Title: Adrenaline
Author: Sapphire Smoke
Fandom: Leverage
Rating: M
Pairing: Parker/Sophie
Timeline: Before 'The First David Job'
Summary: Sometimes jumping off a roof is just the little 'push' some people need to get them going.
Feedback: Give it to me, baby ;]
A/N: I admit, I wrote this because I'm putting off writing my next chapter of 'City of Thieves'. Bad, horrible, procrastinating me.


"I think I've changed my mind," Sophie tells her apprehensively as she looks over the side of the building, seeing tiny lights down below on the busy street. They are so high up they look like little ants to her, scurrying around. Tightlipped and nervous, Sophie looks at the blonde next to her, hoping she'll tell her she doesn't have to.

"Oh, don't be such a baby," Parker responds with a bit of an eye roll. She secures the harness around her waist, pulling it tight. "It's completely safe."

"Jumping off of a roof is not completely safe," Sophie counters nervously. She starts playing with her fingers, hoping to distract herself with the meaningless movement. Her eyes shift to the side, looking at the edge again, and she swallows hard.

"It's not like you haven't done this before," Parker tells her as she walks over and starts placing her hands all over Sophie's body. She's securing the harness, but Sophie thinks that the way she does it is more like feeling her up. Did she really just have to put her hand there? That seemed completely unnecessary… wait, it just tightened something. Maybe she did. Maybe Sophie is just distracting herself with irrelevant dirty thoughts. Maybe Sophie just wants to blame something on Parker to get herself out of this situation.

There are too many maybes. Like maybe Sophie might fall to her death if she does this. Maybe she might even hit the side of the brick building wall. Just maybe.

Sophie's brow furrows and she retorts, "That was down a stairwell, this is off of a really tall building." She stresses that last word, trying to explain to Parker how a normal person might be a little bit scared of that. But Parker isn't normal, and she doesn't get it.

"And you didn't die during that, so shouldn't that tell you something?" Parker says and clasps them both together so they can do it at the same time. Sophie's heart is starting to beat louder, and she's pretty damn sure Parker can hear it.

"It tells me I'm lucky, and you're crazy," Sophie responds, but holds on to the hem of Parker's shirt, fists clenched. She knows she's still going to have to do this, after all…

"You were the one that came to me, remember?" Parker reminds her as she tinkers with the clasp, making sure it's completely secure before hooking them up; making sure they are both completely safe. "You said you wanted to do this."

"I was thinking baby steps," Sophie tells her, and decides against holding Parker's shirt; wrapping her arms around the other woman would be much better. "Like maybe another stairwell, or a slightly shorter building." She paused, looking down again at the whole twenty stories. "Actually, let me correct that, a much shorter building."

"Don't hold me that way, you'll cut off my oxygen," Parker tells her and readjusts Sophie's hold on her. "If you kill me, I don't think you could get off the harness."

"That's comforting," Sophie says dryly.

"And I don't know why you'd want to start small, why walk when you can fly?" Parker asks her, her face widening into a naughty little grin as she checks the harness one last time and slips closer to the edge of the building.

"Ah ah, no way, hold on," Sophie tells her, shaking her head in protest, but holds on tighter because she knows Parker won't listen to her. "I'm not ready yet, don't you dare…"

"Either run or lag behind, but either way, you're coming. Possibly in many different ways," Parker tells her with a grin, but Sophie doesn't have a moment to process the sexual innuendo the other woman just threw her way. Instead her feet are following Parker's, fear gripping her chest, hating the woman next to her but yet hating herself more because it was her idea to begin with.

Then she's airborne, falling fast into the darkness below, screaming the loudest she thinks she has ever screamed. She's holding onto Parker for dear life, praying that she's not going to die in the next ten seconds. Parker's grinning, her arms out, loving every second of the freedom. Sophie sees this as she finally braves herself to open her eyes after what seems like forever, though possibly was only five seconds later. She wills herself not to look down, because that could possibly cause her heart to stop in fear. Instead she looks at Parker, her heart beating wildly in her chest, her adrenaline pumping through her veins. She finds that when she just lets go of what possibilities that below her bring, it's actually quite fun. Almost close to ecstasy, even.

