Vrael sat up from his daze of memories and moved towards a wooden chest that was far older then him but belonged to Lucion and held his affects. It was carved with intricate designs of an era that was beyond him. Opening the chest it held Lucion's armor and sword that had seen many battles and blood shed from the crusades, He had become a big part of his life during his training and it was because of Lucion that he is who he is today and the reason why he will be carrying out his will.

" I shall keep the fealty I made. You will be with me Master as I wear your armor as tonight is Hallows Eve's, which will spell difficulty for me since there will be children out at night.", said Vrael lifting up the armor as the light from the candle reflected of the metal plates

It has been awhile since he fed and tonight was important that he'll need all his strength to handle all the vampires while they were out hunting for fresh blood. Past experience has taught him that this will be when their the most dangerous due to the hunger. So every action he makes has to be perfect and every blow must be instant kill otherwise he would have to chase them but the main goal is to protect the children and their families. Night was fast approaching and Vrael still needed to feed in order to take on the vile creatures who preyed on the living for blood. After he placed the armor aside along with the broad sword next to where he laid for the night.

He was unlike others, Vrael never fed on humans but Vampires instead and it was a difficult change for him during his training with Lucion but in the end he became custom to it and even stronger then most. There was a cabinet that he kept blood he syphon from other vampires, opening it the sound of 30 vials bumped against each other.

Back at the hotel Eli sat on the bed with Oskar as he explained the wonders of Halloween and as to why it was his favorite holiday because you got to dress up as a monster and scare people

"Hmm be a monster for a day? The holiday truly changed from back when I remembered it. Maybe I should just go out as my true self" the thought made Eli grin alittle

Oskar noticed Eli's grinned

"why are you smiling?" asked Oskar

Eli looked at him with soft eyes "You mentioned people dress up as a monster and I was thinking about how I am a monster"

"Your not a monster your my girlfriend", said Oskar

"I know but every time you say girlfriend just makes me forget of who I once was. I do like how the thought of scaring people has gotten you all excited", said Eli

"Halloween is the best because of the candy and I like it be something we can do together without fear of the local police chasing us", said Oskar

Eli rolled back onto the bed away from Oskar but was behind him, standing up on the bed with her hands stretched towards the ceiling. He stood up from his sit looking back at her

"Curious as to what you would be dressing up as since I know what costume I am wearing for tonight", said Eli gesturing her hands at herself. Oskar looked at her then himself then back her again only to realize what she meant with the statement, Oskar got the hint and tried to think of a costume that would complement hers as they both went out tonight. " So I am curious to the fact that while were out getting candy. An officer who might be looking for us or someone house we go to", said Eli

" I don't think that they've have time to be looking for us since everyone will be out enjoying the night and they might have better things to do so don't worry", said Oskar.

Under ground beneath the city hidden from the citizen's was a tunnel system that stretched out to the country side out of the city limits. A bum had been lured into one of the crevice by a charming young women and was now being fed on by five vampire's who were stopped by sharply dress man who told them a urgent meeting had been called by there sire. All five followed the figure further into the tunnels that seemed to be hand carved and left the bum they had been feeding on to bleed out into a painful death from the amount of bite marks. They reached an inner chamber at the far side had a elgant chair and in the chair sat him the one who sire they kin. Within the chamber itself more had gathered and awaited for the rest to form in.

"Seems there is a problem the two that were sent to deal with it were killed", said the sharply dressed man

There was silence as all didn't want to speak and be penalized for it, they last person who spoke out of turn was compelled to hook himself on to fish hooks and drain the blood from his body and allow himself to starve.

As it was quite He began to speak

"I expected much. This particular thorn has began to annoy me for some time now. I find it amusing that one of our own would turn against his nature", the voice was cold as ice but at the same time it foretold his intelligence of his time.

"Understood but how should this problem be address? The dagger laced with dead man's blood, we have to assume that he took it",

"If he did is no concern to me the fact that this thorn still manages to prick the gardener is astonishing to me. With all our strengths it would seem that this problem would have dealt with by now. I do mourn those who have fallen but failure will not be tolerable within this order and someone must be punish. Who will bear this cross?"

None spoke knowing that any who did would be elected to be tormented, a door opened from te right side behind him. It was a handmaid who held her head down and was holding a garments of fine linen for the Vampire who sat in the chair.

"Seems like none will accept the punishment and I must choose"

As the handmaid drew closer to him

"Today is an unfortunate day for you as you can see my subordinates can't admit their failure and because of that you will be the one to suffer", he said as his cold calming voice seemed to be soothing the young women who smiled as he admittedly told the girl she was to die

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