Project Super Beast

Chapter 26: Tamed Beast

(Titan Tower-Common Room)

Leaving Tamaran was hard for Starfire, but she couldn't abandon her friends. With the Tower in danger they would need her now more than ever. So she decided to leave Galfore in charge, she knew that in his hands Tamaran would be safe.

When Titan's entered the Tower there were seagulls nesting in the Common Room. That's when they saw a human sized hole in the window.

"Wow. That is impressive." Beast Boy said as he looked at the hole.

"I told you to let me install those lasers." Cyborg said as he walked passed Robin. Cyborg and Beast Boy started to shoo the seagulls out of Tower.

Robin give a heavy sigh. "Okay. Cyborg you search our database and see if we were hacked. Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy I want you three to search the tower for any spying devices."

"Now? We've been gone for a whole day. The Sun's coming up. Can't this wait tell tomorrow?" Beast Boy said in a whiny tone. Robin simply glared at Beast Boy who groaned.

"What about you?" Cyborg asked as he sat down by a computer.

"I'm going to do a quick sweep of the tower and see if anything was stolen." With a nod the Titan's split up and started their assignments.

Raven and Starfire where the first to entered the common room an hour later, only to see Cyborg typing away on the main computer.

"Did they take anything?" Raven asked standing next to Cyborg.

"No. But I'm not finish. What about you?" Cyborg asked never looking up.

"We didn't find anything." Starfire said as the door opened to show a very angry Robin.

"So. What did they get?" Cyborg asked.

"Terra's arm, and my Red X suit." Robin replied.

"They stole your suit?" Cyborg asked never taking his eyes off the screen.

"Yeah. Getting it back should be easy. Beast Boy I want you to..." Robin stopped mid-sentence when he notice Beast Boy missing.

"Where is Beast Boy?" Robin asked in annoyed tone.

Raven and Starfire simply shrugged. Robin started to rub his temple. "If he left this Tower...I'm going." Robin grumbled as a vein formed on his forehead.

"What's wrong with him leaving the Tower?"Cyborg asked finally looking up from screen.

"He's on 24 hour surveillance, he can't leave the Tower unless another member is with him."

"And if he does?" Starfire asked in a worried tone.

"Then, I'm kicking him out."

This caused Cyborg, Starfire and even Raven to gasp. "You can't be serious?" Cyborg asked in shock.

"Of course I'm serious." Robin said as he pulled out his commutator.

"Come in Beast Boy." Robin said as everyone looked on.

"Yes?" Beast Boy replied.

"Where are you?" Robin asked as Beast Boy sighed. "In my room." Beast Boy said in annoyed tone.

"You were suppose to return to the common room." Robin said as Beast Boy groaned. Two minutes passed before the common room door opened

"You didn't say that." Beast Boy said entering the common room.

"It was implied." Robin said looking at Beast Boy who was pale green. "What's wrong with you?" Cyborg asked as he stood up.

"My body is a little sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. That trip to Star's home and back kind of messed up my body." Beast Boy said taking a seat on the couch.

"Did you find anything?" Robin asked Beast Boy who shook his head no. "Cyborg. When you finish checking the database I would like you to upgrade the security system. Raven, Starfire I want you to clean up the common room and call a contractor to fix that window."

"And what are you going to be doing while were cleaning up bird crap?" Raven said with a little anger in her voice. "Me and Beast Boy are going to track down whoever did this." Robin replied in a matter of fact tone.

"Do we have to? I really don't feel good." Beast Boy asked as he got to his feet.

"You'll be okay. Now come on." Robin said pulling Beast Boy out the common room.

"You don't think Robin's hiding something? Do you?" Cyborg asked Raven who raised an eyebrow. "I mean, he took Beast Boy with him. And as you know Beast Boy was the only one who knew he was Red X." Cyborg said as Starfire and Raven started to think.

"We'll deal with that when it happens." Raven said simply.

It didn't take long for Raven and Starfire to clean the common room and since they had a special contract with Jump City the window was fixed in no time.

Robin and Beast Boy returned to the Tower around noon, only to be meet with lasers firing when they walked into the common room. Robin pushed Beast Boy into the dining room before jumping behind the kitchen counter.

"Didn't you guys see the sign?"

