~~Temple of Dreams~~

A/N: The prequel for you all. This explains more about the past lives of Sakura and Yami in Ancient
Egypt. Everyone from Star Child is in here, and of course the gods. ^^


Prolouge: Mina Soko ni Nemure


The Egyptian (hand crafted) boat sailed up the Nile. The breeze was refershing to everyone, even the
slaves that rowed the boat. The boat had the symbol of the Thutmose Cort, of Upper Egypt upon it. It
had been carved very heavily and painted in the brightest colors.

Eight year old Princess Sak-ku-rah Nefertiti Thutmose looked into the merky Nile waters at the fish
and crocidles that lived there. She then looked up, her brown hair blowing in the wind and her deep
emerald eyes showed a spark of happiness. Sak-ku-rah turned around and waved happily at the high
priests son, Seto Tutankhamen.

Seto nodded at her then turned up to his father, who wore the lepoard skin of a priest. He then
sighed and followed his father to their seats on the boat.

Sak-ku-rah ran to her father and mother, Pharaoh and Queen of Upper Egypt. She then tugged on her
father's robes. "Daddy, why are we going to this other palace?"

Pharaoh smiled and patted her head. "Because, Sakuy, daddy has a job to attend to with the ruler of
this part of Egypt. He has a son your age aswell."

Sak-ku-rah's face brightened up and she stood on her toes. "Really daddy? What is his name?"

Pharaoh leaned back in his throne a little. "Prince Yugioh Anktenon."

"Yugioh? That is a funny name." Sak-ku-rah said and then folded her arms. "I hope he isn't as funny
as his name is."


Prince Yugioh Anktenon of Lower Egypt raised his head and sighed. He then removed the blond bangs
from his eyes and looked back down at the papyrus he had to translate from Greek to Egyptian. He then
began playing with his quil. (I wonder what this princess is like. Dad said that she is quite a rocket.)

The dubble doors of the class room opened. Yugioh looked up and blinked as the hiegh priest, Thebes,
entered and bowed to the chibi prince. Thebes then walked up to him. "Yugioh, your highness, the
boat is waiting."

"Is father coming?" Yugioh asked.

"Yes," Thebes then led the excited prince out of the classroom and to the monting place where the
boat lay.

Yugioh looked at everyone that came off the boat, bowing to the Pharaoh and Queen. He then was knocked
over by a brown headed girl with emerald eyes. He rubbed his elbow where it had been hurt. "Why did
you do that?"

"Why where YOU standing in the way?" the girl asked as she fiddled with the egyptian key that lay
around her neck. "You shouldn't be standing in *my* way."

"Oh and why not?" Yugioh asked, getting up and staring into the girl's eyes.

"Because she is Princess Sak-ku-rah Nefertiti Thutmose of Upper Egypt." a winged man said. He had
pale blue cat-like eyes and long silvery hair. He fluttered his wings once. "I am her guardian, Yue."

Sak-ku-rah looked up at her guardian. "Don't be hard on the boy, Yue!!" she then turned fully to him.
"It isn't his fualt if his parents taught him no manners for royalty."

"You!" Yugioh spat and pointed his fingure. "You have no manners! You are the one who bumped into the
next Pharaoh of Egypt!"

Sak-ku-rah turned to him, lifitng an eyebrow. "Oh! So you are Prince Yugioh Anktenon of Lower Egypt!"
she then ran over to Yugioh, poking him and looking at his hair. "Your hair is as funny as your name!"

"Oh dare you speak to a prince like that!" Yugioh said, his feelings hurt. He then took out a dagger
from his robes but fell on his butt because of a load roar.

A winged lion had appeared infront of Sak-ku-rah, his golden cat eyes fireing at Yugioh. "How dare
you threaten the Princess!" he then turned to her. "Are you alright?"

"Oh, Kerberous do not be so mean!" Sak-ku-rah smiled happily. "It is not my fault if Yugioh has no
since of humor what so ever." she then climbed on his back. "Follow Seto."

