Empty shell

By: Jaazz

(2007movie sequel) Jazz is kidnapped by the remaining decepticons and as the autobots rescue him and everything seems to go back to normal, they soon notice that something is very wrong with him.

Will evolve into an IronhidexJazz fic

Warning: contains rape/slash. Dont like, dont read. It's as simple as that

(I know that Blackout is dead, ok? And Jazz too XD)

It was a calm evening in town and the setting sun was making everything look magical, but what looked slightly out of place was the sight of a pontiac solstice racing down a nearly empty street at full speed. Music was blaring out of it for the rest of the world to hear, but its 'driver' didnt seem to care.

"It's really nice of you to drive us home, Jazz", Sam commented from the backseat and put an arm around Mikaela's shoulders. The girl gave him a tired smile.

"No problem guys! I'm just happy to do something...You know, everything's been so quiet and calm since we got rid of Megatron, but Optimus never relaxes. He rather wants us to stay at our HQ until we know anything about eventual decepticon survivors. It's like he's trying to hinder us from going outside." a barely audible laugh from the autobot followed.

"Sounds like my mom", Mikaela said and smiled as she looked out the window. A few minutes later, they left the center of town and headed out on a small road. The world around them was beginning to fall into darkness and Jazz turned his headlights on, turning down the music a little. The blinking lights of an approaching police car caught their attention.

"Someone's in trouble now", Sam grinned and they watched the car driving past them at full speed. What utterly surprised them all was that the car suddenly hit the brakes, skidding to a quick halt further down the road. It took all of Jazz's efforts to stop in time and Sam and Mikaela screamed as he slid off the road, down into the ditch. His rear bumped into a tree that happened to be in the way and that stopped them from rolling any further.

"Get out!" Jazz shouted and the teens stumbled out of him, moving away to make room for him. They watched in horror as the police car, obviously Barricade, transformed into his robot form. Jazz did the same and was finished just seconds later. They stood in silence for a moment, studying each other and the autobot fell into battle stance. The decepticon on the other hand approached them calmly, keeping his optics fixed on the lieutenant. Sam and Mikaela backed away slowly behind their friend, keeping their distance and a sneer became visible on Barricade's face as he stopped in front of his enemy. In the blink of an eye, he had Jazz pinned to a tree.

"Hey..long time no see", the decepticon said, a sarcastic hint in his voice. Jazz struggled a little but then stopped as he realized that it was no use.

"Sam! Mikaela! Get away from here!" he shouted and turned his head, trying to look back at the kids.

"Oh dont worry", Barricade started in a pretended friendly tone. "I'm not here for them.." his red glowing optics met Jazz's blue ones for a second and the autobot's face expression turned into a confused, yet suspicious one.

"Then...what do you want?" he wanted to know, starting to feel more angry by the second. The decepticon's grip on him tightened slightly and he leaned in closer.

"You." There was silence for a moment, where only the sound of the wind blowing in the trees could be heard.

"...Forget it", Jazz hissed and squirmed, trying to get Barricade out of his face.

"If you come along nicely, I wont hurt the humans..", the bigger robot told him calmly, patiently awaiting an answer, sharp claws digging into the smaller one's arms.

"I dont make deals with decepticons!" the autobot spit back. "Besides, why would you let the humans go?" the decepticon looked frustrated for a moment.

"I dont need them!" he narrowed his optics, boring them into Jazz's before glancing over to Sam and Mikaela. "Run little fleshlings, before I change my mind!" he roared and the girl stumbled back a little in surprise, standing behind Sam. The boy looked at Jazz for a long while, as if trying to understand what the mech wanted them to do.

"You heard him...", the lieutenant growled, turning his head as much as he could to be able to see the kids. "Go.."

"But..", Sam began, looking stressed and frustrated.

"GO!" Jazz ordered them and struggled in the strong hold the decepticon had on him, knowing that it wouldnt do him any good. The boy took Mikaela's hand and they began to run down the small road leading down among the trees.

"We'll tell Optimus! Dont worry!" he promised.

"Decepticon freak!" the girl added right before they disappeared out of sight of the two robots and Barricade growled, but to Jazz's surprise, he let him go and took a step back.

"Going to come along nicely?" he asked, smirking at the autobot. "Try to escape and I will hunt them down. You may be fast but I might be faster...and you dont want to risk the lives of those fleshlings, do you, hmm?" Jazz glared at him from behind his visor and stepped back up onto the road.

"shut up..."

Half an hour later, Sam and Mikaela finally arrived back to the autobot HQ. It was an impressive building indeed. It lay at the other side of the forest, not to be discovered by any unauthorized visitors.

"Optimus Prime?!" Sam yelled as they entered the building, looking around the huge premises. No one answered right away, but after some time, they could pick up noises which confirmed that someone was around.

"Hello?!" Mikaela called then as they walked carefully over the shiny floor. A shuffling sound could be heard suddenly, and Bumblebee's face became visible in the doorway of a nearby room. A noise that could be identified as a sign of happyness escaped Bee's throat as he stepped over to the pair.

