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It's been a year since he left me. It's been months since my father died. I'm finally alone now with no one to discipline my wild, party girl behavior. But I do miss Charlie though sometimes. After all, he was the one who made me see sense when he left. The importance of moving on and finding someone new. And he was right. I'm now dating Derek, the hottest guy in school and in fact, he's the school's quarterback. I also became the queen bee of the school over time. I hung out with Jessica and Lauren and dumped Angela as my best friend for them. And it was all worth it. I have a perfect life. Everybody would love to be me.

"Ugh!" I was disgusted by myself. Here I am thinking about what happened months ago. I have to stop daydreaming again anyways I'm going to be late. I'll just end up going through memory lane again and again. I raced to my bathroom and took a hot shower. After that I went to my walk-in closet. Yes, a walk-in closet. I renovated Charlie's room into a room full of designer clothes and shoes and one full length mirror in the middle. I picked out a simple blue chiffon dress with ruffles and inch high Jimmy Choo heels. I grabbed my Coach tote and rushed off to my black Audi. If you're ever wondering how I got the Audi–well, let's just say I got it from Charlie's bank account when he died.

I parked beside Jessica's and Lauren's convertibles. It was a miracle at Forks today…it was cloudy but not raining. Thank God. Another relief of not ruining my outfit today.

"Bella!" Jessica called, running towards me.

"Hey Jess," I said, smiling.

"Wow. Nice outfit." She eyed me head-to-toe, like observing a mannequin at a mall or a model walking the runway.

"Thanks. So, what's going on?" I said, trying to start a conversation.

Her face changed. "Mike broke up with me last night."

"Need a shoulder to cry on?"

"No, I'm fine. Besides, he'll come around again like always."

"Jess, Bella!" Lauren called out, a few blocks away from us.

"Hi Lauren!" Jessica and I both said in unison.

"Have you guys heard?" Lauren asked with full excitement.

"What?" Jess and I both said in unison again.

"The Cullens are coming back to Forks High today." Lauren smiled.

Jessica and Lauren looked at me suspiciously as if they were expecting me to break down into tears.

"What?" I was creeped out by their stares.

"Aren't you happy Edward's back?" Jessica asked sincerely.

"No, absolutely not." I replied honestly. I was really not affected by anything about the Cullens anymore. I moved on. Even though I spent three months mourning for him…I just don't care anymore whether he comes back or not.

Suddenly, a silver Volvo drove up the pathway and parked on a free space next to Jess's car. Five people appeared out of it. Five people that promised me that they will never come back, the Cullens.

"Impossible." I whispered to myself. Edward couldn't keep to his promise, could he? I knew all along he was weak. They all looked at my direction.

I turned around and headed for my class. "Lauren, Jess, come on!" I said, a bit irritated. Why on earth would they come back? Maybe the quote "promises are meant to be broken" is true after all.

"Jeez Bella, what's the rush?" Jess complained when we reached the corridors. The bell rang.

"I'll explain later. See ya later, Lauren." We waved goodbye to each other and then Jess and I headed for Spanish.

"So what's the latest news?" I asked Jessica. She's the best person to ask about gossip revolving around the school. It was a must to have daily gossip from her. After all, when you're popular: "Information is power".

"I'm glad you asked!" Jessica suddenly burst with excitement. "Cause I just heard that Tyler kinda slept with Lauren yesterday!" Tyler and Lauren sleeping together? Predictable. As far as I would know, Lauren lost her virginity to her adopted cousin when they were freshmen. Gross, right? And as many people in this school know, Lauren has slept with most of the boys in Forks High.

When we reached the classroom, Jess sat at the last row and I sat in front of her. Unfortunately, Alice was sitting beside me. She had her book open but as usual, she was staring into space, her face blank. Probably looking into the future; the teacher was starting on a boring topic as usual, speaking in Spanish which I understand so very poorly. Who needs this anyway? I don't need to listen to this. Luckily, Jess got me some geeks to do my homework for me. At first, I hesitated because I know it's unfair but when you have a very hectic social schedule, you wouldn't have time to do all these homework. Jessica passed me a slip of paper when the teacher was looking away. I opened it and it was an invitation to her yearly popular kids only soiree. See what I mean? You can't do homework when you're busy trying to keep a good reputation. When the teacher was looking away again, I turned from my seat and whispered to Jessica that I was delighted to come.

"Great," she whispered back, smiling. "I'm so excited!"

"Miss Stanley, Miss Swan, I'm sure you'd be delighted to share whatever you two are gossiping about?" Oh God. Miss Sanchez caught us. I turned away from Jess.

"Actually, we were—"

"They were discussing about how excited they are, Miss Sanchez." Alice cut me off. The whole class looked at her. I was hyperventilating right now. Would Alice drop the party bomb at Miss Sanchez?

"Excited about what, Miss Cullen?" Ms. Sanchez asked speculatively. Everyone was still staring at Alice.

"They were excited about the project, right Bella?" Phew! Alice saved Jessica and me from detention. And being in detention when you're popular means a very bad thing. You wouldn't be able to talk to your friends all night and attend parties and soirees. I was shocked. Maybe I should thank Alice later.

