A/N: Yeah okay so that R rating just went completely out the window. And this is so PWP I realized, I have no plot to speak of in this lol. This is 'the end', but if you want more just say so, though it'll probably still just end up being about sex… haha.


"Do you need anything to sleep in?" Parker turns and asks Sophie, who's sitting on her bed, putting up her hair into a ponytail.

Sophie looks up at Parker, who's holding up an oversized t-shirt, waving it a little, kind of doing a little dance with it. Sophie cracks a smile and says, "Yeah, I didn't pack an overnight bag or anything."

Parker throws her the shirt and Sophie catches it easily between her hands. "Thanks," she says and lays it next to her.

Parker gets out of her closet and closes the door behind her before flopping backwards on to the bed and looking up at the ceiling fan above her head. She sees Sophie look at her out of the corner of her eye and then hears her ask, "Are you alright?"

"Mhm," Parker says, still staring at the ceiling. She likes trying to keep her eye on just one of the fan posts and watch it go around in circles, it makes her dizzy. She giggles a little, out of no where.

"What are you doing?" Sophie asks her, and lays back too so her head is right next to Parker's though facing the opposite way.

"Making myself dizzy," Parker replies, and points her fingers up at the post she's watching and spins it around.

"Why?" Sophie asks with a little chuckle as she turns her head to look at Parker.

Parker shrugs, "I just like to. I don't know."

Sophie rolls over and little and hoists herself up on to her elbow to look down at Parker's face. Parker takes her eyes off of the fan to look at the woman above her and blinks a little, trying to adjust her vision from the change. "Whoa," she says a little, trying to get Sophie into focus. Sophie laughs.

"See, that's what happens."

Parker smiles at her and turns on her side and gets herself up on her elbow, mirroring Sophie. "Did you call him?"

Sophie knitted her eyebrows, "Call who?"

"Nate. You said you would."

"Yeah, when I get home… which I'm not doing tonight. I'll just tell him my phone died and I was too tiered to call if he asks tomorrow," Sophie answers.

Parker just looks at her and shakes her head a little, sighing before moving to get up. Sophie puts her hand on Parker's arm to stop her, and Parker turns to look at her.

"Please don't look at me like that," Sophie says to her.

"Like what?" Parker asks.

"Like I keep disappointing you."

Parker shrugs a little and says softly, "I just don't understand why people lie. I know a lot of people do it, but I don't understand the purpose."

Sophie laughs softly and replies, "Well that's easy: to not get in trouble."

Parker cocks an eyebrow at her as she lies back down, though this time on her stomach, facing the brunette. "Then why do stuff you can get in trouble for?"

Sophie rolls her eyes, "Says the thief."

"That's different."

A look of doubt crosses Sophie's face and she asks, "How so?"

"Everyone lies; not everyone breaks the law. Well, not the big one's like we do anyway." Parker grins and rests her head on her palms.

Sophie laughs a little and says, "I rarely get your logic. But if you say so."

"I do say so," Parker says and flashes her a triumphant smile before getting up and going for the light switch. "We gotta get up early, we should probably sleep a little."

Sophie looks like she's about to suggest something, but she keeps her mouth shut. Instead she just peels her shirt off over her head and unhooks her bra, letting it fall to the ground softly. She peeks out under her eyelashes and sees Parker standing in the middle of the room, her hand reaching up to turn off the light. But instead of moving she's just standing there, frozen as she watches her. Sophie smirks and pulls the night shirt over her head before sliding off her skirt and panties, but which time Parker had seemed to at least gained a little self control back and puts her hand down so it's not just hanging there in mid-air.

"Do you want to play this game?" Parker asks her, knowing exactly what Sophie's trying to do.

Sophie smirks and cocks her head to the side, putting on an innocent look, "Play what game?"

Parker just raises an eyebrow in challenge and grabs the hem of her shirt. Almost painfully slow she takes it off of her body, pulling it up over her head and shaking her blonde hair loose, letting it fall down her shoulders. She's not wearing a bra, and she tries not to smirk too much as she sees the look on Sophie's face.

Parker's hands lightly brush her lower abdomen as she unbuttons her jeans, pulling down the zipper, and then slowly pushing them off of her body. She's not wearing anything underneath it, and she's sure she just heard Sophie choke on her own breath from inhaling too fast. She stands to full height, her whole five foot seven stark nude, and she just looks at Sophie with a 'ha' look before switching the light switch off.

"I wasn't done looking, turn the light back on," Sophie says finally. Parker laughs, she can't help it.

"One on condition: you can't touch," Parker says, and smirks.

"You just made the game less fun," Sophie says, sighing a bit. Parker laughs and jumps on the bed, which makes Sophie squeal because she wasn't expecting it.

"Come on, it's bed time. We gotta wake up early," Parker says and scrambles under the covers.

Sophie looks at her incredulously, "You expect me to sleep next to you while you're naked and not do anything?"

Parker giggles and says, "I didn't know you were so sexually driven."

Sophie rolls her eyes and retorts, "It's just… been awhile, that's all. And you're not helping."

"You started it."

Sophie sighs in defeat and lifts the covers up so she can slide herself in next to Parker and replies, "Yeah, I dug myself into that hole, thanks for reminding me."

Parker laughs and takes Sophie's hand, pulling her down on top of her. "Give me a kiss goodnight," she says before pushing a bit of hair out of Sophie's face and leaning up to kiss the other woman. She closes her eyes as Sophie responds, climbing more on top of her, placing her thigh in between Parker's legs, dangerously close to a place that could make Parker forget she didn't want to have sex this soon. But Sophie doesn't touch it, so Parker relaxes and just enjoys kissing her.

