Ten years ago…

"You said you would cure her!" A very angry, and now grieving Soun Tendo shouted.

"All I told you it was her choice." D said to him, with his arms crossed. "I told her the positives and negatives and she chose to keep her mortality."

"But she was my wife!"

"And she knew she didn't want the curse that came with the gift." D said, not waving in his look. "Immortality may sound grand, but there are times, and believe me there's a lot, that you regret out living your loved ones."

"Damn it, I asked for your help after I found out how to contact you-"

"And I highly doubt since I didn't come through on my end, you won't on yours and I'll have to find Genma and Happosai the hard way. Very well Mr. Tendo, but be warned, I will be back answering the same request, only you might not be happy with the results."

Four years later…

"What have you done to her!"

"What you asked and she accepted." D replied to the father. "Your daughter was suffering from the same thing your wife had, only it took longer to kick in for her. I asked her the same question and she wasn't ready to die, now she won't. Not ever really, unless somebody makes a weapon from a blue flame but I highly doubt that will happen."

"But… will she…" Soun asked on the verge of crying.

"She'll stop aging at her 30s, like me or any other vampire that's been turned." He then had a look in his face, a look that tells the father he won't like the news but he has no choice to hear it. "Your daughter has… questionably… earned the money to keep this dojo and your house a float, yes?"

"H-how did-"

"Comes with territory in my kind's case Mr. Tendo, you can talk about it with her in due time. This kind of behavior is frowned upon with my people as well as others of the 'supernatural' variety and if she continues this behavior, she will be punished to the point where not only will she regret her immortality, but she'll wish that she went the same way as her mother for it was the most humane way to die." D then smiled, showing his fangs. "There is however away to make sure she uses her abilities wisely and keep your dojo a float?"

"What do you mean?" Soun asked.

"She needs a master to teach her about her abilities."

"NO!" Soun shouted, realizing what he's suggesting. "You can't, she's-"

"If she continues down her path and uses the skills she has now for personal gain or to harm human beings, what I've warned will come to pass. If however she has somebody to teach her to use these abilities as gifts instead of a means for an end, she should be fine if she takes the lessons to heart. Furthermore, if she does takes the lessons that well she won't be driven insane by some of the gifts. But the choice is yours Mr. Tendo." Soun lets the words sink in and he realizes he ether has to risk his daughter being hunted for applying this man's gifts to her usual tactics or her safety is more or less promised by this one man.

"Will she be…"

"I swear on my eternal life, Nabiki Tendo will be safe IF she takes what I teach her to heart." Soun took a few moments to think about the offer, while D just stood there with a smile on his face, showing those fangs.

Six years later, three months before The Awakening…

A young 17 year old woman is in the streets of New York, her hair in a bob waving in the breeze with the most noticeable part being the purple streak, the long sleeve black shirt appropriate for fall, and her blue pants and high heeled black boots all make her look normal, even the sun glasses. But for the last six years, Nabiki Tendo has not been what humans called normal. No, she's been much better.

"Focus." D said with a smile to his student. "You've done well these last six years, but you have yet to master the Clarity Visions." Behind Nabiki's glasses were eyes that were focused, determined. The lessons that D had taught her went well as she hasn't used her abilities for selfish gain or to hurt people, but she still has a problem with some of her powers, as some powers take even one human life time to master than others. "You are looking for a place that reaches up into the Heavens, this place needs to be ran by a man with an open mind. He can be eccentric, he can be vain, he can even collect supernatural objects as a hobby, but above all else, you need to find ether a man fitting this or where he lives."

Nabiki does what he says and she starts to see various images, seeing various people around the area, where they've been, where they're going, eventually she sees what she's looking for as the man who owns the building they're targeting comes out and she sees he'll do anything to stay immortal or until he has somebody to pass his empire on. She knows this from the various items in his room from small statues to various books in dead languages.

"David Xanatos, you are our man." Nabiki said with a smile, showing her fangs.

"Excellent. You've come along way Nabs." D said as he pat his student on the shoulder.

"It helps that you said 'He' teach." Nabiki said with a smirk. "How long have you known?"

"Found him last month." D said, smiling at her goals despite his slip. "Now that you relized the basics of your powers, and I trust you know how to use them…?" Nabiki then took off her glasses, showing her eyes, with blood red irises and black sclera in each.

"I swear on my eternal life not to abuse my powers to hurt those we protect and watch over in anyway." D looks right into her eyes and knows she's telling the truth.

