"Mr. Xanatos? Your four o'clock is here." Owen said over the intercom.

"Send her in." The man replied. David Xanatos was not exactly a vain man. By that same token, he wasn't selfless, ether. While he didn't have a mirror everywhere you look, he hated time - namely, the way it caught up to you. Recently, however, Xanatos had a conversation with a woman that told him part of a legend. A legend most would find just that......if it wasn't for an event that helped turn the man high up in his tower into a self-made rich man. If this legend holds true, then maybe there's a way to stop time. A way to live....forever.

The door opened, revealing a red-haired woman in a business suit consisting of a black jacket, white blouse with a black tie, a matching skirt that ended just above the knee and matching black heels carrying an old bag in tow. There were two things unusual about this woman, one being her red hair. He didn't mind that it was in a not-so-businesslike pigtail; to each their own and all that. It was the fact that you don't see that many red-headed Japanese women, and since he couldn't see a trace of root color that didn't match, she did ether a fantastic job or it was natural. The second was her age. She couldn't be older than sixteen and she's representing some company that has something he's interested in. Still, he knew he shouldn't treat this like a kid's game; she could be serious despite her age.

"David Xanatos?" The woman said, extending her hand for a shake.

"Well, if I'm not him then he'll be mad when he gets back." The man said, causing the woman to chuckle thus signaling the icebreaker a success. "And you are?"

"Call me Ranko for now." The woman said with a smile. On closer inspection, you could see small fangs and her eyes had slits in them, as if they were a cat's eyes. Xanatos, however, did not let that distract him, for this was a business deal. "I understand you collect...interesting objects."

"That I do. Forgive me, but before we continue..."

"Oh, I get this all the time. I'm what you call a smart child. I just graduated last year, top of my class."


"Thank you, but all the credit goes to my mother. She taught me everything I know."

"Now that we have that out of the way, let's not beat around the bush. I collect objects that have to do with legends, the supernatural and are unique in general and I understand you have something of interest for me."

"Yes I do." Ranko said as she pulled out a book from her bag. A brown book with keltic markings. "This is the Grimorum Arcanorum, an ancient book of magic used by various sorcerors and mages from generation to generation. Most recently, my mother has made use of it."

"Interesting…I take it what I want is in that book?"

"Marked so you could find it." She gave Xanatos the book and as he read, he got more and more interested.

"Hmmm…so if this happens…"

"I guarantee, Mr. Xanatos, it will change your world in ways you can never imagine."

After reading it over again to make sure what he was reading was real, Xanatos came to a conclusion.

"Now, you wouldn't be here just to give me the book, would you?" The woman smiles at this as she pulls out a deed.

"Make me an offer."


Moments later, outside the tallest building in the city, a limo was waiting for Ranko as she exited the office complex. She smiled and she stepped in and saw a middle-aged, yet still attractive, woman in a kimono with her sword right next to her.

"I take it things went well, my daughter?"

"Yes. Soon, the passage will come true and they will be awakened."

"How do you think they'll react?" The woman said with some skepticism in her voice. Ranko just smiled and chuckled at that.

"That'll be half the fun, Mom."

"I take it you wanna be a man again before tonight?"

"Yes, but not right now though. Not the right attire."


A hot shower later in the hotel room, in place of a well-toned Japanese woman with red hair was a dark-haired, well-built Japanese man. After drying off, he put on his blue pants and red shirt and finally his black karate shoes.

"Are you sure you had to do that deal as a woman?" The middle-aged woman said.

"If anything you taught me stuck, it's to use what you've got to get what you want." The man said with a cocky smile.


"Oh relax, I'm still a man. Even if I weren't that contract means squat…"

"Only because she convinced me to cancel it." The woman then saw where the sun was and that it was almost gone. "Speaking of which…"

"Up on the roof?" Ranma asked. The woman nodded as they left the room and headed right up there. The roof looked completely bare and flat save for one stone statue of what appeared to be a demonic woman with wings, fangs and claws ready for attack. The minute the sun was gone from the horizon and the sky turned dark, the sound of stone breaking could be can be heard as the statue cracked. As it did so, blue-hued flesh, razor-sharp talons, leathery wings, demonic red eyes and hair the color of an untamed wildfire were revealed. The demon-like woman then roared to the night sky, something that would've scared most humans, but the two present were already familiar with this creature and her habits.

"Nodoka. I trust your fight here went well?" The creature said to the kimono-wearing woman with a smile.

"It was very pleasant. Thank you, Demona."

"Ranma, did everything go as planned?" The gargoyle said with more joy in her voice.

"Exactly as planned. He now owns the castle and plans to bring it over here as soon as he can."

"Excellent! We should celebrate." The woman said as she hugged her companions.

"I have some champagne down in our room." Nodoka said, feeling happy that her friend was happy.

"Will you have some too, Ranma?" Demona asked.

"Of course. I want to celebrate the return of your clan with you, Mom." Ranma replied with a smile.


Elseworlds: In Elseworlds, heroes are taken from their usual settings and put into strange times and places. Some that have existed, some that might have existed, others that can't couldn't, or shouldn't exist. The end result is heroes that seem as familiar as yesterday are as fresh as tomorrow.

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