WHOO-HOO! Here it is my story Secret Admirer written from Edward's POV instead of Bella's POV! You don't need to read Secret Admirer to understand. Thanks for reading! On with the story!

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Edward's POV:

Ahh there it is the sound that foretells of my love's arrival. Soon the ancient red monstrosity will pull into the parking lot and she will emerge looking like the luminous angel that she is.

I will run at a human pace to her side, collect her in my arms then proceed to kiss her senseless until she is gasping for air then I will hold her close to my side as we walk into the school.

I will gently caress her soft warm cheek as I leave her at the door to her first class.

"Edward wait" she calls, speaking for the first time since arriving.

"Yes my love?" I'll answer. She will reach up onto her tiptoes and brush her full pouty lips across mine once more and whisper the most beautiful words that I have ever heard:

"I love you, Edward." I will growl in pleasure whispering back "As I love you my Bella."

If only it could be that way. My existence would have meaning but my family and I have agreed that I would stay away from Bella so that our secret would remain as such. That means

that when Bella arrives I will continue to do as I have done everyday since I saved her from Crowley's van, I will appear to ignore her while secret watching everything she does through

the minds of the lucky teenagers that interact with the girl that has quickly became the center of my universe.

I watched Bella get out of her truck through the mind of Mike Newton. His mind is a veritable sewer, but as it was he was the only one paying attention to my angel. She had the most

adorable scowl on her face as she gazed around the parking lot. I wondered what she was seeing that was making her so unhappy. I wanted nothing more in that moment than to make

her smile but as I said before it was forbidden. She continued look around and her eyes met mine for the briefest of moments but I could have sworn that my dead heart skipped a beat in that moment.

As usual I sifted through the minds of those humans that my angel graced with her presence only to find myself battling against my inner monster. It seems that Tyler Crowley, Eric Yorkie

and that insufferable Mike Newton were planning to ask to ask my Bella to the Valentine's ball. Jealousy and rage fueled the monster but I quickly reined it in so that I could observe

Yorkie as he approached her.

Okay man just calm down. She listens to you when you talk and she smiles at you. She must like you right? So take a deep breath and just do it.

"Hey Bella, I was just wondering if you'd like to go to the ball with me on Saturday?"

Don't say no, don't say no, please.

He looked at Bella with a hopeful gaze but she grimaced at him.

"I'm sorry Eric but I'm not going to the ball, I don't dance." She said sweetly.

He averted his eyes to his shoes muttering that he understood and all but ran to take his seat across the room.

It's not you dude she just doesn't dance. His thoughts remained hopeful.

I spent my whole first period pondering this. Did she say no simply because it was a dance that he was asking her to or did she refuse because she didn't return his affections.

If only I could hear her thoughts.

Tyler Crowley was next to make his move on my angel. His thoughts were cocky. He was used to girls falling over themselves when he asked them out on dates.

Ah there she is, time for the T man to go to work.

"Bella, I assume you haven't got a date to the ball yet because I haven't asked you yet. I know you've been holding out for a real man to ask and well here I am.

What time should I pick you up?"

The look on her face was priceless. She looked at him as if he had grown a second head.

"Well since I'm not going to the ball at all I guess never would be a good time." She huffed. I could tell that she was getting annoyed. My girl didn't like to be the center of attention.

Crowley's thoughts were jumbled. He kept vacillating between anger and amusement that she had rejected him. By the end of the period he had concluded that it was her loss and made

his way to his next class to ask Lauren Mallory to the dance. Human males can be so fickle.

Newton spent the next hour staring at Bella trying to drum up the courage to ask her to the ball. He had heard of the failure of the others from Jessica Stanley. He deluded himself into

thinking that Bella was waiting for him. He assumed that she preferred him to her other suitors. He spent a few moments considering his rivals and how superior he was to them. He

briefly considered me but came to the conclusion that I had already had my chance to impress Bella but fail so it was his turn.

