Black Waters II: Black Vengaence and Divine Light

by Sara T. Fontanini

(Ranma 1/2 and its characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi. NerSIS and the demons are all mine!)

Chapter 1: Renewed Ambition

Last time: It was revealed that a demon named Makio had taken posession of Ranma's body. Due to Ranma's strength of will, the demon was seperated, gaining the martial artist's male form, while Ranma retained her female one.

Akane had faced up to her mistakes, and she and Ranma became lovers. Ukyo and Shampoo later hooked up as well.

Meanwhile, Makio began his attempts to destroy Ranma Saotome and her allies, sending several demons to kill them. Nabiki revealed her true colours by joining forces with Makio, and revealed that she murdered her and her sisters' mother all those years ago.

Ranma regained her birthright, a sword that belonged to her in a past life, after defeating one of Makio's agents, the cyborg Mekio. She, Akane, Ukyo, Shampoo, Cologne and Konatsu had also encountered NerSIS, a a group of police officers dedicated to investigating Ranma and her associates, as well their eventual arrest.

Things came to a head when Ranma and Makio came face to face, having a climatic showdown in the ruins of Nerima. The battle ended with Makio getting impaled by his own sword, after being severly beaten by Ranma in a sword fight.

NerSIS had arrested Kodachi Kuno as well as Nabiki, and Ranma and Akane had gotten married, after using some Nannichuan found in Makio's base. The couple also had a daughter named Ami.

Elsewhere, Kensuke Hirai, the leader of NerSIS, had checked on Nabiki's cell, only to find it empty....


The demons stood gathered in Makio's throne room. It was alarge cavern, deep underground, with a simple stone throne in the centre. Nabiki Tendo stood before them all, her hands behind her back.

"Brothers and sisters!" She orated. "It has been three years since our lord's demise! Three years since he was slain, brutally, at the hands of Ranma Saotome, who had greatly wronged him! In all that time, we have done nothing in retaliation! Nothing, that would make things right!

But, we shall do nothing no more! Tonight, we beging our campaign to not only destroy Ranma Saotome and his accomplices, but we shall also begin our campaign to make this ours, and ours alone! And I shall you lead you, into glory!"

There were cheers at this, but they stopped the moment one spoke in a tone of contempt.

"And why should we follow you, human?" A large ogre sneered. "Just because you were Makio's pet, you think you can boss us around?"

Nabiki glared at the demon, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

She reappeared in front of the ogre, her hand around its neck. "Oh, smart guy, eh? I'm not some cheap little PET, bozo, I was the first human Makio yrusted enough to share his essence with!"

The ogre stared at her in shock. "You!? A mere human, shared....our Emperor's....essence!? Why!?"

The girl sneered. "Because, you dolt, he saw in me a kindred spirit, someone so much like him that he could share such a deep connection with!" She turned to the crowd. "Now watch carefully. THIS is what happens to dissenters."

With that, she snapped the ogre's neck.

"Who's with me?" She smirked.

There were unanimous cheers and applause.

Nabiki grinned wickedly. She was going to enjoy being, King, Emperor! Yes, Emperor Nabiki!


Elsewhere, in Japan (Nerima prefecture, to be specific), a certain red-head was busy preparing dinner. She used to be against doing anything remotely feminine, but, then again, things change. She looked over at her patiently waiting husband (currently male, a rare occasion) and her darling daughter.

Ami seemed to be such a blessing, a shining light at a time when she felt at her worst. Ami, her beautiful little tomboy. Even at three years of age, she was walking and talking. To Ranma, it seemd like such a miracle. Especially considering that she was the one who had birthed her.

Ranma smiled at the memory of when she was about to give birth. Akane was running frantic, acting incredibly nervous. All through the pregnancy, Akane had acted like Ranma was fragile, as if the slightest tremor could shatter the red-head. But when the time came to finally give birth to the child, the tomboy was at her worst.

It was especially embarrassing since she had decided to be a guy at the time.

Ukyo was also in a panic, but not as obviously as Akane. The chef was so pale, you'd think she was about to die or something. Instead, she was worried about the wellbeing of her godchild, constantly asking "Is she here yet? Is she here yet?" over and over again.

Mr. Tendo was crying in joy, happy to have lived to see his grandchild born. Genma and Nodoka were also overjoyed, though they constantly chastisied Ranma and/or Akane for something other("A mother-to-be shouldn't act this way", "A husband must do this", etc). Ranma was just glad that she had the family katana, and not her mother.

Konatsu and Tae-chan had also come. The ninja blushed during the whole thing, staring in wonderment at the expectant mother. Tae tried her best to keep everyone calm (Failing miserably).

And when the little girl was finally born after what seemed an eternity, Ranma just stared in wonderment and joy. To think that such a beautiful, tiny thing could come from her. It just didn't seem possible.

Ranma broke out of her reminiscing, seeing as the food was finally ready.

She set up the table and laid out the plates. Pretty soon, the family was ready to dig in. Ranma held her chopstics, only for them to break in her break. The red-head stared.

She had learned to not ignore a bad omen.


Nabiki surveyed the work of the demon scientist, Proctor. She was growing impatient.

"Have you brought him back, yet?"

The scientist turned to the new Demon Emperor. "It takes time, Tendo-san. He has been dead for quite some time. Of course, we can still bring him back, demon physioligy and all, but it still takes time."

"Just get him back up and running soon. I have a massacre to see to, you know."

"Yes, Emperor."

Nabiki appraised the scientist's appearance. Unlike most demons, his form was very close to being humans. The only clues to his true species were his long pointed ears, gleaming red eyes, and a toothy maw hidden beneath his ever-present surgeon's mask. Other than that, and a long reptilian tail, and he looked most human.

Suddenly, there was a movement on the operating table, and the scientists quickly backed away. Nabiki smiled in triumph.

"Welcome back, Mekio."

".." the cyborg responded.


On a familiar ship, a certain individual stood stoically. In fact, three individuals stood. One was a large being, the other was of medium height carrying a bundle, and the third was very small. They all chuckled cruelly, thinking of the slaughter that would commence.

The pieces were gathering together.


By popular demand, the sequel to my masterpiece! Only a quickie here, just to get the ball rolling.

And don't think Nabiki is the only familiar face to join the demons.

I decided to bring back Mekio for the simple reason of revisiting a plot thread a ended up not using in the first story. What could this be, you ask? Read Black Waters 1, and you'll see.

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