"Very well then, you have two choices. You can go back home with your family… or you can stay here and not only expand on your training, but learn what I know, see what I've seen, and do everything you can do and more." Nabiki just looked at him, and smiled.

Present day…

Owen had finished up his night's business, conducted with those who ran the various companies owned by his employer, David Xanatos. When he left the glass-and-stone tower and headed for his car, he was not surprised in the least to see a particular individual sitting atop it.

"If somebody were to tell me I'd see you not only be the stiffest man on the planet, but actually ENJOY your role…" The vampire said in a smart ass voice, with a smile to match as he jumped off the car.

"I've come to develop a respect and friendship with Mr. Xanatos and out of both, I keep his affairs in order." Owen said, not amused.

"Fair enough, not that I'm poking fun for the choice. Honestly though, the only thing more surprising than you settling down for this long is the fact he picked the option that lead to it. "

"What are you doing here?"

"I hear the castle is almost completed. You know what's going on if this comes to pass..." The silence from Owen spoke volumes to the vampire. "Them waking up is the halfway point. Then comes the early waking king, then his return, and finally the Gathering and you know what kind of a danger will happen, especially if Oberon finds the child of two races."

"I'm well aware."

"Knowing that my kind, as well as others, are here to protect humanity, we need to know when the time comes, who-"

"I will answer when the time comes." Owen rudely replied as he shoved D out of the way to get into his car. "If you'll excuse me." He then started the car and left to make sure he was in time for the event. A moment later, as D was walking back to his home, his cell phone went off.

"Hello? No, he hasn't said yet. I'll find out if Demona and the others want to see this, but given the fact that she's left a blood trail several centuries long, I don't think she will right away. No, I don't think we should have a meeting until after tonight, given what's about to happen." He then sighs, hearing his suggestion for a later meeting has been denied. "Yeah, I'll see if any of them want to meet the clan." D then hung up the phone and proceeded to his home.

Most 17 year olds at this time of year worry about what they'll look like for the first day of their last year of school. Then again, most 17 year olds don't balance books for their mentors/father figures for their nightclubs. But that's what Nabiki was doing, and as long as somebody over 21 was handling the alcohol part of the income, there was no problems with this. Unless, of course…

"Shouldn't you be getting ready for school? Your last year starts in two weeks."

…you were the father figure/mentor.

"I've already got my clothes for back to school, D." Nabiki said with a smirk as she looked at her teacher, friend, and boss. "Still, shouldn't the fact that I balanced your accounts tell you-"

"We've been over this Nabs," D replies with a sigh. "I gave some leeway and had you move up one grade but other than that, you go to school like other kids your age, you go to college with said kids, and you graduate with said kids. I don't want to run a risk if you thinking you're above any human for any reason because the minute you do-"

"I know, I know, your friends'll show up to monitor me and if I act upon the impulse they'll kill me." Nabiki said with a sigh as she shut the book, finishing the balance. "But if you want me to be normal, then why do you have me balance the books?"

"Just because I want you to go through the school system normally doesn't mean I want your gifts to flounder. You have a knack for numbers, math, and you can think and calculate the situations you're in and come up with answers and solutions faster than even most vampires. It helps that you're handling the finances of the parts of this place that are for teenagers and dancers that don't drink and have somebody else."

"On top of that, since you and I are a part of the supernatural, I can balance the finances without worries of violating any laws or anything."

"Exactly, but before you say that should give you the right to go to college now, it's those same laws that you or anybody else who tries to use their gifts to lord over humans have to answer to. Remember, we're not above humans, we're just a different aspect."

"I take it you're meeting your friends right now?" After Nabiki asked her question, D tapped a pentagram pattern on a bookcase under the stairwell, causing it to open.

"Bingo. I need you to stay down here for a bit, there's a kid coming here by the name of Ranma Saotome, he's looking for work as a bouncer and I told him he'd get it provided its on nights we don't serve alcohol."

"Saotome, huh?"

"Yep, from Japan too, son of a friend of mine." Nabiki chuckled at that.

"Helps to have friends in high places." She replied as D shut the door with a smile.

