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Edward POV

Yet another boring day in Forks, another tedious twenty-four hours of my existence to be lived out.

I checked to see what human charade my family was plating out today. Alice was sketching some new clothes for her autumn wardrobe and Jasper was reading a book. God only knows what Emmett and Rosalie were doing upstairs, and I'm pretty sure that the big man in the clouds would be shocked if he knew what they were up to. My Beautiful Bella was sitting on our couch, absentmindedly flicking through channels at a very human pace, looking for something interesting to watch.

I looked up as I heard Rosalie speed down the stairs and come to an abrupt halt on the couch next to Bella, A smirk on her face, one that I unfortunately knew all too well. But where was-

Emmett tumbled down the stairs, landing heavily on his bottom and making a dent in the mahogany wood floors, Esme would not be happy. However the thing that shocked us most was not this feat of insanity, as vampires never tripped, but the fact that he was wearing nothing but one of Rosalie's skimpy red g-strings. Shock read on all our faces, the horror of it not quite sinking in. Jasper's mouth hung wide and slack, Esme's eyes were flickering from her precious floor to Emmett's face in quick succession and Bella looked as if she were about to pass out. However, that was not the worst reaction; Rosalie looked oddly turned on, as if the sight of Emmett in a g-string wasn't the most horrific sight in the world.

Alice broke the silence first, shrieking so loudly that even the people in Seattle would be able to hear.

'EMMETT! How, what, why- PUT SOME PANTS ON!' She squealed, making us all wince with the sheer volume. 'If I wanted to see you naked, I would ask Tanya to book us another holiday at the nudist colony!' A crease formed between Bella's eyes at this proclamation, she opened her mouth as if to speak, but was beaten to the punch line by Emmett.

'Gross,' He chuckled 'like I'd ever do that again, although I'm sure Tanya would be happy, and we could continue the pranking war!'

'God that was funny,' Jasper added 'especially when we played with Edward! You know like that time when'-. The shock was plain on Bella's face; she interrupted Jasper, speaking before he could finish his highly embarrassing sentence. It wasn't like I would forget what happened during that summer anytime soon, it had been one of the worst of my life. Bella Spoke.

'Hold on, what? You were in a NUDIST colony? With TANYA? And thousands of other women staring at Edwards's naked body?'

I felt a thrill run through my body after hearing her say those three words, but suppressed my feelings while Emmett, who was still sitting on the floor, let out a chortling laugh. 'You said Edwards's naked body!'

Bella turned bright pink after realising what she had said, but I interrupted before Emmett could make her feel worse, or disclose any other embarrassing information that would make Bella blush

'Bella, love, don't worry. It was long time ago; no one meant anything by it!' But Rosalie contradicted me, as eager as always to put her foot in it and prove me wrong.

'To hell they didn't! That was one of the best summers of my life!' She grinned and said. Emmett agreed immediately, his thoughts turning down a less than dignified path.

'Too right baby!' he cheered heartily, giving Rosalie what he thought to be a smouldering look. It made me feel slightly ill. Thankfully Alice put her foot down before things could go any further.

'Eww… don't even think about it you two, especially with you wearing that Emmett! But Bella, do you want to hear the story?' I retracted my previous thoughts, Alice wasn't helping; in fact she was doing the opposite. I opened my mouth to retaliate, but Bella beat me to the matter.

'Will you tell me EVERYTHING Edward did?' She queried. Bella wanted to know about me being nude? Unacceptable. There were things that happened during that summer that were less than appropriate.

'Of course! Anything to humiliate my dear brother!' Alice chirped eagerly, ready to show me up. But I would not be swayed, Bella couldn't know.

'Alice Cullen don't you dare! That was a long time ago; it was a horrible, embarrassing, annoying summer full of vulgar, perverted people and stupid experiences!' But Alice wasn't going to budge either. She knew my weakness, and she exploited it in her thoughts with only four small words, it's what Bella wants. She began her story.

'It was the swinging sixties, a time of love, passion and freedom! But for some too much freedom… It was just an ordinary June day in a small town inland in South East Asia. We had decided to move on from there after a small incident with Emmet and Jasper involving a noodle bar and 536 lemons.'

Jasper cut in, 'Emmett started it.' Alice merely chuckled and continued with her story.

'The problem was we had no where to go. We were out of options and hadn't had time to choose our next home. That night as we were packing up, mulling over our options, we had a visit from the Denali clan, they were in the neighbourhood and had dropped in to say hello.

They sympathised with our current predicament, and offered us a place to stay with them while we sorted out our accommodations for the next decade or so. Of course, a group of thirteen vampires wasn't the most unnoticeable thing in normal society, so we declined. But they persisted, Tanya especially wanted us to stay, and so she proposed an idea that would make us less noticeable- A brief holiday for all of us. She persuaded Carlisle that it would be a good idea, and so we begin our story.' Her eyes turned foggy, and she was back on that crazy day when we first started in the colony. She began, her musical voice weaving a picture for us all to see.

Alice POV (In the 1960's)

I looked up in shock at the sign in front of me. Tanya had insisted on keeping the final location of our holiday secret, she had even gone as far as to block her thoughts and not to totally decide where we were going, so that our destination would still be a surprise for Edward and I. Up until now, I had not understood her choice, why bother delaying the inevitable? But now I got the bigger picture. None of us would have ever agreed to this. Carlisle and Esme were right to not have come.

The Lemon Grove

Nudist Colony

A thousand visions ran through my mind, of the tortures we could, and most likely would, inflict on each other while we were here. And right there and then, I knew that this would be a summer that we would never forget…

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