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Author's Note: The last chapter! I know this isn't the traditional way to do a wedding, but I'm too tired to write out a huge wedding ceremony, so these two are gonna have a simple lil' something. My version of getting hitched super-quick.



(A month later, the day of the wedding, at Reno's house)

"I'm ultra nervous. My heart is about to jump out of my chest. Oxygen isn't reaching brain... having stomach pains..."

"Axel, you're not in labor. You're getting married," Demyx said, straightening his friend's tie.

"He's right, bro. Everything's gonna be cool."

"You guys are right," the redhead sighed. "I'm getting worried over nothing. We're gonna have a simple short little wedding in my brother's huge backyard and a kick-ass honeymoon... ooh, honeymoon..."

Demyx and Reno shook their heads. They both knew where his mind was headed.

"If that's what'll calm you down, buddy, then you think of your kick-ass honeymoon. Just don't bust a nut when you get out there with the officiant. That'll be disturbing."

Axel gave a deep, blissful sigh.

"Hey Axel, did Marly decide on a dress or a suit?" Reno asked. "He told me he went shopping, but he couldn't make up his mind."

"He wouldn't tell me shit. Zex went with him, didn't he Dem? Did Zexion tell you anything?"

"Groom has five more minutes!" the florist hissed outside the door.

"Yeah yeah yeah!"

"Well it doesn't really matter. I mean, you're gonna marry him either way, right?"

"I am, Dem. Hell, he'll look good in either one."

"You know... I really can't remember if I've seen him in men's clothing before," Dem thought aloud.

"Marly's style is flirtatious with a shot of femininity. The only time I really see him is at the club, and he barely wears anything. That don't count."

"After we do it, he wears my clothes if he has to get up again. Does that count?"

"Why did I even ask that out loud..."

"The ceremony's starting!" someone shouted from outside the door.

Dem and Reno grinned before running outside to their seats. Axel checked his hair and breath one more time before taking a deep breath. He walked out of the house and into the backyard toward the gazebo. It was decorated all over with pink and red roses, and two big bouquets of each color stood on both sides of the entrance. Demyx, Reno, and Zexion smiled at him comfortingly. The officiant nodded solemnly.

Then Marluxia came out of the house. He wore a beautiful white suit with a pink tie and vest and his hair was pinned back with a red rose. The pinkhead faced his soon-to-be husband with a smile.

"If you have vows to exchange, please exchange them now," the officiant murmured.

"My beautiful Marluxia. You know that you're the only one for me, the only one I could ever want. You mean more than life itself to me. I want to do whatever I can to make you happy and make you smile. I'll be your oxygen, your world, your life support. I'm ready to spend the rest of my life with you, Marly."

Axel heard his friend sniffle from the side.

"I can't ever forget the day we first met, Axel. You made an impression on me that would never go away. And as I got to know you better, I started to fall for you more and more. Your wild hair, your gorgeous eyes, and your outrageous sense of humor kept me entranced. And when you held me, I felt like you swept me away into another world. I felt so safe and warm in your arms that I never wanted you to let me go. And every time you held me I felt so alive. I love every little thing about you and I always will. There is no one else for me but you. You're the only thing on my mind, the only thing I can think of every hour of every day. I put my heart and soul in your hands, Axel. I love you so much."

"Axel, if would you please give Marluxia his ring."

Axel picked out the band from his pocket and slipped it onto Marluxia's finger.

"Do you take this man to be your husband, Axel?"

"I do."

"And Marluxia, if you would please give Axel his ring."

Marluxia pulled out a similar band and slipped it onto Axel's finger.

"Do you take this man to be your husband, Marluxia?"

"I do."

"By the power given to me, I now pronounce you husband and husband. You may now kiss."

Marluxia yanked Axel to him and kissed him hard, tears of joy flowing down his cheeks. Their small audience clapped.

"Such fierce passion," Zexion said to Reno and Demyx. "They do make a cute couple, though."

"Yeah they do. I think it's 'cause their perverted tastes are so similar."

"Perverted tastes?" Axel raised a brow. "If I recall, my dear Demy, the night of Marluxia's birthday party you went MIA in the middle of the dance routine. A little ménage à trois, I believe?"

"No evidence. You can't prove it," the blue-eyed demon blushed.

"Then who said 'Yes, I've been bad! I'm a bad little slut who stole your husband!'?"

"Axel you bastard! Give me the tape!"

Axel swooped up his new husband and ran for his life to the limo with Demyx hot on his tail.

"I think we're in for some interesting times," Reno shook his head with a smile.

"I'd definitely have to agree."

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