Hey everyone! Okay so this is my first fanfic so it's probably not that great but I'm just throwing it out there to see what you guys think and if I should continue. Thanks guys !


The Winner Takes It All


Bella and Edward have been best friends for the first 2 years of college. They finally confess their feelings for each other. But no relationship is created. Edward shows up with his arm around another girl. What went wrong?


Chapter 1

Song : Realize By Colby Calliat



"So when are you going to tell him?" Alice asked during lunch at a coffee shop in downtown Seattle.

"I don't know if I should, I mean what if I'm all wrong about this." I sighed.

Alice was trying to get me to finally tell Edward about my feelings towards him. Edward and I have been best friends, besides Alice, since freshman year of college. Going on two years. And he had no idea about how I felt about him. At least I don't think.

"Trust me Bella, have you seen the way he acts around you? Your the one he mainly talks to when we are all together, he calls you all the time, and he always has that look in his eyes when he sees you. He's definitely into you." She said in a big "duh" kind of way.

Well that was really cliche.

I still didn't believe her.

"Look Bella", shes said. I sighed looking up from stirring my now very melted green tea Frapp. "All I have to say if you don't act now someone else is going to get him." she said with a frown and shrugged.

She had a point. Finding girls was not a difficult task for Edward, the definition of perfection with his bronze disheveled hair, toned body, emerald eyes and a face of an angel. It wouldn't be long before someone else hooked their claws into him. But even if I did tell him, what chance would I have? I'm the definition of plain and boring with my brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and my closet filled with colors of gray and blue. Not very appealing I think. But I was going to be brave and tell him. What did I have to lose? Maybe your dignity Bella. Ugh.

"I don't kn-," I was cut off by Alice.

"If you don't I will!" She exclaimed pointing a finger at me, warning me. Believe me you don't want to mess with Alice. She might be under 5 foot but she is one feisty little pixie.

"Fine." I grumbled.


Later that night.

I was sitting on my bed staring at my pink cased cell phone (that Alice insisted I get, because it was "Super cute!" in her opinion). It was if it was taunting me, just waiting to laugh in my face when I got rejected. Just then my phone buzzed. I jumped and my heart raced. I looked at the screen.

"One New Text Message" It was Alice. Why did she have to scare me like that?!

It read "Bella, Just do it already! -Alice"

How does she do that? Anyways, Alright get ready Bella, just pick up the phone and do it. I picked up my cell, dialed that oh so familiar number and waited. Ring. I should just hang up now. Ring. I was biting my nails at this point. I don't why I was acting like this, we always talked on the phone. Yeah but you weren't confessing your love for him. Wow I really need to turn off that voice in my head. Ring. Well hes probably busy I should just forget it and hang up. I brought the phone down and I was about to press the end button when I heard his perfectly velvet voice.

"Hello?" Edward said.

"Uh um uhh hey it's me" wow smooth. Shut up.

"Bella! Whats up? I was just about to call you about something." He sounded like he was smiling. Cute.

"Oh! Um I - I wanted to talk to you about some thing too." Here it goes.

"Oh Okay you can go first."

"Okay... I'm Just going to come right out and say it. I um kind of like you. I mean duh I like you or we would be best friends but what I mean is I like you a lot... I - I mean -" He cut me off. Crap. Why did I do this? I sound like an idiot.

"You do?" He said almost in shock. I guess I never showed at all.

"Y-yeah..?" I said like a question.

"Wow, really?" Great this was a such a stupid idea. This is the part where he'll laugh.

I closed my eyes and smacked myself on the forehead with my free had. Stupid Stupid Stupid.

"Wait Bella, I mean I really like you too" Wait! What?!

"Just as friends right?" I had to ask. I didn't believe what I was hearing.

"What? No. I mean I really like you. You meant it like that too right?" Now he sounded confused.

"Yes! I mean yeah, um so where does this lead us too?" Gosh I sound like a sixteen year old.

"Well how about a first date?" He asked. Duh Bella, that was an easy one.

"Okay. Um Seattle Coffee Works? Seven Thirty? Saturday?" I asked trying to sound nonchalant.

"That sounds great. But um Bella?" He sounded worried. Uh oh.

"Yes?" I asked preparing for the fall.

"I'm going to be out of town the next two weeks visiting my parents in Chicago. So can I take a rain check? The first Saturday I'm back I promise." He asked rushed.

I was frowning now. "Um sure...no problem."

"Thanks Bella. I'll see you when I get back alright?"

"Yeah, Bye Edward." I said barely audible.

"Goodnight Bella."

Well that was unexpected.

Okay so there you have it. Not very long because I don't know how you guys would like. But I do have a plan to where this is going so if you like it tell me and I'll write more! Thanks again for reading! Oh and also I never been to Seattle Coffee Works, I just looked it up on Google. I don't mean to advertise it either sorry!