The Balance of Chaos (Excerpt)

Summary: The world is made of a complicated array of duo-ships. Dark and light. Death and life. This balance makes existence possible. And just sometimes, it takes a shift in the balance to reveal how upset the world used to be. IrunixHiei

Just thought I'd let you guys get a taste of what's to come. Very very small taste.

"By decree of Lord Enma Junior, you are commanded to peaceably surrender to me and allow me to escort you to a holding facility in Spirit World, where you will await your sentencing." Blue eyes narrowed as the short, dark haired woman calmly spoke the rehearsed line.

Iruni Mikamoto stood with her knee length jacket billowing around her legs in the wind, the dark blue color matching her eyes and popped against the simple white short sleeved button-up she had donned, her khaki cargo pants thick enough to withstand the growing chill to the air. Black hair lifted and flowed around her face.

A group of four demons stood before her, keeping her from her other appointments. No one ever wanted to just shut up and come with her. No one made it easy. Her patience was starting to run out, but Koenma had specifically requested for her to not kill these buggers.

"What are we being charged with, by such a tiny human girl?" one of them laughed, moving to pet her on the head. With a flick of her wrist and a flashing of her hand he was sprawled at the feet of the others, unconscious. The child leader had said nothing about what condition they should arrive in, as long as they were breathing and in one piece.

"Endangering human children," she closed her eyes and sighed. "We can either do this the hard way or the political way, boys. But whatever way you choose, remember that I'm pressed for time here, and I want to go."

Keiko's brow was pinched in a mixture of frustration and worry as Yukina, Botan and Shizuru tried to calm her down. Yusuke and Kuwabara made a point to stay as far away as possible, not liking the angry tension.

"She's going to be here, you know Iruni, she gets behind sometimes," Botan tried to soothe the sitting brunette as her fists clutched the fabric of her skirt at her knees. The amethyst eyed woman was sitting on the table in front of the group on the couch.

"Yeah, the kid is probably just running a bit behind," the tallest of them lounged on the couch on the other side of the girl. Yukina sat on the opposite side of the psychic, patting the human's hand comfortingly.

"Ichi will be here, she always shows up," she smiled softly, and the fists unclenched. "She wouldn't miss this for anything, you know that. We're her family now, and family sticks together."

A door opened and closed with a gust of wind and a haggard looking Iruni walked in with her head down and shoulders sagging. With a sigh she frowned at Keiko, looking at the woman apologetically.

"Please say I didn't miss the fitting," she pleaded softly and then was instantly granted forgiveness as she walked over and set a small paper bag on the table. She turned and nodded at Kuwabara and Yusuke without a smile, then sat beside the ferry girl.

"No, no. The woman called to say she'd be late, but when you weren't here," the girl bit her bottom lip between her teeth delicately, looking upset.

"Keiko, I'm so sorry." Ichi ran her fingers through her tangled mess of hair. "Koenma got me coming from my house, and it was supposed to be a real quick situation, but you know how these things get."

Shrugging off the jacket she had on and folding it across their laps they were all reminded at just how out of hand some things could become so quickly. With the top two buttons of her shirt undone the top line of the scar on her chest was readily visible.

"Did you at least beat them?" the human girl asked with a sigh, trying not smile as the wolf demon flashed her a lopsided grin full of arrogance.

"I hit each of them three times. One for my energy, one for wasting my time, and one for you." She laughed and all the tension dissolved as the soft eyed girl joined in.