Robin looked up to see Cyborg head poking out from the ceiling. "There was no sign! Turn the lasers off before I destroy them!" Robin yelled as he pulled out an exploding disc.

"Fine. Fine. Keep your mask on." Cyborg said as he disappeared into the ceiling.

Seconds later the lasers stop firing and Cyborg jumped from the ceiling.

"Why are there lasers in the ceiling?" Robin asked in a annoyed tone.

"Well, you said upgrade the security system. So I got to thinking, lasers. Hundreds of lasers built into the Tower, so the next time someone tries to break in the lasers will active and you know, do what lasers do." Cyborg said as Robin shook his head.

"Cyborg. I want to keep intruders out, not kill them." Robin said as Cyborg waved his hand dismissively. "They're stun lasers, no can die from a stun laser. But anyway how did it go?" Cyborg asked trying to change the subject.

"Not good. We'll have to try again after Beast Boy's condition improves."

"Where is the little grass stain." Cyborg said looking around. When Cyborg and Robin heard snoring, they looked to the dining area to see Beast Boy sleep under the table.

"How was he able to sleep through laser fire?" Robin asked in a confused tone.

"Forget that. How was he able to get to sleep that fast?" Cyborg asked as Robin pulled him out.

"I'm going to throw him in his room." Robin said throwing Beast Boy over his shoulder. "But when I come back were going to talk about these lasers." Robin exiting the common room.

It didn't take long for Beast Boy's hunger to wake him from his sleep. Looking over to his clock which read 8:15 a.m. "Dang I slept the whole day." He then heard a loud rumble from his stomach. "I think my stomach's eating itself." After a quick shower, he made his way to the common room. That's when he saw a note on the door to the common room.

"The Common Room will be under construction from nine to twelve, then from two to six. Enter at your own risk, your friend Cyborg. PS. Beast Boy. Robin is looking for you."

"There goes my day." Beast Boy said as he entered the common room. Looking to the kitchen he saw Raven pouring herself some tea. "Morning." Beast Boy said walking into the kitchen.

"You saw the note right?" Raven said as Beast Boy pulled a out a carton of soy milk. "I'll deal with Robin after I eat."

"You better hurry, Cyborg's going to be in here soon." Raven said as she exited the common room, with a sigh Beast Boy started to cook his breakfast.

(Training Room)

Finding Robin was easy, when he wasn't with Starfire he was in the training room. When he entered the training room he saw Robin training on a Muk Yan Jong.

"You wanted to see me?" Beast Boy said make his presence known. "Yeah." Robin said grabbing a nearby towel. "But. Before we get to that. How are you doing?"

"I'm still a little cold but that will pass." Beast Boy said in a nonchalant manner. "But enough about me. What do you need?"

"I want you track down our theft." Robin said throwing the his towel to the side.

"I can try, but it won't be easy. I thought I was having trouble tracking it down because of my body. But it's something else. The suit has your scent on it and it's throwing me off."

"Can't you just track the scent of the Zynothium?" Robin asked as Beast Boy shook his head. "Because of Terra and that cannon the smell of Zynothium is still in the air."

"So you can't do anything?" Robin a little harsher than he meant to. "Ow." Beast Boy said in hurt tone.

"I didn't mean it like that."

"Right." Beast Boy in a dismissive tone. "Well anyway. Do you want me to try and track the theft down?" Beast Boy said as Robin shook his head.

"No. We'll deal with the theft when the time comes. But I want you to stay on guard." Robin noticed the confused look on his face. "No one told you?"

"Told me what?"

Robin simply shook his head. "The person who stole my suit, used it to break Terra out."

"Oh. That's not a problem, I don't think Terra's going to cause us anymore problems." Beast Boy replied causing Robin raise a eyebrow. "What makes you think that?"

Beast Boy only shrugged before answering. "I think our last fight drained her of her rage."

Robin watched a smile form on Beast Boy's face.

"Well I going to the roof. See if I can absorb some rays." Beast Boy said as he exited the the training room.


As Beast Boy laid on the roof he could almost feel his blood heat up. "You did take care of Terra. Right?" Beast Boy said aloud.

'Of course. In your Vampire form my power is increased greatly. So I have most,if not all the powers I would have if I was inside Raven. So using my empathy I can steal emotions from other people when you bite them.' Rage said as her voice echoed in his skull.