It made me wonder if I did in fact have a chance with Bella. I know I have to stay away from her but did she want me to? It didn't matter; I have to stay away for her safety as well as my

family's well being. I had to consider that maybe Newton's invitation was the one she had been waiting on. Could I sit be and watch the woman that I adore go out with that vile

creature? No I don't want to but I may have to.

Bella looked unusually annoyed when she entered the cafeteria. She got no food and went directly to the table that she shared with her friends. She sat beside Angela Webber, a very

kind minded girl, and laid her head on the table.

Bella looks so upset. I hope she's feeling okay.

"Are you okay?" she asked kindly.

Bella sighed and raised her head to meet Angela's gaze.

"I supposed but I get the feeling that my day is going to get a whole lot worse. Eric and Tyler have already asked me to the 'I'm in love with you but I'll only act like it today because I'm

supposed to' dance and Mike has been staring at me and I just know he's planning to ask me too. Why can't they just leave me alone?" she ranted.

Poor Bella, how many times does she have to tell Mike that she's not interested before he gets it? What did she call him again? Oh yeah a golden retriever! I wonder if all this attention is why

she doesn't like Valentine's Day.

So Bella isn't interested in Newton after all. She called him a dog. I smiled to myself, my love is very observant.

"I take it Valentine's Day isn't your favorite holiday." Angela said with a smile.

Bella shook her head and smile weakly before replying.

"No I guess not. I just think if you love someone you should show them everyday not just a day designated by the greeting card companies. Not that I would know, I mean I've never had

a boyfriend but I do love someone or at least I think I could love someone."

I saw through Angela's eyes that Bella had stolen a quick glance in my direction. Could it be that she holds some sort of affection towards me. My chest tightened at the thought.

My angel may care for me.

Poor girl has it so bad for Edward Cullen. I hope she finds a way to tell him. They would make such a cute couple.

Angela smiled at my love but didn't voice her opinion out loud. Bella dropped her head back to the table and I let my mind drift to a world where I could have Bella as my very own.

I decided that if she did in fact turn Newton down I would find a way to show her how much she means to me.

Oh Edward, finally. Alice's thoughts screamed at me. I smiled at my favorite sister and made my way to biology where I would sit by my angel and ponder ways to make her mine.

I took my seat to wait for Bella and was assaulted by the audacious thoughts of Mike Newton. He was walking Bella to class. He had finally gotten the nerve to ask her after getting a

first hand account of the monumental failures of his friends. He was practically bouncing down the hall.

His arm shot out in front of him preventing Bella from entering the classroom.

"What is it Mike?" Bella fumed. She looked livid as he looked at her longingly.

His thoughts were arrogant.

She totally wants me. I can so tell.

"Well, I heard that you shot down Crowley and Yorkie today by saying that you weren't going to the ball and well, I was wondering if maybe you'd change your mind if I was to ask you.

I mean I am asking you. We have something here Bella and I'd like to start exploring it this Saturday and I know you do too." He wiggled his eyebrows at her and her expression

changed. Her face lit up with a radiant smile and I was worried that she was going to except his invitation after all. That line of thinking was quickly squashed as she began to laugh.

Her laughter was such a beautiful melody to my ears. I could listen to it forever.

"I'm sorry Mike, but the answer is no." She managed to get out between giggles.

Her laughter was infectious and it was all I could do not to laugh along with her as she took her seat next to me.

I fixed my eyes on the board in the front of the class trying my best to block out all of the thoughts around me so that I could concentrate on my plans. I vaguely remember the bell ringing

and making my way to my car not even bothering to go to Spanish. By the time my siblings got into the car I had my plans finalized. I was going to anonymously court one Ms. Isabella

Swan and hope that in the end she would return my affections.

I can't wait to meet her Edward. She is going to love everything you have planned. She is going to be my best friend and what's even better is I'm getting a new sister.

Alice gushed as we pulled into the garage at home. I went for a quick hunt so that I wouldn't be tempted by her scent and then I set my plan in motion.