The two guardians and the princess then left Yugioh, going into the palace. Yugioh frowned and folded
his arms. "They are like Ruby Moon and Spinnel Sun."

"That is becuase, she holds the same magic as me."

Yugioh looked up at Thebes, his blood red eyes filled with confusion and hurt. "What?" he asked in
a chocked vocie.

"Princess Sak-ku-rah has Clow Magic, as I and Eriol." Thebes said, leveling himself to eye level with
the young prince. "Those two, are her guardians as Ruby Moon and Spinnel Sun to Eriol. That key she
had around her neck, is actually a magic rode she uses to use magic. Maybe sometime you'll see it.
Now come, your father and mother are waiting."


Sak-ku-rah looked over Yugioh's shoulder as he begun his translation again. She blinked and lifted
an eyebrow at the handwriting. "Your hand writing isn't very pretty!" she then took the quil from
him and wrote exactly what he had but with more strighter pictures. "See? Like that!"

"The importance of this is to be able to speek the language and translate it, not on how to wright
it better." Yugioh said annoyyed.

Sak-ku-rah blinked and then nodded. "Oh, I have an idea! Why don't we go outside and play!"

Yugioh looked at her as if she where insain. "I can not until I finish everything! Plus, how would
I get outside with out being seen?"

Sak-ku-rah smiled at this. "Oh, I'll show you!" she then took out her key and held in her palm. A
fancy symbol appeared under neath her and she inchanted a saying. The key grew into a wand and she
then took out a card that read "THE SMALL". "See! We can use this."

"What does it do?" Yugioh asked, looking blankly at the card.

Sak-ku-rah was to summon it's powers when the doors opened. Spinnel Sun walked over to the childern
and looked down at Yugioh. "Your father wants you for another lesson."

"Another lesson in what?" asked Sak-ku-rah.

Yugioh turned to Spinnel Sun and followed him, leaving the girl alone in the classroom.

Sak-ku-rah summoned a card called "THE VOID" and looked at the other girl that stood there. "What
is it that he is doing, do you know?"

The Void shook its head and then smiled. It disapeared. --I can look at it for you.--

"Arigato!" Sak-ku-rah said happily and then ran out of the room to find Yue and Kerberous.


Kerberous sighed and shook his lion head at the child. "You should not have to worry about the things
Yugioh does."

Yue shook his head. (Well, she should..after all...)

Sak-ku-rah blinked confused. "What would he have to hide?" she then sat on the ground, seeming sad.
"I just wanna be his friend and he is so mean to me!" she lowered her head and began to cry.

Yue picked Sak-ku-rah up. Her life the last few months had been hard. Her brother was killed on his
way to Rome when the Greeks attacked his ship, and now her mother was dieing of heart failier, though
only few knew. He then wrapped his wings around himself and her. "Calm down, princess. Kerberous and
I are always your friends."

Sak-ku-rah nodded. "But it isn't the same without onii-chan here.." she muttered and rubbed her eyes,
trying to get the sting from her tears to go away.

Kerberous agreed. "Yes, young Prince(although he was around 16) Toya would have loved to see the day
you where to be married." he then looked across the courtyard to see the Pharaoh, Sak-ku-rah's father,
coming to them. "Good afternoon, Pharaoh."

Pharaoh smiled and then took Sak-ku-rah into his own hands. "Come on dear, Yugioh's mother wants
to know if you know where he is."

Sak-ku-rah nodded. "Hai! I know, daddy! Let me down!" she then ran off. "I'll find Yam Yam!"

Pharaoh turned to her guardians and raised an eye brow. "Yam Yam?"

"It seems as if she has created a nickname." Yue said. "Kerberous was foolish enough to tell her about
the Shadow Games."

Pharaoh smiled. "Do not worry, Yue. Sak-ku-rah will have to learn the ways of the Shadow Games sooner
or later."


