Just FYI, this is dedicated to my friend Katie because she loves cheesy Smitchie and I love her, so there you go, and it's also dedicated to my friend Lizzie because she was my reader today, haha.

56. Marriage

Mitchie Torres-Gray loves being married. She loves hearing Shane call her his wife, and she loves how it feels to come home and know that Shane will be there. She loves the way he holds her in his arms after they've made love (or had sex, if that's what they did that day, but they mostly made love) and how he'll make her the omelet he knows she loves to eat whenever she has a big day ahead of her.

Mitchie hums as she walks around the kitchen, making dinner for tonight. It's her and Shane's first anniversary, and she's really nervous about messing anything up, but at the same time, she knows Shane couldn't care less if she wore sweatpants and ordered pizza. Or at least that's what he says, but that won't stop her from wearing her new dress with the heels that make her feel like she's going to fall on her face but make her legs look killer.

She's also making some recipe her mom gave her. Mitchie's a good cook, but she can only cook because she follows the recipe word by word and makes sure not to mess anything up because this dinner has to be perfect. The perfect dinner for the perfect husband, right? Mitchie smiles dreamily and continues cooking, heading upstairs to change while the food was in the oven so she could get ready.

Mitchie's in the bathroom, having just gotten out of the shower, when she feels a pair of strong arms snake around her waist. She turns around, surprised but delighted. "Shane!" she exclaims. "You're early! Why are you so early?"

Shane chuckles and kisses her forehead. "Can't a guy surprise his wife on her anniversary?" he asked. Mitchie giggles and leans up to kiss him softly, wrapping her arms around his neck. Shane kisses her back, smiling as he hugs her closely, and Mitchie giggles again. She really can't help the way he makes her feel – and she's been this way since she was fifteen.

"Why don't you get dressed and we'll go out to dinner?" Shane mutters against her lips. "Our reservations are at eight, and we really don't want to miss them. They were hard to get."

Mitchie freezes and pulls back. "What reservations?" she asks, frowning slightly.

Shane looks at her as if it's the most obvious thing in the world. "For our anniversary dinner. You didn't think I'd make you cook tonight, did you?" he asks. Mitchie sighs, looking down sadly, and Shane frowns.

"I already made dinner, Shane," Mitchie says softly. "But it's okay, we can eat it tomorrow. Where are we going?" She pulls away and grabs her hairbrush, turning to look in the mirror.

Shane shakes his head. "We can stay and eat dinner here, Mitch," he says. "I'd rather do that, actually. So can we stay?"

Mitchie looks at his reflection in the mirror, admiring the beautiful face of the man she's come to know as her husband. She turns around and cups his face in her hands, deciding to prevent the argument over what they would do (Shane undoubtedly arguing they should stay home to eat their dinner while Mitchie said they should use the reservations).

"How would you feel about pizza and a movie?" she asks, and he smiles.

"It sounds perfect."

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