Before Sophie knows what is happening, suddenly Parker has control and they aren't falling anymore. Sophie is sure her heart is pounding in her throat, and she's surprised she isn't cutting off Parker's oxygen, the way she's squeezing her half to death. Her breathing is labored, as is Parker's, but Sophie has a feeling it's for a completely different reason than her own.

Sophie doesn't ask though, she doesn't even speak. They are still at least thirty feet above the ground, and if they fell it would be to their untimely deaths. She buries her head in Parker's neck out of instinct, hoping to whoever will listen that Parker will protect her. Parker just giggles softly at Sophie's mannerisms, but wraps her other arms around her tightly and pulls her closer to let her know she won't let her fall.

Sophie's head is still spinning, her heart still pounding; her senses still on edge. She can feel Parker's hand against her skin and for some reason it feels like fire; amplified and glorified. She tries to ignore it, but for some reason can't. It is like everything is magnified a hundred times. Parker's fingers move just slightly and it makes the skin underneath them jump and Sophie's breath catch in her throat, which for some reason puts a grin on the blonde's face.

Then Sophie's feet are touching solid ground, but she still can't move. She's just holding onto Parker, still reeling. She closes her eyes for a minute, trying to ground herself. But Parker's hand is still against the skin on the small of her back, her fingers making just the slightest movements… and Sophie can't concentrate on anything else. It's like all of her senses zoned in on that one area, making feelings amplify so much more than they really are.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" Parker asks her, but her voice is an octave or two lower than normal, her lips in close proximity to Sophie's ear from them being entangled together. Sophie's breathing starts to speed up even more, though she doesn't know why. All she knows is that for some reason, the feeling of falling didn't seem to be over just yet.

Sophie lifts her head off of Parker's shoulder, but keeps her lips just as close to Parker's ear as Parker is to her. She just shakes her head, still not being able to speak. She can feel Parker's light breath against her skin, and she's sure she's getting goosebumps. Her heart is pounding again, and she's starting to feel a bit lightheaded.

Parker moves to head so she can look Sophie in the eyes, but that ends up bringing their lips only a half an inch apart at best. Sophie thinks her heart might have stopped then, and she notices Parker look down at her lips, and then bite her bottom softly one out of instinct. "I told you, didn't I?" she asks, though it comes out in a whisper. She's still staring at Sophie's lips.

"I should have…" Sophie starts, but catches herself moving her head a bit further to Parker and stops herself momentarily; she didn't want to be the one to do it. "I should have listened to you," she whispers back, and looks down at Parker's lips and then to her eyes, trying to tell her something, though she didn't know why.

"Yeah…" Parker replies, though it's barely audible, and now their lips were so close Sophie was sure they were actually touching. But then Parker ducks her head down and bites her lower lip again, though this time a little harder, and starts to unfasten them. "We should get back to the office," she tells her, a little louder, though still could just be considered just a loud whisper.

Sophie blinks, confused. She shakes her head, getting herself out of the moment that she thought she was just in. She must have been wrong though, because if they were, Parker was always the type to just do… not think. "Yeah, we should," she agrees, and starts to help the other woman.

They start to unclasp themselves, and for a brief moment their fingers touch. They both jump a little instinctively, and move their fingers away from each other. The two women look up at each other, hearts still beating heavy, breathing still not quite completely normal. "Sorry," Parker says quietly.

"My fault," Sophie tells her quickly, but her gaze falls on Parker's chest, that is starting to rise and fall a lot quicker than it was just a moment before. She looks back up and notices Parker looking at her, and it makes Sophie flush in embarrassment, realizing Parker just caught her staring at her chest. "Sorry," she says, her turn to apologize.

"It's okay," Parker tells her, her labored breathing showing in her voice.

"It's just…"

"I know," Parker replies, cutting her off. Sophie looks into her eyes, and they are so close it's almost too much for her. She can feel the other woman's body heat, can hear her breathing as plain as day, and their faces are still way too close to each other.

"We should…" Sophie starts to say as she tinkers with the clasp again, though realizes she doesn't know how to get it undone herself. She sighs in half frustration, half desperation and looks back up at Parker.

"Do we have to?" Parker asks her in a low voice, putting her hands on Sophie's to stop her. Sophie's heart is in her throat again, and her breath catches in her throat from Parker's hands being on hers.

