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Jazz quickly left the basement, not really waiting for Optimus to follow him. He was surprised to find that Bumblebee was waiting for him upstairs and gave the yellow bot a tired smile.

"Hello Bee..", he kept walking down the hallway as he said this and his friend followed, curious and still concerned. None of them said a word to each other until they reached the kitchen where Bumblebee proceeded with making some tea, as the humans liked to call it. offering his friend a cup.

"Sorry Bee...I dont feel like eating anything right now...I think I'm just gonna get some rest..." and with that said he sauntered away towards the livingroom area. All he wanted to do right now was to get some sleep but on the other hand he didnt think he'd be able to sleep. With all the thougths running through his mind at the moment, he figured that it'd be better if he could distract himself for a while. Tv seemed like a good option. A fascinating entertainment that the humans had fixed for them at their base in case they'd get bored for some reason. Although it was sometimes hard for them to understand what was going on in the tvshows, they still enjoyed watching them.

When he reached the livingroom, he spotted Ironhide on the couch. The weapons specialist had been the one most interested in their new installation. He liked to watch all those voilent action movies. Especially the ones where they used lots of weapons and where things blew up. Trotting over to the couch, Jazz sat down in the corner of it, next to Ironhide. The black mech turned to him, watching him with the same concerned optics as the others had.

"You ok buddy?" he asked softly, placing his arm on the backsupport behind the silver bot. Jazz stared at the tv stubbornly, refusing to meet the other bot's optics.

"Yea...fine..." he then closed his optics and leaned against the backsupport, signaling that the conversation was over. Ironhide stared at him for another second before turning back to the tvscreen. Some minutes passed by where the black mech enjoyed the movie he was watching and Jazz fell asleep eventually, still sitting, leaned against the backsupport. Half an hour later, Ironhide grunted, annoyed that the movie was over already. He turned to his friend, who'd been so quiet that he had almost forgotten that he was there with him. That's when he noticed that he had fallen into recharge.

"Jazz....?" he studied him for a second before deciding to turn the tv off. The lieutenant seemed to be in deep sleep. Ironhide shuffled a bit closer, watching his friend closely.

'Poor thing...he must be exhausted..' he thought and let the arm on the backsupport slide down slightly to stroke Jazz's shoulder with his hand, without really putting the arm around him. He took some time to study the many cuts and bruises that was now covering the silver bot's arms and lower body. They scratched against his fingers as he touched them, and he hissed, not wanting to imagine the pain that his friend must've experienced during his time with the decepticons. Jazz mumbled something in his sleep suddenly and moved a little, before going back to being completely still again. Ironhide stiffened, afraid that he'd woken his friend, so just in case, he waited a few seconds before leaning in slowly, cupping the lieutenant's cheek with his hand, carefully stroking it. A sudden movement in Jazz's body made the weapons specialist pull back quickly though, watching him with a racing heart. The silver bot sighed, still not waking up and Ironhide grunted, feeling his cheeks heating up a bit.

"I better get you to bed...", he then raised from the couch and hesitatingly scooped the smaller bot up in his arms. Jazz looked very peaceful at the moment and Ironhide couldnt help but smile as he walked into the said bot's bedroom. It was a bit dark but he managed to find the mattress on the floor that served as his friend's bed. None of them had real beds. Mostly because there were no transformer sized beds..yet, but also because they were not used to recharging on anything soft and wanted to try something less complicated than beds. As he put Jazz down on the mattress, Ironhide thought of how thankful he was for all the work that their human friends had put up with to give the autobots a good place to stay while on earth. Even though it was clearly inspired by human houses and some of the things in the building confused them. As he was about to leave the room, deep in his own thoughts, a small voice broke through and into his tired mind.

"..'Hide..?" the black mech turned at the sound of his name and stared, a little surprised that his friend was awake.

"...Yes..?" he went back to the mattress and crouched down. Jazz was quiet for a while, pulling his fingers over the soft surface of the mattress as if thinking of what to say.

"Heh...I fell asleep...."

"..Yeah..." when Ironhide smiled at him he looked down, suddenly finding the mattress very interesting. "Thought this would be more comfortable than the couch.." the black bot added quietly. Jazz didnt reply though. The weapons specialist remained still for a moment before raising from the floor.

