AN: This takes place straight after Stormbreaker, as I uh... haven't reread the other books yet, and so can't write fic for any of the other books.

Hopefully I'll get around to writing something involving the SAS boys, as they've swiftly (blame amitai) become some of my favourite characters.

Alex hadn't been lying when he said he'd never forget Yassen Gregorovich, but he hadn't quite expected the lithe assassin to invade his thoughts like this.

The Russian had taken up nearly all of Alex's attention during the day, and he was beginning to make an appearance in Alex's dreams as well.

Alex dreamt of how it would feel to have all that power focussed on him, how it would feel to have the older man's body pressing against his own, moving with his. He could imagine how Yassen would touch him, clever fingers seeking out all the spots on his body that would feel so good...

Frequently, Alex found himself waking up with vague memories of his dreams and sticky, clinging boxers.

No, Alex would never forget Yassen Gregorovich.