I forgot that I was supposed to say something. "Um, yeah Miss Sanchez, Jess and I are so excited about the project! In fact, we can't wait to start!" I smiled.

"Yeah, Bella and I were making our plans just now." Jess went with the flow. Miss Sanchez just grumbled and continued on teaching. When class ended, I moved as fast as I could to catch up with Alice.

"Alice!" I called out. She turned around. Why didn't she just wait for me at the door? She would've seen this, right? Or is she ignoring like I ignored them this morning? Alice wouldn't act like that.

"What is it, Bella?" Alice smiled at me then looked past my shoulder.

"Uh, Bella?" Jess interrupted us.

I turned toward Jess. "I'll catch up with you later, Jess."

"Okay, don't forget. The usual, See you!" She was about to leave then turned back again. "Oh and Alice, thanks" She smiled and left.

I turned back to Alice. She surprisingly came up to me and hugged me. "I missed you, Bella!" she sounded like she was dry sobbing at my shoulder. I was surprised that she hugged me that way. I didn't know how to respond but I just hugged her back. "Me too, Alice, me too."

I pulled away and from an instant she seemed hurt. Well, back to the real business here. "I just wanted to thank you for awhile ago, for saving Jess and me from detention."

"No problem, but you two are lucky I was there. Just don't do it again Bella." She crossed her arms to her chest.

"Sure, Mom." I teased. "Well I'll see you around, Alice."

The rest of the day drifted on. American History, Trig and then there comes Lunch. Finally. I had time to hang around with my friends again. When I got in the cafeteria, I wasn't surprised that word got out about Jessica's party. Everyone was talking about it, especially the wannabes who pretend and do anything just to get into the party. They are what we call "party crashers". On the other hand, the middle-class people or widely known as the "commoners" were also talking about the party, only with hushed voices of course. They wouldn't want to be part of the wannabe crowd. I sauntered off to the counter and just bought a bottle of vitamin water. I wasn't feeling hungry today anyway and besides, I'm on a strict diet. Not in the creepy vampire-y way. But just a simple human low-carb diet. I was about to head off to our table when Angela Weber blocked my way.

"Bella, we have to talk." she pleaded.

"Start talking." I said and continued to head off to the table where Jessica and Lauren sat gossiping to each other.

"I–I actually have a favor to ask you."

"You have a favor to ask of me. What makes you so sure that I will do you a favor? We're not friends." I reminded her. I dumped her when I started being friends with Jessica and Lauren. Besides, she was such a loser….a super shy girl who extremely dislikes parties.

"Bella please just listen."

"Don't tell me what to do. You're not my mother."

"See, that's what Jessica and Lauren doing to you…their bad influence for you."

"And what makes you think that?" Lauren said furiously. I didn't realize that Jess and Lauren were already beside me.

"Ever since Bella became your friend, she became a party girl who always comes home drunk after every party she goes to."

"That's what you don't understand Angela Weber. You need to have fun for awhile. Loosen up. Forget about all those nasty schoolwork for one day." Jessica shot back.

"At least I do my own schoolwork. Unlike you three, y-you pay the junior geeks to do your homework for you!" Angela protested. Everyone in the room gasped in anticipation. How did she know that anyway?

"Why do you care, geek?" Lauren glared, irritated. Jessica giggled. Well that backfired to Angela. She was now speechless and glaring at Lauren. Lauren signaled me to do something.

I opened my vitamin water bottle preparing for something nasty. "Yeah, Angela. Why do you care?." And then spilled my vitamin water on her jeans. "Oops."

"Look everyone, Angela had an accident!" Lauren said smugly. Everyone laughed, all but Angela that is. Then, she bolted to the cafeteria doors. And she was gone.

After everybody stopped laughing, Lauren, Jess and I headed to our table.

"That was so humiliating for her." Jessica said joyfully.

"Yeah she deserved it anyway." I agreed.

Jessica giggled.

"What?" Lauren and I said in unison.

"Bella's admirer is staring at her once again….like the last time." Jess rolled her eyes.

"Who?" I followed her stare. And I saw him. He had a very pained expression on his face. "Ohh." Jess was right. It was just the last time. I shuddered at the memory. "Why did they ever come back anyway?" I asked Jess and Lauren.

"I don't know. Rumor has it that they loved Forks so much that they couldn't stand being in another place. So, Dr. Cullen quit his job in L.A. and now they're here." Lauren explained.

I looked to their table again and they were all staring at me. But Alice's and Edward's expression stood out most–their expressions were torn.

"Hey babe," Derek sat beside me and kissed me passionately. Lauren and Jessica giggled.

"Uh–Jess and I have some things to do so….we'll leave you two alone now." Lauren said, trying to give Derek and me some privacy. After that, she pulled Jessica and headed off towards the cafeteria doors.

"I'm just curious; do you know why Ben Cheney attacked me with painful words awhile ago?" Derek asked, putting his arm around me.

"I dunno, maybe his jealous of how handsome you are." I teased playfully.

"So does the handsome quarterback get to go to the prom with the very beautiful girlfriend?"

"Of course."

He kissed me again. Then the bell rang.

I stood up. "Bye Derek," I gave him one last peck before leaving for Biology.

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