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My Baby

Lorelai Gilmore the second pulled the cloth from the icy water and rung it out. When it was not to dry and not to wet for her satisfaction, she walked past her makeshift wall from the kitchen to the bedroom.

She frowned upon seeing her daughter. Lorelai or Rory as her mother nicknamed her was lying in the queen sized bed that she and her mother shared. She was pale, feverish and weak. Her glazed over blue eyes looked at Lorelai, as if begging her to take away her sickness.

Unfortunately it was flu season, and it finally caught up to the youngest Gilmore. It was two in morning when Lorelai woke up; sensing something was not right and one look at her daughter confirmed that.

Lorelai moved over to her daughter's bedside and placed the cloth on her forehead. She laid along side her kid and Rory instinctively moved closer to her. Lorelai stroked Rory's cheek softly and winced at the heat radiating off of it.

"Mommie?" Came a muffled mumbled from the four year old child.

"Yeah, Sweets?" The twenty year old asked still bringing her thumb from the top of Rory's cheek to her chin.

"Will you sing for me?" Rory asked before a coughing fit racked her body.

"Of course Baby Jane. What song?"

"Anything. Just want to hear you." Rory pushed her face into her mother's breast, the cloth on her head doing so also, but Lorelai didn't care. This was her baby and she was asking her to sing to her. Lull her to sleep. She would do so in a heart beat.

"Okay, just give Mommie a sec to think of a song." Lorelai told her.

Once the song was figured out Lorelai softly began:

Stay awake, don't rest your head

Don't lie down upon your bed

While the moon drifts in the sky

Stay awake, don't close your eyes

Sure it was Mary Poppins, but it seemed like the right song to sing to a little girl, especially since Rory loved that movie. Lorelai pulled a sheet over the two of them and continued singing the short song.

Though the world is fast asleep

Though your pillow's soft and deep

You're not sleepy as you seem

Stay awake, don't nod and dream

Stay awake, don't nod and dream

Soft snores filled the potting shed turned studio for two. Lorelai repeated the song three more times before she was sure it was safe to fall asleep her-self. Her head had now moved to her daughter's tangled, bed hair.

As her eyes closed, her hand never stopped moving.

In the morning, Lorelai woke up first eight something. She checked her kid's forehead and cheeks and was relieved to find Rory's face cooler.

Her daughter's angelic face was gaining back its color and she was sure she would want something to eat. Lorelai smiled and suddenly she sneezed. And sneezed. And sneezed.

Lorelai groaned.

The End

A/N: Yes, I do know it sucked and I do know it was short and I know Lorelai would probably never sing her daughter a Disney song, but I couldn't find a good Bangles song for it, so go with it…Please review…