Sophie gasps softly as she lays on top of Parker, her own shirt riding up a little so that the bare lower half of their bodies were lying against each other softly. Parker cups her hand around Sophie's neck and pulls her in for a deeper kiss as Sophie's hand starts to wander up Parker's bare side, over her ribs.

Parker's body feels like its on fire, the heat spreading through her rapidly. Then Sophie's hand curls and her nails scratch lightly down her side, making Parker gasp and arch up into her. Sophie's lips fall from Parker's lips to her neck, and she starts kissing down it, over her shoulder, and down her chest before Parker knows what's happening.

Then lips are on Parker's nipple, and Parker's hand grasps at the sheets as she gasps out, "Sophie…" But she isn't just saying her name; she's trying to tell her something. Tell her it's time for bed, that they can't do this right now. But she can't form words as Sophie lightly flicks her tongue over it, teasing it just right.

Sophie pushes the covers off of them both, cooling their skin. She breaks her contact with Parker's body for just a moment to sit up and take the nightshirt off. Then she's lying on Parker, her naked body pressed to hers… and Parker can't think anymore. She can barely even remember her own name. Not that it was her real name to begin with.

"Sophie…" she gasps out again as Sophie moves to the side a little, her hand traveling down Parker's stomach as she sucks lightly on the blondes neck. "We ca— oh my god…" Parker tries to tell her, but Sophie brushes over her clit lightly, and her thought disappears.

"We what?" Sophie whispers against her neck, a little amused by her power over the thief. Her hand travels lower and she rakes her nails up Parker's thigh, and Parker's legs spread automatically.

Parker's breathing is picking up, and she's so turned on she can't even think straight. But she knows she wants to wait, she knows that's what she should do. But Sophie's hand is so close, and Parker wants it so badly that she doesn't know how to have both things at once.

But then she does.

A thought flickers through her brain and she takes Sophie's hand in hers, stopping it. Sophie sighs, thinking that Parker finally came to her senses, but to her surprise the word 'stop' didn't fall from her lips, instead it was: "Let me."

Sophie's eyes go wide, realizing what Parker's talking about. Her heart speeds up and she asks quietly, "Are you serious?"

"It's not sex if it's masturbation," Parker tells her with a grin.

"Loopholes," Sophie replies softly with a grin of her own, glad Parker isn't going to completely stop this.

Sophie lies on her side next to Parker, and with the covers finally out of the way of everything, Parker takes a sharp inhale of breath as she can finally see all of Sophie. "Well I don't need any magazines, that's for sure," Parker whispers as her own hand finds its way between her legs as she stares at Sophie, who's starting to spread her own legs to give Parker better material to work with.

Parker starts to caress herself softly, biting her lower lip a little as she moans quietly. She wants to close her eyes, relax, but she wants to look at Sophie, so she keeps her eyes open. She slides her fingers over her clit, finding herself wetter than she thought she was, which shouldn't have been a surprise.

Sophie's panting, having a hard time containing her arousal at Parker's display. Her own hand is starting to wander down her stomach, though Parker's pretty sure she doesn't even know she's doing it.

"God, Sophie…" Parker moans out as she starts to press down a little firmer and go a little faster, which makes Sophie's hand go between her own legs as fast as lightning. Parker spreads her legs wider and slides her hand lower, entering herself with two fingers.

"Jesus Christ," Sophie pants out as she watches Parker pleasure herself. Her own fingers are starting to go faster, harder, needing the physical pleasure as she witnesses her visual one.

"Look at me," Parker gasps out, sliding her fingers in and out of herself harder as she looks up at Sophie's face. Sophie's own turns to look at her, but can only handle doing so for a minute before she crashes her lips to the blonde, moaning hard against her lips as she slips her own fingers inside of herself.

They're almost on top of each other again, Parker can feel Sophie's hand word against her thigh, and Sophie's thigh against her hand. Parker closes her eyes and kisses Sophie back with passion, crying out softly against the older woman's lips as she draws closer.

"Oh my god," Sophie gasps out hard before crying out "Parker!" Not being able to contain herself for as long as Parker can, she releases, and Parker can feel it on her thigh and she curls her fingers against her spot and moans, needing to cum too.

But then there's a hand on her, and fingers pressing against her clit, and a whispered apology of, "I'm sorry, I have to touch you," before Parker's body goes into sensory overload and she screams, grasping at Sophie with her free hand, her breathing ragged and her eyes shut tightly.

But she barely even has time to come down from the first when she's going back up again, Sophie not being able to take her hand away from her. "Oh fuck!" Parker cries out, her other hand flying away from between her legs to let Sophie do what she wants and finding Sophie's back as she climbs on top of her. Her nails are digging into Sophie's flesh, panting hard as her orgasm starts to build for the second time.

"Forgive me?" Sophie whispers in her ear before sliding her fingers lower and slipping inside of Parker.

"Oh god, Sophie!" Parker screams out, her legs spreading more and her back arching, "Yes!"

Before she knows what's happening, she already had her legs up above her head, being incredibly limber, and pushing herself against Sophie's hand as one of hers reaches for the bed rail, trying to push against it to let her in deeper.

Sophie's lips are on hers again, her tongue claiming her mouth as her fingers curl inside of her… and Parker's walls start to contract hard, almost pushing Sophie's fingers out of her as she screams against her lips in ecstasy.

When Parker's senses have returned, she opens her eyes and looks up at Sophie, her breathing labored. Sophie's fingers are still in her, not wanting to leave. "You… cheated," Parker manages to gasp out, but smiles.

Sophie smirks, "Did you expect anything different?"

Parker laughs softly and takes a deep breath before shaking her head, "No, I guess not."