By Leejeeg

Disclaimers: the usual, don't own, claim or make money from.

Pairings: 1x2


I am aware of the heat that emanates from his body when he brushes past me to take the plate of pancakes Trowa offers.

I am aware still when we are working on our Gundams and he comes over to see if I need a hand and I ask him to pass me a tool and our fingers brush as he does.

I am aware of his braid when he walks and it sways, pendulum-like, drawing my attention to his perfect posterior, releasing all the hentai thoughts in my fevered imagination.

I am aware of the color of his hair: cinnamon, shot through with glints of gold, glorious in the sun, a silken curtain at night, in the realm of my dreams.

I am aware of his face: masculine and strong, set in a heart shape, the shape of love, his elfin beauty, his versatility and openness.

I am aware of his smile, the real one that he saves for me, not the jester's smile that never reaches his eyes.

I am aware of his eyes, cobalt; almost purple, the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Fearsome in battle, when Shinigami is in possession of them; gentle and bright when he does not. His eyes tell me all I need to know. In joy their brilliance is worth a thousand suns.

I am aware of his kiss: sweet, passionate, loving and..........mine.

I am aware of his love.

And he is aware of mine.