Title: Futures
Parts: I. Symptoms
Rating: pg
Pairing: Jasper/Jacob
Words: 1 803 words
Warnings: This story contains slash, and mpreg; if any of this offends you, turn back now.
Disclaimer: The Twilight series isn't mine, it's all the property of Stephanie Meyer. I do own the plot of this fic, but that's it, nothing else is mine; unless some other characters arise that don't belong, then I guess I own them too.

I. Symptoms

Mornings weren't on the top of Jacob's list of favorite things to do. Usually he'd wake up, alone, in bed, because Jasper didn't like staying still for very long. So the young werewolf was happy to find that the vampire was curled up in bed beside him, cold arms around his waist, and dulled gold eyes looked at him. Unfortunately, that morning seemed to be one of the mornings in which his sickness decided to rear its ugly head.

Jerking out of the blond's arms, Jacob raced across the hall and threw the bathroom door open before launching himself at the toilet and began throwing up everything that was in his stomach. The vampire had followed him into the bathroom, relieved that he was finally allowed in because the worry and concern had been getting to him over the past three months when this had been a regular occurrence.

Cool hands smoothed across Jacob's back in reassuring circles as his stomach finished emptying itself and he was reduced to a few dry heaves before the urge stopped. Jacob leaned his forehead against the cool porcelain of the bowl as Jasper took care of the clean up.

He flushed the toilet and then grabbed a small face cloth from the neat stack by the sink, and wet it before wringing it out until it was only damp. Gently, he took his mate's face into one hand, and cleaned his face of any bile which had stuck to it. A cup of water from the tap appeared in front of the young werewolf's nose.

Jacob took the glass and downed it in seconds, but the burning taste of bile refused to go away and clung to his taste buds.

Slumping against the rock hard frame of his vampire, Jacob sighed. At the very least this was starting to go away, he was getting sick less and less often. Whereas for the past three months, he'd been sick every morning to the point where he'd started locking Jasper out of the bathroom when it happened because he couldn't take the vampire's worry and smothering concern.


"There's nothing that you need to apologize for," Jasper replied softly. "You're sick, there's nothing you can do about that."

But I shouldn't be getting sick... Thoughts like that raced through Jacob's head. It was true, he was stronger than a human, his werewolf genes gave him a strengthened immune system which meant that most illnesses didn't affect him. And this was unusual in and of itself, because it wasn't anything which Jacob was familiar with. It felt a little like when he'd first transformed, just... different.

Jasper pressed his lips to the other's temple, feeling the confusion that was swirling through the young werewolf. Even Jasper, who hadn't been human in over a hundred years, had to admit that this wasn't natural, and that something serious had to be wrong.

But Jacob had resisted all of Jasper's attempts in getting him to see or talk to Carlisle about what was wrong. He'd refused flat out to talk to him when Jasper had called him after only two weeks of the continued morning vomiting, and then had turned him down when they'd hit both the two and three month marks. It was leaving Jasper with very few options, and he was debating just doing it behind his mate's back.

"Still, I feel like shit," Jacob replied. His head hurt, and he felt exhausted, even though he'd slept for a good eight hours the night before; though that had been on and off sleep at some points. "I just want to get something to eat and then go back to bed."

The blond vampire nodded, distant. He'd noticed the day before that Jacob had been forming dark circles under his eyes that resembled his own when he hadn't fed for days. And those looked like bruises, which had now extended across the bridge of Jacob's nose. While Jasper didn't think it was anything serious, or that it had anything to do with how his mate felt right now, he was still a little curious about why it had appeared.

"You can make yourself something, right?" Jasper asked.

His mate nodded in return and gave him a quick kiss before standing up and leaving, heading for the kitchen to put together another one of his strange concoctions that he'd been eating over the past few days. Jasper had noticed that Jacob would eat things that he hadn't expressed any interest in or like of before, and refused to eat some things because the smell would upset his stomach.

Standing up, Jasper set the bathroom right, knowing that there was the chance that Jacob might be back in there later feeling nauseous. Then he left the bathroom, and checked to make sure that his lover was thoroughly engrossed in whatever it was that he'd dug out for breakfast in the kitchen, before ducking into the small office that was beside the bathroom.

Ever since he'd become sick, Jacob's normally sharp senses had dulled, and even before then he'd had a hard time keeping up with the speed with which vampires usually communicated with. This made Jasper much more confident that he wouldn't know that he'd called Carlisle until he told him. He just wanted to be sure that his mate was fine, this was getting to the point of it being ridiculous.

