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She didn't stop running that day. The day when her world fell apart; sure they were stronger than them, of course they had the power of darkness and a leader who's cunning had fooled even the best of Soul society. But she still couldn't believe they had fallen so easily. Their defenses breached within hours after the battle had started. The fake Karakura town set up as a ploy to divert the main force of Aizen's Arrancars, obliterated by the Third Espada and then the rest joined the real fight in the streets of Ichigo's hometown.

Bloodshed and abrupt violence ran hand in hand through the red-stained pavement. Menos Grande parting the sky open and sending out searing waves of immense Doom blasts incinerating humans and Shinigami alike into annihilation. Hollows of various sizes flooded the town and the stationed Shinigami were hard-pressed to beat back the deluge.

Then as the sixth hour passed…an uneasy quiet stole through out as the dusk began gathering in the broken sky. Urahara watched this with unmistakable apprehension, "something's coming. Make no mistake about that," he said to her. She had her arm wrapped in a loose bandage by the little girl Ururu. Sitting on the steps, she saw nothing to account for the somber attitude stealing over the countenances of her friends.

Captain Hitsugaya, wounded above the eye, muttered something quietly to his Lieutenant. Rangiku nodded and hurried away, disappearing into the Shoten.

"What is it?" Rukia asked, her voice quavering.

"Kuchiki…" he said, turning a single piercing turquoise eye her way, "I didn't want to say anything…but you all must know. Soul society hasn't contacted us in two hours." The few humans gathered, such as Uryu, his Quincy bow drawn and Chad with his armored arm, gasped, all thinking the same thing. Something must've happened.

"But surely…they wouldn't leave us hanging unless…" Rukia trailed off, unwittingly speaking the idea held by those there. Urahara unfolded his fan, giving a brisk wave to his face, "it's all supposition, you guys. Don't look so glum! I'm sure—"

"Captain!" Rangiku ran from the Shoten, her bosom heaving, her expression frightened, "Soul society's fallen! We've lost—"

"The war." Someone finished calmly for her.

Urahara was the first to draw his sword, the release command on his lips as he dropped dead from a perfect shot of green light. Captain Hitsugaya yelled a warning, yet one by one everyone began falling. Rukia watched in stunned horror as everyone she knew—sans Ichigo—was slaughtered before her eyes. By miracle…it seemed, the Doom blasts didn't hit her and then she was running. Running for her life, crying helpless tears of rage knowing she couldn't lay a scratch on those responsible…for it was the fourth Espada, the one whom Ichigo had said he'd killed.

Ulquiorra Schiffer.


The first days she wandered around, alone. Seeing very few humans left alive. No Shinigami she ran into. In her mind she wished it were all just a bad nightmare, one which she'd wake up from…but then reality would set in and she'd find herself running from the faintest prickle of an Espada's reiatsu.

Her own she suppressed as much as she could. Hiding out and only moving when the night fell. This was one such night. Medicine only Urahara or Soul society could provide was what she needed, yet she didn't dare go near the Shoten or open a portal to go back. Her hands tremblingly grasped the cans on the top shelf; milky moonlight fell in shafts through the shattered storefront window. A round-headed shadow darted, slipping inside. Her eyes focused only on the task at hand, missed the snicker and hand that struck her on the back of the neck.

Nnoitra Jiruga, the resurrected fifth Espada lifted the inert Shinigami by her arm, limply she hung, single raven bang hanging between her eyes. His sneer grew, realizing her helplessness. He laid her down on the linoleum floor, spreading her legs apart; licking his lips he started undressing. Another shadow, thin but dressed in white also, stepped forward, effectively making his presence known by a single calculated sentence, "she is not for spoiling yet, Jiruga."

The fifth Espada whistled low through his teeth, "party pooper, Ulquiorra. I know that! But who do you thinks gonna get her? Stark? Me? You?" then he laughed as if the notion of the stoic fourth having interest in any woman was completely ludicrous.

"Aizen-sama has yet to pass judgment," Ulquiorra reminded quietly.

Nnoitra sobered and fixed his uniform. Bending low, he jerked the Shinigami up rudely and slung her over his shoulder, finding a hard time of it accounting his round hood and all…

~~~To be continued maybe-? ~~~

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