"What happens to the emotions?" Beast Boy asked which caused Rage to sigh. 'What do you think? I take them into myself, increasing my own power. That's why I want you to drain more people until I become stronger enough to hold a physical form.'

"If that's the case I should have drained Terra dry." Beast Boy said as Rage chuckled. 'No. I need people with special personality's. Taking Terra's rage and anger away increased my own power dramatically, but I need more.'

"Will I can't make any promises. But if I get the chance I will see what I can do."

'That's not good enough!' Rage shouted causing his head to throb. 'I want a real body, Beast Boy.'

"What. You tired of living in my head, I thought you would enjoy it. I have lots of memories in there violent ones, sad ones, and happy ones."

'I want a real BODY!' Rage shouted causing Beast Boy to rub his temples.

"What are you doing?"

Beast Boy turned his head only to see Raven. "Nothing." Beast Boy said as he got to his feet.

"Got tired of meditating in your room?" Beast Boy said with a smile.

"Don't you have anything better to than to listen to people in their room?" Raven asked, causing Beast Boy to shrug.

"With the common room off limits, there nothing else to do."

"Try reading a book."Raven said as she walked to edge of the tower.

"Well there is one book I want to read. Have you heard of a novel called Journey to the West?"

"Yes. I'm surprised you heard of it." Raven said in a surprised tone. "Do you have it?"

"No. But I have Romance of the three Kingdoms, if you want to read it." Raven asked as she turned to him. "Nah. Already read it. I wonder if that bookstore in the mall has one." Beast Boy said as he changed into a Peregrine Falcon. Beast Boy found himself encased in a black orb before he could get into the sky.

"Are you stupid?" Raven asked with no emotion. "I don't think so." Beast Boy replied as he tilted his head.

"You're on probation remember?" Raven asked causing Beast Boy to laugh.

"I totally forgot about that." Beast Boy changed back into his human form. "Cyborg's working on the security system, so can you go with me?" Raven waved her hand and the orb disappeared dropping Beast Boy.

"No." Raven answered as she got into lotus position.

"Oh come on. One hour tops." Raven just blocked out Beast Boy's whining. "Please. Please. Please. That might have Water Margin or Dream of the Red Chamber."

"And how do you know of these books? They don't seem like the kind of books you would read."

"Your right they're not. A friend of mine got me into them. That was until she burnt my book." Beast Boy said with a chuckle. "So are we going?" Beast Boy asked.

"Fine. Don't make me regret doing this."Raven said as she hovered in the air. "We're just going to the mall. What could go wrong?" Beast Boy said as he changed into a Peregrine Falcon.

(Common Room)

Around twelve Cyborg and Robin had gathered in the common room for lunch.

"I can't find them." Starfire said as she flew into the common room.

"That's weird. I know they saw the sign." Cyborg said as he flipped his hamburger patty over.

"If they don't eat now they will have to wait till dinner." Robin said as he looked at the clock. "Maybe B. Finally got her to go on a da-" Cyborg sentence was cut short as the common room doors exploded only to show a very angry Raven.

"Of all the immature, childish-" Raven yelled only to have Beast Boy cut her off.

"What? That guy had it coming." Beast Boy shouted as he tried to keep up with her.

"So getting us blacklisted was a your idea of getting back at him." Raven said as she grabbed his suit.

"That was a unforeseeable event." Beast Boy replied in a matter of tone. "And we wouldn't be blacklisted. If you didn't throw me through that window. So it's your fault! Not mine, I had nothing to do with it." Beast Boy shouted has he broke free of her hold.

"What happened?" Robin said drawing there attention.

"Oh. Hey Robin." Beast Boy said as he scratched the back of his head.

"What happened?" Robin said glaring a hole in Beast Boy's head.

"Should I tell him or you?" Beast Boy asked Raven who glared at him. "Okay. You see Robin, I asked Raven to come with me to the mall so I could pick up a book."

"Well after we shopped for books. It was almost time for lunch, so I decided to treat her as a way of saying thanks. It took about thirty minutes to get her to agree but after that, everything was fine. But then we had to get the bastard of bastards as our waiter." Robin looked at Beast Boy who seemed to be mumbling something else under his breath.