"I'll leave you alone now..." with this said, he walked over to the doorway, glancing at Jazz over his shoulder. The silver bot watched him go. As the door closed and darkness surrounded him, he soon drifted off to sleep again.


Tall buildings towered over him, almost as if they were watching him. It was dark all around him, only a few street lights lightened his way, but where was he? A horrible feeling of that someone was following him made his spark beat fast as he moved on through the foggy streets before him. Suddenly, dark shadows appeared all around him and he panicked and ran. Running for all he was worth, through what seemed to be an endless tunnel. A cold hand stopped him though and he yelped, trying to escape its grip, but to no avail.

"Hey there....", he recognized that voice all too well. Barricade. The shadows around him turned into Starscream, Blackout and Bonecrusher. They all circled him, smirking. He struggled some more and managed to break free from the decepticon's grip. He was running again, constantly looking back over his shoulder, but they didnt follow him, instead they faded away into the darkness. He finally stopped, breathing heavily. A faint flash of yellow caught his attention as he fixed his optics on the form of Bumblebee. A smile of relief spread over his features as he ran up to his friend.

"Bee! Am I glad to see you! The decepticons...they...they.......", the yellow autobot stared off into space, as if looking right through him, then he started walking slowly.

"Bumblebee?!" Jazz followed, desperatly trying to get through to him. The scout just kept walking slowly and no matter how fast the lieutenant ran, he just couldnt seem to catch up with him. Soon, Bumblebee faded away into the dark, the same way as the decepticons had. Fear struck him and he stopped, realizing that there was no reason to run anymore.

"Bee.....", a shuffling sound made him turn around quickly. Ratchet and Ironhide had appeared behind him, together with the decepticons. A silent fight was now taking place before him and all he could do was to stare in shock, confused at what to do. Optimus soon joined in. That's when he noticed that cold hand on him again. He stiffened, feeling a shill running down his spine as the grip on him tightened. As the hand started dragging him away, away from his comrades, he tried to scream but nothing came out. What scared him the most was that Bumblebee was standing in a corner, watching him with lifeless optics, not even trying to do anything. A loud cracking sound caught his attention and he looked back to the fight, just in time to see Starscream ripping Ironhide's head off his body. Jazz screamed again.


A yelp escaped his throat as he sat up quickly, breathing heavily and shaking. He looked around the dark room for a while before realizing that he was in his bedroom, on his bed, in the safety of his own home. While trying to calm down, he thought the dream through, shuddering at how real it had felt and at how scared he'd been. He got up unsteadily, using the wall for support as he went over to the door, stumbling out of the room. The whole building seemed drowned in darkness. He sneaked down the hallway, spark beating fast, as he still had the creepy feeling that someone was following him. He passed Ironhide's room and continued through the dark corridor until he finally reached Optimus' door. Still breathing heavily, he raised a shaking hand hesitatingly, to knock, but to his surprise, the door was already slighly opened.

"...O-Optimus..?" he carefully pushed it open some more, only to be met with more darkness. His footsteps echoed as he strolled into the empty space, looking around. He felt the panic starting to come back to him as he realized that his leader was not there. "Optimus?" he called again but no one answered. A moment of silence passed by where Jazz pondered on what to do. After having thought the situation through he decided to head back to his own room. On his way there, he passed Ironhide's room again and slowed down a bit until he stopped finally. Without really thinking, he brought his hand up and knocked three times. For every second that passed by, he started to wonder if it had been such a good idea to knock in the first place, but before he had the chance to leave though, the door opened and a very tired Ironhide appeared in the doorway.

"...Jazz..?" he slurred slightly and the confusion in his voice was obvious. The silver bot squirmed uneasily, trying to explain himself.

"Uhm...I..uh..sorry to disturb you.....but I..", he swallowed and shrugged, embaressed and started to leave when Ironhide grabbed his arm.

"Jazz..?" he pulled him back carefully. "What's the matter with you...?"

"Nothing....I dunno...I just...I must have been...look...I should......go..." he tried to leave again but the grip on him tightened.

"Jazz..talk to me....", the hurt tone in his voice made the lieutenant look up, a guilty expression on his face.

"............I just had a nightmare..", he whispered. "That's all...." his optics traveled down again. Both were silent for a while.

