Gibbs walked into Abby's lab, stopping quietly in his tracks. Abby was leaned over, hands on her cheeks, elbows on her computer desk, her butt gently swaying to the unusually quiet music flowing throughout the room. Jethro's mouth opened slightly, breath wavering, eyes taking in her body. She was completely unaware as he stood there, watching her. Gibbs slowly regained his composure, wanting to head-slap himself for even thinking about Abby in that way. He cleared his throat softly, shaking the Caf-Pow, alerting Abby to his presence.

"Gibbs!" Abby cried cheerfully, smiling widely, eyeing the Caf-Pow in his hands.

"Good morning, Abs." He replied, his mouth dry.

"Morning is right. Good, not so much. But this'll help. Thanks." Abby replied, snatching the highly caffeinated drink from his hand.

"Thought you'd like it." Was all Gibbs replied, still a little struck from Abby's previous pose.

"Are you okay? You seem a bit…off." Abby asked, suspicious.

"I'm fine."

Abby suddenly realized why her silver fox of a boss was in such a turmoil.

"How long were you standing there before you decided you needed to stop staring at my—"

"Abby." Jethro snapped.

"What? You're only human, Gibbs." Abby replied, walking away to turn on her machines, her babies.

"I wasn't…looking at you, Abby." Gibbs replied, somewhat flustered, unable to lie to her.

"Save it. Wait, don't you have a crime scene to go to?" She asked, wondering why he was still here.

Gibbs checked his watch, "Yeah, I do. When I get back, I'll bring you the evidence that needs processing."

"I'll be waiting." Abby smiled.

Gibbs smiled back, turning on his heels out of the room and into the elevator. He pressed the up button, and the doors coasted shut.


"Vans gassed up and ready, boss." McGee said nodding.

"Good, you and Tony take the van. Me and Ziva will take the Charger." Gibbs replied, pulling on his NCIS hat.

"On your six, boss!" Tony yelled, following Gibbs into the elevator, Ziva and McGee in close pursuit.


Jethro drove, deciding not to risk his life by letting Ziva drive. They rode in silence, not even the radio playing. Ziva, being a keen Mossad agent, sensed there was something troubling her senior agent. She battled in her mind whether to ask him or to just keep quiet. Knowing Gibbs, he'd never say a word. However, maybe he just needs a little push. She decided to ask.

"Something wrong…Gibbs?" She question carefully, not wanting to set him off on one of his rants.


"I was just wondering." She replied simply.

The silence continued before Jethro settled on a safe question to ask her. A little question couldn't hurt, could it?

"You ever in one of those moments…where you just can't…think?" He asked, his eyes trained on the road, not once flitting to Ziva.

Ziva thought carefully. Yes, there had been that time when she and Tony were undercover as married assassins. Her lips touched his, she remembered, carefully, not too much pressure. As the kiss deepened her mind lost control and was consumed in Tony and everything about him, rendering her completely unable to think.

"Yes." Ziva finally spoke.

"What'd you do about it?"

Her dress slid from her body, Tony's clothes shedding just a quickly. Before they knew it, they were in bed, wrapped in each other. It was strictly business of course. Not that she hadn't enjoyed every bit of it. Tony would never know that though.

"I…how do you Americans say it…went with the…something, something like river." Ziva replied, trying to find the right word.

"Flow?" Gibbs replied.

"Yes! I just went with the flow. I let things run their course, and everything turned out, actually pretty wonderful."



Gibbs stayed silent, thinking about how he'd want things to run their course. All these years he'd held back, he'd stopped himself. Maybe, just maybe, if he took Ziva's unknowing advice…if he just let things "go with the flow", everything might turn out okay. He smirked slightly, realizing he was about to break one of his own rules. Number twelve to be exact.