~~Temple of Dreams~~

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Chapter Six: Orincal Flow(Sail Away)


(two months later)

Meeca raised and eye brow and yawned in bordom. Sak-ku-rah had been pacing the floor for three
straight hours now, and it was getting old! "Hey, Sak. Why don't you just wait till he come you
know?" she winked at her. "Aren't ya gonna tell him?"

Sak-ku-rah looked at her and shook her head. "Nani! Yami can't know of this, Meeca! He finally have
him agreeing with us to stop the games, if I do then I won't be able to help."

"You still think that you are this angel chick who is supposed to help inclose the games? You still
beilive in that old legend, profoice crap?" asked Meeca, twirling her hair. She waved off the fan
boy and gave the future queen a long stare. She then broke the silence with a question: "So when are
you going to get married? He proposed to you two months ago, and you still aren't married!"

Sak-ku-rah sat her feet in the cool pool that lay in Meeca's quaters. She just sighed and eased her
shoulders back. "I do not know, I do not know." she looked at Meeca. "I am worried about Shang, we
haven't seen or heard of him in two months."

"Maybe he is off in China." suggested Meeca. "I mean you know how he is Chinese and everything, and
plus his cousin disapeared too."

She nodded and then laied back, looking at the glass celling. "This have just changed so much lately,
I don't know if I am able to handle things." she placed her hands near her stomache area.

"So, is it a boy or girl?" asked Meeca.

Sak-ku-rah looked over to her and shurgged. "I don't know." she looked back at the clouded sky. "I
haven't heard from Eriol in awhile, and I am worried."

"You know," said Meeca in a caring tone. "If you do not stop worring, you'll go into depression! You
know what happens to mothers that are due!" she paused. "Maybe you should talk to your God, Isis is
her name, hai?" she sighed. "I am going to return home soon."

"Nani!?" asked Sak-ku-rah, sitting up. "You promised to stya here until it wsa due!"

Meeca winked. "Hey, I got to bow down to Hera and ask her to bless you as well, you know!" she stood
and left.

Kerberous watched as she left and looked at his master. "So, queen. What shall you be doing?"

Sak-ku-rah waved her hand and the Sak-ku-rah Cards danced around her. She smiled, pointing to
every single one. "Just looks we'll have to try harder, eh?" she looked at them. "I'll need your

Yue nodded. "As you wish."


Seto looked at Eriol. "Take a break. You have been in this room for a week now, rarely eaten. I also
take heed in Isis warning, but we must put our mind's to rest."

Eriol opened his ore eyes, not even breaking his glance with Seto. "As do I, priest...yet these things
are not put off like this. Sak-ku-rah can be in grave danger, we can not let her spirits down like

Ruby Moon stood from her postion of leaning. "Hai! You both are right, but master try and get something
to eat," her vocie seemed chocked. "I do not want you do die."

Spinnel Sun raised his head. "She is right. If you do not get something in your body soon, you shall
become sick and have 'death bed' writen upon your face."

Seto glanced at the guardians, and returned his vision to Eriol. "I take it only we and Meeca know
of the future heir to the throne?"

Eriol nodded. "Hai, we do. Yet...Yugioh will have to know sooner or later. Best is when he comes home
from his trip to Rome."

"Stuck up Romans." muttered Ruby Moon. "Challenging the Pharaoh to Shadow Games wasn't a good chocie!
Ceaser will be on his feet, pleeding for life."

"Yes, Yugioh does have a way with that." said Seto. "Yet it is not the best chocie of road."

"I never said he was smart." said Ruby Moon. "Come, Master! Let us feast tonight and then you can
go and think more."


Sak-ku-rah rose from her seat and greated Eriol. "Eriol! Finally you come from that darkened room
of yours, I was starting to worry of you and Setto."

Ruby Moon sat next to Yue and grabbed his arms. "Hello Yuey!"

Yue gave her a anoyyed look. "Should I even bother asking."

Kerberous laughed and then flapped his wings, and they were gone. "Tell us Eriol, what child shall
be given birth to in seven months of time?"

Eriol shook his head. "I do not know of that, Kerberous. You should ask Isis that."

Meeca smiled and then stood. "Well, whatever! Lets eat and go to bed happily this evening. I do not
see why we should not enjoy ourselfs."