Sak-ku-rah ran through the palace. Many servents glancing at her, but not stopping her either.
She then reached the door that held the deminsion passage to the Shadow Relm. She then took out her
wand, which was twice the size of her small body, and used The Lock to open it. Sak-ku-rah then
entered seeing the two she was looking for. "Pharaoh! Yam Yam!"

Yugioh looked to her, giving her a questioning look. He then turned back to the duel he
was having with his father. "I call upon the powers of Dark Magician, use your Dark Magic Attack!"

After five more mintues, the duel was over and Sak-ku-rah looked at Yami. "Yam Yam, your mommy
won't be happy when she finds out you where playing that!"

Yugioh smiled at her. "You sound like a mother, you would make a good one."

Sak-ku-rah's cheeks flushed with embrassment and then she gasped. "Yam Yam! You are hurt!" she
pointed to his arm.

Yugioh shurgged, not caring about the blood that ran down his arm. "So?"

Sak-ku-rah sighed and dragged him to the nearest pool and cleaned up the wound. She then tore
a part of her linen dress and wrapped the wound with it. "Yam Yam, you can be such a fool! To think
the gods blessed you to your mommy."

Yugioh stood up. "No matter," he then pushed her into the fountain. "You can not catch me."

Sak-ku-rah sighed and formed her staff, having Fly's wings spread from it. "Oh, no you won't
Yam Yam!" she then flew above him, formed her staff back into the key and tackled him. "Ha! I got

Yugioh sighed. "You are learning quickly, Sak." He then stared at the wings(So, that is the power
that Priest Thebes was telling me about...)

They then looked up. The Pharaoh(Yugiohs' dad) was shaking his head at the two eight year olds. "You
two, I am not sure if you'll be able to rule Egypt."

Sak-ku-rah got off Yugioh and blinked. "Yam Yam will become the livving Horus after you,
Uncle! He would make the prefect Pharaoh!"

The Pharaoh smiled. "I am glad you think that, Princess Sak-ku-rah. You mothers' both want you."

The childern bowed and then ran to their mothers.


Sak-ku-rah frowned. "Mommee." she squeled. "This thing on my head is to heavy!"

Her mother shook her head. "Sak-ku-rah, you will be wearing this for your whole life, you better get
used to it." she then brushed her daughters' brown hair. "So, I heard that you found your way into
the Shadow Relm?"

"I was looking for Yam Yam!" Sak-ku-rah argued. "His mommy sent me to find him."

"I am sure of that, but you still do not have promission to go in there." her mother sighed. "Plus,
you have not the power to enter and fight."

"Priest Tutankhamen says I do!" Sak-ku-rah said and then turned to her mother. "If I can control the
Clow Magic, I should be able to have the Shadow power too!"

"Honey, that power is only ment for Pharaoh's and plus, there is much more to that then you know."

Sak-ku-rah frowned. "You are so mean! I'll prove that I can play the Shadow Games just like
Yam Yam can!" she then ran out of the room, in search of her new found friend.

"...I can not beilive this." she said to the wall. "Tutankhamen, how could you?"

Priest Tutankhamen(Seto's dad) shook his head. "She is blessed with the power, she can do it."

"No matter what, promise me you will not teach her anymore of your Shadow Games." her mother stood
up. "Lets go to the dinner, they are waiting."


Sak-ku-rah sat quietly on her side of the table, moving her hands around nervously. Pharaoh had
said they were going to say something very important about Yugioh and herself. She looked up as her
mother placed a hand on her shoulder.

Preist Tutankhamen and Pharaoh(Yugioh's dad) walked in and sat down. The Pharaoh then called a silence.
"Will my son, Yugioh, and Princess Sak-ku-rah please stand."

They stood.

The Pharaoh smiled. "In order to bring piece to the land, we have decied to wed Princess Sak-ku-rah
from the Lower Kingdom and Prince Yugioh, my son, from the Upper Kingdom."