"Hey guys!" he beamed and crouched down, to get as close to them as possible. "What's up?" The kids looked at each before turning back to Bumblebee.

"Well...how should I put this....", Mikaela watched him frustrated before opening her mouth.

"Jazz was driving us home from town but some decepticon showed up and...and well, kidnapped him", she told the robot, putting on a strange face expression that Bee couldnt really understand, but his optics grew wide. Before he could reply though, Ironhide appeared behind him, scratching his right arm. The weapons specialist nodded at them and walked closer.

"Jazz got kidnapped by decepticons?!" Bee exclaimed, after have recovered from the shock.

"WHAT?!" Ironhide's voice rumbled from behind him, startling Sam and Mikaela. Bumblebee got up and turned to his friend, optics widened.

"They've got Jazz! What are we gonna do?!" before Ironhide or anyone else could answer, Bumblebee spoke again. "We get Optimus! Where is he?!"

"He's out! Do you ever listen to him?" the big black robot shook his head. "I'll try and contact him. Get Ratchet!" Bumblebee quickly did as he was told and ran off down the hallway, in search for the medic.

It was now dark outside and somewhere at the outskirts of town, two vehicles were driving on a desolated gravel path, with only some trees surrounding them on both sides. Jazz had been quiet all the way, pondering on a possible way to ditch Barricade, but the fear of that he would go after Sam and Mikaela if he tried anything made him stay put on the road. Even if he would be able to get to them before the police car did, there was always the chance that another decepticon was already keeping an eye on the humans. He had a lot of questions running through his mind right now, but he thought it best to wait with asking until they arrived to whatever place those creeps called their "home." A great ironfence revealed itself in front of him in the dark and he slowed down, making Barricade bump into his rear. Intentionaly of course, since the decepticon had had all the time in the world to hit the breaks. A derisive chuckle followed and he drove passed Jazz and transformed close to the gate, smashing it to pieces easily. Behind the gate was a huge junkyard, stretching as far as their optics could see in the darkness.

"What are you waiting for?" Barricade growled and turned a little, glaring expectingly at the autobot. Jazz stared at him for a few seconds, knowing all to well what the creep wanted him to do, so he slowly took a step forward, surveying his surroundings. He didnt have the chance to take another step before the other robot showed him hard in the back, making him stumble forward.

"Hurry up, will you?!"

"Hey! You freak!" the smaller one snapped back and avoided a punch. Barricade just growled at him as they kept walking deeper into the fortress of trash. Another voice sooned joined in.

"Ah, well done Barricade", the autobot hesitated suddenly, knowing that voice all too well. "I'm surprised you managed to find an autobot so fast", the form of Starscream soon appeared in front of them and Barricade walked ahead, leaning against a pile of junk, watching the two other robots. When Jazz finally felt that he had a decent picture of the situation, Blackout showed up by Barricade's side, sneering at the poor autobot.

"Well, I'll be damned..", Jazz snorted as he moved around a little, warily observing everything around him. "So this is where you've been hiding..." he shook his head.

"Smart autobot..", Starscream smirked as he rounded him, taking in every inch of the bot.

"Too bad I cant say the same thing about you", Jazz replied calmly, keeping his optics on the seeker. None of the decepticons replied to this though. "Well", he continued. "This has been fun and all but uh..I really need to get going now", both Blackout and Barricade approached him and Starscream grabbed him roughly.

"You're not going anywhere", he then pushed Jazz up against the pile of trash, holding him in place so that he could hardly move. He struggled anyway of course, but was soon thrown to the ground, having all three decepticons looking down at him with big grins on their ugly faces.

"Why go so soon?" Barricade crouched down to him, his smirk grewing wider. "The fun hasnt even started yet."

"Get away from him you fool!" Starscream kicked at him and glared at both his comrades as they backed away, glaring back at him. "I'm going to have my way with him first! Then maybe you'll get some"

"Who says you're first!?" Blackout snapped, taking a step towards the jet, almost stepping on Jazz in the process.

"That's what we decided on you moron!" Starscream replied in a slightly high pitched voice.

"That's what YOU decided on", Barricade growled and silence occured for a moment where the three of them glared at each other. Before Jazz even had the time to think of sneaking away, the seeker crouched down to him and he shuffled backwards until a pile of junk stopped him and Starscream smirked, closing in on him slowly. The autobot gasped and flinched as a hand was placed on his tight.

"You're a fine autobot, arent you?" the decepticon stated with a smooth voice, stroking the tight, letting his hand travel further up. Jazz stiffened suddenly, his chin dropping slightly when he realized where this was going. He then did something he never thought he would ever do. He looked at Starscream with pleading optics, shaking his head no, silently begging for him to stop.

"Hurry up Screamer!" an unpatient Barricade growled, rounding the pair.

"Shut up!" the seeker yelled and proceeded by pinning Jazz down in the mud. He pushed the autobot's shoulders down painfully hard, licking his grinning mouth.

