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Chapter 1 – Like Master, Like Pet

A buzz vibrated in his ears and with forced effort, honey brown eyes cracked open. The white ceiling greeted him and the annoying buzz continued. Still half-asleep, Kobayakawa Sena rolled to his side and grabbed his cell phone beside him. The blinking screen showed the 6:00 morning call he had set. Sena pushed himself up groggily and stifled a yawn; his dark brown hair sticking out in every direction. What day is it today?

He kept sitting on his bed trying with all his might to conjure his brain to give out commands. After what felt like a good one minute, he gingerly stood up and stretched his body from head to toe; another yawn escaping from his lips. Slightly staggering, the brunet crossed his room to the door and out to the living room. Only the ticking of the clock hung on the wall filled the entire house. Already used to his surroundings, Sena stepped into the bathroom just beside his room.

Warm water splashed onto his bare skin sending a comfortable feeling throughout his body. It doesn't matter what day it is today. After all, everyday would be the same for me… Sena sighed tiredly. His thoughts were true. He had always been the gopher everywhere he goes. He could not resist or fight back. He was weak. Following orders or running away were his only choices. He hated to feel pain. That was why he did so much to avoid that stinging feeling.

Stepping out of the shower, Sena dried his hair with a towel and crossed the living room towards the kitchen. Cereal was his usual everyday breakfast. It did not mean that he could not cook; he just did not want to in the morning. Too much trouble was needed to just prepare a one person meal. Indeed, his cooking skill could be passed as 'good' for a sixteen year old teenager who lived alone.

Sena placed the empty bowl on the dinner table and retrieved a carton of milk from the refrigerator and a box of cornflakes from one of the cabinets. Once he had settled down, the brunet stared at his unprepared breakfast with a bored mood not really wanting to eat anything.

His life was like a controlled machine: carrying out his same everyday task at a certain time with certain duration. Nothing special had ever occurred in his life before. His was just your ordinary average high school student with a few friends and the main target of bullies.

Deciding that he would skip breakfast today, Sena stored the milk and cereal in their appropriate places. Schoolbag slung over his shoulder, he slipped into his shoes. Sena's parents had insisted that he should begin to live alone, experience adulthood and develop independence. The whole idea made him uneasy at first, but after going through two months, Sena had adjusted to his new lifestyle. Although he was still being made the gopher, he had somehow made a few friends.

Once he had stepped out, he was greeted with a sight he had become familiar with. Hybrid Golden Retriever, Kakei Shun, was leaning on the wall. A smile jumped onto his face the instant he saw Sena and he greeted, "Good morning Sena."

The brunet smiled, returning the greeting and locked the door.

"Shall we go?" Kakei straightened himself.


When Sena had just moved in, he had been in good terms with Kakei and now they were friends. As stated, Kakei was a Hybrid Golden Retriever; he had the form of a human and canine ears and tail. That was the first time Sena had actually spoken with a Hybrid Animal, seeing that he was afraid of them. However, Kakei was friendly in every way Sena could think of and he was never aggressive towards Sena.

"How was yesterday?" Kakei absent-mindedly asked.

"Uhm… as usual…" Sena laughed sheepishly. He glanced at the taller boy who was beaming at him and the brunet caught a glimpse of the dog collar around Kakei's neck attempted to be hidden behind the turtleneck the Hybrid Golden Retriever was wearing. "Er… what about Mizumachi? Is it alright for you to just… leave him?"

A slight irritation flashed across Kakei's eyes but he turned it into a grin. "Don't worry about that dork. He's still sleeping and probably will be late for school, though he was late almost all the time." Kakei chuckled.

"But still…"

"It's alright," the Hybrid gave a friendly smile, "he should learn to wake up himself and besides, I have to protect you from anyone who tries to harm you."

Sena thought that that was a no need since when Kakei first appeared, all the bullies had been scared out of their skins and no one had tried to harm the brunet in the presence of the Hybrid. Not voicing the thought out Sena just kept quiet.

In truth, Kakei was owned by Mizumachi Kengo, a first grader in Kyoshin Poseidon High School who lived two floors above Sena in the same apartment. Sena had only met Mizumachi once; when they bumped accidentally into each other outside the apartment. Kakei was with Mizumachi and it was the Hybrid who reacted surprised when he saw Sena. Noticing the surprised look in Kakei's face, Mizumachi was eager to know what made his Hybrid that way. Then only he got to know Sena.

Everything about Mizumachi made him stood out in a crowd. His height which was tall for his age, his explosive blond hair and dark green eyes which were distinct from his tanned skin, his hyperactive and joyous nature, and his extra boisterous voice. Mizumachi proved to be a nice and friendly person; and so goes the saying 'Like Master, Like Pet'.

When Mizumachi had engaged Sena into a friendly introduction, Kakei had looked none too pleased. The Hybrid had avoided Sena's eyes and instead, became interested with the concrete pavement. Sulking beside his legal owner, Kakei did not react even when Mizumachi introduced the Hybrid to Sena. Quickly bidding a 'see you later' Kakei had dragged the blonde away who was waving frantically at the brunet.

The day after that encounter, Kakei had apologized to Sena for his master's behaviour. Until that day, Sena had always thought that Kakei was a stray Hybrid. Who would not think that? Ever since they met, Kakei had eagerly walked Sena to school every morning and keeping the brunet company as long as he could. He trailed Sena's footsteps, following the brunet to all over the place. However, the Hybrid Golden Retriever rarely walked Sena home from school. He had explained to the brunet that Mizumachi insisted that Kakei fetch the blonde from Kyoshin Poseidon High. Having no other choice, Kakei obeyed his master. Liking things simple, Sena did not question things further; and assuming that that matter was private.