"WHAT!?" Sak-ku-rah screamed.

Yugioh blushed. He then looked at his father. "Is that nesscarry? We just met this morning and now
you guys are making us a couple?"

Yugioh's father shook his head. "Oh, my son this was planned long before you met. Infact this was
planned when you where born."

Sak-ku-rah took her seat, her face becoming quiet red. (Me and Yugioh are friends...but I don't think
that we'll be *that* close of friends ever!) she then looked at Yugioh. "Yam Yam, sit down and eat.
We can talk about this after."

Yugioh nodded and ate the rest of his meal in silence.

Ruby Moon looked at Yue. "Don't you think the two will make a kaiwaii couple, Yue?"

"It is more than that, it is more of will the two be able to creat a strong foundation of companion
ship in order to rule over Egypt." Yue told her.

Spinnel Sun nodded. "Yes, one thing he doesn't know is that...well Isis predicted a clouded future
for him. Lets hope it isn't true." he then looked over to Kerberous.

Kerberous agreed.


Sak-ku-rah splashed her feet in the water. "So? What do you think about all of this Yam Yam?"

Yugioh shurgged and moved his fingure in the water. "I was hoping that I wouldn't have to worry
about it. I wanted to live my life as normal as it could get, and not worry about getting married
until later in my life."

Sak-ku-rah bent down and moved her fingures in the water aswell. "Hai." she then looked at him. "How
do you think it will be? Being married and all."

"Why do you talk about it as if it wasn't you being married?" Yugioh asked, his blood red eyes staring
up at Sak-ku-rah.

Sak-ku-rah shurgged. "Cause, girls are smarter and they can be more patient?"

"Now that is not true. If it was then women would rule over Egypt." Yugioh protested.

"Look at Haptshetupt!" Sak-ku-rah said. She then pushed Yugioh in, and giggled as he came out soacked
to the bone. "Plus, if you are so--!!" she then met the water. Sak-ku-rah surfaced and gave him a
sour face. "MEANIE!"

Yugioh smiled. "Another reason why boys are better!"

Sak-ku-rah shook her head and lifted her arm, holding a Clow Card. She then called upon the watery
card and made it splash all over the prince of egypt. "HA!"

The two finally called it even and walked inside the warm palace. They said their good nights and
then parted.


Sak-ku-rah blinked as they sprinkled water ontop of Yugioh's head. She then looked up at Yue, who
stared at it. "What is Tutankhamen and Seto doing to Yam Yam?"

"They are preforming a safety." Yue told her, stilling looking on. "This is to make sure that Yugioh
will be able to be free from the dark powers of the Shadow Games. It has been preformed on every
single Pharaoh since the game showed.." he then looked down at her. "So they are blessing him with
Isis's protection."

The princess nodded and then looked back at Yugioh, smiling. (Some day I am going to have a little
boy who will be just like my dad!) she then stood up once the cermony was over. "How often do they
do that?"

Yugioh tried his black, red and golden hair. Then shook it to get the rest of the water out. "About
every two days. Eriol says it is more powerfull when four priests do it then just two."

"But Seto and Eriol are not priests." Sak-ku-rah said, bafilled.

Yugioh nodded. "Hai, but they are SONS of priests, so they have that power that Path(Po-TH) has."

"Oh." Sak-ku-rah smiled. "I get it!" she then sighed. "Yam Yam, um...I am leaving today."

"You have only been here one day!"

"Mommy and Daddy said that they came do to what they did, so now they are leaving."


Sak-ku-rah waved good-bye to all her new friends. She then turned and walked to her parents as the
boat set sail.

Many of the townspeople saw the ship off, and gradulay disapeared as the boat became out of site.
They took no notice of the crying prince.

The prince of Egypt sniffed and then tried his tears as the little puddels on the lime stone disapeared.
"I hope we see each other again, someday Saky."


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