"That is when evil shall show us it's head." said Yue, staring at Meeca.

Meeca blinked dumbly and sat down. She should learn to keep her mouth shut before she said something
really stupid.

====(Rome, Italy)=====

Yugioh looked upon the beaten and terran Ceaser of Rome. His armies where tuff, but not himself. He
blew a peice of blond hair from his eyes and stared down upon him. "You are pathictic."

"You are a killing machine!" shouted Ceaser, glaring at them. "I promise you, that Egypt shall dearlu

Yugioh rolled his eyes. "Just tell Julius that when he comes to power, Egypt will be ready." he then
turned and walked away, the Shadow Relm disapearing as he left the Royal Palace in search of a boat
to take him home.

Yugioh got upon his royal vessel and laied in his chair. People were so week nowadays, unlike when
his father was in charge of Egypt. He sighed again and thought of home, his friends and most of all
Sak-ku-rah. Yet thinking of her brought back the memory of the night he was almost killed. He frowned
and then blew it away.


Sak-ku-rah watched as boats came and left, but none the one she wanted. Her mouse brown hair swayed
in the wind and she shook her head. (This is taking forever, I wonder if he hit a storm.) her eyes
looked upon the harbor again, but then left the lighthouse.

When she got down, her guards bowed to her and offered her a ride. She shook her head and summoned
Fly. Many people waved as she flew above them, she waved back. Sak-ku-rah then landed infront of the
palace and walked in, Fly's wings disapearing.

Kerberous greated her and then stood. "We have found Shang, your majest."

Sak-ku-rah opened the door and there stood Shang, bounded in chains. Confusion swept over her. "What
is the meaning of this?"

Jouket shook his head. "He admited for atemped murder your highness. There for he is under arest."

Sak-ku-rah looked at Shang. "Why?"

Shang lowered his eyes. "Because, I love you."

Her eyes widened. Sak-ku-rah turned her head to face the outside world. Her vocie was hurt. "I am
sorry to hear this, Shang. Maybe if you would have told me sooner we could have done something....
somehow..." she looked back at him. "But for trying to kill a leader..."

"It was of love for you!" cried Shang.

Sak-ku-rah put her hand up and shook her head. "Nani! Shang, you said that you tried to kill Pharaoh.
You have broken a law, and there for must go to jail." she nodded.

As Shang was being carried off, he shouted: "You will pay! You and your dear little kingdom shall fall
upon the 30th!"

Ruby Moon shook her head. "I knew there was more to that man than there seemed! I bet he works for
Seth, that ass*!"

Sak-ku-rah sighed. "I wish that I could do something for him. Unless he was like this befor we had
met upon those roads of China..." she then turned to the doors, pausing before opening. "When Yami
comes home, tell him I am in my room."

"Hai." said Ruby Moon, watching Sak-ku-rah leave.

Eriol stepped from the shadows, Taimankmet standing next to him, holding his hand. He then sighed
and looked upon Ruby Moon's back. "I take it that Rei is still lose then?"

"We can not find her." said Spinnel Sun. "We have searched all of Egypt."

"Prehapes she is not in Egypt?" asked Taimankmet, looking at Eriol very sadly. "I can take care of
this, Eriol. You need sleep..you are having those dark spots around your eyes!"

Eriol looked upon her. "Nani, Taimy. You must understand if I do not quide Sak-ku-rah through this
task then the end of the world is at stake."

Taimankmet shook her head. "Wait! What if we trap the game like we planned? Hai? I mean you said it
would work, why not use it?"

"We must have Pharaoh here." said Ruby Moon, gazing upon the couple. "I know how much Eriol-sama
means to you, Lady Taimankmet...but you must let him do his duty."

"...hai..." muttered Taimankmet. She kissed his cheek and went to help her mistriss.

"Atleast she cares." Spinnel Sun said in a low vocie.

Yugioh came into the palace. All the servents shook in fear and got down and bowed, still shaking. He
walked passed them and contitued to the throne room, where he found Eriol and his quardians. He watched
them for a minute then said, "Eh, Romans. Week they are."

(You'll be saying that when they come and kick your butt!) thought Ruby Moon. She then bowed. "If you'll
excuse me and Spinnel Sun, Pharaoh, we must be doing guardian..er...stuff." she quickly exited with
Spinnel Sun behind her.

