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Chapter Two: Family History

I guess you could say that I was unexpected. My brother, Jason, was an only child for about fourteen years. My mom had already got rid of all the baby paraphernalia, given to friends, family, and neighbors. There was no need to keep any of it. Mom was almost forty at this point, and my father was well into his fifties. The house they owned had two-bedrooms, one story. Perfect for a family of three.

And then I came along. I came into the world on April 3, 2164. Depending on who you talked to, I was one of many things: A mistake according to the old man, unexpected to my mom, and, depending on how Jason was feeling, I was either one of the greatest or worst things that had ever happened to him. Makes me feel kinda special.

Omar stopped typing. His mind was at a blank. He read and reread what he had written. It was kinda iffy, but he would come back to it later. He figured that he should maybe start with his parents' history.

In the years before my parents would meet and get married, their lives were the complete opposites.

My mother, Linda Rothenberg, was the middle child, and only daughter in a family consisting of a working father, a homemaker mother, and three perfect, beautiful children. The middle-class family. Also known as the 'American Dream' family, a term from when humans still roamed the Earth. The oldest child, Ray, was on the school football team, and was heading straight to college on a sports scholarship. The youngest child, Michael, was not athletic like Ray. Rather, he was intelligent, and sensitive. Another planned success in the family.

And then middle child, Linda. The girl who went to church every Sunday, and dreamed of becoming a nurse. After graduating high school, she continued onto college, where she became a nurse. She was fresh out of college when the war broke out.

Since Michael was starting in high school when the war started, he was exempted due to his age. Ray, however, was done with his school career, and was conscripted, leaving behind a wife and kid as he was shipped to the navy. Linda, feeling that as a nurse, it was her duty to help out in any way possible. She was assigned to work in the psychiatric ward in Ohmtown.

It would be in this ward that she would meet my father, Daniel.

Daniel Quaalude was the youngest child of four before his mother died. His mother had died when he was learning to walk, and so, the four kids were left with a father who was barely home.

Daniel would complete his entire school career with low grades and no ambitions, and would come to work at the local power plant for minimum wage.

When the war broke out, Daniel hadn't been conscripted into the army. Rather, he joined on his free will. It had benefits, good money, and a decent pension plan. Already in the army was his best friend from school, Jason.

Daniel was fine running up to his balls in mud, shooting at people, hiding in trenches, and getting only few hours of sleep at night. It wasn't until Jason stepped on a mine and exploded all over Daniel when he wasn't.

He was sent to the psychiatric ward, having received an honorable discharge for his services for his country. At the hospital, there was one particular nurse that caught his eye. A pretty brunette, she also found Daniel to be quite handsome himself. Upon his release, Daniel and Linda dated for seven months before Daniel met her parents.

Linda's parents were against her marrying Daniel. She was barely twenty three years old, they argued, while Daniel was thirty nine. Her parents wouldn't admit until much later to the fact that they didn't want any one of their children marrying someone who had any problems of any sort. They felt it would lower their social status immensely.

Unknown to Linda's parents, she was well into an interesting predicament. So, on September 20, 2149, Linda Rothenberg became Linda Quaalude, and on February 11, 2150, Jason Ray Quaalude was born.


Omar stretched his arms and yawned. He looked up at the clock. 2:37 a.m. He had an interview at 9:00 a.m. Sharp.

"Christ," he muttered. He had forgotten about it. He was going to be tired tomorrow.

Sighing, he made his way up to bed. Again, he stopped in front of Teal's room, and looked in. The girl was in bed, apparently sleeping. The bedroom window was open. It hadn't been before.

"Probably heard me come upstairs."

He headed into his bedroom, mentally noting that he would talk with her tomorrow. Lexi was sprawled out on his side of the bed, sheets kicked off, nightie twisted up. Angel hadn't been disturbed in any way. Not feeling particularly interested in waking up a potentially grouchy five-year-old, Omar resigned himself to the edge of the bed. It wasn't too bad. It was better than the floor at any time.


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