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Well without further ado heres the 2nd chap of a cherry blossoms blood tastes sweetest

"Hey are you ready?"

"Of course, I made them by hand."

"Who are you going to give it to?"

The overly cheerful, squeaking voices could be heard all around the class room, as the girls in the class talked animatedly to each other, swooning over small bits of chocolate, that they were planning on giving away for Valentines Day. Sakura sat in her regular set in the back of the classroom with Zero watching as even Yuuki and her roommate Yuri talked about the love holiday that was coming tomorrow. She listened as one of the girls giggled in the very front of the class, "So, what are you going to say when you give it to him?" one of the girls asked a girl who was swinging back and forth holding onto a bright pink box this a red bow attached. "I'm gonna give it to him and say I'm giving you my heart please don't break it." The swooning girl said as the group around her squealed in delight. 'puke! Why don't I cut your heart out and shove it into what's his names face then you can really give him your heart and I wont have to listen to you ever again.' Sakura groaned in her head as she let her head lay on top of her crossed arms. She hated, HATED, from the fiery pits of hell, Hated Valentines day, it was just another way for girls to make complete fools of themselves, and just an excuse for fan girls to get even more annoying. And with the whole day class population, minus Yuuki and Yuri, drooling, hearts in their eyes, fan girls, Sakura was even more aggravated that usual.

Trying to forget the annoying chatting going on around her Sakura let her mind wonder to the unwanted memory of a few nights ago. 'The whole night class… they… are all vampires… and my family… was killed by vampires…' Hell certainly took a good liking to her, but she couldn't figure out why she was letting the matter get to her, they weren't the same ones who had killed her parents, and they had no hostility in them, and even Yuuki, Zero, and the chairman knew about them. So why did she feel this way toward them, she wasn't a person that held grudges, so why was she the only one being hostile here?

Sakura was snapped out her thoughts when she heard Yuuki say something, "Hey Sakura are you doing to give somebody a Valentine." She seemed so happy about the subject, not like the fan girls who just wanted to show their already obvious obsession with the night class. "I… I don't know yet…" She said smiling sheepishly back at her, she couldn't ruin her cheerful mood just because she didn't like the holiday. "Why is it that someone has been glaring at us this whole time?" Sakura heard Yuri say indicating to Zero who had been in a straight, stick up his ass mood all day. Sakura sighed out, "I got it." She said as she let a big puff of air and hit Zero on the head with two large books she had on her desk. "What the hell was that for!?" He yelled standing up from his seat, "I was just making sure you didn't die glaring." She said a smirk on her face as she looked up at him, "You should thank me." She finished laughing evilly.

But her laughing soon came to an end when Zero took a large book off his desk and hit Sakura right on her head as well. "Zero!" She yelled standing up as well, "I was just making sure you didn't die with that ugly look on your face, you should thank me." He said mocking her earlier words, with his own smirk present on his face. The two where soon in a full blown screaming argument, before Naruto came in between them, "Hey you guy you should stop before the teacher comes in." He said putting his hands up. "STAY OUT OF IT!" Sakura and Zero yelled at the same time before continuing their argument.

"Hey giving chocolate before tomorrow is prohibited!" Yuuki yelled at the screaming fan girls, from on top of the stone wall that separated the night and day classes. Sakura was pushing some of the girls back when she noticed a girl trying to climb over the wall. "Hey!" But before she could even get another word out the girl fell from onto of the shoulders of another girl, she was about to run over in an attempt to save her when she saw Zero doing just that. But that was all she saw when a large group of fan girls pushed her down to the ground when she wasn't looking. Furry sweeping over her face Sakura stood up an evil look in her eyes and she looked at the fan girls. "Get. The. Hell. Out. NOW!" She said her teeth grinding together.

The look she was giving them was surly scaring them but once the doors opened the group of girls behind them pushed their way forward, knocking Sakura to the ground again in the process. Furry swept over her eyes again and she looked up to yell at the girls, "DAMN IT, THAT'S IT I'M GONNA PESONALY BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA YOU ALL!" she was about to stand up and chase the damn girls down when she noticed someone standing in front of her, "You better have a damn good reason for getting in my way." She said looking up only to see none other than Kaname, his hand outstretched to help her up. She was about to except the help when her mindset suddenly changed and she smacked his hand away, quickly getting up herself "Thanks." She said, in a sickly sweet voice as she walked off.

'damn it why am I acting like this…' she thought as she walked off. 'I don't even hate him…so what's up… do I fear them…NO, no that can't be it there is not way…' She thought as she stoked off trying to think of a good reason to why she was acting the way she was. Naruto watched as his best friends walked away, he could tell that the matter with the night class was bothering her but he had no clue of how to help her.