"Nightmare huh?.....what about..?" Jazz squirmed again.

"I...dont remember..." the weapons specialist grunted, but let go of the smaller bot.

"Alright.....but why did you come here..?" Jazz seemed to be deep in thought but snapped out of it and looked up at Ironhide again. He swallowed, feeling his cheeks heating up.

"I....I'm scared........." the black mech stared at him, his expression changing into a pitiful one.

"Ooh Jazz......", he sighed and pulled his friend into his room, closing the door behind them. The silver bot swallowed, feeling slightly uneasy in the dark room.

"Come on...", Ironhide led him to his mattress, sitting him down on it and Jazz took the liberty to lie down, huddling.

"Relax...", Ironhide sat down next to him, stroking his arm carefully. "Must've been a hell of a nightmare huh?..You're shaking.." the lieutenant shuddered once, before trying to relax.

"Yeah...." Jazz replied with a weak voice, closing his optics hard. He flinched slightly when the hand on him moved too close to his shoulder for comfort and guilt and angst washed over him as Ironhide pulled back, having noticed the reaction. Jazz was confused. It felt good when 'Hide touched him but at the same time he couldnt help but feel so uncomfortable. He desperatly needed to be held and comforted but his body rejected any physical contact and he didnt know what to think anymore.

"Are you sure you dont remember anything?....You seem pretty upset", the black mech commented as he lay down next to the mattress, staring up into the ceiling. The silver bot hesitated, not sure if he should tell his friend or not. He did get his head ripped off. The thought of it made him shudder, earning a strange look from the other bot.

"Are you cold..?" Ironhide wondered, turning around to face him. Jazz shoke his head slowly, not meeting his opticts.

"No.......I'm ok...." he replied, starting to calm down. The vision of his dream was slowly fading away and it seemed more and more unreal by the minute. Closing his optics hard, he decided on trying to forget about it and get some well needed sleep.

"Alright then.......", silence filled the room for a minute before Ironhide opened his mouth again. "Goodnight Jazz..."


He was sure that at least half an hour had passed by now, but still, he was awake. Jazz turned over on his back for a few seconds but found it uncomfortable and turned back towards his friend. It was so dark that he could hardly make out any details but he was very sure of that the bot in front of him was deep asleep. He should be sleeping too. He was exhausted, but something kept him awake. The sudden sound of rain falling onto the roof surprised him and he flinched, letting his optics travel up towards the ceiling. The sound was calming, yet annoying since he was trying to sleep. He shuffled forward a little, with the plan of getting a bit closer to his recharging friend. What he didnt expect though, was that the mattress would come to an end and he slipped right down onto Ironhide. The bigger mech grunted, and Jazz was stunned, unable to move at the moment.

"Jazz...what...?" the weapons specialist slurred and brought his hands up to grab him. The lieutenant gasped as Ironhide's hands touched his waist and he pushed himself off and shuffled away until the wall stopped him. "Jazz..?" the black mech sat up, about to reach over to him when Jazz flinched, obviously frightened by his advances.

"Dont...", the silver mech pleaded, his widened optics fixed on the other bot. Ironhide watched him, concerned, but stayed where he was, while Jazz made his way back to the mattress without a word.

"Another nightmare..?" the silver mech shoke his head and lay back down.

"No........I slipped......" there was silence.

"Oh...", came 'Hide's reply before he too, lay down again. The both stared at the ceiling for a long time. Ironhide was trying to figure out the reason for his friend's behavior and Jazz was beginning to wonder where Optimus had gone. He needed to talk to Optimus...but....at least Ironhide was here with him. He'd been so nice to him lately...so understanding....He turned over on his side, facing Ironhide.

"..'Hide...?" the black mech turned his head slowly, blinking tiredly at him.

"Yes...?" Jazz shuffled a little, reaching his arm out, letting his hand rest on Ironhide's arm. The said bot stiffened shortly but soon relaxed and moved his free arm a little, as if he was about to touch Jazz, but stopped himself, remembering his friend's earlier reactions.

"Hm...", he grunted, a little frustrated, and watched as the smaller bot closed his optics. "Goodnight Jazz..." he could see a small smile spreading over the silver bot's face.

"G'night 'Hide...."