Chapter 1

The train they had boarded was quiet, there was hardly no one else here within the same cart as him and Eli . This was a better fit for their departure, Oskar couldn't believe that it was happening, what Eli had done in the gym to those bullies and the mess that was left behind would change his life from here on. Life here with his mom would be difficult for him if he didn't have Eli by his side, they had to be secretive about there travels not to cause alarm to themselves and to the authorities that would be looking for him. Eli laid sound asleep in a box that Oskar made for her, this above anything else was the last thing she wanted for Oskar but he coursed her into it, knowing she couldn't say no him after all they been through but on top of it all is that her own heart wouldn't allow Oskar to leave her even though she knew it had to be done.

(Flashback)Back at the pool Oskar stood motionless in the water, while his tormentors were ripped apart like paper only to be scatter across the gym. A low grow escaped her lips as she turn her attention back towards Oskar and slowly pulled him up by the arm out of the pool. "You came back, Eli. Why did you leave without saying anything we were going steady weren't we?", said Oskar looking into her eyes " I made a promise to help you if there were to many and me being here am keeping that promise. But I can not stay here Oskar", said Eli "You didn't answer my question. Why did you leave me?", said Oskar rephrasing his question "Oskar , things here have gotten complicated for me. Many people will be asking question about tonight and many nights before. I didn't want to leave you that was the last thing I wanted, we are going steady Oskar and that's something I wouldn't give up. If you only knew how much it hurt me to just pack up and walk away from you", said Eli while she stood up, her cloths covered in blood, the smell was intoxicating but she knew that with him her will and ability to control herself was to strong.

Oskar step over onto the ledge and out of the pool with Eli's help, there was one kid left on the bench wearing a yellow winter coat. He was untouched and remained there sitting with his head held down and whispering some prayers, she walked over to the bench where he sat while Oskar dried off. Not wanting to open his eyes, he felt her presence near him and kept his head down, Eli whispered into his ear "Did you see what happen to your friends? That could be your fate unless you do as I say, understood", said Eli the boy frighten slowly nodded his head in response to her demand "You will not tell anyone what took place here. Let this serve as a reminder that if you treat anyone like how you treated Oskar that's how you will be punished. If I should find out that you said anything to anyone, I will come for you and now that I have your scent there be no place to hide from me", said Eli in a low growl showing her teeth. The boy just stood up not even looking at her and walked calmly to the exit.

She took the boy's place on the bench and waited for Oskar to take a sit next to her on the bench which he did. "Oskar, part of me never wanted to leave and still don't but I have to look out for your safety along with my own", said Eli. Oskar caressed his back hand across her left cheek allowing his fingers to linger for a minute; Eli didn't pull away from his attention but accepted it. "I don't want you to leave me again. You being here has changed me in a great way and the more time we spend together my feelings for you have grown. When I asked you awhile back about going steady, I meant what I said back then", said Oskar. Eli felt awkward and couldn't look at him directly in the eyes "To tell you the truth I didn't know what going steady actually meant, no one asked me that before and since you are my first and only, I was surprised Oskar. My answer to your question was real, I meant every word of it; I do wish to continue to be your girlfriend even though everything tells me that I shouldn't", said Eli "Why?",asked Oskar, she looked at him, his right hand was still on her cheek. Eli began to purr a little at his touch "With you Oskar I feel human rather then a monster they have in horror movies. You know what I am and yet you're not afraid, showing me a kind of friendship and love that I haven't felt for a long time. I tried to stay away from you Oskar and the kindness towards me has open my heart which I had though was gone forever. There a place in my heart that you occupy and no one else, that is how I feel but if you don't feel the same I can leave and not come back", said Eli surrendering to his touch "Then we should leave , there nothing for me here if you're not by my side", said Oskar. Hearing him say that brought a smile to her face