The phone sat innocently on the desk pushed against the wall. Jasper picked it up, and dialed the all too familiar number.

.:-o-:. .:-o-:. .:-o-:.

Jacob had noticed that his reflexes and stamina weren't as sharp as they'd used to be ever since the strange symptoms had started to manifest. He could move as fast as he could before, and while he'd never been able to keep up with Jasper before when running while in human form, now he was even more sluggish than before.

Not only did it upset him greatly, it also bugged him. Somehow, he felt that there was something that his father hadn't told him that night when he and Jasper had initially left nearly three years ago. He'd be nineteen in just a few short months.

Though he'd have to figure out why he was eating chocolate ice cream with pickles, because that was just not normal. It wasn't the fact that he'd eaten nearly a full tub of ice cream by himself in a single sitting, but the fact that he'd slapped pickles on top of it that was really getting to him.

Once he'd eaten his fill, Jacob tossed the empty carton into the garbage under the sink, and set the now empty pickle jar beside the sink to be recycled later. He then proceeded to go on a hunt for his lover who was probably tucked away in one of the rooms off the hall.

He heard some soft noises coming from the office, and the click of something being set down, but other than that nothing. Opening the door, he peeked his head in, knowing that sometimes Jasper preferred to be alone when he was working. He had no idea what the vampire did for a job, since they were able to afford this rather lavish apartment in a good part of the city, but it had to be something that paid extremely well.

Jasper wasn't doing anything, he was just standing at his desk, hands clenched into fists and resting on the cluttered surface. His mate looked frustrated and maybe even a little desperate, something that worried Jacob but he wasn't about to ask. Jasper could be secretive at times, and usually kept things from him for a reason.

A smile broke out across the vampire's face when he noticed Jacob poking his head around the half-opened door, and gestured for him to come in. Smiling back, he slipped into the room and came over, wrapping his arms around the other's waist. He buried his face against Jasper's shoulder, and deeply inhaled the vampire's scent which he loved so much.

Wrapping an arm around his lover, Jasper pulled the werewolf close, "Your scent's changed a bit... I hadn't noticed."

"Good or bad?"

"Never bad. It's always good, I'm just surprised that I hadn't noticed it sooner." As Jasper had said, it wasn't an unpleasant shift in Jacob's smell, but it was subtle, so it wasn't too shocking that he'd missed it.

"What're you up to?"

Jasper sighed, "I just had something that I needed to do, but it's taken care of now."

"And that was...?"

"I called Carlisle."

"What? Why?" Jacob pulled away and glared at the vampire; he'd told him that even though he was worried about his symptoms, that he didn't want anyone else to know. After all, he'd been so sure that it was nothing serious that required medical attention. Though it was too late now, Jasper had already alerted the worry squad; because if Carlisle knew, then that meant Alice would know, and Edward would too, who would tell Bella.

"I'm worried about you, please understand that Jake. There could be absolutely nothing wrong with you, but I just want to be sure, you're still human." The vampire's voice was pleading, and Jacob had to admit that Jasper had a point.

"Fine. Is he coming here or are we going there?"

Relief swept through Jasper, and he hadn't felt the tension which had been building inside of him since Jacob had entered the room. At least the werewolf wasn't putting up a fight over this, because he knew it could get ugly.

"Since your birthday is coming up, I thought that you could see Carlisle then. Alice has gotten Bella into helping her petition for them to throw you a party; think of it as them welcoming you into the family. And it gives Alice an excuse to go shopping for anything that she can think of that could be expensive and completely outrageous."

"You have a weird family."

"Not really. Alice did it to Bella too, only that was for her wedding."

"Is she a shopaholic?"

"It's a possibility, but I think that it's because she feels that it's the only way that she can feel human; by spoiling those who she cares about. I don't actually know the real reasons."

Jacob pulled away and stuck his tongue out at the vampire, before rolling his eyes. He hadn't forgotten how tired he was, and he just wasn't up to arguing with Jasper right then, so he'd just give in to the vampire's wishes. They could talk this over later, when he was more awake.

"Yeah, okay. So when are we going?"

"Your birthday is in two months, this October, so I'm thinking that we'll leave in September, is that fine with you?"

"Yeah, yeah, that's alright with me. Now I'm going to bed."

The vampire nodded, "Goodnight my love." He pressed his lips to Jacob's forehead, before shooing the werewolf in the direction of the bedroom. "Now go to bed, if you're tired then rest."

"I'll see you when I wake up?"

"Of course."

.:-o-:. .:-o-:. .:-o-:.

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