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Alice and Bella are best friends.

Alice is engaged to Jasper.

Bella is engaged to Jacob.

(But she still holds a flame for Edward, Alice's brother)

I want to give you some back ground on the story besides what you read above. The first chapter is going to start off with Rose's and Emmett's rehearsal dinner. They are getting married tomorrow. Alice is the Maid of Honor since she is Emmett's younger sister. Bella is a bridesmaid, the best man is Jasper Hale, who is Alice's fiancé, and Rose's brother. The other groomsman is non other than Edward Cullen, Alice's twin brother and ex-best friend to Bella(also her first crush that she has never been able to get fully over, even though she would never admit to anyone- especially herself). Bella just got engaged to Jacob Black. The two of them have been together for over 5 years. The story takes place in New York City. I will be doing multiple points of view, but mainly it will be in Bella's.

Chapter 1-Rehearsal

What in the hell was I thinking?

I mean seriously.

Maybe I had fallen one too many times and had brain damage?

That would be the only possible reason that I would have agreed to be in this darn wedding. I was going to be a bridesmaid for two of my very close friends, Rose and Emmett. I had been friends with Rose, since I was in junior high. I happened to be in a fight with this total bitch, Jessica Stanley, when she had the nerve to dump her soda all over my hair and that is when Rose stepped in. Rose had my back then and every day since.

Emmett was the big brother I never had and wished I did. I had the opportunity to live the full Emmett experience, since I had grown up with him being that his family lived next door to mine. He was Alice's oldest brother and two years older, giving him the unwarranted idea that he was my self appointed protector even since a very young age.

Lets move onto my best friend for as long as I could remember, Alice Cullen.

She and I are as close as sisters. She was my other half, always had been there for me. Be it a yin and yang sort of thing. Even though we are total opposites, we complement each other perfectly. Alice was hardly 5' tall. I was 5'8". She had short, black spiky hair. I had long, slightly curly, brown hair. She was graceful, I can hardly walk across a flat surface without tripping over my feet and falling on my face. Alice was confident, outgoing, and very pushy, whereas I was more reserved and laid back. She was absolutely beautiful with all of her petite features, while I was very plain in comparison. The two of us had been partner's in crime since we were in diapers, literally. She was a famous, up-and-coming fashion designer, and I was currently a senior book editor at a large publishing company, here in New York, Cullen Publication's (it was Emmett's, Alice's, and Edward's grandfather's and then passed down to them after his death about three years ago).

Now onto Edward, where do I begin?

He was Alice's twin brother, so needless to say, that I had grown up with him. I think in away, I started having feelings for him beginning in elementary school. Besides Alice, he was my other best friend. The three of us were usually inseparable back then. The feelings that I had started to develop into something more when we went to high school. I had always thought that he was cute.

Not cute, gorgeous.

How could he not be?

He had a smile that would make you go weak in the knees, the purest, green eyes that I have ever seen, and complimented his perfect mix of brown and bronze hair. But sometime over the course of Freshman year, he became even more beautiful.

If that's even possible.

And I was not the only one that took notice, he had girls that drooled all over him and he knew it. Yep, I guess you could say he was cocky, but I still loved him. He never acted that way towards me. Why would he? I was just plain, old Bella. I went through the next three years with all of these feelings pent up inside.

Well finally, in my Senior year, I decided to take charge. Be it a now or never thing. Of course, with Rose's and Alice's pushing, I asked him to the prom. I will admit I was surprised that he ever said yes. Edward said it was because all these girls would finally leave him alone, that he wanted to just go with his best friend, and have a good time without any pressure. Well stupid me and my stupid feelings that I had for him.

I ruined everything.

And I mean everything.

I tried acting on said feelings with a little help from my friend, the liquor bottle. So with all the courage of a lion, I got drunk and told him how I felt about him. Then kept on the crazy train and tried to kiss him.

Let's just say things never seem to go the way I would imagine. Oh no, the absolute worst thing happened:

He rejected me.

Told me he cared for me, but in a different way.

And never talked to me since then.


"Edward, I need to talk to you," I said, feeling glad that I was not so inebriated that I was slurring at this point in time.

"What do you want to talk about Bella?" he responded, his eyes curious and thoughtful.

"I know that you are leaving for Stanford soon and I need to tell my best friend how I really feel…" I started with, but then I started to put my lip's on his.

He pulled away from me and said, "Wha..What are you doing Bella?" He was startled, his eyes looked like they were going to jump out of their sockets.