"He called himself Adonis. He claimed to be God's gift to women." Raven said as she took a seat at the kitchen table.

"So you attacked him because he was flirting with Raven?" Cyborg asked causing Beast Boy to shake his head.

"No. He spit in my food. Ask Raven. While he was waiting on us he spilled water on me and tried to dump pepper on me." Beast Boy said.

"Raven?" Robin asked. "The water and pepper both happen but the spitting in his food-"

"I'm telling the truth!" Beast Boy shouted as his voice raised.

"So what happen after he spit in your food?" Robin asked as Beast Boy lowered his head.

"I spat at him." Beast Boy said with a weak smile.

"You what?" Robin said making sure he heard him.

"I changed into a Camel and spat at him." Cyborg started to laugh as Robin groaned.

"So you you're blacklisted for that?" Cyborg asked trying to hold back his laughter.

"No we where blacklisted because of her." Beast Boy said as he pointed at Raven who to no one's surprise pinned him to ceiling. "See. That temper is what got us in to real trouble."

"What happen?" Starfire asked as she tried to free Beast Boy.

"It was not my fault, that much I can tell you." Beast Boy shouted.

"Raven?" Robin asked wanting for a answer.

"He ducked."Beast Boy said suddenly.

"He ducked?" Robin looked at Raven who had a frown on her face. "You mean you..."Robin couldn't even finish his sentence.

"It was an act of God. I mean for her to come out of the bathroom at that point in time. I tried to say I was sorry, but she wouldn't listen. So as you can see this was not my fault." Beast Boy said earning a glare from everybody in the room. "What?"

"Raven. Can you let him go?" Robin asked as Beast Boy fell to the ground. Cyborg shook his head and went back into the kitchen to continue cooking. "Star can you keep an eye an Beast Boy?" Starfire simply nodded.

"I'm not a child."

"You sure act like one." Raven said as she glared a hole in him. "I need to talk to you." Robin said getting Raven's attention.

Beast Boy watched as Robin and Raven exited the common room.

'She likes him you know.' Rage words echoed in his skull. 'You should kill him.'

Starfire looked at Beast Boy only to see a vein forming on his forehead. "Friend. Are you okay?" Starfire asked as she put a hand on his shoulder.

'He's going to take her from you. You should kill him.' Rage taunts continued.

"Are you sure your okay?" Beast Boy noticed her voice was full of concern.

"I'm fine. I'll be in my room." Beast Boy exited the common room in a haste.

(Beast Boy's Room)

Beast Boy was pacing in his room, Rage's words had truly frighten him. "Is that why she won't date me?" Beast Boy said as started to rub his temples.

"Why would she bring that up? There was no reason to put that thought in my head."

Inside Rage was happy her plan was working better then she thought.

'I just don't you to get hurt. I'm the only one who truly understands you. Everyone wants you to change, I want you to be the beast I know you can be.' Rage could feel his reason start to slip.

"But I …."

Rage cut him off before he continue. 'Change into your Vampire form.'


'Just trust me.'

Beast Boy did as she command and changed. 'Now focus on the sound of my voice, and pull it out.'

Following Rage's command, he felt something change. His breathing got heavy, his chest tighten. That's when it happen. A shadow like arm exploded from his stomach, he watched a shadow like Raven crawl out of his stomach.

"Hello Beast Boy."

"Rage? Beast Boy asked as she towered over him. Getting to his feet Beast Boy tried to touch her only to have his hand go through her.

"I need your help Beast Boy. As you can see this limit of my power. If you were to change into your normal form I return to your mind. That is why I need you to go back to your old ways. I need Twelve, I need the beast, the animal that would stop at nothing to get what he wanted."

"If I go back to my old ways... I don't think I could stop myself." Beast Boy said as he avoided eye contact.

Rage could feel his reason start to slip. She knew she was manipulating him, but she believed it was for the best. The Titans could not see what she what she saw when she looked at him.

He was damaged, she had been in the darkest corner of his mind she had seen his true self. But she also saw the scared, wounded boy that he was. Like everyone he just wanted to be excepted, needed, someone to love him for what he was and not want him to change. And to break him she need to just that. "Am I not worth it?"

Beast Boy dropped to his knees in defeat. "What would you have me do?" Beast Boy never notice the smile that formed on Rage's face as he said this.