Rating: M (yaoi, PWP, AU, slash, language, OOCness)

Pairing: Axel x Marluxia; 8/11

Summary: Axel is a demon, and has his sights set on one pretty pinkhead human. -YAOI-

Disclaimer: I own 10 Fold, but nothing else.

Author's Note: I can guess that y'all know what my favorite pairing is by now. But anyway, here's some more smut from me. In Axel's POV. Enjoy!



"Demy! Demy, come here and look!"

"Axel, are you looking at that guy again?"

I licked my lips and looked down into the mirror that reflected the Earth at a sexy pink-haired man. Dem came and sat on my bed next to me.

"Isn't he hot?" my tail made suggestive movements while my lips curled into a smirk. My buddy sighed.

"You've been watching this guy for three months now, Axel," he reminded me. "And every day, you go through hormonal withdrawals 'cause you look at him for too long and you're a pervert."

"Satan's my dad, so I'm supposed to be bad," I winked. Then I turned back to the mirror with a wistful sigh.

"Do you even know this guy's name?"


"How old is he?"


"What does he do?"

"Stripper at this place called 10 Fold. His stage name is Minx."

"Okay, man, you're officially a stalker. You scare me, Axel."

"Oh no no, I would obtain my stalker status by knowing his favorite drinks, where he likes to shop, what he likes to eat, knowing that his toy collection is in the second drawer of the nightstand by his bed--"

"Axel! If I said you're a stalker, then you're a stalker," Dem shook his head at me. "Why don't you go down to Earth and take him if you want him so bad?"

"Oh yeah! I never thought of that!" I gasped excitedly. "Damn it, I should've thought of that!"

"Your slow-ness really amazes me sometimes..."


I flew down to Earth in my boxers that night and slipped into Marluxia's condo. Really kept and luxurious lookin', just how I expected it. I made my wings, horns, and tail disappear while I walked around and checked out the place. The red neon clock in his bedroom read 11:28.

If I remember right... he should be home any minute...

And right as I expected, I heard the front door open. I sat on his bed and waited for him to come in. The bedroom door opened and my wet dream walked in, wearin' ripped up leather pants and a matching leather jacket with silver skulls all over. His pink hair was in a long braid and slung over his shoulder.

Damn, he looked twenty times sexier up close!

"Who the hell are you?" he exclaimed. "How did you get in here?"

"Name's Axel, and how I came isn't important. Next question."

"Will you wait here while I call the police?"

"Not necessary, Marluxia. Human police can't do anything but sit on their asses and do the same dirty shit the people they arrest do."

"How do you know my name?" he murmured, pulling out his cell phone. "And what do you mean by 'human police'?"

"I'm a demon, got it memorized? Straight from the fiery pits of hell, born and raised. I've had my eyes on you for a while, and I came to make you mine."

Marluxia blinked at me and I smirked.

"A demon? You really expect me to believe that?"

I made my horns, tail, and wings appear and bared my fangs.. He walked toward me and looked a little harder.

"Are they real?" the blue-eyed definition of sexiness touched my horns and wings. I smacked his ass with my tail and he yelped.

"Definitely real, believe it, baby. So, are we done playin' 20 Questions? I think we need to move on to somethin' a little more fun..."

I yanked Marluxia down and pinned him to the bed. I looked that sexy body over again and licked up the side of his neck.

"Ah! W-what are you doing?" he gasped.

"What I said I came here to do. I'm gonna make you mine..."

I kissed him hard and pinned his hands up above his hand. My tail wandered between his legs and he arched up into me with a moan. I reached over and grabbed a pair of handcuffs. I cuffed his hands and nibbled my way down his neck. His skin tasted like fresh strawberries.

"Mmmnn... ahh, more..." Marluxia moaned, biting his bottom lip.

"My pleasure, baby."

I ripped off his jacket and pulled his pants and underwear down his legs. My tail went for his entrance while my lips went for his swollen package. Marluxia moaned my name loudly and shuddered. I bobbed my head up and down, careful of my fangs, and my tail prodded for entry down south. With a little force, it slipped inside and blue eyes slid shut.

"Shit, it's so hot inside you," I chuckled around the head of his cock. My tail was moving in and out of him with no problem, so I deemed him ready for my cock. I took my tail out and licked up his erection one more time before sitting up. Marluxia rolled on his stomach and wiggled his ass


"Want more... fuck me now..." Marluxia murmured huskily, lookin' at me over his shoulder.

"Oh fuck yeah," I grinned. I spit on my cock and spread it all over, and then with one thrust, I pushed my cock all the way inside his ass. He screamed my name and clutched at the sheets.

"You ready, Marluxia?" I kissed his lower back. He nodded and I licked my lips.

I started out deep, hard, and fast, spurred on and turned on by his delicious mewls. I could hear him whispering my name under his breath like a fuckin' mantra.

"Is it good? You like it hard, don't ya?"

"Mmm, so good! I love it, Axel, yes!"

I curled my hand around and stroked him hard. He shuddered deeply and whimpered.

"Gonna cum... shit, I'm about to cum..."

"Let it go, baby, and cum for Daddy..."

Marluxia screamed my name again and came, covering my hand with his hot release. I thrusted a few more times before I bit down hard on his shoulder and stained his insides with my goodness. We both panted for breath and I licked my mark before collapsing on his back.

"I loved it, Axel," Marluxia gasped slightly, takin' my cum-covered hand and licking his release all away. I groaned at the sexy sight.

"They tell me I'm a devil in the sack," I brushed away his hair and nipped at his neck. "A naughty devil that can't be sated. Ready for round two, baby?"

Marluxia turned to look at me and wink.

"Take me to heaven again, Axel. Or in your case, take me to hell."

I chuckled and licked my lips.

"All passengers please fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for a bumpy ride..."

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