"Come on, Come on we have to get there before the prefects do."

"Lets go."


"Like hell I'm gonna let these little fan girl go off like that! Let's go!" Sakura said in a huff and she made her way after the group of day class girls. It was here and Sakura was not too happy about it… Valentines days… Once outside Sakura watched as the fan girls lined up behind gates that had the names of the night class students above them. 'You have got to be kidding me' Sakura thought as she watched Yuuki explain to the girls the rules on giving away chocolates. The ear bursting scream of the girls was heard as the night class gates were opened, "SHUT UP DAMN IT!" Sakura yelled pumping her fist in the air.

She watched leaning on a tree near by, as the girls obediently stayed in line to give away their chocolates. "Sakura-chan!" She heard Naruto yell as he walked up to her his hands full of small boxes filled with chocolates. "Do you want some?" He asked looking at the candy like it was Christmas. "Nah I might catch a fan girl dieses." She said both of the ninjas laughing slightly. The two of them sat out for most of the time it seemed that the day class girls were not doing much so they sat back and watched them give their boxes to the night class boys.

"Who ever is hiding over there come out now." Zero said as he leaned against the frame of the barn where the horses were kept, panting loudly trying to catch his breath. A girl with long dirty blonde hair pulled back in two breads, with glasses came out from the bushes wearing a day class uniform. "Umm I just wanted to… thank you for saving me the other day… so here!" The girls stammered as she held out a small wrapped box. "…Go away…" Zero said quietly, "What." The girl asked not really hearing what he had said, "I said go away!" He yelled out scaring the poor girl, "Sorry!" She said as she ran back to where she came from. Zero still stood in the same spot, gasping loudly holding his side. "That was pretty rude." He heard a voice say as Sakura jumped down from a tree as she walked over to him, only to take notice in the stat he was in. "What happened!" She said in a panic as she ran to his side the medic in her kicking in.

"Get out of-" He was cut off when he felt the pain start to subside, he looked down to see Sakura's hand glowing a brilliant green over him where his hand once lay. "What did you…" He was about to ask pretty much flabbergasted on what she had done to make the pain stop. "Shh, it's our secret, okay?" She said putting her index finger over her lips winking at him as she walked off without another word. 'what… what was that…' he thought as he watched her walk away, what ever it was had helped a lot he didn't know how long it would help but it had.

"What do you want night class?" Zero said his gun out and pointed at the five night class students surrounding him. "You sure are full of yourself." Aidou said in a monition voice, "Talking to Kaname like you did." Ruka said more anger in her voice than Aidou's.


"Zero how are you feeling?" Kaname asked as she smiled as him and finished his sentence, "You should take care of yourself." He said as he walked away leaving an anger Zero behind him. "If you are trying to start something…I'm willing to challenge you anytime…" Zero said venom dripping from his words.

End flashback

"You shouldn't be dong this Aidou, Ruka." Akatsuki Said not liking what the others were planning. "If the dorm leader finds out he will be mad…" he said walking over to Zero to put a hand on his shoulder only to be flipped over onto his back. "Come on vampires." Zero said finding amusement in Akatsuki's attempt. "Umm Zero…" A new voice was heard as Naruto walked in from the bushes, "I don't mean to interrupt but I don't think we should be fighting like this." He said smiling sheepishly at the others. "You really are too full of yourself." Aidou said ignoring Naruto completely, as a nice thick piece of ice started to form under Zeros feet. "I was trying to stop this… but…but I guess there's no way of knowing how this will turn out." Akatsuki said small fire balls forming around his head. "Hey, hey you guys seriously, I like a good fight as much as the next guy but you really should be fighting like this." Naruto said still trying to stop the feud going on in front of him. He was about to use force to stop them when a voice boomed at them, "What the hell is going on over here!" Sakura yelled as she jumped down in front of Zero her sword placed in front of her, Yuuki fallowing suit not too long after.

"Naruto, why didn't you stop this?" Sakura said anger in her voice, "Sakura-chan I did but they wouldn't listen to me…" He whined, Sakura sighed at his childish acts. "Ah and a beautiful blossom comes, so nice to see you again." Aidou said batting his eye lashes at her. "Don't talk to me." Sakura hissed venom dripping from her voice as she glared at the blonde night class student. "All of you get back to you classes." She said indicating to the night class. Noting that she was not messing around with them the night class students walked back to their class. "Zero what is up with you; it's not like you to do something like that." Yuuki said but it seemed to fall on deaf ears as Zero started to walk away; Yuuki began to fallow grabbing at his jacket when he brushed her off and just kept walking. "Zero…" She said not knowing what was going on with him, "Its okay, he is probably just moody." Sakura said putting a reassuring smile on her face, Yuuki smiled back at her nodding her head.

