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"NO" Savanna screamed as she watched Sirius go down. She trained her wand on Bellatrix. Chasing her throught the halls of the minerstry of magic. Just then Voldermort apeared in front of her Dumbledore on her other side. She watched as the two greatest wizards of all time fought eachother.

She felt as Voldermort tried to Enter her body to overtake her soul she had to think about Sirius her love for Sirius is what would keep Voldermort at bay. She thought about the first time she realized she loved him that Christmas when they had went to the headquarters after Arthur was attacked and he held her as she cried on his shoulder. Yes Savanna Rose Potter was in love with her fathers best friend who also happened to be her godfather. Not that he would ever notice her to him she would always be his best friends little girl hows pertection he had been put in charge of. As she withered on the floor his face keep flashing through her mind his smile his laugh. tears started to leak out of the courner of her eyes as she thought about the possibltly of never seeing him again. She focused on the happiness and love hoping it would weaken Voldermorts hold on her.

She felt the hold on her getting weaker. She heard it scream and she watched as it left her body. She layed on the floor exusted tears rolling down her pale cheeks. "Anna are you ok" She looked up into the kind eyes of her headmaster nodding her head she slowly sat up. She had to find out what happened to Sirius. She quickly gained her feet and rushed back into the dapartment of mysterys. She saw Sirius still laying on the hard floor. She rushed to his side kneeling next to him. she gathered him into her lap and placed her hand on his chest she could still feel his beating heart though it was weak. She needed to get him to the hospital wing.

She felt a precence next to her and looked up into the face of Remus Lupin. Let me take him to Madam Pompfrey Anna" He gently placed a hand on her shoulder. She looked down at his still form once more.

"Don't you dare die on me Sirius Black." She sobbed "I love you." She wasn't even thinking about what she was saying just that she had to say it even if he couldn't hear her she had to say she loved him.

Remus Lupin looked down at the young girl bending over his best friend He watched as she cried and he heard as she sobbed out that she loved him. He was shocked did he hear right did Savanna Potter just say that she loved Sirius Black. She looked up at him noticing the look on his face. "Oh Remus you have to save him you can't let him die becuse if he dies my life won't be worth living anymore. He didn't know what to say he just gathered his best friend into his arms. and carried him to the floo network. Savanna noticed all the people in the hallways she hadn't noticed all the people coming in after voldermort came. She noticed the Minister of magic.

"Do you believe me now Fudge." She spat her eyes shooting fire at the incopatent minister of magic.

"Yes Miss. Potter I believe that lord Voldermort is back." She didn't give him a second glance to worried about Sirius She hurried behind Remus. Ron Hermione Luna Ginny and Neville behind her followed closly by the order members that had came to there rescue. they flooed to the hospital wing at hogwarts. Madam Pompfrey cam busling out seeing the situation in front of her she hurridly had Remus place Sirius on a bed and began to work on him. Anna stood by numbly praying for all she was worth that he was ok that he would make it.

Madam Pompfry noticed the look on Savanna's face "He will make it Miss Potter." She went into her office leaving the group there with the patient. Savanna went to his side and sat down taking his hand in hers. Not caring who was there she smoothed her hand over his face mummering her love to him.

"Now Anna don't you think your to young to be in love with Sirius he is so much older then you." She turned her angry glare to the werewolf.

She stood up and went toe to toe with him "Remus Lupin don't talk to me about age diffrence's Tonks is way younger then you not as much as me and Sirus but enough and your madly in love with her your proplem is you just won't admit it you stuborn werewolf." She quickly glanced at the shocked Tonks who looked to be frozen in place.

Unknow to the occupents of the room Sirius had regained conciousness. He was shocked to here Savanna telling him she loved him. he couldn't believe it his godaughter was in love with him and god help him he knew it was wrong but he loved her to. Since the trial that almost got her kicked out of school. He opened his eyes as he felt her relese his hand. He watched as she went toe to toe with the werewolf and lisened to the words she spoke to him. He let a small smile play on his lips as he heard the comment about Tonks. He quickly glanced at the frozen Tonks and then at the equally frozen Lupin. "She's right you should just kiss the girl and get it over with." All the people in the room wipped around to see Sirius Black smiling at them.

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