Vrael watched as the sun settled beyond the mountains peak the light reflecting from his eyes as he stood dead center of the windows view. Behind him on the table were containers that held blood but as the day slowly became night the container which were filled to the rim were now almost empty, Vrael had devoured at least 6 cups. Tonight was important for him as this was Hallow's Eve and there would be a lot of children out at night trick or treating with their parents and thus made them vulnerable to the impending vampire attacks that he'd been preparing for. He was in possession of the blade that was tainted with dead man's blood, for the sole purpose of killing. It would seem that his actions have caught the eye of the one he's been hunting and now they wanted him dead. The thought brought a smile

"It appears you do have emotion and not unmoved by your once human emotions. That you feel threatened by my actions in a way you must sever the head off a serpent. Hope you received my message through your pawns who were unprepared for combat, it is only a matter of time before it is you", Vrael said to himself

"What do you think? Do I look adequate for the tradition of trick or treating? It's not too frightful", said Eli to Oskar

Oskar glanced over his shoulder at Eli, She was putting a lot of effort into looking her best for hallows eve and oskar neg;ected to tell her that it wasn't about how good the costume looked but Oskar eyes were admiring other parts of Eli. By his momentary silence that he approved of the costume and her appearence. He knew how important this is to Eli , being together in the open as a couple not having to hide who she was on the one day in which it was acceptable to dress up as a monster.

" You look like my kind of monster", said Oskar with a smile

Eli was overtaken by his response that if she could she would be blushing by his comment. Walking up to him so gracefully

" I understand that a good thing" said Eli , once close brush her cheek against his

Back within the catacombs the vampires stood in awe as the handmaiden was compelled by the shadow sitting on the throne. She simply placed her tray on the floor then stepped forward to the wall which held to hooks that were attached to a chain. There she waited for her next set of intstructions.

"Look upon her and view her weakness as he is helpless to obey my command. You all will be punished for the mistakes of two. Coursing through the veins of this women is blood, the scent clings to the air. You can't deny your instincts and the need to feed and today you shall feed"

he nodded to the women. She then took the hooks and proceeded to cut herself, the scent became too powerful as the mass of vampires bodies twitched as they went into feeding mode but fighting there impulse until they were given the word to feed. it would appear that their bodies were in pain from the amount of blood that was now dripping onto the floor.

" I can see the anguish of pain your bodies are going through as the need to feed becomes unbearable. I would not neglect my children the right to eat. You may feed", He said with a grin

Hearing those words were like a signal for all as they charged the handmaiden. Each one fighting to get a taste of her blood. As quickly as they came soon each one had fallen to the floor with a hand covering their mouths. Some attempted to cough up the blood and began to bleed themselves. He slowly walked around the group observing them intently before explaining what was happening to them, seeing them in this state amused him greatly

"You are probably wondering what has happen? She has been tainted with Lorvain. You asking yourselves why could I do this and that answer is simple. Two of my kin were killed and the rest of you act like chickens with their heads cut off. You all shouldn't show any sign of weakness, those are human faults which none of you are human. If one fails me then you all fail me.",

"Why and for what purpose do have to poison us?", asked one vampire before he began to gurgle blood

"Lorvain has been around for many generations and it was a few alchemist who discover its affects on our kind and passed that knowledge on to those who would use it to kill us. I wanted to see these effects for myself. This test was successful and all of you as the subject will die as I alone will be in the sole possession of a weapon that can kill our kind" he said as he left the catacombs, leaving those poison behind

"Sire what is our next plan of action?", asked Daniel who was waiting patiently for His master.

"Daniel you please me with your presence. With the death of two of my kin I was able to see this abominations face along with another who was present. We shall be patient like the snake as it's prey approaches and then strike. You will need to gather a group that will go hunting after him and other that I saw with him",

"Understood. Will we use the Lorvain against them?", asked Daniel

"Of course why else would I have cultivated it in a way not to be used as a weapon.

" It seems a great discovery was made by alchemist", said Lucien

"Why would anything they do be of importance to us Master", said Vrael who was practicing his forms

" The importance of their discovery will be a key factor in killing our kind. They were creating a new form of medicine from a plant they had recovered. The properties of the plant was unknown but they were certain it would be able to cure many things that ail mankind today. Unfortunately during their testing of the plant, they were attacked", said Lucien

"Attacked by what?", asked Vrael

"A vampire who been starving. One of the alchemist had taken the medicine and was bitten by the vampire and what happen next marveled them. The Vampire who attacked them died shortly after, it seems that the plant they recovered did not harm humans but was lethal to vampires. The extent of how lethal is unknown. I was able to corner one and talk them into giving me a sample and the body to examine", said Lucien

"What does this mean?", said Vrael stopping in mid swing

"It means you be closer to your goal Vrael. All the pieces are coming together", said Lucien

The memory faded away leaving Vrael to contemplate those words that all this time there now was a weapon he had to kill the vampires for good. Would the little girl he met earlier share his same interest, He couldn't quite place her but felt that she was somehow connected to all of this

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