Suddenly Sakura felt a powerful dark chakera nearby, "Naruto why don't you and Yuuki head back to the dorms." Sakura said, as Naruto nodded feeling the chakera as well. Once the two were gone Sakura took off in a sprint in the direction where she felt the chakera, but before she could get to the source it disappeared all together, like it had never been there at all. 'That's strange…' she thought as she kept walking, only to suddenly trip and fall to the ground, "owww what tripped me?" She said as she looked back surprise filling her core as she forced herself not to scream. There in her path was a young girl in a day class uniform, covered in blood. She ran to the girl's side ignoring the puddle of blood she was sitting in as she put her hands over the girls chest letting her hands glow a light green only to fade shortly after lighting up. There was nothing, no heart beat, no brain activity, and the worst part was… there was no blood, none at all, only the blood that she was covered in and the small amount that had pooled around her.

Sakura looked down in shame, this was her fault, she hadn't been paying attention, she had been too wrapped up in the night class, and what they were that she had slacked away from her duties and had let a young girl die, long before she was meant to. She slammed her fist into the ground sadness and anger filled her eyes, she was sent here to prevent this from happening, and she wasn't supposed to let anyone die. Pushing back the sadness Sakura picked the small girl up, she had a job to do and she wasn't going to let anyone else die because of her.

The sky faded into a beautiful haze of colors as the sun slowly set, Sakura and Naruto walked in the busy town streets. They had been fallowing Yuuki after she had run after Zero into town from the night class dorm; losing her once she had gone through a big crowd. It had been a few days since the night Sakura found the young girl dead in the woods, she had taken the girl to the chairmen apologizing many time for her insubordination and lake of discipline on her mission. The chairmen had told her not to blame herself so much, but that's all she could do. She had asked him to not tell anyone about the girl's death other than the girl's family, if Naruto had found out he would have been harder on himself than she was, and she couldn't let her friend feel down, when she was the one in charge of this mission. "Sakura maybe we should split up we might find them both faster that way." Naruto said they had fallowed Yuuki to make sure nothing happened and with the sky darkening with every passing moment they needed to find both Yuuki and Zero and get them back on campus. "Alright." Sakura said agreeing with Naruto's plan as the two split off in different directions.

About half a mile of walking Sakura came upon Yuuki sitting on a bench hugging herself. She quickly walked over to her putting her hand on her shoulder, "Are you alright?" She asked concern filling her voice, as Yuuki looked up at her relief in her eyes. "Come on lets head back to the dorms." She said smiling down at the girl, "We have to find Zero first." Yuuki said remembering why she had come here in the first place. "Its alright Naruto is out looking for him he will find him eventually." She said, when a flash a red flew past their eyes, Sakura looked back to see a small child standing in front of a tree staring up at a red balloon stuck in its branches. Walking over Sakura jumped up into the tree retrieving the red object. Yuuki stood next to her as Sakura landed back on the ground putting the balloon out for the child to take, before it ran off in the other direction. "Hey…" Yuuki yelled about to run after the child, when Sakura put a hand out to stop her, "I'll take care of it you should go a head and head back to the dorms." She said, Yuuki nodded and started to head out in the opposite direction, as Sakura ran after the child the balloon flouting in tow.

She ran down a flight of stairs and into a section of old buildings when she stopped looking for the child that had gotten away from her sights. Seeing movement farther down she started to walk after it, "Why are you running kid, I just want to give you your balloon!" 'geez kids are weird.' she thought walking further into the abandon buildings. After walking a little further she came onto an opening, where the little boy stood in front a fountain that no longer worked. 'Okay this is getting a little creepy…' she thought as she walked up behind the boy. "Here you go." Sakura said as she bent down to his height her arm stretched out to give the balloon to the boy.

She smiled once the boy turned around and started to reach out for the balloon, when suddenly he grabbed her by the sleeve of her uniform. "Hey, hey what is it?" she said assuming there was something wrong with the boy. But when the boy looked up at her with bright red eyes, and opened his mouth wide so Sakura could see his large fangs, her eyes went wide as fear spread across her face and she let go of the balloon. The monster soon bit down on her hand piercing the skin as it bleed she quirkily pulled her arm out of the monsters vice grip, ripping the skin the thing had bit, and started to run in the opposite direction. 'Why… why am I running… why do I feel so scared…?' she thought as she let her legs carry her to a destroyed path. When she was about to turn around and run the other way the monasteries child leapt down from above her and almost got a hold on her, and without thinking she jumped from on top of the path to the ground, as she kept running. When she came upon an abandon building, running inside and up the stairs in an attempt to hide from the monster chasing her and heal her bleeding hand. She came up to the second floor she saw another set of stairs, she claimed up the ladder and opened the ceiling door. Once she was throw the door the quickly closed it and sat on top of it to prevent anything from coming up after her.

