Girl Talk, peeping Toms

Author's note-ok! This chapter contain a little lemon and it's girl on girl and adult conversations. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


My cousin is here and he wrote this chapter.

Rose and I were watching Charm School.

"God Brittany is such a bitch." I commented.

"I know. She has fake blond hair and she directs porn movies. Not many women do that." she said.

"I know. But this charm school is better with the Rock of love girls on it." I said.

"Yeah the last charm school was boring!" she said.

"AHH! Change the channel!" Emmett said with hands over his ears.

"I know you love him Rosalie but why did you marry him?" I laughed.

"You know what Bella I really don't know sometimes." she laughed with me.

Emmett went pouting upstairs.

"Jasper, Baby, you might want to help Emmett." I smiled.

"Ok love." he kissed me before he left.

"Ok not to be nosey but." she looked around in case Jasper was listening.

"How about my room?" I asked.

We walked upstairs and closed the door.

"Now you were saying?" I asked.

"How is Jasper in bed?" she asked.

"Rose!" I was red then.

"Oh come on Bella!" she said.

"Ok! Ok! He is really good." I laughed.

"How long is he? I want to compare to Emmett. He is 9 inches." she said. I shook my head and smiled wickedly.

"What?" she said.

"Sorry Rose Jasper is 11 inches." I smirked.

She had pure horror.

"Fuck!" she screamed.

"Calm down Rose! Gosh! Why does it matter?" I asked.

"Because you know those sex enchantment pills?" I nodded.

"Well he sort of needs to take one of those." I looked at her.

"Don't you need to ask Carlisle about that?" I asked.

"I am not going to my father and asking him for sex enhancement pills!" I covered her mouth.

"Shh Rose!" I said.

"Oh sorry." she giggled.

"So when Jasper hunts do you use you know..." What? Oh oh!

"Yeah. Come here." I said I walked her to my closet. I moved my clothes and showed her a box. She opened it and it had 2 vibrators.

"Damn Bella!" she laughed. I blushed.

"The purple one is new. You can have it if you want." I said. It was you guessed it 11 inches.

"Thanks Bella. I will leave it in here." she said.

"Did you know Esme uses one?" my mouth dropped.

"No fuckin way!" I said.

"Yeah! At least 2 a week." she said.

"Wow." I said.

"Have you ever given Jasper a blow job?" she asked.

"No why? What is it like?" I asked.

"Well for my first time you might gag because of how bigJasper is."

"Oh ok." I was still confused.

"Ok give my my vibe." she said.

I gave it to her.

"Ok you know how the top of the dick is called the tip or the head or whatever?" I nodded.

"so all you do is take your mouth and do this." she lowered her mouth to the 11 inch dick.

"Damn." I giggled.

"Yeah and like I said you might gag on your first time." she said.

"Ok thanks Rose." I smiled.

"No problem. Now how do you use this?" she said.

"You don't know how to use a vibe?" I asked.

"No." she said. She was serious.

"Ok you turn it on here." there was a turner.

"It say low,medium,and high. That is how high it will vibrate." I turned it on to show her. She giggled.

"That tickles." she said.

"Yeah it did when I bought it." I said.

"You want to use them?" she asked. My mouth dropped.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Yeah I mean the boys are out hunting and we are women when is the last time you got off?" she asked.

"Last week. You?" I asked.

"The other day." I shook my head while laughing.

"Come on." she pulled me to the bed so that I was on her back.

"This isn't cheating right?" I asked.

She stopped unbuttoning my blouse.

"No it isn't. I read a book on relationships." she said.

"Ok continue." I said. She kissed each exposing piece of skin whenever she opened a button.

When the shirt was gone she attacked my nipple.

"Rose." I moaned. My hands went straight into her blond hair. I took off her sweater and flipped her over.

"Now. When you use a vibrator you must only think of you man. Just because I am doing it doesn't me you have to say my name. You can but I prefer it be Emmett." I said. She nodded and took off her short mini skirt.

I grabbed her purple vibe and turned it on low.

"Ready?" I asked. she nodded. I stuck it to her clit first. She moaned.

"Bella higher." she said. I put it on med and started to circle her clit.

"Emmett." she sighed.

"How does that feel?" I asked.

"So good. Bella please higher." I finally turned it on high.

"Oh fuck!" she moaned. I pushed the long vibe into her glistening sex.

"Rose you are wet sweetheart." I said as I started to pump.

"Emmett." she said.

"Bella I am so close." she said. She was whimpering and withering.

"Cum for me Rose." I said.

She screamed Emmett name and her head hit the pillow.

"Oh god. I know I am keeping that." she said.

"Bella you should be a sex therapist." I blushed.

"I just know. My mom and my older teenage cousins. Yeah." I laughed.

"Now to return the favor." she purred. I was once again on my back and my boy shorts were gone along with my panties. Rosalie turned on my blue vibe on high since I already use it. She put it to my clit.

"Jasper." I sighed. She moved it around my clit and along my folds.

She stuck the 11 inch vibe into my sex.

"Bella you are so wet." she smiled.

"Ahhhh! Jasper!" I moaned.

I just imagined it as Jasper and not a sex toy.

"Oh god! I am so close!" I almost screamed.

"Cum for me Bella." she said in Jasper's southern accent. That was my undoing.

"Ahhhh! Fuck!" my head his the pillow as she turned it off.

She was still covering from her high.

"Oh my god." we both said.

"That was awesome." she said.

"I know. How did you sound like Jasper" we both giggled.

"I have been with him long enough. You like?" she said sounding like him. I laughed.

"Ow! Shit!" we both sat up putting our clothes quickly.

"Damn it Emmett that hurt!" Jasper?

We opened the window to see Jasper and Emmett on the lawn.

"What the hell?" I said.

"Well Bella I guess your fiancée and my husband are peeping toms." she said.

I smirked.

"I guess so." I said and we close the window.

They came in and looked at us.

"That was hot." Jasper said.

"Yeah who knew Bella would use a vibe." I blushed a deep red.

"Stop embarrassing her." Rosalie snapped.

"Sorry." he mumbled.

"So I have a bigger dick than Emmett." We glared.

"How much did you guys hear?" I asked.

"Almost everything." we glared.

"Ok we heard everything. I'm sorry!" Jasper pleaded. He actually looked sorry. So sweet.

"Aw Jazzy." I gave him a hug and a quick kiss.

"See Emmett why can't you be like Jasper?!" she asked.

"Hello the dude is an empath!" he said.

"But he actually looks sorry." I said as I ran my hand through his silky blond hair.

"Ok. I'm sorry Rosalie."

"Aw Emmy." she did the same thing as I am.

"I love you." We both said.

"I love you too." they said.

We heard the door bell ring.

I went to answer it.

"Esme! Carlisle!" I smiled.

"Bella! Sweetheart." she hugged me.

"Hello Bella." Carlisle said.

"Hi Carlisle." I gave him a hug.

We all said hi and discussed my change. I am getting changed after the wedding.

We all spent the rest of the day with our men in our rooms.

I walked by Esme and said.

"I know you use a vibe Esme." I giggled so only she can here. If she could blush she would be.

"Rosalie." she said. She smiled.

"Bella uses one too." she whispered back. She looked at me with shock.

"Wow." she said.

"I know." I giggled.

We walked back to our rooms.

Author's note-Ok! The wedding is in the next scene and the honey moon! Until then bye peeps!!!!!!