Michelle, Taylor and Alex caught up to Josh and I as we walked through the cafeteria doors.

The three of them were laughing and running their fingers through their hair to get the melted ice out of it. As we got in the line for lunch, the four of them started making plans for a snowball fight after school. I easily tuned them out, opting to continue my daily inspection of their table in the corner and froze in my spot.

There were five people at the table now instead of four.

Josh snapped his fingers in front of my face.

"Edward? You okay?"

I blinked and whipped my head down to my feet as I mumbled that nothing was wrong, that I was just feeling a little sick. I rubbed the back of my neck uncomfortably as my other hand grabbed an apple. Still stunned with the fact that she was finally here, I turned around and bumped into a hard yet small body, dropping my apple.

"I'm sorry," said the soft, bell-like voice of Bella Cullen as her gold eyes stared deep into mine.

"I..it's okay," I stuttered. Breaking our gaze, she glanced down to look at her hands, which had miraculously caught my apple. She held it up delicately, only using her index finger and her middle finger and placed it into my upturned palm. "Thanks."

She smiled and took a deep breath, a grimace coming to her face as she did so.

"I have to go. Excuse me." She brushed past me and left as quickly as she did in Biology the week before.

Only when I took in a shuddering breath did I realize what just happened. What happened to the cold-hearted bitch from last week? The one that hated my guts?

I shook my head slowly and went to join Josh at the lunch table. I received weird looks form everybody at the table, especially from Michelle, who seemed to have a tint of jealousy in her eyes. Great…

Everyone left me alone, thankfully, and it gave me time to think about our small exchange. Overall, it was completely unexpected and weird. I always imagined that if she came back, she'd avoid me like the plague. But she didn't.

I turned to look over at her family and saw that they were all huddled together and seemed to be talking in hushed whispers. I went to look away when the little Pixie's head popped up and her eyes bore into mine. She flashed me a small smile before picking up her tray, dumping it, and continuing to go through the cafeteria doors like Bella had minutes ago.

What was that about?

I put it in the back of my mind, instead choosing to focus on Bella again. Up close, you could notice the bluish veins that ran through her body, thanks to her practically translucent skin. The bruises she had under her eyes last week were almost gone and her eyes were a bright gold instead of the heartless black she had last week.

Did she have contacts? No, that couldn't be it. I knew it couldn't be it because although her eyes had been gold, when she gulped down that air, they darkened. Not to a deep black like last time, but to a dull gold, almost like amber.

The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch and as I walked down to Biology with Lizzie by my side, I couldn't help but wonder about the mystery that was Bella Cullen.

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