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Main ending can be considered the fourth story in the Path to Phoenix series.

By Eugena

Season Three

Rated: M


He never forgave her for betraying him. For worse, never telling him why.

Lee found Kara at a practice range. Enraged, she hit a few targets. She yelled something deep and guttural, nothing he understood but rage and pain.

She had no right to feel that way. That was how he felt, and she was no equal. Once, Apollo and Starbuck were spoken in one breath. Now their names remained far away

"You missed," he said, laughing to himself.

"I'm not on duty, Major. I don't need your opinion."

"You've never needed it, Captain. But you took it once: 'No point unless you're getting married.' You've made your point, Captain."

"What point did you want, Lee? That I'm frakked up?"

"You've always been. I've been wondering how long you can last without frakking up."

Kara stepped closer to him and handed him the gun. "Show me how frakked up I am."

Without missing a beat, he aimed the gun at her chest, calling her bluff. She grabbed the gun, aimed it higher, and she turned to the side.

"Finish it," she said. "Don't start what you can't finish."

Lee lowered the gun. "That's your problem, not mine."