"I just wanted to tell that I like you." I said.

Oh shit, let's just lay it all out on the table. I was already embarrassed, mortified. What was another couple seconds?

"Bella, I like you , you're my best friend," he said with a comforting smile on his face. He was trying to make this better.

But he couldn't.

We couldn't.

I couldn't.

"No Edward, I like you, like you. Do you understand?" I asked. All of my pent up frustration coming though with my words.

"Bella, I know you like me, we have been best friends since birth practically," he said.

God for being as smart as he was, he was sure dumb sometimes.

"NO EDWARD, I. LOVE. YOU., I am in love with you." I stated then turned around, so I would be without having to face him, I wanted to curl up in a corner and die.

"Oh Bella, you are my best friend and I don't want to lose you, but I only love you as a friend, nothing more. I'm sorry," he said.

Every part of my heart was breaking into a million little pieces with each word.

***********End Flashback*******

I felt alone.

I felt abandoned.

I felt lost.

I ran away from him that night and I had yet to speak to him since. Even though we lived next door to each other, and went to school together, he ignored me. I was without any doubt that he never looked my way again, not that I went out of my way to see him either, but I was embarrassed; I was entirely to blame for ending our friendship. I crossed a line and he was without any way to forgive me. I had missed seeing those eyes since the last day he was here, the day that we graduated. The day that Edward left for early summer admission at Stanford.

That was eight years ago.

Tonight would be the first time since, and I am nervous as all hell. Here I was, without any reason as to why I still get nervous like this, at the just the mere mention of his name, but to see him, and here?

I know that I should find a better way to react. I had Jake. He and I had been together for the past five years. I met Jake when I was in my third year at NYU, and after all this time, he finally proposed to me at Christmas. I was happier now than I have been in a long, long time.

Since he left.

Marrying Jake was what I wanted. I was going to be married to a great guy that loved me. What else could a girl ask for?


I love him, and he loves me. End of story.


But on the other hand, I could kick his ass right now for leaving me to go to this rehearsal dinner and wedding all by myself. Jake had to fly back home to see his dad, Billy. His father had a heart attack three days ago, and being his only family, he needed his son there to take care of him. I wanted to go with him, but Jake assured me that everything would be fine and I had promised Rose that I would be here for her.

I had deliberately taken the whole day off of work, to see if I could help Rose.

Big mistake!

She put any of those girls on that show BRIDEZILLA'S to shame.

Poor Emmett.

Rose had been yelling at everyone for no apparent reason. I doubt there could be anything in the world that could make her happy.

Poor Emmett.

She had already fired two wedding planners, because they failed at meeting up to her standards. See Rose was a model, a very beautiful, blonde, bombshell, highly paid model that expects perfection in everything. Her wedding was even worse. I was glad I listened to Jake and stayed here, if I would have left, I am pretty certain that what would await me when I returned home would make even the apocalypse look pretty.

Alice decided to torture me a couple of hours before we were to leave. She always enjoyed makeover Bella time.

She was sadistic.

In all fairness, I do admit that the dress that she had for me was absolutely stunning. It was a royal blue cocktail dress, an Alice Cullen original of course.

I looked good.

She completed the look by putting my hair up in a loose high ponytail with cascading curls. My make up was flawless, but with Alice you could expect nothing less. The only thing that made my outfit suck was the four inch death traps that Alice had me wear for shoes.

When we got to The Plaza, we were the last ones to arrive. I thought Rose was going to go ballistic on us. I walked up to her and gave her a hug with a apologetic smile. Then I proceeded to put all the blame on Alice. I went around to say all my hellos to everyone, but then stopped dead in my tracks when I took sight of him,


He was standing next to his father, Carlisle. I was looking for any reason probable to avert going over there and greet his father, but he is like my second father, so I could not avoid it. I gave Carlisle a quick hug and walked past, not making eye contact with Edward.

When we started the rehearsal, I thought. everything was going well until the procession out of the hall, when the wedding was to be concluded. I had to be escorted by Edward.

Why is God punishing me?

I wanted to be somewhere else. I knew of his ways of attraction, I had fallen for them myself so many years ago. He was so, so gorgeous, and his hair, all he had to do was run his finger through that perfectly done, sex enticing head of hair.


Stop looking at him.

I can't.

Okay, I would just take his arm and glance the other way, that's the plan. Well it was all going along fine, until the smug asshole had to go and make an abrupt movement so I would look his way. I was sure he was happy with himself, since it was pretty self evident on that evil, crooked, beautiful, evil, dazzling, evil smile that was on his perfect face.