She sat there her breathing ragged and deep, her hand glowing green as she healed her bleeding hand. 'What was…that…' she thought trying with all her might to calm herself down but nothing was working. 'Mommy!... Daddy!... Sakura heard her voice as a young girl as the images of her parent's death flipped through her head. Sakura clutched her head trying the ride herself of the images. 'So much… so much blood…' she thought as the images kept flying through her head. 'No I can't be afraid… no I can't be…' she thought as she grabbed her sword and pulled it out her hands shaking.

Suddenly the child burst throw the window, she just barley got her sword up to block the thing from jumping on her. But all it did was let the thing sit on her weapon and swipe its claws at her, scratching her face and shoulders, as her hands shock from fright. She felt tears brim in her eyes as she willed them not to fall. The monster was about to bit her, a sadistic smile plastered on his face but about an inch or two from her face the thing jumped back and stared to the side. Fear still filling her body she slowly turned her head to the side surprised mixing with fear as she saw none other than Kaname standing by the window.

"How sad… that you have fallen to this stat." he said a passive look on his face as he walked forward, the monster child backing up in fear and Kaname came forward. But instead of walking to the monster he walked up behind Sakura, wrapping one arm around her waist and arm and the other covering her eyes. She started to struggle, not quite as strong as usual because of her still present fear, "I won't forgive you for hurting this girl." She heard Kaname say, as she stopped struggling against him when she felt a strong wind blow from behind her, like a tornado was ripping through the building. A small scream was heard before the wind died down, Sakura shrugged out of his grippe, "Are you alright?" He asked as she stumbled forward after getting out of his grippe.

"I don't need your help." She said the fear still present in her system but for some reason she could not give him the thank you she wanted to. "You shouldn't have come to a place like this." He said putting a hand on her shoulder, "I not need your advice." She said pushing him away when suddenly a shooting pain spit into her head. Bending down as the pain in her head ripped feeling like her head was splitting in half as random words flew through her head. Angels… blood… crimson skis… death of all… blood stained wings…end… nothing…darkness… the words whispered in her mind 'what is this…' she thought as Kaname came to her side kneeling down next to her putting his hands on her shoulders. "Stop…"she whispered, "Sakura, what's wrong?" he asked but she smacked his hands away, standing up "I don't need your help…" her voice only a whisper the only thing she could get out of her mouth, as she attempted to run down the stairs. But once she had gotten half way down she felt herself falling forward to the ground, being met by strong arms.

Kaname wrapped his arms around her legs and back lifting the girl up gripping her against his chest. "I… I don't…" She said the splitting pain in her head casing her to losing consciousness. "Its alright you can rest now." Kaname said in a gentle voice as the girl in his arms started to go limp against her will, as Kaname started on his way back to the school.

Yuuki walked through the school halls, on her nightly patrol, as she came upon Zero who was sitting at the end of the stair way. "Zero what's wrong?" She said walking up to him, "Get away!" he said his voice frantic and demanding. "What, why, why wont you talk to me anymore?" She said coming forward. "I said get away!" his voice strained "I'm… sorry…" She said turning around to run back where she came from when Zero turned around catching her hand, his eyes going wide when a bandage she had wrapped around her arm from a scratch she had earlier, came undone, a small amount of blood still on it.

Before she could do anything else Zero had her in his gripe, his hand tilting her head up. His tough sliding over her sensitive neck, "Z-zer-Zero…!" Yuuki said her eyes going wide with slight fear. His teeth sliding over her neck before she felt the sharp piercing of his two sharp canines bit into her skin, as he sucked the sweet red liquid from her body. "Zer-Zero… What.., sto…Stop!" she said pushing him away only to see his eyes glowing bright red blood smeared over his mouth, as two fangs pocked out of his mouth.

Yuuki gripped her bleeding neck in an attempt to stop the bleeding as she stood there in shock at Zero. Suddenly Zero's eyes went wide and faded back to the normal silver, "Yuuki…" He whispered a pained look on his face. "I'm sorry…" He said looking away in shame… 'Zero…Zero is a vampire!?'

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