Yugioh raised an eyebrow. "Stuff?"

Eriol shurgged and then sat down upon a cushoin on the floor. "We have found your adtemped murder,"
he said. "It was your future wife's body guard, Shang."

"WHAT?!" Yugioh roared.

"He said that he did it out of love, Pharaoh." he casted his eyes down. "Shang is deeply in love with
Sak-ku-rah. You can not hold that against anyone, but yourself." he read Yugioh's face. "You are in
love with Sak-ku-rah, but never spend time with her."

"I am to bussy with the games." said Yugioh.

"You can take a brake, Pharaoh." said Eriol. "Sak-ku-rah is waiting in her chambers for you. She has
been deeply worried of you while your vist to Rome."

Yugioh shurgged and left the Priest alone, heading to her chambers.


Taimankmet looked up from combing her mistriss's hair when the door opened. The Pharaoh stood there,
looking like his cold normal self. She palced the brush down and lowered her head.

Sak-ku-rah stood up and then ran to embrace Yugioh. They helled each other for a few moments then she
parted with him, a serious look upon her. "Did you hurt him Yami?"

"Not as bad as I do most." answered Pharaoh as he pushed her aside and walked to the balcony. He let
the ocean wind play with his hair.

"It is Januaris." said Sak-ku-rah. "You have been gone two months now, Yami. Are you not going to
have a feast of some sort?"

"Why bother? I'll just be off again." Yugioh muttered.

Sak-ku-rah walked over to him, took his hand in hers, and then leaned on his shoulder. "Yami! Please
just take one week away from the game and be with *me*. I have not seen you in two months, and you are
already thinking about going away aren't you?"

"Greece has challegned me! I must aceept it!" shouted Yugioh and then left the room, slamming the doors.

Taimankmet watched as the Sak-ku-rah Cards floated around their master, giving off a blue tint. Her
mistriss had her head down, looking upon the floor. Taimankmet stood, and left the room with out saying

"So much for a happy day!" Meeca said as she looked up at the setting sun. "That future husband of
yours, Saky! I am glad I am not marring him."

"Thanks." muttered Sak-ku-rah as she sat next to her. "So, why do you stay here Meeca? Why not sail

"Egypt is much better than Greece around this time of year." said Meeca, smiling. "Plus I do not want
boys drouling over me when I return home."

Sak-ku-rah giggled and then sighed happily. "Hai! We have become good friends now!"

"Yes, we have." agreed Meeca. "I am worried of Athelos. I am still afraid that he is somewhere looking
for this Oasis."

"The Oasis you told me of is miles out of Egypt." said Sak-ku-rah, looking at her new found friend.
"That means he is almost into the Sarah Desert by now."

"I worry of him." Meeca said sadly. "I hopped that he would be normal, like your brother was."

"My brother was far from normal." Sak-ku-rah said. "He was like Yami, totaly into this game and would
never spend time with me when I was little. Prephaps that is why I had picked on Yami so much."

Meeca nodded. "Whatever happens, you'll give life." she winked at the new mother. "You should tell
him soon."

Sak-ku-rah shook her head. "Nani! Not until he is out of these games."

Meeca shook her head. "That means you will trap the games first?"



Rei smiled evily as Athelos entered. "About damn time! You are way late, and they ahve my cousin now!"

Athelos nodded. "Yes, but we can get him back." he pulled out what looked like a pearl, but dark
clouds moved inside it. "This is Hades's Charm, we can bring anyone we want to the Shadow Relm with

Rei thought then laughed evily. "Queen Sak-ku-rah. She will be our bait for the stupid Pharaoh. Begin
it, Athelos!" she turned to a statue of Seth. "Very soon."


Sak-ku-rah and Taimankmet walked down the hall, talking happily. Suddenly, Sak-ku-rah stopped and
grabbed her head, screaming in Japanese. She then yelled: "Tami! Go get Yugioh and tell him that I
am---" with that she disapeared.

Taimankmet stood for a second, then raced to Eriol. She smashed open the door to the dark room. "Eriol!

"I know." said Eriol. He looked upon Sak-ku-rah's guardians. "You know what to do."

The angel and griffen then left, and Ruby Moon looked upon her master. "Now what?"

"It begins." said Eriol.


* - [1] = ass; ass means Donkey; Seth has a Donkey Head

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