"I warn you..", Jazz hissed and struggled some more, managing to get his arm free and slapped Starscream across the face. The decepticon looked shocked for a second and the other two laughed at him.

"I wouldnt do that if I were you", the jet growled, glaring down at his victim. "Now be a good bot and keep still", he then leaned in and started kissing Jazz's neck roughly, while his hands traveled down his waist and chassis, caressing him with little gentleness. The autobot made a try to push him off but it only resulted in him getting his arms pinned down to the ground. The two other decepticons walked around, watching them hungrily. Then Starscream pulled back momentarily, studying the frightened robot underneath him, before reaching down between his legs.

Three vehicles drove through the sleeping town, pushing at their speed limits as much as possible and one of them broke the silence.

"I dont feel good about this...we should await orders from Prime...", Ratchet's worried voice almost echoed in the empy area they found themselves in at the moment.

"I...know", replied Ironhide's unusually low voice a few seconds later. "but we havent been able to contact him, remember? He'll contact us as soon as he hears my message."

"At least we left Sam and Mikaela at the base..", Bumblebee tried in a comforting manner. "In case Optimus would come home, he'll know where we're going." An uncomfortable silence occurred as they drove on for another minute, picking up on yet another distress signal on the way.

"I guess you're right Bumblebee...." came the medic's reply. They drove on for some more minutes, no one saying a word for the rest of the trip.

For Jazz, time had stopped. He didnt know for how long he had been in the clutches of the decepticons or even what time it was. All he could concentrate on was the increasing pain that was searing through his bum and abdomen. Even though it hurt so much, he couldnt give them the satisfaction of hearing him moan about it, so he kept his mouth and optics shut, hoping to Primus that it would stop anytime soon. His dull head was aching and he felt extremely dizzy everytime he attempted to move it. When Starscream pulled out of him, he shuddered, almost feeling relieved as the pain subdued and those hands were withdrawn from his body.

"Well, arent you one lucky autobot?", Barricade chuckled as he towered over him, touching his face carefully. Jazz flinched and made a disgusted sound as the decepticon embraced him in a not too gentle manner. He had to force his optics open, watching as Starscream strolled about, looking pleased and Blackout was still frustrated, kicking at some rocks, wanting nothing more than to get his hands on the autobot. Barricade, who didnt seem to have much patience, grabbed Jazz's tights, separating his legs easily.

"..Please..", the silver bot's hoarse voice broke the silence and he tried to pull his legs free. "Please no more....", he hated to sound so pitiful and he wouldnt want to show any weakness in front of the decepticon creeps, but he wasnt sure that he could take any more of it, as he felt ready to faint any second. Barricade smirked at him and caressed his cheek slowly.

"Dont worry, I'll be gentle", he said in a quite sarcastic voice and Starscream laughed, while Blackout snorted, muttering something that sounded like he wanted the other robot to hurry up already. Jazz howled in pain as the decepticon pushed into his sore bum, humping him like there was no tomorrow. The autobot felt warm tears running down his cheeks and he struggled for all he was worth, even though he knew very well that it wouldnt help him, but everything stopped suddenly as the roar of driving cars reached all of their audio receptors. Starscream hurried over to the broken gate. He stood in silence for a while before turning back to his comrades.

"Autobots!" he growled. "Blackout! I told you to block the autobot's distress signals! They know we're here!" Barricade pushed in a few times more before pulling out, seemingly enough satisfied judging from the situation.

"I did!" Blackout defended himself, approaching the seeker.

"It doesnt matter now! We're getting out of here!" Starscream then moved over to Jazz and grabbed him, pulling the autobot up to his feet.

"But! What about me!" the helicopter protested. "You said we'd share him!"

"Another time, Blackout!" the jet's patience was running short and they all stiffened as they could see movement in the dark and the sound of roaring engines was coming closer. Starscream shoved Jazz hard, making him fly forward and right through the broken gate, landing on the muddy road on the other side. He then transformed into his plane form and took off with Barricade and Blackout high on his heels and Jazz lay on the road, unmoving.

The silver mech realized that he must have blacked out, cause when he came to, Ironhide and Ratchet skidded to a halt close to him, only their headlights made it possible for them to see anything in the dark. He groaned and pulled himself to his feet, despite the pain.

"Jazz!" Ironhide's rough voice forced itself into his aching head and he flinched as he felt hands upon him. He backed away, trembling as Bumblebee transformed as well and the three of them watched him, confused.

"Jazz..?" Ratchet tried this time and approached him carefully. The lieutenant was covered in mud and other unidentifiable fluids. He had cuts all over his chassis and arms and it looked like the decepticons hadnt been all too nice to him. The medic reached a hand out to the trembling bot but stopped as a beeping sound errupted from the weapons specialist.

"Ironhide? This is Optimus. What is going on and where are you?" The black mech glanced around at the others, not sure of what kind of answer to give to their boss.

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