As soon as he steps into the room, he kneels on the floor which suddenly glows a bright blue with ancient text surrounding him in a circle. He then vanishes from the room and appears in a different location somewhere outside of reality and looks up to see a sea of other supernatural creatures and humans as well. Row upon row of vampires, werewolves, other creatures, and mortals that know of their existence. They are known as the Delegates and this is the Great Hall and it is here where those who have watched and protected man continue to do so from those who want to use their gifts, talents, or anything else to rule, conquer, or destroy and D is one of those protectors.

"Only a few hours to go until we see if anything from the stone spell to the prophesy that notified us of them holds true, are you sure we want to go through this?" D heard one delegate say.

"If we don't, say the rest of what was told comes true?" A human asked. "The awakening king, the hidden queen, and the fairy king. All of them are tied into the Gargoyles somehow and if they're not here when it comes to pass, it might be the end!"

"And what if waking them up is what causes all of this?" A mermaid asked. "If we keep them asleep, maybe it'll save everybody!"

"And even if that's the case, what was said earlier is just the tip of the iceberg, a test." D replied before the room of hundreds of delegates turned into a shouting mob. "In any argument, it's too late, the leader will be placed on top of the castle and the last stone will be put in place before tonight." This caused those in the room to stop and think for a moment before somebody asked one more question.

"What about Demona?" A vampiress asked, causing the room to whisper.

"What about her?" D asked, ready to defend his friend.

"She's the fallen of the clan, isn't she? Doesn't she still pose a threat?" This caused the whispers to get louder and louder.

"No." D's answer caused the whispers to finally turn into the inevitable shouts. Having enough of this, D used his powers to cause a lightning bolt to strike a few feet from where he was standing to get everybody's attention. "You're forgetting the two x factors of all of this, namely the prophesy didn't factor in Nodoka OR Ranma Saotome! I don't know how their bond changed her, maybe it woke something up that she thought was gone with her eggs, or the two had only each other for support, I don't know but the bond she had with Ranma has changed her and the one she's developing with Nodoka is cementing it. She may not be a part of the clan now, but she's not the fallen one anymore." After a few more whispers, a spirit spoke up.

"Very well, but you and Nabiki keep an eye on both the former fallen AND the developments with the gargoyles. This whole thing is your responsibility." D nodded in response and vanished, leaving a room of unsure Delegates.

As soon as D opens the door back to the club, he sees Nabiki and Ranma were smiling at each other, a sign of a conversation D just got in at the very end of. He then cleared his throat to let the teens know there was a third man in the room.

"Oh, D! Um… I was just telling Ranma about myself and what's expected of everybody here." Nabiki said, trying to hide her blush.

"I bet you were." D jokingly said with a smile. He then turned to Ranma, and looked at him right in the eye. "In all seriousness Ranma, I want you to know your way around the place so in an event of a brawl, I don't hear a beam you didn't know was there broke your fist or you accidentally caused somebody a concusion with said beam."

"Will do." Ranma said as he got up to look around the place, and D noticed Nabiki was checking out area of the young man's backside.

"I take it you like him?" D said with a smirk, causing Nabiki to be a little bewildered. "Relax, I'm actually encouraging you to act like this ya know."

"I'm trying to be a bit profe-"

"You can be professional AFTER college. You maybe immortal, but right now you ARE the age you appear to be and won't stop for another six years. Live like a teenager, save the adult professionalism when you need it."

"I'm a professional, you know this D."

"I also know you're a little girl that's been dying to act like one since your mom passed on. Take the chance, see what happens. I'm going to see to Ranma and talk to him about his exact job here." D then left to talk to Ranma, leaving Nabiki to her thoughts.

Later that night, it all went almost to plan. The clan woke up, and D was about to go up there to introduce himself to those involved… when he saw red flashes in the sky. Seeing as lightning isn't normally red, he used his, for lack of a better term, clarity vision, to see what was going on and he saw what appeared to be thugs in body armor attacking the castle. He would've watched more of the fight if he didn't have to react and push a woman dressed in a red jacket standing below the tower away as debris fell from the sky.

"Are you ok?" D asked the woman.

"I'm fine, thanks." She said as she got up. She then looked at the stone that fell and saw something the growing crowd didn't, claw marks. D noticed this and wondered something. He then used his vision on the woman and saw a red string going from her finger tip to the top of the castle, wrapped around the finger tips of what appears to be the leader of the clan. He then left to make sure the woman didn't hear him as he called his friends in the Delegates.

"Yeah, it's me. I can't go up there; we have a bit of a problem…" Then he looked at the woman and still sees the red string going to the leader. "And a new development…"