Eli lean forward her forehead touching Oskar's, his words sent waves of calmness that washed away any doubt that still lingered in her head. "Oskar , I know how you feel towards me but before we do anything I want to know if this is something you really want because theirs no going back", whispered Eli "I want this as much as I want you Eli", said Oskar. Eli Stood up took a hold of Oskar by his hand and led him out of the gym, "Were We heading Eli?", said Oskar "We need to get your stuff together if we want to leave unnoticed by anyone. This place will be crawling with police, You Oskar are my life now and always will be and am somewhat eager to start a new life with you by my side ", said Eli pulling Oskar behind her as they both left the gym and the bloody scene behind. "Where can we get cloths and lugged, I wont be able to get my stuff from my house with my mom around she'll be suspicious ", said Oskar " I'll take you there so you can pack but if your mother decides to come in and tries to alert the police I will be force to take action, I will not lose you that easily.Understand! ", said Eli in a brute tone as she took him by waist and carried him to the apartment, within minutes they had arrived "How am I going to get in without causing a scene?", said Oskar "You have no faith in your girlfriend do you? Have you forgotten what I am and what I can do? I'm going to climb this wall while carrying you up to your room so you can get your things. Pack what you can, anything else we can buy later ", said Eli then she added "This is may be the part you want to close your eye's Oskar or you might get sick", whispered Eli with a smile.

Oskar secured himself on her back arms tightly around her "You ready?",said Eli "Yes" said Oskar and with that Eli run to the wall with great speed and began to crawl up the wall with ease, one hand after the other she moved at a quick pace never faltering the firm grip she had on the wall of the apartment, Eli could feel the brick start to crumble under her grip from the pressure and strength she had to hold herself and Oskar up the wall to his bedroom window. "Here we are Oskar, now be quick", said Eli Oskar opened his eye and was in his room , Eli on the other hand was sitting crouch on the window seal waiting patiently for him, Oskar grab what he could and what he thought were the essentials like pairs of cloths including underwear, blanket, pocket knife, duffel bag, and some matches. "I think that pretty much covers it all", said Oskar "Are you sure? I wouldnt want for you to leave anything behind that may be important", said Eli "Oh, which reminds me I can't forget this", said Oskar as he went to his cloths draw and took out a note with writting on it"What's that Oskar?", asked Eli curious about the piece of paper that Oskar now held in his hand. "You don't remember this Eli?well I do this happens to be the first note you wrote me after we started going steady and this is a very important keepsake. One that I will treasure forever ".said Oskar "You are one of a kind Oskar but I'm glad your mine and know one else's ", said Eli. With that she made sure Oskar was secure before leaping out of the window, landing with a soft Thud.

Now back on the train she laid in a box cloaked in darkness her only amusement was when Oskar played the game Morse code that he came up with , a way for them to communicate to eachother without anyone knowing. Though she knew what she was doing and the dangers that lay ahead of them, Eli was still unsure if Oskar had made the right choice to leave with her. He gave up everything to be with her and yet she had nothing in comparison, no family, no one who'd miss her and do anything to search for her no matter what but Oskar would and it made her feel sad but for the wrong reasons. "I love you", said Oskar through Morse code and Eli responseded back with "I love you aswell". The gym was swarming with police and a crowd of people along with the parents of the kids who were murder, There was the gym teacher being asked questions about the night before , "I was in the middle of a water arobics class when the attendant told me there was a fire so I had left to investigate", said the teacher "Can you tell us who was taking the class at this time", said the officer " Ummm.... I believe his name was Oskar", said the gym teacher while the officer wrote down the name in a notepad. "Please tell us what going on here", yelled a person in the crowd. A heavily covered man manuvered his way through the crowd towards the yellow tape and was allowed to pass, He wore an old french victorian soldier coat that had some alterations made, the collar had a few buckles and was made to cover his face up to the nose, its tail was extend acouple of inches and it was alittle baggy for room to hide anything that was small. The design was not of the traditional style due to the fact the coat was made from leather and with matching shoes and gloves, the sun was out that day in mid morning. "Hey, why is does he get to go through? We like to know whats going on" the officer looked at the female then at the him leaning forward to listen " Ti ku taaka hidu", said the cloaked man the officer's eyes widen then turned towards the crowd "There was an evil act commited here and we are trying to determine if there maybe a link between the killings we had these past couple of days. Please go so we may do are job" said the officer. The crowd still made no attemp to move so the cloaked figured turned to face the crowd then spoken " Neshadi Kua do nit aoa nune kotoa", said in a hypnotic voice, one by one they began to turn around and leave without saying a word...

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