We went to the restaurant and had a very nice dinner, but it was extremely early when we all finished. We as a group, decided that it would be nice to go hang out some more before the big day. I was really hoping that with my good behavior, that I might be rewarded in the form of Edward finding another event that would require his attendance, but I was sadly mistaken. We decided to meet up at this local karaoke bar that we all frequented on Friday nights. I rode with Alice, while Jasper drove Edward. Rose and Emmett were coming after everyone left the restaurant. Shortly after we arrived, I was abandoned by Jasper and Alice as they went to the bar to get our drinks.

Let the onslaught of pain begin…

"Hello, Bella," Edward said.

I looked over at him and was surprised he even noticed me.

"Edward," I said harshly, as I was moving my head around looking for different items to place my now misplaced attention on.

I could feel a smile start to form on my lips when he got the hint and directed his unrequited concern elsewhere.

Thank the Lord above, that the waitress brought over our drinks and the bottle of tequila,six shot glasses with lemons and salt. I took straight away to sucking down my Jack Daniels and Coke. I had already had a few glasses of wine with dinner, so I was starting to get a good buzz. This was going to make this night so much more eventful.

"You look beautiful tonight, Bella," he whispered, while leaning over the table to ensure that he was heard by his present company, me.

I was sitting right opposite from him on the other side of the table and all I wanted to do was reach out and smack him across his beautiful, divine face.

Did he get better looking since I last saw him?

Life is so unfair.

"Thanks," I spat back, as I tried to look him straight in the eyes, but it hurt to much.

He brought both of his hands up, rested them on the table and started to fidget with the coaster. "So how have you been, Bella?" he asked nervously. " I haven't seen you in forever."

"Fine, thanks," I replied.

I needed an escape, so I finished off my drink while I ordered another one from the waitress. Oh yes, I was defiantly getting drunk tonight. Especially, if I had to sit here and subject myself to pleasantries with him.


"Bella won't you talk to me?" he asked, while his eyebrows were shooting up in confusion. " I miss you, I miss my best friend, I miss talking to you," he said, whispering. His voice sounding more like he was pleading for some understanding.

Understanding left the building almost eight years ago.


That is all I could come up with as I squinted my eyes to better understand this enigma of a man in front of me.

He left me.

He never spoke to me.

He hurt me.

And now after eight freaking years of silence he wants to tell me those things. The only remark that he deserved form me was :


"I don't now anything about you, except what Mom, Dad, Emmett, or Alice tells me," he finished.

He looked defeated. Like the old Edward, back when he actually gave a damn about me.

But what the hell is he thinking, that I would just jump back into being his best friend again?

I don't think so.

Right now I was becoming angrier and angrier by the second.

"Not much to say, same old, same old," I replied, my voice thick with sarcasm and my face was without an ounce of concern.

"You know that's not true," he said blatantly.

Do I?

Alice and Jasper decided finally to make their appearance at the table.

"What's not true?" Alice asked.

"Nothing Alice, nothing at all," I said, as I got up from the table to retreat to the restroom and away from him.

Of course, Alice followed me. I guess from my tone and the look on my face, she must of caught on that I was not a happy camper.

"What did he do?" She asked.

Oh, now you choose to be perceptive Alice?

Why would she leave me alone with him in the first place?

"Your brother just decided to see how my life has been after eight years, and to tell me misses me," I remarked, being totally sarcastic and rolling my eyes.

"Bella, I know this is going to be hard for you to hear, but I know he misses you. He talks and asks about you anytime anyone of us talks to him. He still cares you know," She revealed to me.


He cares?

I think not.

If he cared he would of called, or wrote, or something. You just can't fall out of someone's life for all those years and then be expected to be welcomed back. It does not work that way.

"I don't care if he misses me, I don't care if he does care. Why are you just telling me all this now?" I asked.

I was pissed.

Damn right.

Why didn't she or Emmett tell me?

For years all I wanted was to talk to him to make up for what I did wrong. I thought he hated me, probably still does. But regardless he stopped talking to me, he did not want to be my friend.

"I know how bad he hurt you and I didn't want to make you mad, upset or something," she said with all sincerity.

Oh great, now I feel like a bigger dumbass.

Let's just keep everything from Bella.

Sounds about right.

I washed my hands and we went back to the table where we were joined by Emmett and Rose.