"I don't know," Sophie whispers, not understanding at all what is happening at the moment. Parker's lips are closer to hers now, and once again Sophie doesn't know how they got there. Did she move closer to Parker, or did Parker move closer to her?

"What do you know?" Parker asks her, her voice barely audible. Sophie can feel Parker's lips move lightly against hers as she asks her the question, making her close her eyes out of instinct.

"Nothing," passes between Sophie's lips in a heated whisper after what seems like forever. Then suddenly their lips are against each other's… and they're kissing. Sophie didn't know who made the first move; part of her didn't care. She just needed to lose herself in the feeling.

Sophie's hand finds the hem of Parker's shirt and she pulls her closer to her, though it seems to not even be possible. Parker gasps softly, and Sophie slips her tongue in her mouth, tasting something that had always seemed forbidden. The way they fell into each other seemed natural, if not for the completely unnatural harness that tied them together, or the unnatural situation of diving off of a twenty-story building that brought them to this moment. Those things… they just weren't natural. But did it even matter?

Parker's hand is running through Sophie's dark hair, and a moan falls from the darker woman's lips as Parker lightly nibbles on her bottom one. They were in an alley, in the dark, fastened together, but neither of them cared. Sophie's back ends up pressed against the building wall somehow, Parker's lips finding their way from the other woman's mouth to her neck. Sophie tightens her grip on Parker's shirt and groans in approval before gasping hard as Parker starts to suck on the base of it; her weak spot.

"Oh my god," Sophie breathes out, completely lost in the moment. She finds her hands wandering now, trying to find a place on Parker's body to settle, but finding out that there are too many places she wants to touch. Parker's lips find hers again just as Sophie finds Parker's breasts, making the blonde moan hard into her mouth.

Sophie's breathing was labored, and she could feel Parker's nipples hardening underneath her shirt. Parker's tongue claims hers in a streak of wild passion, and Sophie can't help but think that this feeling of falling is so much better.

"Sophie," Parker breathes out against her lips, making a shiver go all the way down to the base of the grifter's spine. Sophie brushes her fingertips over Parker's nipples again, making her release a moan that sounds almost like a Siren's song.

They break the kiss, both of their breathing labored. They can feel each other's hearts beating hard against their chest, and they lock eyes for a moment. Parker's eyes search Sophie's, and she realizes Parker's trying to silently ask for permission. But Sophie didn't need to give her permission, they were already wrapped in a world where that didn't matter, and Sophie was willing to see how long and how far this moment could really go.

She nods slowly to her anyway, knowing Parker needs it. Then suddenly buckles on her harness are unsnapped, quicker than the eye could see. But they were still latched on to each other, their bodies still pressed together. Parker takes a small step back and then before Sophie knows what's happening, her shirt is up, her breasts exposed to the cool night air, and Parker's lips are wrapped around a nipple.

"Jesus, Parker," Sophie whispers, mixed between gasps of pleasure and moans of approval. She turns her face to the side, letting the cool brick wall try to lower her body temperature, and she arches her back to let Parker consume more of her. The feeling that started to build in the pit of her stomach starts to travel lower, and Sophie gasps hard as Parker's teeth lightly graze her.

She opens her eyes before she turns her head, wanting to bring Parker back up to kiss her… but she suddenly stops. There's a man, hidden half in the shadows, just watching them. Sophie freezes, and it's like the gears in her brain screeched to a grinding halt.

"Nate!" Sophie gasps out as she realizes who it is, and Parker's head snaps up to look as quick as lightning. Sophie could hear Parker's breath catch in her throat, and for the first time in her life, Sophie thought Parker was actually scared.

"I just came down to see how you did with the jump," Nate explains slowly, in a voice that shows more pain and betrayal than he wanted to express. He shakes his head and looks at Sophie like she had stabbed him and finished, "Guess you made out just fine, huh?"

"Nate!" Sophie calls out, this time more loudly as the man turns to walk away from her. She wants to go after him, but she thinks that she can't.

Then she realizes that she's no longer attached to Parker.

The thief had unattached herself and disappeared before Sophie could even realize that she was gone. She turns her head to look for her, but she's nowhere in sight. Sophie touches the harness, then looks back at Nate, and suddenly she's hit with the realization that she has no idea who she's supposed to go after.

Then the grifter in her has an idea.