like his concern for his family, he didn't know what was going on in the future, but something told him he didn't want to know.

Little did he know that in the not so far future, that his time - his future would meet the past.

Author's Notes : There we go. The opening chapter for this story, and yes from the time it's set at I'm pretty sure you know this is going to be a Chris revelation fic. I had nothing against how they found out in the show, it was amusing actually, but I hated what happened afterward. It seemed like their attitude was "oh my God, he's family! We have to love him!" In my opinion they all forgave each other to quickly, Piper was the only realistic one. Chris had avoided her for weeks - he even forgave Leo too quickly in my opinion. Although Chris punching Leo was pricelessin my opinion. I love Leo, but he had been asking for it all season. No sympathy there! Aha, if I had been Chris I would have punched Leo a long time before then. So, future meets past. I wonder who that would be - COUGH COUGH, lol. Please review.