Deimon High came into view and the two stopped in front of the gate. Spring was still around and the scent of cherry blossom lingered in the cool air; the pale pink petals languidly descended to the grounds. Students ambled towards the main door, casually greeting and chatting with one another. Although it was still early, quite a number of people had arrived.

"Well, have a good day," Kakei beamed at the smaller boy, "should I walk you home after school today?"

"It's alright," Sena scratched the back of his neck, "you know… you should spend more of your time with Mizumachi. I'm fine with being by myself…"

A slight frown appeared on the Hybrid's forehead. "If you say so…" he trailed off and a bright smile returned to his face again, "well then, take care."

"Um… yeah, you too…" the brunet made his way towards the main door. He glanced back and when his honey-brown eyes met with the sea-blue of the Hybrid, he gave a small wave before dashing into the building.

When he had just entered, a familiar loud voice called him from behind. Stopping at his tracks, Sena met up with his best friend, Raimon Tarou who was usually called 'Monta' and he somehow resembled a monkey. Although they were in the same grade, they were placed in different classes. Their meeting was mere coincidence when Sena had helped Monta picked up a baseball that had rolled to Sena's feet. And in a way, they had become friends and now best friend.

"Morning Sena!" Monta exclaimed, "Today I'm gonna work hard in baseball practice MAX!"

Sena just chuckled softly, used to this reaction. Monta was in the baseball club as a ball boy. He had strived to be placed in the regulars of the First Team. Unlike Monta, Sena was not interested in sports; since he was not good in any.

Reaching the lockers, the two first graders met with Anezaki Mamori, a second grader, and was also Sena's childhood friend. She had a unique hair and eye colour: pink and blue; and she was a protective big sister to Sena. When she saw the two of them, she beamed and greeted them good morning.

"How are you today?" she asked casually as she shut her locker.

"Great MAX!" Monta gave a thumbs-up, "I'll work hard to the MAX today and be in the First Team by tomorrow! Just watch me Mamori!"

What Monta blurted out was nothing but impossible. Sena had known since the day they met that Monta had fallen for Mamori and had been trying to impress her. Despite being sixteen, Sena did not feel that he wanted to be involved with this complicated feeling called 'Love'. And he was lucky that he was just some average guy, not popular among the girls. He rather chose to go through a boring but simple life.

"Oh right!" Monta suddenly switched his attention back to Sena, "Was that Kakei again at the front gate just now?"

"Uh, yeah."

"He's not yours right?"

"Well, yea," the three of them began to walk out of the lockers, "he belongs to Mizumachi; the guy that I told you about before."

"Heh…" Monta's brows furrowed, "then why is he with you? Shouldn't he be with his own master?"

"I know," Sena laughed sheepishly, "but I don't know the reason… eh, what am I saying? I mean, I know that he should be with Mizumachi, but I don't know why… I mean that I don't know why he's with me, no, I mean just forget what I said…"

Monta raised his eyebrows, "Lost your confidence again. You mean you don't know, right?"

Red tinged his cheeks, "Eh? Um, yeah…"

Mamori chuckled softly, "But he's very protective of you. He's such a nice Hybrid. It would be better if you owned him."

"Haha…" Sena massaged the back of his neck, "No, really…"

Seemed that it was obvious enough: Kakei Shun wanted Sena to own him. The way he was so devoted in protecting Sena and how he treated the brunet showed the fact crystal-clear. The Hybrid had even once asked Sena if he wished to rare a Hybrid Animal but the answer was not what Kakei wanted. Living alone and taking care of himself was an adequate amount of work for Sena. Looking after a Hybrid Animal was just too heavy a responsibility for him. Yet, Sena had never known how to take care of one. Although he had told Kakei many times that he would not rare any Hybrid Animal, moreover Kakei himself, the Hybrid Golden Retriever never knew when to give up.

"Speaking of owning a Hybrid," Monta began towards Mamori, "you owned one don't ya?"

"Yes, a Hybrid Siamese Cat."

"What's the name again? Suzie?"

"It's Suzuna," Mamori smiled at remembering her Hybrid.

"Ah yeah, Suzuna." Monta snapped his fingers, "She's really high-pitched! And persistent for attention, isn't she, Sena?"

"Huh, ah, yeah," Sena felt lost, being pulled into the conversation so suddenly.

"Well, that's the nature of a Hybrid Siamese Cat," Mamori stated, the smile still on her face.

"Okay…" Monta's eyebrows rose further till they almost disappeared into his hair, "I don't really like her…" he whispered so that only Sena could hear his last statement.

In truth, Sena was not really fond of Suzuna either. Her persistence and hyperactive attitude sometimes bothered him a lot. He was glad that the one person that she was strongly bonded was Mamori and not him. He did not dare think what his life would be if that person was him.

The bell rang for the beginning of classes and the three of them had to part their ways in the hallway.

"Ah, right, today I have a meeting with the Discipline Committee, and it may drag on till late," Mamori spoke up, "and Monta has practice today right?" she worried on, "will you be alright to walk home alone today?"

"Yeah, it's alright," Sena replied, "I'm not a small child anymore…"

Mamori had that maternal-worried look on her face and before she could persist any further, Sena bid his leave and dashed into his class. Really… 'Like Master, Like Pet'