"I think we should make a toast." Emmett bellowed to make sure we could hear him over the music. He then proceeded to pour all the shot glasses and distribute them.

"What are we going to toast besides you and Rose?" Edward asked. A small smirk forming at the corner of his lips.

God, his lips.

"Alice and Jasper on their engagement," he said, while raising his glass in the air. "And to our little Bella, getting engaged to Jake."

Apparently Edward had already started to drink before he heard the last part. Just then Edward spit out all of his tequila, going everywhere across the table. He looked dumbfounded.

He didn't see that one coming.

His eyes darted from Emmett who just made the comment and then directing them solely on me.

"Wha…What?" he asked. His green eyes that were usually light and inviting, had turned dark and cold.

He was pissed.

I guess he was never informed that I got engaged at Christmas, three weeks ago(along with Alice and Jasper). He turned bright red, like he was furious and looked straight at me looking for an answer.

"Well you know a lot can happen in eight years," I said, as I hammered down another shot.

I excused myself from the table and didn't even look back. A deafening silence was heard from the table that I had just abandoned. Good, maybe I accomplished what I wanted to do, but I think I should put a stake through the heart per se. I proceeded to head over to the DJ booth, so I could go onstage. I needed to release some pent up frustration.

Damn, the pixie caught me on my way.

She wanted to stop me. "Whatcha doing?" she asked in her little voice trying to be extra sweet.

"I'm gonna sing," I stated, as I looked over at her, gave her a evil smile and winked.

Placing her hands on her waist, she said, "Isabella Swan, I know you are up to something."

"Nope." I said as I popped the "p". After I gave her a hug and walked up onstage.

Wow, the crowd was really rowdy tonight. I was getting a little nervous. Not because I was a bad singer, I actually was pretty good. No, I was scared because I could feel a certain pair of emerald eyes watching me.

Okay Bella, breathe in,

breathe out,.

This is going to be perfect. The music was starting and I walked the stage so I could work the crowd.

I wake up every evening, with a big smile on my face

And it never feels out of place

And your still probably working at a 9 to 5 pace

I wonder how bad that tastes

When you see my face

(I looked right at him and then back out at the crowd, while I pulled out all my hair out from the pony tail and swung my hair so it fell out around my shoulders.)

Hope it gives you hell

Hope it gives you hell

When you walk my way

Hope it gives you hell

Hope it gives you hell

Now where's your picket fence love

And where's that shiny car

Did it ever get you far

You've never seem so tense love

I've never seen you fall so hard

Do you even know where you are

And truth be told I miss you ( I pointed right at him- HA!)

And truth be told I'm lying

When you see my face

Hope it gives you hell

Hope it gives you hell

When you walk my way

Hope it gives you hell

Hope it gives you hell

If you find a "girl" that's worth a damn and treats you well

Then "she's" a fool, you're just as well, hope it gives you hell

Hope it gives you hell

Tomorrow you'll be thinking to yourself

Yeah, where'd it all go wrong, the list goes on and on

And truth be told I miss you

And truth be told I'm lying

When you see my face

Hope it gives you hell

Hope it gives you hell

When you walk my way

Hope it gives you hell

Hope it gives you hell

If you find a "girl" that's worth a damn and treats you well

Then "she's" a fool, you're just as well, hope it gives you hell

Now you'll never see, what you've done to me

You can take back all your memories they're no good to me (I stared right at him)

And here's all your lies

You can look me in the eyes (I pulled my fingers to my face)

With that sad, sad look that you wear so well

When you see my face ( I signaled to get the crowd to sing with me, they didn't disappoint)

Hope it gives you hell

Hope it gives you hell

When you walk my way

Hope it gives you hell

Hope it gives you hell

If you find a "girl" that's worth a damn and treats you well

Then "she's" a fool, you're just as well, hope it gives you hell

When you see my face

Hope it gives you hell

Hope it gives you hell

When you walk my way

Hope it gives you hell

Hope it gives you hell

When you hear this song and sing along, oh you'll never tell

That you're the fool, I'm just as well

Hope it gives you hell

When you hear this song I hope it will give you hell

You can sing along I hope that it will treat you well…………

With that I took a bow and blew kisses to Edward.

Get the point now?

I came down from the stage and walked over to the table, grabbed my purse, gave Rose and Alice a hug. I told Jasper and Emmett a brief goodbye and walked right out the door to get a cab.

I never looked back.

Cliffie Queen out!! Song by the All American Rejects!!!- Give you Hell!!